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Lana 'Baby' Harvard

"You think your crazy, why don't you walk in my shoes for a day or two. Then you'll really know crazy."

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a character in “Born to Die”, originally authored by gypsyprincess, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full name
Elana Bethany Harvard

Lana or Baby


-Walking in the Rain
-Bad Boys

-Authority figures
-The cops
-Having a broken heart
-Being alone

-Falling in love and getting her heartbroken

-Pain Killers
-Ecstasy pills

Theme Song
Just Tonight, Break In



She stays to herself most the time, she won’t talk to others unless she has to. She is very self-conscious and she feels that she is worthless. She is normally very depressed and the overdoes has caused her to have dark twisted thoughts about death, torture, and other horrific things. Though she tries to act as normal as she can.

Lana was born to a single mother, who lost her job due to false claims. Lana’s mother had to figure out something and it seemed prostitution was the only answer. Her mom started coming home with wads of cash and expensive gifts. It wasn’t until her mother picked her up from school in a flashy new sports car, that Lana asked, she was fifteen when her mother explained her occupation. Lana loved her mother and tried to reason with her saying she would get a job to help, but her mother was too caught up in her new found wealth. Then the drugs came, her mother had started shooting up in front of her and on occasion asked if she wanted to join. Elana thought this was her own fault she felt she did something wrong.

At eighteen Elana found herself hanging with a bad group of kids, and she herself had started getting into drugs not as heavy as her mother. Then the addiction to pain killers and cutting herself, no one had realized how deep into it Lana had gotten and her mother found her barely breathing, a half empty bottle of mixed pills and her wrists slit. Rehab was the eighteen year old's only option. Finally after a year in rehab she was released, having cleared the tests. But, her brain is slightly fucked up now and it will probably never be the same, she probably shouldn’t be left alone for long.

So begins...

Lana 'Baby' Harvard's Story


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Elana had just finished signing her papers to be released from rehab, she had been her for a year and had seen her mother a total of four times. She had called her mom a week ago when she found out she was being released, she never answered, but Lana left a message hoping maybe she would come pick her up. Lana stuffed her belongings into her tattered black Jansport back pack, which was all of a few photos two changes of cloths and a few photos she didn’t have much going n and she preferred to keep it that way. She made her way out of her room and out to the front of the Rehab center, she sat on the bench waiting for her mother even though she was sure she wouldn’t come.

After a few hours of waiting around she finally decided to walk home. She wanted to give her mother the benefit of the doubt, but she knew her mother simply didn’t really care about her. The walk home was long, yet relaxing. She was trying to mentally prepare herself for being in the real world once again. When she finally reached her house she grabbed for the door knob but it seemed locked. She let out a sigh and a knot started to grow in her stomach. She hesitated but eventually knocked. An unfamiliar man answered the door.

“Can I help you?” he asked, confused.

“Um, I’m sorry to bother you but is there by chance a Charlotte Harvard here?” She asked her voice was shaking a bit.
The man frowned gently “No I’m sorry, she moved away about seven months ago, I have her address though if you want it, I have to reroute her mail.” He offered in a kind tone.

Lana swallowed hard, the words hit her hard, she took a deep breath “That would be great.” She managed to get out.
The man handed her a slip of paper

1483 Bayard Avenue

She knew the street it was the rich part of town, how the hell had her mother managed that. It was only about a few miles, it was near Lana’s old high school. She didn’t want to go, her mother had just picked up and left without even a warning. But, Lana had nowhere else to go. So many things ran through her head on the walk over there, dark twisted thoughts of killing and dismembering her mother, that would teach her Lana thought, but as Lana turned on Bayard she quickly shook the thoughts. Her eyes went from address to address. Finally stopping in front of a huge gated house. She was greeted at the gate by her Pit BullReptar. There was a code for the gate but Lana didn’t bother she saw her mom’s sports car and she’s rather surprise her. The dog wagged it’s tail happily jumping up and down.

Lana threw her back pack over the fence before attempting to climb it. Though slipping, one of the sharp spikes cutting her hand open. She made a pained noise as blood started to stream from the new wound. Finally she jumped down on the other side of the fence, Reptar jumping up on her. She knelt down petting the dog with her healthy hand. She kissed his snout, before standing back up and heading up the long drive way towards the house, Reptar in tow happily following her. She didn’t bother knocking on the door she quietly opened the door letting the dog in with her, shutting it quietly behind her. The inside of the house was stunning.

“Charlotte, dear were going to be late if you don’t hurry. This is an…” a man stated though stopping when he saw Lana standing in the entry way. “Excuse me can I help you?”the man standing in front of Lana was her mother’s type, he was older and sophisticated, dressed in a nice suite. Lana’s breathing quickened a bit as she tried to explain herself.

“I’m…um…uh…I’m…” but before she could answer, she saw her mother coming down the elegant staircase dressed in an expensive dress.

“Baby?” Her mother said in a soft stunned tone. No ne hardly called her by her real name unless they were mad at her, Lana even debated once or twice whether she should just change her name to Baby. “How did you…I mean, Your out?” she was trying to pick her words wisely, though she seemed speechless.

“Yeah, Mom.” She said plainly.

The man cleared his throat as a sign for someone to explain. Charlotte shook her head quickly. “Oh, sorry love, This is my daughter, that I was telling you about, Bab…Elana.” He mother said introducing her. “Baby, this is my husband Doctor Victor Otto.” She smiled nervously.

Victor smiled “It’s a pleasure, you told me how she wasn’t well, but you didn’t tell me she was a spitting image of you.” He chuckled lightly. “I do hate to call this reunion off but we do have to be somewhere. Please make yourself at home. Alphonse.” He called a butler appearing next to him “Please show Miss Harvard to one of our guest rooms.” He said taking Lana’s mom by the hand as they headed out, Charlotte stopped quickly “When I get home will have to catch up.” She said kissing her cheek quickly as she left.

Lana stood frozen, as she tried to process everything. Her mother had remarried, to a doctor. She felt sick to her stomach. It was only when the butler spoke that she had to quickly gain control of her erratic thoughts. She followed the butler to the room, which seemed more like an unwelcoming hotel suite. She thanked the butler and waited for him to leave before the tears fell from her eyes, she was screaming on the inside. She ran to the bathroom frantically searching through the drawers. Everything from rehab all the stupid talks, the exercises had just been tossed out the window. She couldn’t find anything she came back out of the bathroom spotting a handheld mirror on the dresser. She quickly broke the mirror small pieces of glass imbedding into her hand, She gripped the biggest, sharpest piece of glass pricing it to the pale skin on her wrist and dragging it across, feeling immediate satisfaction and she started to feel better as she watched the blood drip on to her pants, tears still streaming down her cheeks. The pain in her wrist gave her chills it felt good to her and within the span of two minutes she had fallen right back in to the dark hole, Rehab hadn’t changed her.


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“I can’t stay here.” Lana whispered to herself as she went into the bathroom cleaning up both the cut across her wrist and arm. She tied both of them of with the only two black bandanas she carried with her in her backpack. Then quickly she changed into practically the only outfit she owned seeing as her mom had gotten rid of all of her belongings. She sat on the bed as she tried to figure out where she could go then it dawned on her, the racers were every Friday night and she was 95% positive they still hadn’t been shut down, she use to go to them faithfully every Friday and Saturday for two years until of course she was put in rehab. She glanced to the alarm clock next to the bed. Letting out a sigh of defeat seeing that they started in close to an hour, if she walked their she’d never make it, it was all the way across town, the docks is whatever one called that particular part of town. It was gang ridden and extremely dangerous, the Docks was the nice way of saying the getto.

A thought came into her mind, she smirked darkly. “Fuck this.” She said getting off her bed and searching or her mothers and “New step-dads room.” She opened the door at the end of the hall it was massive the most expensive room she had ever seen. “I can see why she married him.” She shook her head as she mumbled under her breath, heading straight for the closet searching and finding an expensive pair of black heels. “Perfect.” She smirked as she kicked off her worn converse slipping into the brand new heels.

She made her way down the stair case seeing a key holder with about four or five different car keys hanging from it. She eyed the keys as if she was window shopping. “Corvette, Hummer, Range Rover...” she trailed of spotting a set of keys grabbing them quickly “Viper, Perfect” She smirked heading out the door. She walked outside clicking the button to open the garage her jaw literally dropping at the sight of the blood red Viper. “Maybe I shouldn’t.” she whispered “Then again, why not. I’m just borrowing from my new daddy after all.” She laughed n a mocking tone hopping into the car and speeding down the drive way, letting out a howl of excitement from the thrill. She flipped through the CD case that was in the car. grabbing a blank CD taking a chance. Skipping past a few songs stopping on a familiar one. "Step daddy likes a little old school hu." she smiled carelessly driving the sports car living in the moment and running off adrenaline, knowing she could get caught at any moment.

She had the windows down as she drove through the Docks, the sun starting t go down. Everyone stared honestly expecting a guy to be driving the car, they were almost at a loss for words seeing the young girl driving the car. People had already started to gather at the ware house on outskirts of the Docks, cps hardly ever came out here, Lana figured that's the reason they were able to keep it going, that and they most likely paid off the cops. Lana Parked the car rolling up the windows and stepping out of the cars. She was dressed as sluty as the others girls, but it seemed as though she was getting more looks then those who were trying to hard, but she figured that had something to do with the car.


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Jessie couldn’t think of one single thing he liked or cared about more than racing. It meant absolutely everything to him, not to mention he was probably one of the best street racers in the world and it helped that he was an absolute ladies man, he had looks to kill an attitude to match. His whole car vibrated from the bass of his stereo, most were surprised that the windows and mirrors hadn’t broken yet. Everyone frozen when they saw his car and the music blaring from it, one hand on the steering wheel and neon blue lights lit under his race car. Confidence clear on his face, he knew everyone was staring and it only feed his confidence.

He pulled into his usual spot, not bothering to turn off his car as the music continued to blare, he stepped out of his car two girls on each arm in less than seconds, in the underground world, Jessie was the biggest celebrity there was. Jessie headed to his private room where he could see the races but not have to deal with stupid people. Hugo, considered himself Jessie’s brother, his father had sent Hugo with Jessie when he’d come over from Cuba to protect him, Hugo was probably one of the scariest guys you could ever meet, her grabbed the keys out of Jessie’s car, locking it up and following after him without a single word.

Jessie’s private room was nice a lot of Friday and Saturday nights he did business here, there was already a knock at the door which wasn’t unusual. Jessie made a small had gesture for Hugo to answer the door and he did as he was told. Lana standing at the door, he smirked seeing her ordering the girls out of his “office” Lana, didn’t exactly like Jessie, but she had become close with him a few months before she had been admitted for two reasons. One, she was in love with Hugo and they had slept together once or twice, but that was in the past and two, they both like to mess with each other like siblings and he had become like the older brother she never had.

“Look who’s out of the Looney.” He smirked, as she rolled her eyes.

“Real cute Jay.” She said sarcastically as she came into the room, Hugo shutting the door behind her. “I want in, even if it’s just one of the lower twenty dollar brackets, my life is a mess and I need money. Fast.” She stated sternly.

He let out a small chuckle, amused by her. “Baby, you’ve never raced in your life. And you know you can just go jump in you don’t have to ask my permission. Besides if you did, what the hell would you race in, you have nothing.” He said with a casual smile leaning back in his chair.

She let out a frustrated breath “Don’t give me that Jay, this shit is organized you know just as well as I do there is a roster, you don’t just throw your money down, I really need your help.” She was almost begging she couldn’t stand the thought of having to go back to the ritzy house with her mother on that boring doctor.

“Your right, entries were a week ago I can’t help you, guess you know the races to well, I’ll tell you what I can do for you.” He paused laying his two loaded pistols on the table “You give me a free show and I’ll give you some free money.” He smirked darkly

“Go Fuck yourself Jessie, You’re an asshole.” She tried to keep herself from tearing up.

Normally Jessie wasn’t the giving type and he didn’t exactly take pity on girls, but Lana was more like a sister to him, he knew her story, he she had crashed on his couch and shot up with him on occasion. He let out a defeated sigh, showing his softer side, wasn’t exactly easy.

“I’ll sneak you in on the 100 dollar roster, you won’t make anything off those cheap 20 dollar brackets, you can race in Hugo’s car…” she cut him off

“No thanks big bro, I got a ride.” She smirked

“Alright, your bracket’s at ten.” He said as Hug opened the door.

“Thank you so much Jess, I promise you I won’t ask for anything else.” She said sincerely and he knew she meant it. She head for the door, before hearing him call her name, she turned back to face him.

“Elana, don’t fuck this up.” It slightly frightening her when he called her by her real name. She swallowed simply nodding as she headed out.