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Victor Holden

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a character in “Born To Raise Hell”, as played by Something?


Full Name: Victor Holden

Stage Name: He usually goes by Vic.

Age: 26

Birthday: 29th of November

Appearance: Image Due to the fact that his wardrobe is somewhat limited, you won't see Victor in so many different clothes. His clothes are clean though, for the most part. When he has the money to get it washed, he does. Off stage, you'll usually see him in a white or black t-shirt with a button down shirt that's checkered in either red and black, or black and white. His pants are usually of dark grey or black color, a pair of them worn. On stage, he likes to dress up and look nice, though it doesn't have to be all suit and formal shoes. Victor has never really been on a big stage, but before his life changed for the worse, he usually wore nice shirts and ties on stage. It varies though, as sometimes he'll just wear a nice t-shirt. Victor is just about 6 feet tall, and has a normal build now. He's a little muscular, but nothing absolutely insane. With his blue eyes, it's a strange feeling when this man stares at you. It gives him a very sincere expression and it feels like he is always honest when he looks at you with them and speaks. On his left forearm there are four strings of binary numbers tattooed. They run all the way down to his wrist, and are there in memory of three family members he lost. They represent their birthdays. He has a full sleeve on his right arm, which has the comedy/tragedy in skulls, a couple of roses and then a chain that runs through it all.

Role: Bassist for Cor Leonis

Musical Style: He likes to play with the drums a lot as a bassist should of course, but at the same time offering harmonies and playing with the rhythm guitar. No doubt, he's a great bass player and has the right feeling of where he wants the music to go. Victor is good at finding the right harmonies and notes, that may change a certain part of the song and make it sound completely different. He's primarily self taught since he wanted to play guitar, but found that four strings were easier for him than six. Musical theory isn't his strong side, but Victor plays with his heart more than his brain. Whether everyone likes that, time will show. In short, he's a diamond in the rough. He takes in all the music he hears every day, and in the end, something comes out. You won't be in a second of doubt when you hear Victor playing. It may not be perfect, but it's different. Maybe in a good way, since he feels the music rather than thinking about it so much. Victor plays both with a pick and with his fingers. It depends on what sounds best in the song he's playing. Some parts sound better when picked, giving a more aggressive tone, while it's easier for him to make the bass rumble in the background when using his fingers.

Influences: Metallica (Cliff Burton), Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium and a wide variety of different bands.


Image - Gibson Thunderbird

Personality: When he first came to America, he was very shy. Victor quickly found out that he didn't have to be since a lot of people liked him. He has always been a very quiet person, going by the "If you don't have anything to say, shut up." principal. When he's stressed, he has a habit of biting his lip on the inside of his mouth. Also, when he first meets a person he tends to take a few steps back when he talks to them. It has something to do with the fact that Victor's personal space is a little bigger than normal. He won't take a single step closer until he's comfortable with that person. Now though, in his adult and kind of broken life, he doesn't really care about much. All he knows is that the sun rises and sets, and he will still be living on the street. Victor tends to shrug everything off because it's easier, but when he's alone he always has a frown on his face and looks very serious. If you see him sitting alone, it'll be the same. Like he's constantly thinking about something. When he gets drunk though, he's a lot of fun. If you do manage to get close to him, you'll have a friend for life. The only time where he'll actually be rude, is in the morning. Victor hates mornings. All in all, Victor doesn't like to think when he's around other people. He saves that for when he's alone or not talking to anyone, but then he does it all the time. Due to the fact that he is from Ireland, he has an Irish accent. It's still very easy to hear because Victor never let it go.

Biography: Born in Dublin, Ireland. His father was a business man for a company over there and got a job offer in the United States. Of course, that meant that the family had to move. At the time, Victor was sad and didn't want to leave his school and friends. His first few months in this new home were hard for him, and he didn't really make any friends. Gradually and slowly though, that changed. He made one very good friend in high school, and that was the time where his love for music really started. Her name was Edei Delanore. He introduced her to the bass which he was playing himself up until a point where his life changed. Victor still holds those memories close to his heart as he is incredibly fond of them. It reminds him of what he had back then and on the other hand, how much he's let slip through his fingers. Not long after he was out of high school, his father and sister died. Victor came home to a house almost burned to the ground and a mother screaming. Two family members dead and the last one gone crazy, Victor felt like his world was falling apart. He ended up getting various jobs but was unable to keep any of them because he simply couldn't. He cut all connections to friends and other family members, and ended up doing drugs, living in a tiny flat with another druggie friend. Victor lived like that for a few years until he had enough of it. It came to the point where he was tired of looking at himself in the mirror, and instead of considering taking his own life, he pulled himself out of the dirt he was in. Because he wanted to get clean and get back on his feet, his 'friend' threw him out and said he never wanted to see him again. Victor packed his gear and what few possessions he actually had, and went out the door. Whenever he'd had the chance, he'd been listening to heavy music and followed the shows and concerts going on in town. As he now had no roof over his head and no one to go to, he'd sat down on a bench and picked up a news paper. There, he read an ad about a band looking for a bassist. Cor Leonis. Victor's jaw had dropped. He was sure that he had heard almost every song they had released, and played along to their songs. It had taken him a long time to learn them by ear, and it meant that he played them a little differently, adding some of his own twists to the songs. He sat there for a long time, eventually deciding that it couldn't hurt to go see what it was all about. This young and now homeless man, was sure that he would be rejected and sent home. Both because he didn't look very nice, and no one knew who he was. Still, he walked towards the studio the band was in, his thoughts going back to high school and the hours he'd spent with Edei.

Against all hope and odds, Cor Leonis (as they were called then) accepted him and wanted him to join the band. They even gave him some money to get him started. Victor liked all of the members of his new band and had even met an old friend there. There was another band using the studio as well. Edei was in that band. That band had a singer. Her name was Izzie. She was a royal bitch. No, that doesn't even begin to cover it but you get the idea. Victor does what he can to stay away from her. She's huge and irrationally asshole-y. Also, he's shy and doesn't like conflict very much and she would probably squash him. He got the feeling that there wasn't far from thought to action with this Izzie person.

Victor is still addicted to cocaine but less so. He tries desperately to stop, but so far has only managed to step down and not do it very often. It's something he simply can't tell his bandmates. He's too ashamed. Victor knows he's broken in more than one way, but continues to go on and get up every day.
Fortunately, playing in this new band has let to more shows and more money, meaning new gear. Victor has miraculously managed to save enough money for an Orange AD200 Mk III bass head, a 4 x 12" cabinet and a 1 x 15" cabinet. Yeah, that pushes some air and Victor has never in his life had gear that good. He's broke as hell now, but he doesn't really mind. He's used to it.

So begins...

Victor Holden's Story

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11 September 2013 โ€” 16:34

"I swear to God, the day I can afford it I'm getting a Kemper."

"Th'fuck's a Kemper?"

"It's a modelling amp. Trivium uses them, I think."

"You're gonna go digital?"

"Either that or I'll start lifting. I hate carrying this head everywhere."

"You bought it, you carry it."

"Bite me."



"What? You said bite me."

The biter was a Black man in his late twenties, muscled like the cord of a whip, wearing a T-shirt for Metallica's Black Album and jeans. The other was White and in his mid-thirties, wearing the bottom half of a skinny black suit with a sleeveless white undershirt. He had the other half of the suit, a real shirt too, but he was saving them for the show proper.

The White man sighed and continued lugging the Blackstar head into the Ottobar's back door. Inside, the headliner was already set up, though the drum riser had been wisely moved back from the front of the stage to make room for the other drummers. The venue's cabs were set up on either side of the under-construction drum kit. The White man paused, trying to choose.

"Ted!" He whipped around to see the soundman. To call them friends would be pushing things, but they knew each other. The soundman pointed to the left side. "It's the side she's playing on! Irony, eh?"

Ted couldn't make sense of that remark, so he shrugged as well as he could and shuffled over to the cabinet, setting his head on top of it.

"Did you hear what I said?" The soundman's voice boomed through the venue's PA system.

Ted jumped, then chuckled. "I heard it, but I didn't get it. Who's she?"

"Didn't you see who else is playing?"

"Think so. Legion, right?"

"Yeah, but there's another band. You didn't hear?"

"I didn't, but I'm not surprised. Is there a point in the near future?"

"That chick you told me about, it's her band!"

Ted was about to ask for clarification, then he realized. Though he had worked with several female musicians, only one would have been notable enough to just be "that chick" to the soundman. Only one he could have known so easily.

Psychosis. Izzie Martinez.

Ted stood on the stage for a moment in that realization, staring at the drums blankly. Then he burst out laughing.

The Black man entered on this scene, lugging his own amplifier. He took in the scene for a second, then shook his head and put his amp up on the other guitar cab.

"Inside joke, Lionel," the soundman explained.

"Whatever," Lionel replied. "Want me to run soundcheck first?"

"Sure. Give him some time to laugh it out."


Ted explained things afterward over a cigarette, and Lionel had to admit the coincidence was pretty funny. Sturm made a commitment to kick even more ass than usual, just to show Izzie, who no doubt would be watching. Lionel had only heard of her tangentially, but apparently she had made quite an impact on Ted, not only with the failed "Sturm & Drang" collaboration, but in forcing Cor Leonis into its final lineup before metamorphosing into Sturm.

And now was the moment of truth. The the Terminator theme's coda boomed over the speakers. A little bit of homemade fog floated through the air. In the darkness behind the fog, Charlotte sidled past the riser and settled behind the kit.

From the left of her, Ted emerged with his Ibanez Destroyer slung right at stomach level. On the other side, Lionel emerged with his Viper slung an inch below where Ted's was. Victor was right behind him. The Terminator theme faded out to nothing.

Ted picked a silent note, slowly turned the volume knob from off to full. The single note crested...

Behind him, Charlotte's sticks clicked one, two, three, fourโ€”

And off.


The first number finished with a bang and a held out chord. "Make some fucking noise!" Lionel yelled into the microphone, the first comprehensible thing he had said into the microphone. The crowd roared. "This next one's called Killer of Worlds!"

Charlotte counted five, and Ted started the pentameter riff off. Lionel harmonized it, Victor played the counterpoint. Ted had written this, basing it off a Cor Leonis jam. It certainly felt a bit out of place at first, but when Ted slammed from that to the main riff and the crowd roared, he felt vindicated. Finally, he was playing music people loved. Hell, he looked to be playing to quite the crowd.

Well, many of them were probably here for Legion, or even Psychosis, but still, having a crowd was nice.