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Anthony Raven Anderson

-looks at you- fuck you want?

0 · 700 views · located in The Big City

a character in “Born to Die”, as played by TheGoddessReborn


Full name: Anthony Raven Anderson (boy 1)

Nickname: Raven(if he doesnt know you) , Ant, tony (Personal)

Age: 21

Likes: Goth, Skulls, meth, dark colors, bladed objects, self inflicted pain

Dislikes: Bright colors, people in general, candy.

Fears: Abandonment, Small Spaces

Addictions: Meth, Crack

Theme Song: Lithum by Evanesence


Personality: Cold, Asshole, but loyal and loving when he wants to be.

History: Anthony is a very damaged person, he was involved with alot of gang related activties where drugs where involved and he ultimate got hooked on a vareity of them. before that there was a moment where he was good and followed the rules, even had a stint in modeling. but that is and forever in the past. (more revealed through the rp.)

Other: He always carries a butterfly knife with him

So begins...

Anthony Raven Anderson's Story


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Anthony Sighed heavily as he was being processed out of jail he looked at the officers with heavy contempment his eyes never leaving the officers eyes sort of a fuck you looked the officers knew it but chose to remain quiet. "am i done?" he said snatching his things from the cops hands which included: an iphone, a butterfly knife, a shirt, pants and some high top sneakers. "your free to go." the officer said boredly. Anthony saluted to the officer and was escorted off the property. a free man, finally after 7 years of being gone from the world.

Anthony smiled a small sadistic smile knowing that drugs and cars were now avalible to him again, he picked turned his phone on and dailed his friends gabe's number who quickly came to pick him up. he was a banger of course a member of a powerful gang who controlled most of the shit around here. "what's up nigga?" they did the gang riddled dap which his friend pulled him in for a hug "we have been busy boss. i've been handling shit while you been in the pen." anthony nodded appericatively. "that's good, you know i trust you like a brother." Gabe smiled and nodded "of course."

Finally the two went in the car and began going to gabe's house well, simply becuase anthony was homeless. it was an honor for gabe to house anthony and really anthony didnt really give two shits anyway. anthony saw gabes pack of ciggerettes and quickly grabbing the pack and lighting one up. Gabe smiled "we got the good shit at the house." ant looked at gabe with interest. "oh yea?" gabe nodded. ant moved excitiedly in his chair "FUCK yea!!" he said with glee. "i'll set it up when we get there." anthony nodded taking a pull of his cig. gabe scratched his head, he was nervous around anthony. anthony could punch hard enough to shatter bone and its not the first time gabe had gotten punched, gabe was a coward and ant knew it, "Oh! boss, there's a party tonight, tryna go?" "hell yea." ant responded with out thought.

finally pulling up to gabes rather impressive house anthony's eyebrows shot upward. "this is your place?" anthony said awestruck. "yea, you like it?" "yea.." ant said stepping out of the car and into the nice house. "i'll get the shit ready. you and me are the same size go shower and get ready for this party" anthony simply nodded doing as his friend suggested. after about an hour he came out looking clean cut and well dressed.

"looking good boss." "fuck you. wheres the shit." gabe scrambled to get the stuff for his "friend" "here you go." gabe handed anthony with a glass mirror and a rolled up 100 dollar bill. anthony smelled the sultry and alluring smell of the coke and hit a couple lines. "FUCK! shit is good." he handed the mirror to gabe and lit another cig. "hit that and lets go. gimme your fucking key g." after hitting the coke gabe handed his keys to anthony and they when off to the party.


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Character Portrait: Anthony Raven Anderson
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Finally rollin' up to the party Anthony and Gabe exited the car and started blending in with the crowd her noticed some good looking girls there his reponse was to simply lick his lips and put a finger through his eyebrow.

"Yo, you want me to find some blow dude?" Gabe asked looking at his hands, he knew if he looked Ant in the face his was likely to get his jaw broken plus he learned that the hard way.

"Yeah go." Ant said almost commandingly. Ant was something a Sadist, Punishment for nothing and iron hand over everything make him pissed and beyond mad? you'll probably die.. and im not joking. it's sad really.

Gabe quickly went on the hunt and Ant said on someone car, its was nice to.. sports car or something he made himself comfortable not really hurting the car but he knew he wasnt supposed to be there but he was anyway. he really didnt care who's car it was he just sat there smoking his cig waiting for the lil asshole to come back..