Name Less

Me? Batty? Never!

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a character in “Born survivors”, as played by TheLastHunter


Age (15-20): 16
Sex: Female
Appearance (picture is fine but preferably anime): Image
Animal (I will take only one of each animal so be specific. If it is a tiger you want put tiger and not big cat etc.): Vampire Bat
Attributes (Only three per animal): Bat-like wings, ability to use echo-location, can tune her voice to different frequencies as an attack (like a sonic boom)
Theme song as you enter the maze: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JGaQ3g8WU4


Name Less is a bit crazy. She's outgoing one moment then she's sobbing on the floor then she pissed out at something. She has many many "dolls" like a matryoshka. She always pranking people for no reason and acts like a kid. Then she goes straight into serious mode and reprimands the closest person for ever trying to prank someone like that.


She has a purple hilted whip with a claw at the end. Sometimes, the claw will secrete a poison that destroys muscles and skin if in contact.

So begins...

Name Less's Story