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Kohaku Miyamoto

Psycho for hire.

0 · 332 views · located in Big Bear Lake and Los Angeles, CA

a character in “Born Killers”, as played by Animality Opera



Given Name: Kohaku Miyamoto
Alias: Devan Breaj
Employer: Austin Myer

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthdate: November 14
Birth Place: Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
Current Residence: He lives on the move, so presently he is staying with his employer in Los Angeles, California. He lives in the attic.

Heritage: Lower-class, little else is known.

Education: High School
Accent and/or Other Known Languages: Devan’s first language is Japanese, and his second is English, but he speaks both fluently without a hint of an accent– not that he ever actually speaks. He is also in the process of learning Russian and French.
Theme: Cavalettas - The Mars Volta


Work Attire: For "work" Devan dresses in his high school uniform, consisting of black slacks, a black blazer typically unbuttoned, and a white dress shirt, plus a lightweight bulletproof vest underneath it all. He wears his usual shoes - blue sneakers that are so faded they look closer to gray.

Outward Appearance: Devan has a scarecrow frame but is not a bean pole, possessing a good amount of lean muscle that's more capable than it is intimidating. His languid movements make for an elegant yet simultaneously choppy pattern something between a zombie and a doll - with aforementioned startling agility in a fight. His normal walking, however, is usually an arrogant, laid back strut akin to a punk who doesn't give a damn. His skin is pale olive, with completely untapped potential for a nice tan. His eyes are a dark black-brown. His hair is auburn and straight, though in a constant mess he styles with toothpaste and/or maple syrup. He's been poked fun at as being a "pretty boy", but he doesn't see it.

Height: 5'11"

Build: Lanky but nonetheless lean

Handed: Right-handed

Smoker or Non-Smoker: Non-smoker

Scars or Tattoos: Devan is considerably scar-ridden between childhood abuse, fighting, and his line of work. He has four cigarette burns on his right arm and three on his left, along with a six-inch, somewhat oval-shaped burn scar across his upper left back around the shoulder blade. His left shoulder has two circular scars from bullet wounds. One four-inch scar lines his left side coming toward his front from a knife wound, and another slightly shorter one comes across his torso just under his ribs from where the same knife skimmed him. On the back of his right calf rests another circular scar from a bullet wound.


Personality: Devan initially appears to be little more than a heartless, sadistic sociopath. He's killed animals and neighborhood pets since childhood like a hobby. He's been shown to pursue a target relentlessly and with zero hesitation in killing indiscriminately. He exhibits a mild fixation with blood; seeing so much as a small cut makes him want to rip it open, and for this he's had to spend much of his life avoiding blood - so much so that classmates at school had the idea he was squeamish.
Though he loses no sleep from his killings, from time to time Devan seems in some way troubled... He can occasionally be glimpsed looking unusually contemplative, and these are almost the only times he's passive enough not to be an immediate threat to strangers. Devan speaks so little he might as well be mute; even he isn't quite sure as to the reason why, or if he is he doesn't like to acknowledge it. He has trouble grasping emotions along the lines of compassion. The concept confuses him - and since his go-to response is killing, he's frequently driven to attack anyone who shows him kindness.

Likes: Blood, dress clothes, chewy foods like gum and gummy worms/bears, and scaring people

Dislikes: Authority figures, cats, fire, and crowds

Skills and Talents: Devan is gaining infamy for both his relentless pursuit and his unpredictability. His youth is frequently underestimated; his rather unconventional methods and, to put it bluntly, lack of professionalism tends to throw both those in the business and his targets alike off guard. He is no geek when it comes to guns or blades, wielding only what he finds to be easy to use and effective. He has little formal training in martial arts but his fighting style is very close to Jeet Kune Do, focused on adapting to the opponent with a calculated flow that may appear clumsy to the untrained eye. In hand-to-hand combat Devan can move with startling agility for his normally languid locomotion, another quality that frequently catches an adversary off guard. His mix of slow and speedy movements not only disorients an opponent but often throws off their aim, too.
Other talents of Devan's include his stealth; combined with his speed, he can become as elusive as a ghost given the right environment. He also has a knack for, as it might be called professionally, psychologically wearing down opponents - i.e., he loves scaring people. Devan's been shown to utilize some very creative tactics in psyching out a target before killing them. In truth, he doesn't even recognize the value in his terrorizing an opponent; someone worked into any state of fear, or at best a panic, will be more likely to act recklessly or make an unwise decision, especially in a life-threatening situation.

Strengths: Devan's most notable strength is perhaps his relentlessness. Those who have witnessed his work call him something like a zombie, something you can stab and shoot and blow up all you want but will just keep getting back up, something completely undeterred by weariness or pain or fear, like some monster out of a slasher film. Of course such things might be exaggerated - Devan is not a zombie, after all... But many would argue he's not human in a moral sense, and some might go so far as to call him a monster.
The truth behind Devan's ability to "keep getting back up": an unusually high pain tolerance, to the point where it's safe to say he doesn't feel pain at all. Weariness, however, he experiences as normal, and fear he is not without but is certainly lacking in. Part of his unpredictably is that Devan is incredibly brazen, enough to give someone the idea he must be immortal to act as boldly as he does sometimes.
Another notable strength is his resourcefulness. Devan quickly adapts to a new situation, environment, or adversary, at times through rather unconventional means. He picks up food, medical supplies, and weapons whenever he needs them and wherever he can find them. He frequently uses clothes for bandages, is not above eating out of the trash, and can make just about anything a weapon when necessary.

Weaknesses: Though at first glance he seems like an unstoppable killing machine, Devan has his fair share of flaws. His trick to keeping them secret is that they're not exactly something one would guess. He has a phobia of cats, domestic or otherwise. His impulse reaction upon sighting one is to kill it, but sometimes if the cat behaves aggressively or if Devan simply gets unnerved by it he'll be quicker to run away from it rather than at it. He also exhibits a certain discomfort in the presence of fire, though not quite on the level of a phobia - this is because although he can't feel pain, he can still feel temperature, so a burn is probably the closest thing to pain he can get.
One of his strengths is also a weakness: Devan's immunity to pain can cause him to underestimate injuries. In the midst of a fight he'll almost always keep going through a relatively minor stab or bullet wound, but if he makes no effort to patch it up and loses too much blood he can still become dizzy and/or pass out. Likewise, a hard hit to the head might not hurt but it can still daze him or knock him out. With enough accuracy a hit in the limbs might cripple his walking or shooting ability, or a hit in the lungs can take a toll on his breathing - all of which Devan will usually do his best to power through until he's unconscious/dead or his opponent is finished.


Transport: Ezekiel "Zeke" Tyler, the closest thing Devan has to a friend, lends him transportation for long-distance trips via a beige-colored 2000 Mazda Millenia. If a job is nearby or if he's looking for work, Devan travels by foot.

Favored Weaponry/Firearms: His primary weapon is an Uzi 9mm submachine gun, but he also carries an Ingram Mac-10 submachine gun and a Colt M1911 pistol. Though he may appear to favor firearms, Devan enjoys the use of less technical weapons just as much, including a crowbar, kitchen knife, and wakizashi. He is on an almost constant hunt for weapons and will steal anything he considers worthwhile from defeated opponents, and he is certainly willing to improvise should he find himself without a weapon in a fight.


Years Trained: He picked up and practiced his weapons in the underground of society after graduating high school, allegedly even receiving training from members of the Yakuza for a few years. His fighting techniques have mostly been adapted from getting into fights all his life. Although Devan has little formal combat training, he has taken on a variety of experienced martial artists before with steadily increasing success as he learned from mistakes.

How They Met and/or Were Employed by Austin Myer: Myer heard rumors of Devan Breaj through word of mouth; although many were exaggerated, he knew there had to be some truth behind them and so set about tracking the boy down. Myer eventually met with Devan's ally Zeke, who in turn arranged a meeting with Devan. Devan thought the idea of murdering other murderers was fun, and so he accepted.

History: Kohaku Miyamoto grew up an only child in a rather poor suburb. His mom left when he was six; his father was physically abusive and beat on him almost every day, punching him, pushing him around, putting cigarettes out on him, and throwing things at him. For this, Devan gained his extraordinary pain tolerance. He started killing neighborhood animals when he was around nine years old. Many were feral cats, others were pet cats or dogs, and a small handful were wild animals like raccoons on the occasion he found one in a trap. Devan killed once or twice every other day, usually with a knife or a bat and sometimes with his bare hands.
In middle school he had a little gang for awhile, but they dropped off as they realized he had no attachment to them, and in high school he gained one companion, an American transfer student named Zeke, who continued to be an ally after they graduated. He never tried too hard in school and picked fights frequently. His father stopped abusing him once Devan was old enough to retaliate around 15; it only took one time for the man to learn to avoid his son. After graduating high school, Devan left home to wander on his own and see what he could do with himself, practically disappearing from known society since his father couldn't care less.
It wasn't long on his own before he got involved with the underground, making a name for himself fighting thugs twice his size and/or experience. This caught the attention of some of the Yakuza in his area, and, hoping to lure him into joining, they began offering him odd jobs for food, weapons, and occasionally training. Some errands were as mundane as doing their laundry, others were closer to the work he does now. But Devan was never interested in affiliating with any gang or organization. They appreciated his work anyway and continued to hire him from time to time, but killing people for the Yakuza was not enough for Devan once he got started, and he got to being the hit man for hire he is today.

Important People Outside of the Business: Ezekiel Tyler is Devan's only personal connection and the closest thing he has to a friend. When Zeke came to Japan his sophomore year of high school, he was picked on not only as an American but as a geek for being technologically savvy. Being as friendly and optimistic as he was, however, he never gave up on making friends - not even with Kohaku Miyamoto, the school psycho who never talked. Zeke started talking to and hanging around him and although Kohaku never offered conversation, he never protested, either. Students were bewildered by the apparent friendship, as the two were quite opposite. Zeke continued to be picked on, especially after befriending Miyamoto, and Kohaku only stood up for him on one occasion; there were rumors that Zeke was homosexual and in fact had a crush on Kohaku, and when a boy made a remark about this rumor in front of the both of them Kohaku was still for a minute... before knocking the boy to the floor and proceeding to beat him past recognition.
When Zeke moved back to America, he brought Devan with him. The Yakuza helped get his weapons to him and Zeke offered to help get him settled, but Devan took to wandering as he had in Japan. Zeke continued to offer help whenever the opportunity arose, whether it was food, a place to stay, or transportation.

Other Characteristics and Information: Though never formally diagnosed, Devan is dyslexic and also likely has Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

So begins...

Kohaku Miyamoto's Story