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"I shall be there to protect you, to give you strength when you desire it. Just say the word."

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a character in “Borrowed Strength”, originally authored by Noodlelord, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: "I am Murmur, great Duke and Earl of Hell."

Age: "I am to whatever age my contractor chooses. If I shall be made young, it is such. If I shall be made old, I have no qualms. I will fulfill my obligations without hesitation; my age is merely a place in which I am given."

Gender: "Though I identify more with my male form, whatever it may be, I have no protests to being created as a female in this world."

Sexual Orientation: "I do not have time to involve myself in relations such as those, sexual or otherwise."

Type: Guardian, Water Manipulation


Murmur is a great duke and an earle, appearing in the shape of a souldier, riding on a griphen [vulture], with a dukes crowne on his head; there go before him two of his ministers, with great trumpets, he teacheth philosophie absolutelie, he constraineth soules to come before the exorcist, to answer what he shall aske them, he was of the order partlie of thrones, and partlie of angels, <and ruleth thirtie legions.>
- Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, Johann Wier (1583)

A man of strength, willpower, and a calm mind, Murmur is very close to the polar opposite of his contractor Chriselle in every possible way. While she is a ditzy, terrified, and worrisome teenage girl, he is clear-minded, clever, and devoted to his obligations as a contracted demon. Murmur speaks in a soft whisper of a voice, his tone is simultaneously calming and chilling, and his natural air is one that would ease one's pain and problems. Though he is one to calm others down, he is not one to keep his composure in times of great distress; he can surely keep himself in check when there are multiple emotions flying about, though when there are too many things going on, he is known to snap. Naturally, it has only happened a few times, and it is something that Murmur tries to keep tucked away while he is serving with Chriselle.

As a Guardian type, his main goal is to make sure that his contractor is safe and far out of harm's way. With one like Chriselle, a girl who lacks all strength or willpower to fight, it simply makes his job easier. Murmur lacks a temper, but he replaces it with an overwhelming analytical and inflexible personality. He does not mend well with sudden change, he is not easily adaptable, and he is not one to let someone get close to Chriselle without a full analysis. He is fine with having to remind her of what had transpired during the previous few hours, but will openly admit to it being a bit of a hassle for him. Murmur is a being with reason, purpose, willpower, as well as both mental and emotional strength, and is indifferent to what others are doing around him. His main priority is Chriselle, keeping her safe, and making sure she doesn't say or do anything that would mess every single thing up.
- Running Streams ~ "A manipulator of water myself, running water relaxes me and calms Mistress Chriselle when she goes over-the-top."
- Human Emotions ~ "Few may know this, but we demons rarely experience the large range of emotions that you humans hold in your beings. Those fascinate me."
- Isolation ~ "A clear mind requires a clear and quiet environment, void of any distractions."
- Chriselle's Amnesia ~ "Even though her memory loss is a hassle to deal with every sunrise, it is indeed quite the subject to examine. She wakes up with no recollection of important events - truly fascinating."

- Times Of Increased Heat ~ "I never liked heat, nor have I ever enjoyed fire. It is misused for destruction, as Mistress Chriselle informs me."
- Excessive Noises ~ "Neither I nor my contractor enjoy the blaring sounds and unnecessary rumbles. We cannot think in such conditions."
- Tears, Or Rather Crying In General ~ "Such a pain to deal with some human sobbing and whining over frivelous things."
- Human Food ~ "As far as I've been told and seen personally, they are all processed and greased to the point of inedibility. Disgusting."

Secrets: "Tell me, do you honestly think I am incredibly daft as to tell you anything if I was able to hide something? The nerve..."

Fears: "One of the few human emotions I have no interest in associating myself with."

Crush: "To which meaning are you referring to? The physical action, or the ridiculous, abstract idea? Either way, I think the answer of 'neither' is proper, in this situation."

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: "You are...speaking of the terms used by humans to describe a mate or lover, correct? I have neither."

Do you have a contractor?: "I indeed do have a contractor - a female with the name of Chriselle Edison - perhaps you know of her?"

Contract Details: In exchange for Chriselle's sanity, or rather whatever the hell was left of it, Murmur granted her a will to fight, strength, and he promised to guard her. He told her he would do everything she was required to do, and she would simply be needed to sit there.

Height: He towers over Chriselle a bit, standing straight at 6'2".

Build: Lean.

Demon Mark: Image The Seal of Murmur~


So begins...

Murmur's Story


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She hadn't seen much, her eyes and sight leaving her as her mind wandered, thoughts flying in an attempt to simply explain what had happened in the cafe. What she had seen, however, was the fire. The red and orange flames that engulfed the small cafe, prickling with heat and charring the exterior of the building with ease. Chriselle was sure that someone would have been injured, or possibly killed by the flames, and it frightened her as well. She thought it did, anyways - she was already scared out of her mind, so being frightened again would only feel numb to her. The fear rumbling in the pit of her stomach startled her, breaking her out of her stupor and bringing her back to reality. They were running still, footsteps against the pavement and gravel mixing with the loud pounding of her heartbeat - and perhaps his as well.

Chriselle remained silent as they rushed past a group of people, and she noticed Rory narrow his eyes at them, almost scrutinizing them and warning them not to get in his way. She saw pale fingers curl around a doorknob, hissing noises emitting from the contact as the lock burned with a click, burning to ashes. There was no time to talk for a fleeting moment, as she was hurriedly shoved into an unknown area, the door shutting as Rory joined her. The household was shabby, matching the tattered appearance of the bag that was slung along her shoulder, light dimming before flickering off and back on a second later. The silence in the damp and cold room was eerie, sending chills against her suddenly pebbled complexion, the girl rubbing her arm through her sleeve. It was still in the room, no words being uttered, and the only noises being the creaking of wooden floorboards and the occasional drip of water from the ceiling. Was there a running water source here, anyways? Chriselle felt her shoulders relax at the thought, but she tensed up again when she remembered who was with her.

With a clumsy, stumbling movement, she sat onto a chair. The wood was a mix of dark and light, creaking underneath her as she pulled her notebook out and began to jot something down with an old pen buried into the spiral of it. Colorful tabs and folded piece of paper stuck out betweent the crisp pages, circled and highlighted sections visible even in the unstable lighting. It took a moment for her to finish writing, hands shakily holding up the book to read it more clearly.

Name: Rory
A boy, about my age. He's got messy, dark hair and dark eyes - his skin's really pale, matching my own to the T. He smiles at me, but it looks weird on him. Taller than me. When he's upset or stressed out, he frowns a lot, which looks better on him and fits his appearance better. Controls fire.

"...Contractor..." She mumbled, shutting the leather notebook and tucking it safely into her messenger bag. Her eyes bore into his own, something that she only found the courage to do for a split second before she glanced back down at her lap. "Those....were're a contractor too..." Her quiet talking decreased in volume until she reached complete silence, pondering for a moment before she tilted her head, dark orbs still not meeting his own. Chriselle wanted to ask him why he had formed a contract, why he needed to - but she decided that if she wasn't comfortable speaking about her own reasons, there was little to no way that he was comfortable speaking to her about his own.

So he could control the element of fire, like how Murmur could control water...that was interesting, she would admit. Murmur...he would definitely find her. He always found a way to get to her, always. But if Rory had attained his ability through his contract like she suspected, then she wondered how their meeting would go. To her, elements like fire and water never mixed well, and she briefly wondered if she should run from him. Would he chase her? Kill her for trying to escape? Perhaps. She had no idea what he was fully capable of, nor did she have any knowledge of what his intentions were. But he saved her life. He could have easily left her there, and she would be burning in that building amongst the debris; she owed him enough not to turn and run away.


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Friends...friends? Chriselle could almost laugh at the thought, if it weren't for wanting to stay polite. Laughing would give him the impression that she was perhaps laughing at him, making a mockery of him in some way - it was silly. In truth, she would only be laughing because he didn't know. Sure, Rory may have had some personal issues of his own, and such would maybe drive her away, but the fact that she would forget him in few hours would be...devastating. Then again, Chriselle had no idea how to react; he was like life itself, incredibly unpredictable. Like how he thought of her, she thought the same - he would either be with her, or against her. That was simple enough to understand on both parts.

"Friends..." The word was dripping with a careful slowness as she peeked her tongue out to swipe them against her lips, frowning lightly and mustering up enough courage to stare at him again. "Sure, we'll be friends." The statement was simple, but was it true? Perhaps to some extent, yes, but she didn't know what promises and dangers came with agreeing with him. Chriselle hadn't met other contractors before, and before now she had no interest in them - but they could be capable of different things. Rory was capable of manipulating heat and flames, causing destruction where ever and whenever he wanted to, while her own demon had the ability to get rid of that destruction. Life and death, black and white, destruction and repairment - completely different things, and yet Chriselle felt nothing but curiosity around him now. She lifted a pale hand, turning it to show him the simple yet intricate design embedded into her flesh. Two crescents on both sides, connected by a line that met with two intersecting ones, enveloped in a circle.

" his name." She whispered. "In case you were wondering if I spoke the truth. He is the man you may have noticed back at the cafe." One leg crossed over the other briefly, before the girl stood and continued to stare at him, her arms crossing over her chest to mimick his current position.