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Borderlands: War for Pandora

Borderlands: War for Pandora


The planet of Pandora has fallen into chaos, the vault has been found, and war has broken loose. The guardian angel has appeared to a select few to save the planet.

661 readers have visited Borderlands: War for Pandora since BR0K3N_4EVER created it.


Pandora is a planet of legend, and particularly the legend of the Vault. After it had been found by a lesser known Vault Hunter. Now war had broken out all across the planet. The locals, bandits, and even military forces of the various weapon companies. The guardian angel has began to form her own army. You have been chosen by her, wherever you are and for whatever reason. Will you survive here on Pandora, or will you end up in a Skag pile?

"Hello, can you hear me? I need your help. A great war has broken out on Pandora, and I need your help to save it. There are others, you need to find them. You will be stronger as a team. Pandora is a dangerous place, but I believe you can handle it. Please prove me correct."


*Be creative with you characters. If you can come up with a well built class, or tech do so. No power play characters, they need to have a restrictions along with their strengths, and try to play to your characters abilities. i.e. a Berzerker who is a master of stealth and specializes in repeaters and sniper rifles.*

Character Sheet

Name: Lilith
Age: 24
Class(Role): Siren-Skill in the use of elemental weapons and assassination(Controller-Can daze an enemy contorting their perception of reality)
Skill: Phasewalk-Can turn invisible and move incredibly fast. Creates a small blast at start up and shut down. Melee only and doing so ends Phasewalk.
Weapons: Bone Shredder SMG/Tediore (Shots fired x2, Zoom)
TD3 Burning SMG/Maliwan (Fire Damage x3)
TMP2 Cold Torment Repeater (High Caliber)
Equipment: Skirmish Shield(Quick Recharge)
Rubberized Grenade
Bio: Nice long story about whatever...

*Copy and Paste*
Name: Nicknames acceptable
Age: ??
Class(Role): Feel free to create your own
Skill: Same as above
Weapons: Four maximum
Equipment: grenade and shield
Bio: whatever you choose to include, past event, reason for being on Pandora, or even personality.

Where and how you begin in this story is up to you. Be creative and have fun. I hope to see you in the world of Pandora soon.

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Character Portrait: Daren Forrest
Character Portrait: Margrave


Character Portrait: Margrave

You sure the want the help of an old man?

Character Portrait: Daren Forrest
Daren Forrest

Just another day in Wonderland...


Character Portrait: Daren Forrest
Daren Forrest

Just another day in Wonderland...

Character Portrait: Margrave

You sure the want the help of an old man?

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Character Portrait: Daren Forrest
Daren Forrest

Just another day in Wonderland...

Character Portrait: Margrave

You sure the want the help of an old man?

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Most recent OOC posts in Borderlands: War for Pandora

Re: [OOC] Borderlands: War for Pandora

With the dwarf? Yeah, they stole my idea :P I had my cowboy-type character planned out a while back, now as it turns out he was really a dwarf all this time XP

Re: [OOC] Borderlands: War for Pandora

well then shotgunner it is. Speaking of dual wielding, have you seen the trailer for Borderlands 2?

Re: [OOC] Borderlands: War for Pandora

Well, I already made a sort of cowboy class actually, he dual wields revolvers...brok3n just hasn't accepted or declined it yet.

Re: [OOC] Borderlands: War for Pandora

I can't decide on wether to make a shotgunner or cowboy class. >.< such a hard choice. Damage Absorbtion or Extreme Speed...........Gyah someone pick for me.

Re: [OOC] Borderlands: War for Pandora

Sounds like this could be fun, I'm a big fan of the game.

If I join I'd probably come up with some sort of Soldier Class variation. In the game I was decent with all the weapons, best with shotguns, but if we already have a shotgunner character I'll focus on some other type of weapon.

My favorite revolver was one I got on my first playthrough, I believe it was called the Static Viper. 6 shots, x3 shock damage, and a sight that made it good for longer ranges as well. Might make a Shock Trooper class...

Re: [OOC] Borderlands: War for Pandora

You can feel free to include any weapon you choose, although the actual damage does not matter. any special characteristics of your guns should be included in the same way as the example.

Re: [OOC] Borderlands: War for Pandora

If I do join I'll have to make a shotgunner-type class. And the "Caustic Law" is my favorite pistol in BL too.

Re: [OOC] Borderlands: War for Pandora

If this RP includes a posting order, may I reserve "The Hunter" ? Also, are we allowed to start with "special weapons" like
The Pearl Cyclops:
I got you in my eye, sir
*shitload of dammage* X999
Every shot has the same effect as the "transfusion grenade mod," where it damages the enemy then heals you.

It's a special sniper rifle that you get from killing one of the special 'Lance operatives in the Secret Armory DLC. It is like a scoped version of the Elephant Rifle, but with a special effect. I've seen the random-generation give me stronger Elephant Rifles (you get it when you kill Skagzilla) in the play through one then PT 2-version Pearl Cyclops... which is weird...

That, and the "Caustic Law" pistol. My favorite revolver in any video game. X4 corrosive, 2-shots. I got it on play through 2 and when and got one-hit K.O. on everybody on play through one. It was great :D

[OOC] Borderlands: War for Pandora

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