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Bound to this Fate

Bound to this Fate


Centuries ago supernatural creatures were sighted. Now as things have changed from then the world of supernaturals has changed as well. With the royals of this world missing are you a part of it all?

833 readers have visited Bound to this Fate since ShadowedxLove created it.


The Story

Centuries ago when sickness plagued Europe supernatural creatures finally showed themselves. Though they had been around for much longer they helped cure the sicknesses that appeared. Some species such as witches used spells to help the humans but other creatures such as Vampires and Demons. used other methods. They viewed humans as weak and therefore either killed them or turned them to their species. Among the highest of lineages for each species they crowned a queen in order to bring order to the world of supernaturals. What many suspernatural creatures were angry with was the fact that the queen was a Pure-blood vampire meaning she was born a vampire. Her race sparked an uproar for races other than Pure-bloods. The queen ordered for anyone who opposed her to be slaughtered and they had been. After killing off any rebellious races she had soon married and given birth to a Pure-blood child. After her first husband died she re-married and had another child and this child was also a Pure-blood. Unfortunately for the queen her second husband had died. After two more marriages three more children and becoming a widow twice more the queen grew tired. She was saddened by each of her husband's death and her sorrow furthered with the death of her youngest child. Her youngest child was discovered to not have been a Pure-blood but really of human race. Through this discovery a new race was founded, The Novalie race. After the discovery the queen no longer wished to reign over supernatural creatures and in the late nineteenth century the death of the queen was announced. This was not true and in actuality the queen had a witch cast a spell on her to put her into a long sleep. She was put in a coffin and stored in an unknown location.

It's been two centuries since the queen's sleep begun. As of now she is still missing to some who know the truth but dead to others. Her descendants have come up. Only four have been reported so far. No one knows of their species but it is rumored that at least one of them is a Novalie. Many other species be it Vampires, Demons, witches, or others are in search of the known descendants. The ones searching for them have divided into three groups. The Hunters, The Protectors, and The Seekers. Each have their own goal whether it be bad or for good. They each want to get the Descendents. So which are you part of?

The races

Pure-blood vampires- Vampire born a vampire or the original first vampires. They possess stronger powers than Turned vampires and some demons. Their blood is some of the most desired of the races but they are rare as well. Pure-bloods do not combust due to sunlight exposure and must be invited in. They're harder to kill but can be killed with a stake to the heart. They can use mind compulsion on humans, Novalies, and Half-breeds but no on Demons, Turned vampires, and other Pure-bloods. An Herb called Lukail can harm them by either burning them in contact to skin or weaken them if digested. If Another race is wearing Lukai or have digested Lukail they cannot not be compelled. They don't inject venom into someone's bloodstream by biting them once unless they chose to do so.

Novalies- A human child born with Pure-blood parents. They sometimes though rarely possess powers. Novalies are also the rarest of all the races. their blood is said to be the most desired of the races. They live much longer than any human but can be killed like a human though they heal faster. If a Novalie drinks blood they become stronger, faster, and can see, smell, and hear better than any human they can also heal even faster than normal. But once the blood works it's way out of thei system they return back to normal. Not many have fangs but some do and like any normal vampire they can retract their fangs. They stop growing within their teen years on average at about sixteen. If a Novalie dies with vampire blood in their system they will awaken not as a Turned vampire but as a Pureblood as their lineage blood awakens.

Turned Vampires- A vampire that was once human but was turned into a vampire either by a Pure-blood or by another turned vampire. Their blood is one of the least desired due to the after-taste but their powers can range if they drink the blood of another race. Unlike the other races any race can become a Turned vampire. Turned vampires like Pure-bloods do not combust in sunlight but to newly turned vampires they're more sensitive to the sun. They must be invited in and can be killed with a wooden stake to the heart. They can use mind compulsion on Novalies, Humans, and Half-breeds but not on Pure-bloods, Demons, or other Turned vampires. Similarly to Pure-bloods if they digest Lukail they can be weakened or if Lukail has contact with their skin they can be burned. Turned Vampires cannot compel another race if that person is wearing or has ingested Lukail. Because their bodies are dead Turned vampires cannot reproduce. They don't inject venom into someone's bloodstream by biting them once unless they chose to do so.

Half-breeds- A child that is either half vampire or half demon and half human. They are more common than Novalies ane Pure-bloods but not as common as Turned vampires. They can possess powers but like Novalies it is not always. Their blood is more desired than Turned Ones and Demons but not as desired as Novalies and Pure-bloods. Like Novalies they live longer but not as long as Novalies and heal faster than humans. If a Half-breed were to drink blood they become stronger and faster than a human along with see, smell and hear better than any human. After the blood is no longer in their system they return back to normal. Some have fangs but not all and those who do have fangs can retract fangs. Most stop growing at about eighteen but some stop growing earlier.

Demons- The only race able to have two forms and it is difficult for them to turn others like them. Their appearance can differ as do their powers but their blood is the least desired of the races.

Methods of turning:


1) Drinking the blood of a vampire and dying with 24 hours of digestion of vampire blood.

2) A vampire willingly injecting venom into someone's bloodstream (The most painful method)


1) A ritual in which one whom is not virgin is killed after a chanting a spell then having the person have gigest demon blood.

2) Draining someone of most of their blood and having them digest demon blood.

The Groups

The Hunters

The hunters wish to kill the descendants. They know if the descendants know of their lineage they'll take power over the supernaturals. The Hunters are willing to do what ever it takes to kill of the known of descendants and the ones unknown of. The Hunters are a mixture of each species that have their own reasons for wanting the Descendants dead.

Hunter 1:_____________ Played by:_____________

Hunter 2:_____________ Played by:_____________

Hunter 3:_____________ Played by:_____________

Hunter 4:_____________ Played by:_____________

(More spots will be opened if requested.)

The Protectors

The Protectors view the descendants as innocent. They think the descendants don't deserve to be killed or forced to be royalty. They use any means neccesary to try and keep the known of descendants and the unknown of descendants safe. They are a mixture of each race and don't work with the Hunters or the Seekers.

Protector 1:_____________ Played by:_____________

Protector 2:_____________ Played by:_____________

Protector 3:_____________ Played by:_____________

Protector 4:_____________ Played by:_____________

(More spots will be opened if requested.)

The Seekers

The Seekers wish to find the descendants and crown them royalty. They are mainly vampires but some other species work with them. Some of the Seekers are one who worked under the queen. While some wish for the descendants to be royalty others hide their true intentions which is to find and awaken the queen.

Seeker 1:_____________ Played by:_____________

Seeker 2:_____________ Played by:_____________

Seeker 3:_____________ Played by:_____________

Seeker 4:_____________ Played by:_____________

(More spots will be opened if requested)

The Descendants

Four have been reported to have been seen so far but there could be more. They are the children to the queens children meaning her grandchildren. Some know who and what they are while others don't.

Descendant 1: Katherine Stridecaster Played by: ShadowedxLove

Descendant 2:_____________Played by:_____________

Descendant 3:_____________ Played by:_____________

Descendant 4:_____________ Played by:_____________


The Queen: (NPC unless requested)

Victoria Annabeth Anya Morella

The Queen's sister: (Taken by me)

Miria Anabelle Marina Morella

The descendants. (More will be added once characters are accepted.)

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3: Please try to interact with everyone at some point.
4: If you're not able to post for a while let me know!
5: Romance is encouraged but keep things pg-13.
6: Other races may be added just let me know first in a PM or in OCC.
7: Have fun!

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