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Haruka Tamae

"N-No! I'm not crying!" (Mostly complete)

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a character in “Bound to Fate”, as played by Keen




Crying's nothing to be ashamed of, it just shows that you're in touch with your feelings!



|| Name ||
Haruka Tamae

|| Nickname(s) ||
Haru, Crybaby

|| Race ||

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Nationality ||

|| Romantic Interest ||

|| Face Claim ||
Mayaka Ibara || Hyouka



|| Height ||

|| Weight ||
121 lbs.

|| Hair Color ||
Chestnut brown

|| Eye Color ||
A vibrant reddish purple

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Build/Appearance/Preferred Clothing || โ™—
From most any angle Haruka is unremarkable in appearance and looks quite average in most ways. Not too short nor too tall, not overweight but not too slim, and not particularly blessed with any significant womanly curves. The brown locks of her hair blend in quite well among the more commonly dark colors of hair belonging to most and her skin is fair and pale thanks to her proclivity for more indoor activities and her desire to stay out of the heat. The only thing that might stand out about Haru are the vivid purple orbs of her eyes, though they are often hidden and planted inside a book or staring off into the distance.

Additionally her wardrobe is quite plain, conservative in style and reserved in colors and patterns, it's hardly something that stands out but might be called cute if one were to notice her out of the masses in a crowd. Most commonly throughout the week she can simply be found in her school uniform as she doesn't often spend much time outside of her home on school days. Though clothing usually isn't much of a concern for the girl, she has a soft spot for winter styled clothing like scarves and coats.



|| Personality ||
Emotional might be the first word that comes to mind when one thinks about Haru. This girl is always expressive and wears her heart on her sleeve, she feels her emotions powerfully and is generally unable to hide them and as such makes for an awful liar. Haru's disposition varies widely, when in the comfort of the company of her friends or family she can be quite energetic and smiley, conversely when she's around strangers or feels pressured she can quickly clam up and become a shy and quiet in an attempt to diminish her presence. Her third usual state is when she's reading, when preoccupied with her books she becomes so absorbed that she seems emotionless or distant, like she's off in her own little world and can't be bothered to look away.

Haru is perhaps most well known however for her frequent tears. While it is rather easy to move Haru to tears through insults and other such usual means, she is also prone to cry out of happiness or even just at a story, seeing her finish a book or at the end of a movie with tears in her eyes is a rather common sight. In general Haru has a weak presence, she blends into crowds easily and she's easy to push around as she feels more comfortable simply going with the flow than asserting herself. Often times during a confrontation she will simply shut down and take any abuse coming her way silently, afterwards however this meek demeanor disappears as she lets out her anger and comes up with some nasty thing to say about the person when they're gone but in truth, she'd never have the guts to say any of it to their faces.

|| Likes ||
Drama & Theater || "Aside from the fact that I just like stories in general... I think I love acting 'cause even if it's just for a little while I don't have to be me anymore, I get to be someone else."
Books || "In my experience I've found the best stories are in books... And there are so many out there! It just makes my mind teem with all the infinite possibilities. Unfortunately I don't think I'd make a very good writer though... Maybe I could do children's books..."
Her sisters || "I really do love both of my little sisters but... I really don't think I'm a very good big sister, they always end up worrying about me instead of the other way around."
Cooking || "I'm really not great at it but... It feels really nice to cook for other people, especially when they're people you care about."
Ferrets || "His name is Waldstein the 4th, or Wally for short, and he's the cutest being on planet Earth."

|| Dislikes ||
Being called a crybaby || "So what if I cry a lot?! That doesn't make me a baby, I just... Get into stuff more than other people."
Herself || "I'm weak and average in every way... And I hate feeling that way. I don't want to be just a side character... I want to feel special and brilliant like a main character for once"
Overly sweet things || "I know what you're thinking, 'how could a girl not like sweet things?' Well, it's not like I dislike sweets but there's a limit you know?!"
Tomatoes || "Evil, awful, red, unholy abominations!"
Physical activities || "Of all things I'm bad at... This is easily my worst area. I've got no stamina, I'm uncoordinated and inflexible, and I've got an impressive lack of strength."

|| Talents ||
Acting || "People say I'm pretty good but I dunno if I believe them... Regardless, it's something I really enjoy doing."

|| Flaws ||
Self-confidence || "I'm not really good at much of anything and I always end up messing up somehow."
Defensive || "After being picked on so much and growing up being told that they way I feel is 'wrong' or 'weird'... It's made me pretty sensitive. Sorry about that."
Weak-willed || "I guess I have a hard time standing up for myself... But things tend to work out if I just shut up and look down so..."

|| Fears ||
Being alone || "I think it's something everyone's afraid of... But I think it's a much realer possibility for me than for most."
Dead end || "The idea that I'll never find something I'm good at and end up doing some awful, boring job... It's really something I don't even want to think about."


|| Family ||
Jun Tamae || Father || 43
Kaori Tamae || Mother || 41
Naru Tamae || Younger sister || 12
Suzuko Tamae || Youngest Sister || 11

|| Bio ||
What is there to say about Haru's history? In truth, very little. She's an average girl from a (mostly) average family. Perhaps the only thing that stands out are her parent's efforts to fight the declining population in Japan by having three children. Aside from this slightly larger than average size their family is quite typical, happy and loving but certainly not without the occasional drama or fight. Haru had never really stood out as a child, she rarely got into trouble and could generally be described as a 'good girl'. Her forays into acting are only a recent development, one which her family is happy to support and encourage her in despite her severe lack of confidence in her own skills. Haruka only recently purchased a Soul Watch recently despite her dislike of the item and the fear of it going off with no around it instilled within her, everyone else in school had one so in an effort to better fit in, she simply followed the trend.

|| Other ||

So begins...

Haruka Tamae's Story