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Vael'Feela nar Neema

The Genius Weaponsmith

0 · 755 views · located in Aboard the Flotilla a week before pilgramige

a character in “Born Quarian”, as played by God_of_Darkness


Roughly standing 6 feet tall, well toned body figure, wears a self-modified bio suit (designed for combat, high physical threshold and shield capacity, light weight but strong), has two omni-tools, one for personal computer (on right arm) and the other for digital warfare (on left arm).

(similar to picture displayed)



Always a social outcast, due to his high intelligence and cold personality. Much like a trained assassin, Vael is not one to be ruled by his emotions or moral standings, but he has been known to overthink something so much he sometimes forget to stop thinking and act. One of his favorite things to do is invent or make things. With the right equipment, he can make weapons, armors, even ships, better than the manufactioner. He actually likes synthetic life more than organic life. Is ambidextrous, has an identic memory, and is bordering between genius and insane every single day.


Twin Omni-tools (both with omni-blade)


Vael's parents were killed during a collector raid of the Flotilla. He was raised on the Neema, the ship Tali'Zorah was assigned to. He idolized her because of her work with Commander Shepard, her intelligence, and how beautiful she was. He has mastered his skills in order to impress her and hopefully work with her in the future.

So begins...

Vael'Feela nar Neema's Story

Sitting behind the person who sat to the left of Calen, was Vael'Feela nar Neema. Using the quarian in front of him as a shield so the professor could not see, Vael swiftly and silently crafted a small robotic insect. He slowly opened his hand and released the bug bot. It quickly skittered down his desk and towards the front of the class room. There, it crawled up onto the professor's desk.

Suddenly the bug bot cracked open like an egg, bursting forth four beautiful holographic wings that spread a meter wide, the wings then shattered and dispursed like a lazer light show. The whole experience happened almost instantly, so it was the equivalent of setting a fire cracker off in class, in human standards.

#, as written by C4L3N
The whole class fills with the sound of snickering and muffled conversation after the burst. The professer looks around attempting to pinpoint the source of the disturbence but gives up after only seconds of looking around.

"I understand you are all tired of listening to the same material over and over but you must understand. This information can be life and death one day, now whoever made that insect, take care that you don't end up being vented on the next time you end up in maintenance duty."

Calen looks at Vael in the corner of his eye, smirks and focuses back on the clock, 15 minutes least that distraction stopped the lecture.

Vael sighed in boredom. He could hardly care about these 'simple' classes. The teachers would drill these lectures and lessons into the young, making them into a working component of the Flotilla, making it so that the Flotilla is always taken care of. But Vael realized the truth, the day Tali'Zorah was banished. This was a way to enslave the Quarians into a life time service on these bastardized ship, making the Flotilla dependant on the Quarians and visa versa. It wasn't truly as black and white as he felt, but his feelings were bias due to the Tali incident.

Tali'Zorah was his idol, his hero, almost like a big sister to him. So when she was banished, his want to leave the Flotilla grew. With his Pilgramage on the way, he knew it would be easy enough to break away. Maybe even find Tali again, maybe even join her on the human spectres crew. Vael knew the universe was in danger, not just the Quarians, not just from the Geth, the whole universe was in jeopardy and the whole universe would need to fight.

The more he thought about all of this, the angrier he had gotten. Under his breathe he grumbled, "This is pointless..."

Vael cursed under his breath, "Bosh'tet! 6 a.m.! Looks like I don't get to sleep tonight..." Vael never went to bed until about 4 in the morning, sleeping for 5 hours before he had to get ready his first class, Advanced Molecular Physics. Vael wasn't so much an insomnia as it was his mind wouldn't sleep without working. When he was done with his last class, Advanced FTL Drives at 10 p.m. he would return to his room, where he had 18 hard drives, 14 processors, 28 monitors, a 4x8 ft holographic key board, 13 cooling air jets, 9 cameras, 7 microphones, a miniature holo-deck projector, 8 desktop towers, 6 laptops, 2 tablets and a little hand held video game he had been tampering with for months; all of them running off of an element zero battery he "borrowed" from Astrodynamic Chemistry.

Vael had always been gifted, which was a shock to many of the doctors. As an infant Vael got very sick, the doctors believed he wasn't going to make it. For eight years, Vael lived in the hospital wing of the Neema, every day receiving pain injections and all the while still suffering his infection. But other than his pain, the sickness coupled with the antibiotics seemed to make him change. He learned rapidly and could understand something the first time. At age 4, Vael could read the medical books. By age 5, Vael could recite every word from memory.

When he was 7, a quarian bioengineer returned from their Pilgramage, having brought back the schematics for a volus designed combat survivalist biosuit. Only the filtration system and the instantly sealing puncture gel were taken and applied to the majorities biosuits. However using the schematics for the skeleton, some of the Neema's top engineers and doctors came together and made a suit that would boost Vael's immune system, as well as do many beneficial additives making him stronger, faster, more agility, quicker reflexes, better eye sight, hearing, and more.
When Vael was 8, he finally left the hospital.

Over the years, Vael's suit was modified and enhanced, to grow with him. He eventually learned how to maintain and modify it for himself. Vael became a technological genius, he could make toys, weapons, synthetics, space ships, computer programs, AIs, VIs, if it could be built Vael had the blue prints in mind.

Vael got up from his desk and tried to walk out of the class room and go check on a program he had developed to transfer the ones quotient of a few hundred Batarian bank accounts. Vael never hung out much with anyone. He was very secluded and secretive. The only person he really opened up to or even liked really was Tali'Zorah. Well... Her and Lara. He always secretly thought she had a cute voice, he used it as his room's VI, which he programmed to look like her. His crush was one of the few things that seemed to make him any normal, so he never let anyone know, expect Tali...

#, as written by C4L3N
Calen walked out and towards Maintenance Hall V7 where he had claimed a small 6x8 foot utility closet for home. A holographic picture displayed on a wall along with an old tapestry his mother had made a year before she died.

He sat at a small desk as he toyed with some high explosive compounds he had managed to salvage from the reactor during one of his maintenance rounds. A little Eezo and some H3 tablets with a compression bubble forming to keep the 2 separate. He focused mainly on building the case for it and added a micro Mass Effect Field generator to it to create an implosion effect while the Eezo and H3 started melting down to create a resulting neutron blast.

Explosives were the one thing that kept him happy, not so much the idea of watching them explode. He always believed that if a person takes risks with some wisdom there would be much to gain in the future.

He finished by installing a bio-metric scanner into the bomb so the only way to arm it would be to actually supply the bomb with a micro-sample of DNA that was in its database.

He looked at the picture of his parents and sighed, then got up and concealed his project which he named "Horizon".

He got onto his laptop and began sending an email out to some friends on the Flotilla. He sent the specs to Vael knowing he could improve the design and sent an email out to Lara so she would avoid freaking out about a freighter bomb being on board the pilgrimage ship.

Schematics lay about his desk as he sifted through them finding the next project he had in mind, an MEX wave emitter. Calen had a theory about manipulating Mass Effect Fields by dampening the fields strength to cause an overload, if the wave were projected in a controlled radius, it would cause the next round fired from any weapon using a Mass Effect Field to explode from the velocity of the round rendering the user and the weapon completely useless without killing. Of course the last person who attempted this created a Mass Effect Field around himself and was partially vaporized from the enormous pressure. The video was rather gruesome but it gave insight as to what should NOT be done.

He yawned as he realized he needed to be up in 6 hours but he was in no rush. He shut off the light and lay down with his head under the desk on a cushion.

#, as written by C4L3N
--Email to Vael'Feela--
--Unique Encryption Method Used--

Here are the schematics for my latest project, see if you can make it concealable. I'll leave the unit in my engineering hall under the air duct by the plasma vent control box.

//Attachment <Horizon Schematics>\\

--End Email--

--Email to Lara'Firar--
--Basic Encryption Method Used--

I have a special package comming with us on pilgramige, please, keelah, dont freak out.

--End Email--

When the email popped up on his left arm omni-tool from Calen, Vael got a wicked smile across his face. Calen wasn't one to be extreme or even disruptive, he seemed all around mild mannered, but he sure knew his way around mass effect fields and explosives. Vael felt gravitated to Calen, maybe they were polar opposites but they were both geniuses.

Vael quickly projected the email up on the third monitor on the left from the bottom. He opened the email and downloaded the attachment. He took the schematics from the two dimensional drawings and projected through his holo-deck in what it would really look like with realistic parameters. Vael paced around it slowly, analyzing every angle.

"Calen you evil genius." he chuckled to himself.

In about 40 minutes, Vael figured out a way to reverse the polarity of the mass effect field, forcing it to condense. The pay off, the device could be shrunk down to about the size of a marble, small enough they could be hidden in the oral duct of their biosuits. The potential danger, if the mass effect field condenses too little, it risks exploding prematurely; condense it too much, and it could become a black hole. But he was about 96% sure on his calculations, he wanted to finish quickly. His VI had caught a minor virus, so he was going through her code trying to get her running up to speed.

He sent back the corrected schematics, as well as a complete step by step diagram that even a Krogan could have figured out, after a little while.

--Email to Calen'Zaan--
--Unique Encryption Method

I'm heading down there now, I figured out how to get it tiny, the design was simple enough to adjust to my systems. You can check my math, but I'll see you tomorrow morning.

//Attachment <Distant Horizon Schematics>\\

P.S. I managed to snag a blueprint of deck 6. Study up and don't choke

//Attachment <Deck 6: Rear Armory: Floor Plan>\\

-End Email--

#, as written by C4L3N
A ring woke Calen up about 2 hours from class time. An email had popped up on his laptop, he yawned as he opened it up.

"Floor plan huh? This should be good."

Calen studied the plan top to bottom noticing several choke points and multiple kill zones. If advanced combat training was as intense as he had heard it was this is the most helpful document in the Flotilla.

As he finished reading he grabbed a tube of nutripaste and proceeded to send a reply.

--Email to Vael'Feela--
--Unique Encryption Method--

Got the map, I also pulled up some information on the combat training. Here's the files.

//Attachment <Geth Training Units>\\
I'm shocked they actually brought them on the flotilla after what happened on the research ship my parents were killed on.

//Attachment <Mk4 Non-Lethal Pistols>\\
Turns out they still damage our suits, I guess its not advanced combat training for nothing,

//Attachment <Advanced Combat Training Instructors Manual>\\
Don't ask, don't tell. This thing was a pain to get my hands on since the Instructor's pc is triple encrypted with dual coded masterlock on it. And before you start thinking it's easy, you're the one with the huge hardware settup, I'm on a laptop and an Omnitool.

Anyway they blocked off three quarters of the armory for this and it turns out were givin 4 hours to eliminate all hostile forces. They're allowing us to use anything we have as weapons and appearently they give the high score for people who work together and manage to aquire the memory cores as intact as possible. Tali already set the standard on that one with the message from Saren.

I'll see you in the armory.

By the way your numbers are all correct however we need to stay on the safe side with Horizon, it's an imploding neutron device. If it needs to be slightly bigger to maintain the field strength then we can do that. I'm just not fond of the idea of being crushed and vaporized, not sure anyone is fond of the idea honestly heheh. Oh and you might want to tighten security on your main drive, turns out we have Volus cyber-sec scanning our fleet for bad signals.

--End Email--

Calen put his laptop in the corner and exited his closet. He headed down the maintanence hall and got into a shaft to climb up to the armory. Most people would think of it as stupid to atually climb up 4 decks but to Calen being unseen is the key to survival and the key to good gossip and intel.

Vael sat on a crate of the Mk4-Pistols in the armory. Between his fingers he was flipping at small coin shaped object and in his other hand he held the Horizon project, finished and modified, kept the size off marble. On the way, sneaking though engineering Vael figured out a way to make it dormant when in its condensed form, but with a simple twist, it would expand to its active form. It was like a safety.

"He's late..."Vael grumped as he waited for Calen to show up. Vael used his expert hacking skills to get past the security systems into the armory.

#, as written by C4L3N
Calen shifted passed several security sensors as he made his way to the armory where Vael was. He knew the rout well enough to get in undetected but was well aware of the bio-metric lock that was on the access hatch.

As he reached the hatch he opened his omnitool and started re-configuring the hatch to open for his DNA as well as all the others in the system.

After he was finished he held his breath and pressed against the scanner, to his relief it lit up green and opened. He climbed up and closed the hatch behind him, he felt good knowing he pulled it off even though he was aware it was a clumsy job.

Calen looked at Vael and noticed the annoyed posture. He nodded and leaned on a crate next to him.

#, as written by C4L3N
"So it looks like all of us are here then, ok well since the instructor isn't due for another 15 minutes or so I suppose I'll have to give a quick rundown of the exercise. These pistols are loaded with non-lethal rounds but are also able to penetrate our suits. I went ahead and disassembled one, turns out they use the old self cooling system and a Mk1 Mass Effect Field generator. Also it would appear theres a defect in them, once it overheats the safety shuts off and non-lethal turns lethal. Basically this is more than just an exercise, turns out their testing how well we can handle when things dont go according to plan."

"Like it or not these Geth can kill us once they hit cooldown temp."

"Don't tell the instructor we know since it doesn't change anything and will probably just make him mad."

#, as written by C4L3N
"Ok first of all why are you all loping around in here? Oh Lara, already starting to fall in with this crowd are you?"

Captain Kar'Danna vas Rayya walked in with Admiral Shala'Raan vas Tonbay at his side eyeing a wound on his suit.

"Waiting for you Captain, Admiral what are you doing here?"

"I could ask the same of you and Vael. But then again, I seem to recall your ability to sneak into restricted spaces with ease, the Normandy for example. Vael on the other hand is indeed a strange case, always disrupting classes but never being in restricted spaces, nevermind, your all supposed to be in the room adjacent to this one." Shala'Raan motioned for everyone to move to the armory holding area.

Lara rolled her eyes at the comment. "I just got here not too long ago and shouldn't I get to know those I will be with during the pilgrimage?" Lara said, again adjusting her rifle so that it wouldn't tip her off balance. Somethings made her wonder every now and again, but never really voiced it due to it not being in her place to ask, but curiosity started to get the better of her.

"Admiral. With all due respect, but what are you doing here?" She asked catching up to Shala'Raan while trying to keep her pistol holstered since she didn't get the chance to fix it.

When Lara walked in, Vael became quiet and distant. Looking away, he continued to play with his coin. As the captain and the admiral came in, Vael stood up. What was the admiral doing here? Did they some how find out it was him that was rerouting the volus mapping systems (probably the reason they were scanning the flotilla) but he hiding himself from the scanners.

A smile snuck across his face as the captain said he never was in restricted areas. Every hour Vael broke in through the fire walls of the fleet, using the bandwidth of the entire Flotilla so he could cause virtually unnoticed cyber terrorism. Vael was very good at getting by undetected in almost all situations.

Admiral Zaal'Koris vas Qwib Qwib was the driving force behind Tali's banishment, his accusations that Tali would go against the flotilla or even worse that she made a mistake were ludicrous, for these reasons, coupled with his arrogant demeanor, Vael hated Admiral Zaal. Ever since Tali was banished, the once greatful and shy but eager to please Vael had disappeared and was replaced with a stone cold prankster genius with a grudge, and the one to get it the worse was Admiral Zaal. If more had been done against Tali, it Vael would have easily considered murder, still considering it for some. Tali was like his big sister, the only "family" he had, she was banished for trying to help the flotilla even after all she had done with Shepard already. The flotilla was dead to him, and once he escaped while on his Pilgramage he could go look for Tali and try to help her and Comander Shepard, or at least do something instead of nothing like the fleet.

"So what are we suppose to do?" Vael said out indignantly, sounding bored and irritated for being here as he flipped his coin shaped thing.

Vael wasn't very good in combat. Being as sickly as he was as a child, Vael relied far more on his brain than any form of brawn. While his suit enhanced his strength and speed, it made him only about average in these respects. Vael was much better at making things that could eliminate stuff for him. So he would make weapons, synthetics, drones, programs, to do his work for him. He even devolved a program from the omni-tool that would use three dimension displacement sensors to locate, lock on to a target and auto-adjust his arm's positioning for a better and more accurate shot. The only problem with the program was if there was no movement, the program could not pick up on the targets location and could not assist.

But something got under Vael's suit, figuratively speaking. Why were they taking this test in the first place? If so few had taken it then why them. He could understand why both Calen and Lara were here. Both were prime examples of Quarians, if they worked hard enough, they could become admirals themselves. But Vael, was not only a disruptive and unruly student but he went out of his way to not stand out, grade-wise, skill-wise, social-wise. Could the medical staff or engineering wing have recommended him for his advances off the suit? 'No, this is still too rare for that chance.' Vael thought to himself. Vael was silent for minutes running through hundred of scenarios and reasons why he was selected or what this really was. In a way it worried him that his most plausible reasoning was they were suppose to die during this 'training', but it didn't really surprise him.

#, as written by C4L3N
Calen looked around and noticed something odd about the position they were in.

"Captain, is it just me or does that screen say that many sections of the armory are decompressed?"

"For this training we have sealed off sections of the armory and decompressed them in order to simulate outer hull environments."

"But our shields are being stripped."

"There are 1 time charge units throughout the armory. Lara should know where they are as she frequents the armory. However we have blocked many access hatches and opened maintenance ducts."

Calen walked towards the door and hit a concealed switch to release his homemade throwing knives to ready position. He then checked his thermal clips on his pistol and shotgun. Lastly he pulled up his omnitool and typed a few lines of code into it, his weapons switched to Disrupter Ammunition and a faint blue glow came around his arms, chest and belt.

The pendant he lifted from Shepard dangled around his wrist as a reminder that things thought to be foolish can truly be appreciated later.

"I'm ready when you all are." Calen said as he readied his pistol.

Vael thought to himself, "Bosh'tet! I'm going to have to actually work..." Suddenly it clicked, this was a trap to lure him into a state of desperation, forcing him to show his true colors and skills. For anyone else, this was a big chance to show just how talented you were. For Vael, this was hell. 6 days away from his Pilgramage, 6 days short of being able to fake his death and easily being forgotten as "a casualty of the Pilgramage", to have it simply dismissed as "Well he wasn't THAT good at anything really." But if the conditions were as he expected, they would be able to catch him actually trying.

Lost in thought, trying to figure out what he should do, he didn't even notice himself walking over and standing next to Calen as if saying he was ready. He stood there, arms crossed, almost looking bored, except for the coin which he seemed to seamlessly pass between his digits effortlessly.

Lara smiled under her helmet, unlocking the strap that held her rifle on her back. She nudged Vael, handing him her pistol. "I think you might need this." She said, tilting her head to the side. Even though the rifle was nearly taller then her due to all the modifications she had done to it in her spare time, she lifted it with ease. Six days from the pilgramage, six days from leaving to explore different worlds and meeting the rest of the galatic community and six days from possibly getting caught under fire from a horde of mercenaries. This test was accually showing what she could do with those that would be going with her on the pilgramage.

"Get you head out of the star clouds, We have some training to do."

#, as written by C4L3N
The captain hit a button and a large seal opened revealing the playing field, corridors and the occasional room. Noone knew exactly what was in store for them.

Calen entered swiftly leading with his pistol. His heart pounded but his nerves remained calm. He hit a couple buttons on his omnitool so Vael, Lara and his vitals all popped up on his HUD along with ammo counters. Vaels vitals were slightly lower than average but as long as his suit didn't take too much damage he wasn't worried.

The room was set up like an airlock, vents in the floor and a bioscanner to detect anomalies or unknown agents.

Vael's thoughts were shattered the moment he was handed Lara's pistol. This caught him off guard and caused too many thoughts to happen at once. Vael felt like an overheating circuit board about to catch on fire. Then something happened that he had never been able to do, he stopped thinking.

Vael cocked back the pistol, releasing steam from the thermal clip. He followed the two inside, he activated his right omni-tool's self-correcting program and his left omni-tool was prepped for cyber warfare and synthetic hacking. Vael kept a grip on the coin in his left hand.

Lara cocked her rifle, watching Calen in the ducts. She sighed, her eyes shifting under her helmet at the doors. "Hopefully if there's a narrow hallway and any hostiles come barreling down, the hall should get tight enough for easy shots." she said, tapping her finger on her rifle. Never the one to lay off the trigger, she kept her eyes on the shifty note. Ever waiting for something to bust out from the shadows and scare the ever loving crap out of her and be filled with several anti-armor bullets coated with Bose-Einstein condensate for easy freeze.

"That or I can cover you two from up there. This thing may be big but I can fit up there." Lara shrugged, throwing something out there to give the other two ideas. She wasn't particularly about ideas, but will say something if she found it either stupid or dangerously stupid.

While Lara and Calen were busy focusing on the ducts, Vael had a different thing to try and figure out, locating all of the cameras in the room. After triggering a few weak electromagnetic pulses from his right omni-tool, Vael was able to locate the 6 security cameras viewing them, similar to echolocation. He managed to code his auto-corrective aiming system to lock onto these 6 motionless targets and, taking less than a second for each, shot and destroyed each camera. Now that they were no longer being watched, Vael could get to work.

Using his left omni-tool, Vael hacked effortlessly into the Flotilla's mainframe and more importantly into the ship's armory mainframe. From here, he could use the security to systems to locate any synthetic activity. Now that there was nothing left he had to hide himself from, he could do more than simply assist.

"Lara, the hall ahead is narrowed, but the Geth will adapt for this after you take out a few of them. We won't have much time. Calen you said you could access the power conduits from up there right?" Vael said in a confident voice that most never had heard from him. "If you can reverse the power output at the right time, you can shut down the third wave of Geth and clog up that hall. But you will only have about two minutes before the Geth will figure out what we're doing and take measures against it. The second wave will be the simpilest but most dangerous, Lara will have to take the high ground and be ready to take out as many as she can in as tight a cluster as she can, so that the second wave will be held in place long enough for them to block the way in when Calen shuts them down. From there, we will have about ten minutes before the fourth wave will break their way through."

Vael rolled his coin in his left hand, thinking to himself, 'Keelah, I'm glad I brought this. I really need to thank Calen for the intel he got if we survive this.'

When Vael heard about the explosive drones, it made figuring out how to deal with the fourth wave easier than Mech Circutry 101. "I'm on it Calen." Using his left omni-tool he locked onto the explosive drones forced them into a dormant state until he activated them.

#, as written by C4L3N
Calen went around to the conduits and began setting up wireless access and linked as many of them as he could to his omnitool. He then began moving up in the vents to see if he could get a good view of the rooms adjacent to the main one Vael and Lara were in.

As he was moving around he spotted a utility closet with a large weapon locker in it. He cut the duct open and dropped out of the duct to the floor 8 feet below.

"The power conduits have all been tapped and the kill-switch i installed is primed, give me the signal and I'll hit it. Also I found a locked weapon locker with a grade 4 security cipher, send me a hacking module so I can get into this thing."

Calen looked around for a moment before he was grabbed from behind, the hands that grabbed him were the hands of Geth but felt clumsy and unrefined. He took a knife out and immediately began stabbing whatever it was that was trying to break his neck, he felt the grip loosen and then heard a hard thud.

He bent down to check the remains of this Geth thing that was trying to kill him. It appeared to be a standard infantry model but something didn't look right. In fact he was surprised it didn't detonate itself. He had caused minor damage to the unit only managing to sever the hydraulics connected to the spine...

"Wait a second," Calen said under his breath.

"Vael, these Geth are some of the original prototypes, they run off of VI's that were tied into another host unit. After I get this locker open I'm going to scout ahead to see if I can find the host unit. See if you can track it down or at least give me a general location."

"Lara I'm sending you the maintenance access rout to this room, if I find anything of use I'll contact you."

"Oh Vael don't worry too much about being alone I'm going to be setting up trip lasers around your perimeter, I'd be more afraid of setting one off accidentally than being shot since I'm using EMP charges and since they are the older outlawed models they will shut down an envirosuit and damage omnitools.

Vael then stopped and let Calen take over. His plan would have worked well enough and his 'friends' would have been the only people to know just how talented he really was. But this worked even better. Vael didn't have to do a thing any more, he didn't even need to defend himself. And with the cameras gone now, he didn't even have to pretend to be doing something.

"Well no more need for this." Vael opened a pocket on his right shoulder and placed the coin inside. He then went over and sat down on a nearby crate and lounged out, putting his arms behind his head, waiting for this all to get over and down with. He accessed his right omni-tool and started listening to some music he pirated from an asari radio transmitting satellite a quadrant away. After finding which song he wanted to listen to, he went ahead and sent Calen the hack for the locker as well as the electromagnet pulse readings he took earlier. It was easy to match up the readings with the blueprints of the layout of the armory. He even made it idiot proof and used a red marker to indicate the host Geth, and linked it all up to Calen's HUD. "Have fun you two."

With that, Vael lied back, listened to his music and relaxed.