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Lord Azrael Yama Nakiato

"Oh Dear~, I hope my little kittens are getting along."

0 · 125 views · located in Eath

a character in “Bound At The Wrists”, originally authored by Snow, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Azrael Yama Nakiato

Gender: Male

Age (16-19): Claims to be 19.

Height: 5'9

Weight: 154lbs

Type: Reaper.

Good or Evil: Caotic Neutral. He's not good, but he's not evil at heart either.

Hair: Straight brown hair that raches down his neck almost to his shoulders.

Eyes: Dark Brown.

Personality: He will do whatever he thinks will bring him the most amusement, no matter how immoral or just plain crazy it might be. He's a narcisist and leads a socially deviant lifestyle. He never has any goals, any plans, he's just in it for the ride. He likes toying with others, and has a good sense of humor. He's always smiling, especially when he sees the color red or in the presence of an appealing female. He never really listens to what anyone else is saying, and appears to always be in his own little world.

Equipment: Any possible tools he may have hidden away in the dungeon.


So begins...

Lord Azrael Yama Nakiato's Story


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"Turn the lights back on, Jazz. If you want to stop them, get off you're lazy arse and walk down there, and kill them," Jasper looked at him and replied in an irritated way. "In my mind, I've killed you three times already." Suddenly Abijah started laughing a creepy laugh which almost scared Jasper. Then he turned to face him once again and this time instead of a creepy laugh it was a creepy smile. "We should kill them. Yeah. Just for fun. Ya know." The black haired guy agreed and then went back to where the captives were. He turned the lights back on and then almost froze in his spot. "Naughty naughty, now how'd you kitties get loose?", he had brunette hair slicked back and a business suit that had his shirt undone. The demon guy then sighed and stood in the broken doorway to get a better look. Because he knew that if he wasn't killing them, this guy might.


"The rest we will have to leave. They are close to death anyway. They'll die soon enough. Getting these few out will be hard, so let's get going." Aidan nodded and looked back at Blythe to make sure she was coming. 'I swear if I see Jasper I'm going to kill him.' he thought mentally. Just then a voice that could make babies cry spoke up. "Naughty naughty, now how'd you kitties get loose?", Aidan then saw the lights had come back on and by the doorway was none other then the moron himself. But that wasn't the scary one. The scary one had the appearance of a wealthy bachelor. One look at him mad you want to cower in for or something in the like. But since Aidan and the others were demons they weren't really scared.


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"He answered my question with a question. Oh man, that's so like a teen." The strange man turned to Mello, and Mello stared at him, he's a joke... isn't he?

"Oh, refer me as Lord Azrael... or Master, whichever more to your liking." Lord Azrael grabbed a sack, swung it in a circle, and then tossed it to Mello, he really is a joke. The reason why he was so tired was because he was hungry, wasn't it? Mello's stomach growled as he saw two hunks of burnt meat, several carrots, and bread were tossed his way. Mello looked at him gratefully. "I believe that's... Pig? ... Well it doesn't matter, enjoy the feast before the others are done planning to spot it. There should still be water in the back rooms.", he said with a smile. "You'll need all the strength you can get... Hmm I really should get a maid down here." Mello grabbed the meat first, and said to him before he left, "Thank you," and began chewing on the meat roughly. How hungry he was!


Jazz went to go check on the prisoners, and Abijah heard Lordy teasing them. He knew Jasper wasn't going to bother with him.

"So Aiden and Blythe are going rogue? As much fun as it would be to kill them now I think we should just let them go. A chase is almost as fun as the torturing, and how often can you chase humans AND demons?" Alex of course said this to where only Jasper and Abijah could hear. "And if we don't catch them," which she knew they would. "I won't wear my heels for...a week. Fair enough?"

Abijah began laughing. This laugh was actually loud unlike his usual laughs, where he held back. What was so funny (even though this isn't really funny) is that Jasper would have a hard time with such a small deal. Jazz could either not catch the demons, and be spared from that clicking sound for a week, and make Alex suffer, but let them go, or he could catch the demons and humans, and continue hearing that annoying sound. "My, my, Jasper, what are you going to do now? Alex is willing to give up heels for one week!" Abijah came closer to him, and face to face he breathed on him, "Don't you think that'd be wonderful?" Abijah said quietly enough for Alex not to hear. He backed away, and started laughing, clutching his stomach. This was one of the funniest moments he's ever had.