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Jack St. Mark

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a character in “Born To Raise Hell”, originally authored by Iye Khara, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Jack St. Mark's Story

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#, as written by Celedia
Meanwhile, Izzie’s inner monologue was all but unnoticed by a petite raven-haired figure that was busy trying to lug all of her shit in on a single trip. The others had offered to help her but she refused for two reasons. One, it was her own damn dumb fault for packing so much crap and next time she’d probably just leave most of it on the tour bus and two, she wasn’t about to pretend she needed help. God knows that Izzie had that odd gleam in her eye that meant she was looking for something to kill, murder, maim or fire and Edei had lasted this long in Psychosis. She damn well wasn’t going to get fired because she was a weakling that couldn’t haul in three bags.

Casting a look over her shoulder, she wiggled her brows at Craig and Cormy with an excited countenance. She couldn’t hide it… She was pretty damn pumped for this tour. Unlike Izzie who had probably been on a dozen or so tours, this was Edei’s first and she planned to have fun with it.

When she turned back around to face forward, she almost plowed straight into Izzie’s back as she had come to an inexplicably sudden halt in the center of the lobby.

“Oh hell yeah. Tour manager’s sparing no expense, eh? I was expecting… What the shit is that chain called? We’ll leave the lights on for you- people?” Edei cast two of her bags down onto the floor of the lobby near one of the cushy leather couches, leaving only her backpack on her short frame for the moment as she took the time to soak in their new digs.

Raisa came strolling in almost elegantly behind Liam. She paused as he paused, her bluish-grey eyes following his line of sight until they landed upon the seemingly ragtag group clustered over to one side of the lobby. One member of the group in particular caught her eye and a grin spread over her lips as she reached back to tap Liam in the chest and point over to the same group that had caught his eye.

”Well if it isn’t Izzie-fucking-Martinez!” Raisa called out so that her voice carried through the sparsely filled room and a peal of laughter followed her through the lobby as she moved towards the other band. “Jesus Christ, I haven’t seen you in years. I didn’t know this was your band. If I knew I would’ve warned my ‘mates.” She came to a stop next to Izzie, one of the few people that could make the 5’10” redhead feel diminutive and her gaze flashed over the other three members in the band as she smiled.

“Nice to meet you all!” She lifted a hand, waving over her own bandmates so she could start introductions. Well, as far as she knew them anyway. Izzie would have to introduce her own fucking band unless they wanted to be known by nonsensical nicknames which Raisa tended to give to people she didn’t know.

“This is Liam, Jack, and Alex.” She pointed to them one by one, her steel-grey painted nails shimmering in the fluorescent lighting and then she pointed to herself last. “I’m Raisa.”

Turning her lithe body towards the rest of her group, she pointed to Izzie and introduced her as well. “This is Izzie Martinez. Remember, I told you about her? Fucking amazin’ growler. Crazy shit.”

Then, the impossible happened. Raisa stayed quiet for more than a second and finally allowed other people to chime in.