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Kodie Toivonen

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a character in “Born To Raise Hell”, as played by Armageddon


Full Name: Kodie Sixx Toivonen (Don't laugh, her mother was really into Mötley Crüe when she named her...)

Stage Name: She doesn't do stage names.

Age: 23.

Birthday: Born January 6th 1990


Appearance: Kodie is relatively tall for a woman, standing at around five foot nine. Her body type wouldn't necessarily be deemed incredibly sexy - she has long, athletic limbs but precious few womanly curves. Her appearance is reminiscent of her mother's Scandinavian roots with her high cheek bones and sharp features, along with her cool, slightly slanted grey-green eyes and pale skin. Since Kodie has no idea what her father looked like, she can only liken her appearance to that of her mother's. Her hair is naturally a very dark brown however it is dyed black and worn long, coming down to her waist. (You know, since she generally plays black metal and there's some sort of rule about having to have black hair.) She has no tattoos or piercings as she hasn't felt a great desire to have either since she was about thirteen years old.

Her clothing is generally quite simple - black jeans, bullet belts, band tees of varying genres, her trusty o'l Doc Marten boots and maybe some leather wristbands (No spikes, she's out of that phase.). She doesn't really put too much thought into her attire, although she likes to look nice. Speaking of looking nice, she generally wears at least a little makeup - dark smokey eyes and some deep wine colored lipstick usually. She can even do some interesting looking corpse paint - but generally not on herself, she only did that once or twice back in the day.

Role: Bassist

Musical Style: Kodie usually plays the guitar and vocals, currently for her atmospheric black metal band Abhorrent Dawn but she branched out into the bass several years ago. She's a fairly versatile player, having played several subgenres of metal. She doesn't like to box herself into a single genre very much as she likes to experiment ad this includes her pulling from different genres and sometimes she thinks that when you box yourself into one genre you lose a lot of your creativity and it makes the music fall flat or sound nearly identical to everything else that's been done already. She doesn't play or write things that just blend into the background no matter what she's playing and the bass certainly is no exception, although she's certainly more comfortable delving into the unknown with the guitar. She's good at finding what works for different songs and complimenting the guitar without it being just background noise or overpowering. She likes to experiment with her playing and sometimes people can think her ideas sound a bit farfetched and crazy especially depending on who she's talking to because she pulls from different sources but when she puts it all together in a song she generally pulls it off well although she certainly scraps more ideas than she shows people.

Instruments: Kodie's go to bass is her grey Ibanez SR400QM, her backup is a black ESP F-105.

Personality: When one first meets Kodie Toivonen she has a tendency to give off an intimidating vibe as she is very upfront, speaking her mind more often than not. She's very honest, brutally so which isn't always a good thing. When she's in the recording studio she can be quite critical which can at times be quite annoying but she means well as she always wants the finished product to be the best possible. She also isn't generally one to tip-toe around an issue, instead preferring to just get it all out in the open in attempts to smooth things over however this doesn't always work with everybody...

Kodie isn't necessarily all that scary though. She's friendly enough to everybody when she first meets them until they give her a reason not to be and is a good friend to those that she is close to. She's very protective of her friends and always tries to look out for them in whatever way she can - she's very loyal once she's established a bond with someone. Her sense of humor is generally rather dry and sarcastic but it suits who she is and while she'd never probably be known as the most upbeat or welcoming she has quite a few good friends she's made in the metal scene over the years, though she isn't quick to open up to others. She gets along with men the best which is good since metal is a predominately male genre.

Romantically Kodie isn't always...Well, that romantic. A lot of times she doesn't like to get together with other musicians which is pretty much the only people that she meets. She feels as though if it doesn't work out it could burn bridges which she doesn't like to do and also because it could reflect badly on her - Kodie has worked hard at building the good reputation she has for herself in the metal scene, so she isn't quick to flirt. She doesn't want to see that go up in flames because some dumbass decides to start talking shit about her. So, her relationships are few.

Music is her true passion, it has always been integral to her life. She started playing almost as far back as she can remember and often finds herself holed up in the studio or her apartment when writing, not to be disturbed lest someone wants to get their head bitten off.

Kodie Sixx Toivonen had a rather interesting upbringing. Her mother, Shelley was a rock 'n roll groupie who frequented the local bars and music venues of Los Angeles. The father of Kodie is actually completely unknown to her mother, as whenever asked she just says, "I think he was tall and dark haired..." because that narrows things down a lot. Naturally, this woman had decided to name her child Kodie Sixx because she wanted to name her child after her favorite member of Mötley Crüe - brilliant, right? Apparently her name was a bit of toss up because they had also thought of naming her Mikki, because they liked Mick Mars too.

Many women, after the birth of a child decide to essentially grow up, to get their act together. But, the arrival of Kodie made no real difference in the life of Shelley Toivonen. Her mother simply brought Kodie along with her as soon as she was able to all the rock and heavy metal concerts she was going to be attending anyways. So, while most kids were watching Disney movies or learning ballet, Kodie was perching on her mother's shoulders or in her arms, nodding her head along and singing to the likes of AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Deep Purple and Queen.

Kodie spent much of her childhood either in concert venues or at home in their run down little apartment when her mother couldn't (or wouldn't) take her with her. She spent a considerable amount of time fishing her mother's head out of the toilet when her mother had had a particularly exciting night out, or in her room when her mother would come home with a lover.

This was around the time that Kodie wanted to learn to play guitar. She had spent so much time being captivated by her musical heroes music and singing along that Kodie couldn't help but want to learn to make music like that herself. Ever eager and supportive, her mother had bought her a cheap little guitar and some books and so began her musical journey.

School was bit amusing at times with Kodie in it, even at a young age. Her mother often got concerned notes from her teachers, some inquiring as to why she was singing, Shout At The Devil or when asked to draw a picture of her heroes in which case she would present them with a picture of Lemmy Kilminster of Motorhead.

Over the years it quickly became clear that Kodie had a gift for music - one that certainly hadn't come from her mother, who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. Her mother was absolutely giddy though that her little girl had a talent for music and bought her all the music books that they could afford on her thin salary. This continued well through highschool, where Kodie joined her very first band - a thrash metal group by the name of Discord as well as made her first metalhead friends. She had always found it a little amusing and sometimes strange when her friends would tell her how they would get into trouble with their parents for various things like coming home late or smoking when her own mother honestly didn't give a shit.

Kodie spent most of her time in highschool either working at the Chinese food place down the street from her apartment to save up for her music lessons and a new guitar or rehearsing with Discord. This was about the time that she discovered more variations of metal - black metal in particular grabbed a hold of her with their dark, gloomy songs which intrigued young Kodie greatly and so she delved even farther into the metal scene and found herself practicing harder than she ever had and at some point along the way found the even fiercer death metal which was truly like a hypothetical horror story.

She always thought it funny how everyone always thought she had quite a cool mother who let her do pretty much whatever she wanted and for the most part Kodie was quite glad of it as it meant she was free to express herself in whatever ways she wanted and didn't get in trouble every time she went out with friends or stayed up late at her friend's house writing lyrics however what was getting old was watching her mother stumble in at night giggling and then proceeding to vomit all over the living room floor and expecting Kodie to clean it up as well as getting hit on by her mother's creepy one-night stands. She sometimes wondered what it would be like to have a mother who actually had rules, who worried about you and took care of you, not vice versa. To live a relatively normal life. Still, she knew that this was her life and there were some perks to it... While she hadn't had perhaps the most ideal mother or upbringing, Kodie still remembered some things with great fondness.

Time ticked by and Discord disbanded and everyone moved on with their lives senior year, including Kodie and her mother. Her mother, getting older found that it was difficult to continue this lifestyle but was unwilling to give it up and that she should move forward with her life. Whenever Kodie tried to tell her to go easy on the booze at home, she would get snapped at and occasionally get things thrown at her depending on how deep into that bottle of tequila her mom was. Slowly, the bond between the two was being severed and so Kodie frequently passed through home with not so much as a word, instead focusing on her music and picking up the bass.

By the time that she graduated, Kodie had left home and not completely sadly. She moved into a small apartment with a friend and for the next few years Kodie continuously changed bands, most of them black metal but she always left for one reason or another however she also played a couple of death and melodic death metal bands. Eventually she landed in a new, atmospheric black metal band by the name of Abhorrent Dawn - to her surprise the guys were great, none of them minded that she was a female vocalist, in fact they quite seemed to like her harsh screaming vocal style coupled with her demonic shrieks as well as her guitar style. It was an excellent fit and she has been there ever since.

For a female metal musician, finding a guy can be a bit difficult when you're looking outside of the metal scene because apparently it can kind of freak some guys out a bit when you sing about Satan, sacrifice and dismemberment. But after a few failed relationships with metalheads, Kodie did finally find a guy that was actually quite okay with her occupation. He was a simple guy by the name of Andrew - nice enough, not terribly handsome but not exactly unattractive either. He worked in a bank and was about as run of the mill and straight-laced as they come which made her drummer make fun of him a lot. Being in a relationship with a musician can be a bit strenuous at times and Andrew didn't like that she came home so late a lot of the time, that she wasn't home a lot and when she went on tour would disappear for extended lengths of time. The reassurances she tried to give him essentially were not enough and he eventually broke it off with her after a year of being together. While Kodie didn't necessarily think that she had loved him his leaving still stung, making her wonder if she would ever be able to make a relationship work.

Shortly after, Kodie met Craig Duncan. He was her roommate Kelly's boyfriend at the time. He was a nice guy and a pretty decent guitarist which made Kodie feel kind of bad for him when Kelly kicked him to the curb when she was done with him and ended up befriending him as a result. It's been a few years since then and Kodie has grown to think of him as a good friend. Now with Abhorrent Dawn on a hopefully brief hiatus, Kodie has gone to go see Craig perform with his band, Psychosis.

So begins...

Kodie Toivonen's Story