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Bound to the BloodOath

Bound to the BloodOath


Slavery is not uncommon in is expected, however loss of freedom is not the worst that can happen. The BloodOath ceremony is coming up, will you be a Hunter or Bound? Who will be the required sacrifice? (One Male Bound Open)

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Every second year, since the day of the god of Tarsha, those earning the titles of master or mistress over slaves must prepare a sacrifice in thankfulness and anticipation of the prosperity of the year to come. These sacrifices must be prepared in the way of the BloodOath ceremony. May the god of Tarsha bless those that give generously. The master/mistress must prepare two different categories of slaves. Half shall be Hunters, the other half Bound. Hunters will be those ranked higher in your household, those that the god has blessed you with hard work and achievement. The Bound can be those your inhabitants are cursed with; extras that are not needed, or offenders of your personal law. The Bound shall be released on the Night of Oath. Later the Hunters will be sent out to bring them to the cloisters. If a Bound is found they will be punished and tortured for our gods benefit, before public sacrifice on their personal Day of Blood. If a Master/Mistress's patience is tried before the Bound are bought forth, the Hunters shall take the Bounds places. The minimum amount of slaves to be sacrificed is two, and the genders must opposing.
-All this has been recorded on the fourth of Mestae, in accordance to the law of the god of Tarsha.

Wιll ϒου Ηυητ Or βε βουηd?


Basic Plot:
You will be either Bound servants or Hunters. Another role is also a run away, a slave that has decided to escape with the Bound either through friendship, love or just for freedom.

Time Line-
1. New servants introduced to household (these cannot be Hunters)
2. Brief period of working for the Mistress and preparing the house for the BloodOath, that night.
3. The BloodOath Ceremony feast. Hunters and Mistress dine, while the Bound serve.
4. The Bound are branded and the Hunters receive the trackers.
5. At 1:00 in the morning, the Bound are released into the city.
6. The Hunters are released later on, after being instructed by the Mistress.
7. The Hunt begins! Note that I have planned certain events, so this shall have a fairly strict plotline, that I will guide using my characters and a few NPC's.

Notes Regarding the Roleplay:
1. NPC's- In this roleplay everyone should have a minimum of one major character (one of the slots) and a maximum of two. During the roleplay however, I will encourage you to create other characters, though you won't need character profiles for these. The extra characters can be used by anyone and will be used to deepen the plotline. Once you create a NPC, they will be posted in a separate OOC topic with basic details to let the other roleplayers know basic mannerisms. It doesn't need to be elaborate, as each of us will help develop the character.

2. Maps- I have provided two different maps (one is still in progress, with pieces missing etc). The one of the city I want followed almost exactly. This way we can know where the characters are at the different points and it will make it easier to see where each character is. The small red squares dotting over the place are stocks/punishment area's set up throughout the city. This is where the Bound are sacrificed (usually the one closest to the Mistress's home). It is also a place of public punishment for stealing, fighting, shady dealing etc. Just note I didn't create the maps, I simply found them off the internet and edited them for our use, I take no credit for either of them. The second map of the world is still very much in progress... I have only added Syra (where Arya comes from) and Tarsha. If one of your characters comes from a different country, message me and let me know where you want your "country" to be on the map and what the climate is (e.g Snow for Syra, or dessert etc.). The world map can be used more loosely such as adding a small body of water, or a small cluster of forest here and there, but no adding a random river near where your characters are. All places will be added. I will also make a separate OOC for places that you can post more details about your country such as history, customs, climate etc. for other roleplayers to view.

3. Tagging- I want to use the tagging to the best of out ability. Tag a character if you interact with them such as talking/touching them. This does not include thinking about them. Also, for those that use two characters, please post each characters point of view separately so we can see the different characters each interacts with.

4. Events- Throughout the roleplay, I have planned certain events/ things that naturally happen in Tarsha that will affect the characters and drive the plot better. I will be using NPC characters to do this. I just wanted you to be aware, so you know that this roleplay is going somewhere, and is very much a character and plot driven roleplay.


General BloodOath Procedure
1. The Bound and Hunters are announced. There is one male and one female to be sacrificed at the end (be it Hunters or Bound).
2. The Bound will serve both the Hunters and Masters the BloodOath feast.
3. The Bound are then branded. Normally the female Hunters will hold down the female Bound, while the Males Brand them and vice versa.
4. The Hunters are then taken upstairs to be inserted with the trackers. The trackers are inserted by injection into a vein in the neck to stop them being removed.
5. The Runaway will be instructed to unlock the door holding the bound at 1:00. The Bound are not warned, but have to be awake and aware enough to figure out when the door is unlocked. They then are allowed to leave.
6. The Hunters receive advice and provisions before being released.
7. When a Bound is found they are taken first to the cloister to be marked off and then to the Bound House. They are then punished. Halfway through the punishment the Hunter/s that found them come back to sign them off.
8. A single Bound cannot be sacrificed without another of opposite gender. The Bound will be held for a few days before another must be found. If not a Hunter must be taken in. The Hunter will be chosen by drawing lots, and then will be punished with the Bound.
9. If they are not rescued, the two Bound (or Hunter and Bound) will be killed in the stocks by a select method. A Mistress can pay to have the execution adjusted (either more merciful or more savage).
10. If a Bound dies (either a Hunter kills them or suicide) a Hunter will have to take their place. The Bound must be sacrificed by a priest, all other forms of death don't count.

Rules about Slavery.
1. Slaves/Servants must be given the sign of their masters to show ownership. Miss Edwards servants all have a
simple silver cuff/armband
2. Slaves under Miss Edwards care have strict uniform requirements. Female slaves must have hair neatly up and wear a
simple, white corset dress. Males must wear simple white garments. Both genders normally go bare foot.
3. Slaves/Servants must remain silent unless spoken to. (Obviously this is a rule that is and can sometimes be broken by characters, though punishments may occur)
4. Slaves/Servants are not to associate themselves with other slaves/servants (This is another rule typically broken, but severely punished)
5. The Bound, once chosen, must be branded on the left side of the neck to mark them.
6. The Hunters must be given trackers. (Trackers ensure the Hunted can't escape like the Bound. The only piece of modern technology in the rp)

The Setting of Tarsha is almost identical to Ancient Rome. The Tarshan people are ruled by an Emperor, but behind the scenes the religious sector seems to have most control. Since the priests have to approve of the Emperor, most of the time the emperor's pretty much are under the control of the Tarsh Priests. The Priests live in the cloister and a few in the Bound House. Tarshan Soldiers are also around (Possible NPC's) and are found at each of the Gates. They control those who leave and enter the city and also "keep the peace" and are in charge of the stocks with the exception of the Bound Sacrifice (That is the priests jobs). The Priests and Soldiers don't normally get along, as the Soldiers have loyalty to the Emperor not the Priests.
So there's a bit of Tarshan politics. As I said, most is like Ancient Rome in character. So this means no modern weapons, clothing and appliances.


Uploaded with

Character Slots:

Angela Edwards played by Shané
The Bound:
1. Arya Tundra played by Shané

The Hunters:
1. Anselm Tertullian played by Shmband
2. Zoe Spry played by Shmband

Run Away/s: OPEN

Character Skeleton:
Name: (First and last name)
Role: (Either The Bound, Hunters or Run Away. Runaways will only be accepted once the Bound and Hunter roles have been filled.)
Appearance: (Please have a real life picture, no anime, and a reasonable, literate description)
Strengths: (This can be general, but also add your characters strengths as a servant e.g serving, cleaning, cooking, entertainment etc.)
Origins: (Only for the Bound and Runaways. Is basically if you want your character to be new at the beginning of the rp or already part of the house hold).
History: (This is optional...if you feel like it would enrich your character, please add it, but if you want it a mystery or it is an average history, feel free to leave it out)
Roleplay Sample: (This will be on how you were captured. You have three main options. a. You were born a slave. b. You were found on the street. c. Captured from another country please make this literate, this should be an example of how you will be posting!)

Toggle Rules

1. This is a literate rp. I cannot stress this enough!!!! I won't put a limit on posting (though the average should be around 600 words per post) however I will not except one liners at any time, and no single paragraphs. Spelling and grammar must also be checked (mistakes are fine on occasions, happens to everyone, just not continuously)
2. General Rules- Absolutely no godmodding, meta-gaming, power playing etc.
3. Please keep swearing to a minimum. I don't want sailors.
4. No sexual content. There shouldn't be any references to sex slavery, as this is not what this is about.
5. Romance is encouraged, but make sure it keeps Rule 4.
6. Reservations last 24 hours, unless I am notified of a delay and you can compete for characters! I will choose the best ones, so if you aren't literate, don't join. This also means, if someone takes your spot, you can still compete for it. I will also be looking at previous characters you have created to see how committed you are to each rp you join.
7. I am GM, dah! Just make sure your listening...and make sure you have read through all the information. If you have, add the word tarnished somewhere in the character profile.
8. I want detailed characters, with interesting personalities. Please don't stick to black and white characters. Hunters don't have to be evil; they may just be honest people forced into a bad situation. Same with the Bound, they don't all have to be innocent and perfect. I also like back stories to characters, and love when roleplayers discuss relationships for characters.
9. I like colourful character profiles, if you need help on coding ask myself
10. Please be active!!!! This another main one! I hate it when people join, do two posts and leave! I have created this rp before, and am sick of it happening. [b]Please stay. If you don't have time to roleplay. Don't join. I want a strong team that is willing to input ideas and be part of the plot.

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Character Portrait: Angela Edwards


Character Portrait: Angela Edwards
Angela Edwards

Slaves are possessions and must be perfect.


Character Portrait: Angela Edwards
Angela Edwards

Slaves are possessions and must be perfect.

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Character Portrait: Angela Edwards
Angela Edwards

Slaves are possessions and must be perfect.

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