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Patience Jones

"Don't let the name fool you."

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a character in “Bound”, as played by desire99600



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"If I know you well, you may call me Patience or Patricia, but if you're a slave or stranger, it's strictly Miss Jones." Patience Marie Jones

"You've got to be kidding me. I'm female." Female

"The height of my youth." Twenty-six years old

"Just a wealthy citizen of Tarsha." Master


"Look as long as you like, but use your eyes. Not your hands." Patience is a tall, strikingly beautiful woman with very defined features. She comes from a Russian background as she lived in Russia half her life and both her mother and her father were born and raised there as well. She stands at a height of 5'10" and this height is only increased by her love for stiletto heels. She has long, luxurious, golden hair that brushes the middle of her back in sleek, controlled waves. Her skin is a slight perfect tan that never fades even in the winter. Her walk practically radiates power for she doesn't simply walk, she strides through a room always making a grand entrance or exit. If all eyes are not on her, she's not at ease and this is obvious from the smug look that often remains glued to her face. Her thick blonde hair, frames a smooth tan face made of angles and hard lines. Her jaw is perfectly defined with high, angular cheekbones. Patience's eyebrows are trim and perfectly arched, adding to her angular and intimidating look. Under her eyebrows and beneath, long thick lashes that most every girl covets, she has a pair of blue eyes, cold and stormy as the ocean. Her nose is small and probably the only soft feature on her face. Just under it, lies a pair of full round lips that hold an almost-permanent smirk.
When it comes to her body, Patience was blessed full curves. She's got fully rounded hips and a very slim and defined waist. She's tall and skinny, standing at five feet, eleven inches, Patience towers over most men and loves it. She walks with a powerful stride, making her presence known by the loud, purposeful click of her high heels. Despite her angular facial features and slim body, Patience is anything but delicate or fragile. In fact, she's tougher then any man she knows and has no problem showing it.
When it comes to style and looks Patience is very vain and enjoys relishing in the high fashion world her large salary allows her into. She never goes anywhere without a pair of high heels on that she wears mainly for their loud effect of making herself known. She wears pencil skirts and dresses some days, others she'll wear perfectly tailored jeans and a nice blouse. It depends on what kind of mood she's in, though she always looks classy and high-fashion.



"Haven't you heard what they say about me? I'm practically heartless."f you could sum up Patience perfectly in one word, it'd be ruthless. Despite her name, she is anything but patient. She's cruel and wicked, doing things simply because she wants to. If it doesn't benefit her, she wont do it. She's determined and vicious. She may have had an easy life, being born into wealth, but she's the classic aristocrat- Looking out for number one. Patience is calculating and quick, smart as a whip. What she lacks in strength she gains tenfold in intimidation, brains, and motivation. She's dangerous for you know when she plots against you, she'll never lose. She's quiet and her voice is sweet and small with a Russian hint to it, but her punishments are the worst, keeping her slaves strictly in line. She keeps a mental calculation of the trouble-makers and knows most of them by name. The other slaves are just faces to her, but for those who please her, Patience often has special "rewards". Her temper is terrible and it is easy to set her off, making her feared among her slaves. For those who don't know her, you would think that she's simply a smart, beautiful girl, maybe even a fair master, but once you get to know her, you'll realize that you've completely underestimated her.
She's not an easy woman to please, and very easy to upset. Working with her is like sprinting through a bomb field. One wrong footstep and you're history. Sometimes, in a flash of anger, she'll forget small and important details, focusing only of what made her angry in the first place. She's not someone you want to set off for she nearly never fails at anything she does and if she puts you on her hit list, you're done for.
The only person Patience will ever truly love is herself.

"I've learned to use fear to my advantage. Not fall subject to it."
* Not being good enough *
* Being ugly *
* Being stupid *
* Drugs *
* Being unimportant *
* Being ignored *


"To be causing fear is to be powerful." Patience is very determined. When she sets her mind on something, she gets it no matter who she has to push out of her way. Also, shes extremely smart and a quick thinker. She can lie with ease and, if not to angry, can think her way out of any situation thrown at her. She also has an incredible way of hiding her emotions and feelings, making her nearly impossible to predict until the very moment she explodes. She's wonderful in the art of deception, and can come across as one thing, when she's something completely different. Also, because of her beauty and voice, Patience can very easily get people to do what they want for her. When it comes to her slaves, she has eyes and ears everywhere, making it nearly impossible to keep something from her.


"Everybody has weaknesses, it's those who overcome them that have strength as well." Patience has many weaknesses, though she seems unbreakable. One is her guilt. When she was younger, she killed her older sister in order to get her dying parents inheritance. It's a memory she's regretted for seven years. Another weakness of hers is that she cannot resist a dare, challenge, or bet. She's always eager to prove others wrong and that can often lead to trouble for her. Also, when Patience has been thrown into a fit of anger, she often loses a lot of calculation and carefulness, causing her to sometimes make reckless choices and miss small details. Though she tries to control her explosive temper, she has an extremely short fuse.


Roleplay Sample:

Patience Marie Jones sat at the vanity in her grand master bedroom, plucking small, invisible hairs from her eyebrows, giving them that perfect high arch. Wrapped about her shoulders was the soft silk robe she used when dressing, falling all the way to the floor and pooling about her ankles in shining waves of bubblegum pink. A soft knock came at her door and Patience looked up, raising an eyebrow. Her slaves knew better than to bother her while she was dressing. With an exaggerated sigh, she stood and pulled the robe higher onto her shoulders. "Open it James." She told her door-watch. He gave her a curt nod and held the door open. "Come in." She spoke with a wave of her hand, turning to perch herself on the end of her four-post bed.

In came one of her spies. Barlow. For the life of her, she could never remember his first name so she simply called him Barlow. "This better be good Barlow. I'm hardly even decent." She smirked slightly at the long look he gave her before speaking.

"It's one of the slaves ma'am." He said quickly, almost as if he was nervous. Well of course he was. He'd broken one of her most important rules by interrupting her dressing time.

Patience rolled her stormy blue eyes and leaned her hands back on the bed, giving him a sarcastic look. "And? Seriously, if you're here to tell me that one of them talked when they weren't supposed to or something, you can consider yourself punished. You know better than to interrupt me while I'm getting ready."

He shook his head promptly. "No Miss Jones." He said, never meeting her eye. "Much worse. She um..." He held out his fist, and she noticed it shaking slightly before slowly opening his fingers. In the very center of his palm rested a huge sapphire. The single gem took up nearly all of his hand and the silver chain it was strung on dangled between his fingers. Gasping, Patience stood and whisked the thing from his hand. Her dead sisters necklace. Some little rat had stolen it!

Her blue eyes hardened and she turned to Barlow, giving him a wicked smile before crossing to her vanity. She swiftly plucked a large diamond earring from it's surface and moved back to Barlow, placing it in his now-empty palm. "Bring her to me." She said firmly before waving him off. Once he had gone, Patience strode over to her walk-in closet and selected from it, a simple white lace dress with a V so deep behind that it was nearly backless. The soft tool underneath rested against her knees comfortably. Selecting a pair of strappy white heels to match, Patience clasped her sisters necklace around her neck and gave her long blonde wave a toss.

It wasn't long before there was another knock on the door and Barlow came in, dragging a small blonde girl roughly by the hair. Tears streaked her face as Barlow forced her to her knees before her master. Patience smiled and lifted the girls cheek with one manicured fingernail, forcing her to look at her. Something flashed across the girls eyes when she saw the necklace resting peacefully against her master's collarbones, and Patience grinned. "Evangelina." She cooed in a deceptively sweet voice. "Come now girl, don't cry, you're getting tears on my carpet." The girl stopped crying. "Better. Now, you know why you're here don't you." The young woman before her only shook her head. "Liar!" Patience hissed, slapping her hard across the face with curved fingers. Her nails dug into the skin where she struck her, leaving three deep gashes that would surly scar the girl's face for the rest of her life. "Barlow, take her downstairs and beat her until either she's unconscious or dead." She grinned. "Then take her body and throw it in the center of the slave huts out back. Make an example of her. Oh." She added. "And just for good measure maybe you should remove one of her hands. Make sure she can never steal from me again."

Patience smiled and turned away. "Now go. I have a manicure to fix."

Sound of Madness - Shinedown

Yeah, I get it,
You're an outcast.
Always under attack.
Always coming in last,
Bringing up the past.
No one owes you anything.
I think you need a shotgun blast,
A kick in the ass,
So paranoid. . .
Watch your back!!

Oh my, here we go...

Another loose cannon gone bi-polar
Slipped down, couldn't get much lower.
Quicksand's got no sense of humor.
I'm still laughing like hell.
You think that by crying to me
Looking so sorry that I'm gonna believe,
You've been infected by a social disease.
Well, then take your medicine.

I created the Sound of Madness.
Wrote the book on pain.
Somehow I'm still here,
To explain,
That the darkest hour never comes in the night.
You can sleep with a gun.
When you gonna wake up and fight... for yourself?

I'm so sick of this tombstone mentality,
If there's an afterlife,
Then it'll set you free.
But I'm not gonna part the seas
You're a self-fulfilling prophecy.
You think that crying to me,
Looking so sorry that I'm gonna believe,
You've been infected by a social disease.
Well, then take your medicine.


I created the Sound of Madness.
Wrote the book on pain.
Somehow I'm still here,
To explain,
That the darkest hour never comes in the night.
You can sleep with a gun.
When you gonna wake up...
When you gonna wake up and fight...


When you gonna wake up and fight... for yourself? [x3]


So begins...

Patience Jones's Story


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Patience Jones sighed and looked over herself in the mirror one last time. Long softly bouncing blond curls, warm browns and tans for makeup to highlight her blue eyes, and a lace dress that dipped in the back and floated gently around her knees. She was a vision. Too bad she was merely going to the slave market. With a heavy sigh, she turned away from the mirror and sat at the end of her bed to slip on a pair of diamond-encrusted heels.

While doing so, she glanced at her watch, standing obediently by her door. She gave him a slight smile. "Send for Zoë." She ordered with a flick of her wrist and watched him leave. Once he'd returned with the girl, Patience crossed to her vanity and lifted from it, a silver chain with a singer ruby teardrop dangling from it. She clipped it around her neck, allowing it to rest against her collarbones as she also reached for a pair of ruby teardrop earrings. "We're going to the slave market today Miss Brooks." She said, half excited, half dreading. She'd always enjoyed picking new slaves, but she'd never enjoyed the filth of the place. She wouldn't even have to go if that stupid brat hadn't stolen her sisters sapphire necklace. The thief had been one of Patience's bound and when she'd found out what she'd done, she hadn't wasted a second in having the girls hand cut off and beat. Unfortunately, little Evangelina had died of blood loss and unfortunately, her executioner grew ill after the beating and died as well, taking away both a Hunter and a Bound in a manner of four days. Now she had to find replacements the day before the ceremony.

Once fully ready, her and Zoë left the house and headed towards the market on foot. "Lovely day." She smiled, and Zoë merely nodded her agreement. Patience rarely left the house without a slave on-hand and Zoë was usually her first choice. The girl was soft spoken and pretty, giving the appearance that Patience wasn't too hard on her slaves, but not so pretty that she took the attention away from her master. Ever since her escape, she'd been the perfect slave. There were a few hints of rebellion left in her, but nothing that a beating couldn't fix every now and then. Patience had to admit, the girl knew how to survive.

Once they were at the market, she stopped and turned to Zoë, handing her a purse-full of money. "Take this and find a Hunter for me. I want to be out of here as soon as possible. If you even think about trying to escape, I'll have you dragged back home by your hair and this time, you wont survive the beating. Once you've got the Hunter, you're not to inform him of his fate. Simply walk him back to this spot and wait for me. I better not beat you here. I don't like to be kept waiting." And with that, Patience dismissed her and turned away towards one of the many bidding platforms.

Being brought out onto the platform was a small girl with startling green eyes and long black hair. She could use a good bath and a change of clothes, but other then that, the young girl was beautiful. She was also very frail and weak. That much was obvious. One of the guards had to hold her up while they listed off her strengths as a slave. Nothing but a serving girl. So would be perfect as a Bound. Glancing at the row of slaves behind the girl, Patience saw that there was a young Native American girl then a boy, then another girl. The Native American girl seemed delicate and might make a good Bound, but there was something different about the girl before her. Just looking at Ayra, she seemed much less likely to survive.

When the bidding started, Patience raised her fingers. Slowly the bidding raised, but Patience stayed persistent, keeping her face passive. About halfway through the bidding, a familiar face appeared and Patience cut through the crowd to stand beside the elegant form of her friend Angela. "One of my Bound and one of my Hunters died." She rolled her eyes in annoyance, lifting her fingers once more. "Now I need replacements."

Finally, the bidding stopped and Patience allowed herself a small smile in the direction of the girl, locking her blue eyes onto her green ones as they slid a "SOLD" sign around the girls neck and led her from the platform towards her. "She'll make a perfect Bound." Patience said evenly to her friend and glanced at the platform as the Native American girl was brought out.

Once her new slave had reached her, Miss Jones smiled a deceptivly sweet smile and grabbed the SOLD sign from her neck. "You wont be needing that," she spoke in a voice to match her smile before pulling a tiny necklace from her pocket with the smallest of diamonds hanging from it. The clasp on the back was engraved with the initials P.J and was impossible to open once closed, the chain impossible to break. She reached forward and clasped the necklace around the girls neck and sighed. "Alright. Let's be getting back. Goodbye Angela." She called to her friend over her shoulder as led the girl back towards the entrance. Zoë better be waiting there.


Zoë lay on her cot, hands behind her head as she stared at the ceiling of the little hut she shared with twelve other slaves. A knock at her doorway startled her into a sitting position. It was only James calling her for Miss Jones. With a sigh, Zoë stood and followed James outside, across the property, and into the house.

Miss Jones was at her vanity as usual. Sometimes Zoë wondered if there was anything else the woman did but stare at herself in the mirror. It must take her over four hours a day just to get ready. Though it certainly paid off. Zoë had been Miss Jone's faithful slave for two years now and still found herself gasping every time the woman looked at her with those blue eyes. She'd always wished to be a blue-eyed blonde and not a green-eyed brunette.

Miss Jones explained to her that they were to go to the slave market today, and once there, handed her a purse of money, telling her to look for a Hunter. For a moment, all Zoë could do was stand and stare at the little pouch in her hand there was certainly enough in it to get away. All she had to do was slip into the crowd and away. Forever. Easy freedom. Zoë raised her hand to the small diamond at her neck and fingered it. No. She'd never get away. All hope of that had been beat out of her after her first try.

Deciding to simply obey, Zoë turned into the crowd and headed for one of the bidding platforms. Being brought out was a boy. "Fredrick Walters." The auctioneer announced and Zoë looked him over. He certainly wasn't the typical Hunter type for he lacked muscle and brutality. He was perfect. Miss Jones had left Zoë in charge of her money, and though she'd lost most of her fight, she was more than happy to rebel in small ways. Getting Miss Jones a weak Hunter and giving the Bound a better chance would be perfect.

The bidding started and Zoë raised her hand. Instantly a man came over to her and loomed, hands on hips. "Who are you? Not a master. Either you scurry back to your master now or I drag you back to her."

Zoë shook her head and looked up at him."No!" She exclaimed, holding out Miss Jones's card. "I'm Zoë Brooks. Miss Jones sent me to do some bidding for her." As if to prove her point she lifted her left hand again, revealing the bird-shaped tattoo there as she did so. The man's eyes narrowed as he read the card, but nodded and sighed, handing it to her and turning away.

Once the bidding had ended, the guards brought the boy to her and Zoë gave him a slight smile, handing the card to the guards. "He's for Miss Jones." She explained briefly before removing the "SOLD" sign from his neck. "I'm Zoë Brooks." She told him. She knew that slaves weren't supposed to talk, but Zoë was a favorite of Miss Jones and telling her name couldn't hurt. "Fredrick Walters right?" She asked, country accent twinging her words.

Without really giving him time to answer, she simply turned and jerked her head towards the entrance. "Come on. My head's on the line if I keep Miss Jones waiting." At the entrance, Zoë let out a deep sigh to find that Miss Jones had not yet appeared and stopped to stand, waiting with Fredrick just behind her.


Vera hated the market. She'd been a slave for three years now, but either her master got tired of entertainment, or they couldn't handle her attitude so she was constantly being sold and resold. In the past three years, she'd been with twelve different families. And all of them gave her the same report: "Wild, unruly, refuses to follow directions, relentless." So far, she'd managed to dodge being Bound every year, but somehow she doubted her luck would hold out this year. Her bad reports had knocked her price way down, ironically, making her and easy sell and with the Bloodoath ceremony tomorrow Vera had already forced herself to accept that she didn't stand a chance of missing out again. The second she was bought, her new master would realize their mistake.

The market was pure torture. Nothing but stench, starvation, desperation, and probing eyes. Being sold like an animal was downright humiliating. They had a market similar to this one back in her tribe, but the goods had consisted of jewelry, valuables, handmade crafts, and animals. Not human beings. Her tribe would have never tied up a human like these people did. It was disgusting. There was nothing Vera wanted more to be back with her tribe. Home and safe where everyone called her by her tribe-given name Free Bird and she knew every single face. But they were dead. Dead or enslaved like herself.

Glancing down at herself, Vera knew what the buyers would see. First they would probably see her eyes, startling blue against her tanned face and deep black hair, then they would note her clothes, torn and dirty from sleeping in a cage for three days waiting to be sold. And finally they would notice the things about her that made her purely Native American like her long black hair, her evenly tanned skin, the beaded braclets decorating both arms, the seven piercings that ran up the edge of each ear, the sparkling ring in her belly, and her tattoos. One on her left shoulder, depicting her tribe name of Free Bird and one running up the back of her ankle in a pattern of tribal swirls. She was obviously not a native to their land, but then again, most of the slaves weren't.

Ahead of her, a small girl with black hair and bright green eyes was pushed roughly onto the platform, stumbling and tipping. Vera caught her eyes for a second and held them, feeling the fear there as though it were her own. She gave her a slight nod of encouragement and their gazes parted once more as the bidding began and the girl stood there, frail and small. No matter what, on her turn, Vera would not allow herself to look weak. They always chose the small ones to be Bound and she was already delicate looking enough. Playing the innocent role would only assure her a spot in the Bloodoath ceremony.

The girl before her was bought by a blonde woman in the crowd and Vera was shoved forward onto the platform as soon as the girl was gone. She stumbled once, but caught her footing instantly, standing as tall as she could with her small height of 5'6", raising her head and turning to give the guard who had pushed her a glare that could melt steel. The auctioneer began listing off her strengths: "Vera Free Bird Washington 98. Beautiful voice, great entertainer, good with cleaning, serving when not entertaining, not good with cooking, somewhat unruly." Somewhat. Vera let out a snort and turned her blue eyes on the crowd as the bidding began, not afraid in the least bit to meet the eyes of her takers.


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Ayden rested his head on his arms and gazed out the window. His forearms rested on the sill, he was held up on his knees, uncomfortably supported by the creaky wooden cot. A small breeze blew through the open window, ruffling Ayden's black hair and carrying with it the scent of pine. He'd grown somewhat used to the scent since he'd become a slave. Pine. It was odd, looking at trees. Trees in general were just odd. Ayden was used to spotting the occasional bush in the vast dunes, but that was it. And the animals here! He'd nearly passed out the first time he saw a squirrel. It was so... furry! He was more accustomed to camels and deadly lizards and the occasional owls or fox. In fact, he'd made good friends with an owl once. It left one day and never returned. At least it'd taught him that good things come and go. 

Like freedom. 

He nervously fingered the small diamond on the chain around his neck. Proof he was the property of none other than Miss Jones. He smiled slightly. Once, he'd heard someone call her "Patricia". He'd thought about calling her that to her face, but he doubted the beating would be worth it. Ayden sighed audibly as a bird fluttered nearby. It's not like his situation could get any worse. Not too long from then, he'd be running for his life through unknown territory. Worse, his pursuers were most likely faster than he was. Ayden was positive he'd surely die. His father had said once, "Death is not to be feared, for those who fear death are selfish with their life." He hadn't understood its meaning very well until he'd become enslaved. Now, he was trying his hardest not to be afraid. After all, once he died, he'd meet his brother once more...

The Bound slave discreetly wiped a tear from his eye. 


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#, as written by Shané

Angela was surprised to see her old friend Patricia at the market place. The two of them were neighbours, and it was always nice to have a friend to call on and exchange the gossip.
"One of my Bound and one of my Hunters died...Now I need replacements."
"That is unfortunate, good thing money is no issue" Angela replied nonchalantly, waiting for what she hoped to be her purchase, to step forward.
"She'll make a perfect Bound."
Angela glanced up at the green eyed girl which was coming towards her.
"No doubt she will. Doesn't look like she'll last a day" Angela said smiling as Patience spoke to her new slave, hiding a small sliver of jealousy. It didn't really matter, after all it was exceedingly rare for a Bound to survive, however it would make it quicker for Patience to get her Hunters back. Angela raised her hand for the bidding of the next girl. Vera, they had said. Patience gave her a quick goodbye before heading back to the entrance. Finally the bidding stopped and Vera was bought before her.
Angela placed the appropriate amount of coins in the slave masters hand, before snapping on the gold wrist band. Like most slave tokens, it could not be removed without the metal being destroyed. Unlike Patience she didn't bother hiding her strict nature.
" You are to call me Miss Edwards, I will give further instructions once we arrive"
Angela herded the girl past the entrance, giving Patricia a slight nod before making her way back home. Unlocking the front door to her elegant house, Angela hustled the girl inside. She led her over to the servant quarters, underneath the rest of the house. A small, barred room with a single bed was all that each slave was given. Vera, since she was new, also had two suits of clothing hung out.
"Right. Take a bath in the servants bathroom, and exchange your current attire with these." Angela pushed the two white dresses into Vera's hands. "I'll expect you ready in around fifteen minutes. I will send one of the other servants to instruct you further"
With that she turned and marched back around the house. She found Tyler cleaning one of her large marble floors.
"Tyler. My new female slave has arrived. You are to wait for her outside the servants quarters. Once she comes out I want her to help you clean the rest of the house. Both of you are to wear clean clothes for tonight, and make sure you are available. Do I make myself clear?"
She wasn't into being tactful about the choosing for tonight. After her feast she would have her Hunters and Bound bought before her. As per usual, the Master, or in her case, Mistress would read out the basic rules before having both the Bound branded. They would be kept in the cell beneath the parlour until dawn the next morning, when they would be released.


Jason watched as Evangeline slowly pushed back a strand of free hair.
"Oh. What nee-needs to be done?"
He pretended not to notice the stutter, seeing she was obviously uncomfortable with it. He looked unhappily at her before finally managing to speak.
"The branding needs to be prepared" he said after a pause. He grimaced. The whole thing was sick. Seeing that the mistress was out of the house, he found himself daring to voice his opinions.
"I just can't stand to think of who'll be next this year" he let out a sigh "It's good enough for us, we're certain not be chosen as Bound...but Tyler? Miss Edwards doesn't have to try to let us know who's being next. As for the girl I have no idea."
He found himself fingering the golden cuff at his wrist, as was his habit when something upset him. The sudden opening of the front door, jerked himself to his senses. He glanced warily at the door to the room himself and Evangeline were in before turning back to her, motioning for them to keep moving. Miss Edwards was not known to be slack with punishments.
He started off towards the parlour. Miss Edwards had had a new cell built underneath it, specifically for the ceremony. It was considered good luck to have better preparations for it, and Miss Edwards had not failed to take advantage of it.
The large metal door, with it's barred windows sent an involuntary shiver through him, but he forced himself to open it in search of the brand. The room was completely bare, with the exception of the box in the corner. A small pile of wood and the brand were to found inside. He started piling up the wood inside the corner, directly under the vent, trying to push away thoughts of what it was for.


Arya stood shaking slightly as each bid was put forward. Eventually it stopped, and the harsh wood of the SOLD sign was forced over head. She was swiftly taken down, and steered by her shoulders towards her new mistress. A mistress she certainly was. The woman before her was evidently wealthy, with long, silky golden hair. It was curled tastefully and framed the ladies face beautifully. A large, tear dropped shape ruby rested at her bear neck, matching the ones in her ears.
Her stunning appearance only added to Arya's worry as she realised that evidently this lady was used to getting what she wanted. Her tattered dress, and hollow cheeks stood out in stark contrast to her new mistress. A sinking feeling went through Arya as the woman's cold blue eyes met her own.
Arya found her gaze frozen in place as she watched the woman look over her purchase. The man behind her finally released her as he noted she was now in the hands of her mistress.
The woman's face broke into a smile. It was so unexpected, Arya found herself relaxing slightly. The smile was so different to what she had seen in those icy eyes, Arya felt perhaps things would be slightly better than she had anticipated.
Arya flinched slightly as the SOLD sign was lifted from around her neck.
"You won't be needing that" Her voice was sweet and inviting and tentatively Arya started to let down her guard, her fearful expression dropping somewhat and revealing her exhaustion. The woman pulled out a small silver chain, with a tiny diamond hanging from the centre. When she made a motion to put it on Arya, the girl almost stepped back in surprise. That was until she saw the small P.J engraved into the clasp. It was only a small glance before the soft snick of the mechanism in the clasp snapped shut. The necklace only reinforced the idea that there was no hope of ever regaining freedom.
"Alright. Let's be getting back. Goodbye Angela"
Arya's head twisted and just managed to get a glimpse of "Angela" before she was herded off to the entrance of the slave market. Behind her, the native American girl was sold, and that was when she was herded off to Angela. Arya managed to give her a weak smile before being marched out of the entrance. The smile held no joy, but a sort of accepting sadness.
When they finally reached the entrance, Arya found a shorter girl waiting with another boy. The girl was evidently a slave too from the necklace around her slim neckline. The young woman had a slim, small build, but seemed to possess a wiry, non direct strength. She also had natural green eyes, and a slightly tanned skin tone. The male was also slightly tanned, but also quite tall. He also didn't look particularly strong, however seeing his age, Arya doubted his weaker appearance held much strength.
Her deep green eyes probed both of them over, before glancing at her mistress. She still had no clue what to call any of them. Not that it mattered. Slaves weren't supposed to talk unless spoken too. She bit her lip. She hated thinking of herself as someone else's belonging, though there was naught to be done about it now.


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At the gate, Patience was pleased to find that Zoë had carried out her orders perfectly and was there before her. She was not pleased, however, when she saw the boy she'd selected. "Zoë." Patience snapped in that way of hers that let her victim know they'd better watch out while also seeming pleasant to those around. "I'm sure there was change." She held out the hand at the snide comment. Surely the boy couldn't have gone for much. He didn't look even the least bit strong. The young woman placed the pouch of leftover money in her hand. Decidedly heavy. As she'd expected.

She let her blue eyes roam over the boy. He was tall, but didn't seem strong. She'd sent Zoë to get her a hunter not a serving boy. She sighed drastically. That was the trouble with sending slaves out to do anything. No matter how obedient, they always looked out for their own. Rather annoying. "Does he have a name Miss Brooks?" She asked raising one slim eyebrow.

"Oh, yes. Frederick Walters." The girl answered her meekly and Patience nodded. "Well Fredrick, Ayra." She nodded to each of her new slaves in turn. "Come along, it's filthy here. I'll introduce myself back at the house." And with that she turned and left with the three of them in tow. Once at the house, Patience smiled. Her home was always a sight to lay eyes on. "This is my home." She said, gesturing to the grand building and vast front yard before them. "Welcome to the Jones Plantation." She stopped at the door and turned to them with an openly welcoming grin. "I'm Patience Jones, your new master, but you are to call me Miss Jones only. There is to be no stealing, talking to other slaves, speaking out of line, disobedience, embarrassing me in front of guests, or back sass." Her smile dropped into a cruel glare. "Any breaking of these rules is severely punished."

And with that, she turned on her heel and lead them through the winding maze of her house to the back door. "The servants quarters are seperate from the house." She explained and opened the door. Outside, the double doors opened up into a vast yard decorated with an elaborate garden. The whole yard slanted on a hill down away from the house so it was easy to see the slave huts lined in a neat row at the bottom of the yard. She lead them straight down to them.

The huts were dismal little living spaces made of a total of six pieces of wood. Four for the walls and two for the roof. They were no better than dog sheds when it came to protection from the elements and didn't even have a floor, but they did their job well enough. There were eight of them all sitting in a neat line. On the very end was one slightly larger one made of marble. That was used only for the Blood Oath ceremony.

Patience led them down to the last hut and inside. There were six small cots laying on the dirt ground and a single window with no glass, but a mesh screen instead. On one of the cots sat Ayden, staring out the window. The sight of him made her lip curl slightly. She would be glad to be rid of him. She turned to the others. "Zoë and Ayden stay here already, but recently I've lost a few servants so you'll be taking their places. This will be your room. She pointed to the two empty cots, each with two changes of clothing on them. The girls cot had two freshly washed lace dresses on it and the boys two sets of white khakis and white sweaters. "You can wash up in the servants bathrooms behind the huts, after that Ayden here will give you a tour of the house." She turned to Zoë. "Zoë, you have a few moments to yourself. Answer any questions these two have and then go into the market and pick up some groceries with the change from Fredrick." She tossed the girl the pouch and gave them all a "warm" smile. "All of you be ready for tonight."

After her not-so-subtle hint, Patience turned and left, making her way up through the gardens.


"Where am I?" The boy asked as she lead him away and Zoë felt a sharp pang of guilt. She knew what is was like to wake up one day and not know where you are, what was going on. "Why am I being bid on like an animal?" Deciding to break the rules for him one more time, she stopped in her tracks and turned to face him.

"Alright. First of all you should know that me talking to you is completely against the rules and I could get beat for it, but I know how you're feeling so I'm risking it anyway." She breathed deeply and looked around for Miss Jones. No where in sight. Then again, she had a funny way of being able to sneak up on a person. "You're in Tarsha and you're a slave. I don't know where you came from or how you got here, but you're no longer a name, you're property okay? Follow the rules and things should be okay for you but Miss-" Blonde hair bobbed in the crowd, headed towards them and she was cut off as Miss Jones made her appearence.

Zoë quickly closed her mouth and gave Fredrick and apologetic glance before turning her eyes on the girl Miss Jones had bought to be Bound. She was stunning. Not in the jaw-dropping way of her master, but in a more subtle, natural way, though it had the same affect. She was weak and frail looking and Zoë guessed that getting a girl so perfect to be Bound probably took a large chunk out of Miss Jones's pocket, but she'd evidently thought it was worth it. The woman had a peculiar way of choosing the weak and the pretty to be Bound, as if she were trying to rid the world of anyone prettier than her.

If that were so, then she was going to have a hard time with her friend, Miss Edwards. Sometimes Zoë wondered if their friendship was real or a keep-your-friends-close-and-enemies-closer kind of deal. "Zoë." Her name made her jump. How was it that Miss Jones could sound harsh and gentle at the same time? She peeled her eyes from the girl and placed them back on her mistress, to meet the woman's steely glare. The look sent a shiver up her spine that only stopped when she pulled her blue eyes away to inspect Zoë's purchase. Obviously she was displeased and it brought a small smile to Zoë's lips to see the woman angry. She'd only done what she'd told her to do so there was no way Patience would beat her yet she'd probably just lost her the ceremony and wasted her money.

Then Miss Jones started to lead them back to the house and Zoë followed along patiently as she showed them their room and their clothes. "Zoë, you have a few moments to yourself. Answer any questions these two have and then go into the market and pick up some groceries with the change from Fredrick." She reached out and caught the pouch Miss Jones threw at her just in time. The deceptively warm smile on her mistresses face made her sick and Zoë had to look away. "All of you be ready for tonight."

Zoë jerked her head up and watched Patience's retreating form, green eyes wide. What?! All of them be ready? Oh God, what did that mean? She looked at the other three. She knew the two new slaves fates were sealed, but her and Ayden? What was going to happen to them? Zoë had tried to escape earlier in the year, but since then she'd been a perfect little angel, making her a shoo-in for either Bound or Hunter. Dammit, she knew she'd overdone it.

Plopping down on her cot next to Ayden, Zoë groaned and looked up at the new two. "Fredrick, and I think she called you Ayra?" She gestured to the girl. "I'm Zoë Brooks." Her southern accent twisted her words slightly and she gave them the best smile she could even though she knew what they were up against. "I suggest you start preparing yourselves for the worst."


Vera glared down into the eye's of the bidders before her, hands crossed tightly across her chest. One woman raised her hand every few seconds, face passive no matter how high the price went and Vera turned her eyes to study her face. She was beautiful as was the woman talking nonchalantly beside her, Ayra in tow. She watched as the blonde lead the weak looking girl away, but managed to catch the sad smile shot her way before she disappeared into the crowd. The bidding slowed as people turned away until finally only the caramel haired woman remained and a "SOLD" sign was slung over her neck, a man pushing her from the platform and down to her new master.

The woman reached over and handed the man a small pile of coins that could have paid for her to eat for a year. "You are to call me Miss Edwards, I will give further instructions once we arrive" She said calmly before slapping a gold cuff around her wrist. It was a bracelet actually, but it felt like a cuff, and it stood out sharply among her handmade tribe bracelets. Vera stood as tall as she possibly could and followed Miss Edwards away.

When they reached the woman's home, Vera had to keep from gasping. She'd been with some wealthy masters, but this woman's house was the largest she'd seen in a long time. The entire block was nothing but huge plantation homes. Back before her enslavement, she'd lived in a one room hut with five other siblings, her four grandparents, and parents. Granted, it was large for tribe standards, but this was ridiculous. No matter how hard she tried, Vera could never quite get over how many things and how much space these people needed. This woman's house could probably hold her entire tribe comfortably.

She followed in silence as Miss Edwards brought her down to the slave quarters. A tiny little room with one cot and two uniforms folded neatly on it. She almost laughed. This was more like it. She rubbed at the cuff on her wrist and sighed deeply. "Right. Take a bath in the servants bathroom, and exchange your current attire with these." Vera allowed the woman to push two uniforms in her hands. "I'll expect you ready in around fifteen minutes. I will send one of the other servants to instruct you further."

Vera rolled her eyes as the lady walked away. "send one of the others to instruct her further." She scoffed. These people never did anything on their own. Glancing around the small room with big blue eyes, she groaned and threw the dresses back onto the cot. No way would she wear a dress. Her current clothes may be dirty, but she would just wash them and they'd work just fine. A pair of jean shorts and a white blouse never hurt anyone. It was the nicest outfit she'd ever really worn. The blouse was made of a flowing sheer material with little flowers sewed down the front. It may be stained, but after a good was Miss Edwards could get over it. If she was going to be Bound anyway, who really cared?

Leaving the dresses behind, Vera set off in search of the servants bathrooms. They were relativity easy to find. She closed the door firmly and placed a small side table against it to keep anyone from coming in before running the water in the small bath. Good thing she was a small person. After making sure it was the right temperature, Vera started with her jewelry, slipping each one of her handmade tribe bracelets onto the end table until all that was left was the gold band that marked her as property of Miss Edwards. After her bracelets, Vera took out every single one of her earrings, then her clothes before sliding into the warm water.

Instantly, she felt better. She hadn't had a bath in two days. She let out a sigh and cleaned herself before climbing out and letting her clothes take their turn in the water. They dried as she replaced all her jewelry and once she was back in them, Vera drained the water and left, heading back to her room.

The only reason she'd worn so many bracelets was because anything that you couldn't wear was thrown away as soon as you were sent to the market so she'd worn every single one. She really didn't need all of them anymore so she slipped off all but her five favorites and placed the rest under the small cot. She left a thick leather one on and slid it down to the base of her wrist to cover the ugly gold band there.

Feeling complete, Vera kicked the dresses aside and sat on the cot to wait for Miss Edward's other slave for "instruction".


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#, as written by Shané

"Zoë...I'm sure there was change."
Arya couldn't be sure, but there was something harsh about the comment, even though it somehow was hidden under niceties. The girl, Zoë, handed the woman the purse.
"Does he have a name Miss Brooks?"
"Oh, yes. Frederick Walters."
"Well Fredrick, Ayra.Come along, it's filthy here. I'll introduce myself back at the house."
Arya stayed silent during the conversation, staring helplessly down at the floor. Eventually they were ordered forward, and Arya forced her feet into moving, one step at a time.
When they finally stopped, Arya glanced up at the house. Her green eyes widened in shock. The house was mansion.
"This is my home. Welcome to the Jones Plantation."
Arya could only stare in wonder at the huge building before her. The lawn alone was huge, enough space for around five or six of her peoples spring tents. The memory made her choke slightly, so she forced herself to think of the task at hand. Her mistress opened the door to the monster of a house in front of them.
"I'm Patience Jones, your new master, but you are to call me Miss Jones only. There is to be no stealing, talking to other slaves, speaking out of line, disobedience, embarrassing me in front of guests, or back sass. Any breaking of these rules is severely punished."
Arya's stomach tightened in remembrance of all the stories she'd been told of Tarsha's cruel masters. The welcoming smile from Miss Jones was gone, replaced with a dangerous glare. Arya shuddered slightly, her small hands striving to keep still as they shook. Miss Jones continued to lead them through the twisting corridors of the mansion, until they reached another door.
"The servants quarters are seperate from the house."
Arya couldn't help but feel some relief. She couldn't stand living in such a permanent structure. The outside was a vast, and over the top garden. All sorts of different plants decorated it bathing the garden with different colours and shapes. That was when she saw the slave huts. They were like tiny sheds, not truly enough to live in. Arya's heart sunk. At least there was privacy. She continued to move on with the others, as they continued into the slave quarters.
At the very end of the row of crudely built shelters, Arya saw a larger one built of marble. Something about the place warned her this was not somewhere anyone wanted to be, however Miss Jones didn't seem to be slowing down. As they continued past the other shelter, Arya gave Zoë a frightened glance.
They entered the last hut, and Arya's whole body went cold. There were small cots on the bare earth, with a small, meshed window the only view to outside. A boy her age was seated on one of the cots. She couldn't help but stare slightly. He was darker than anyone she'd ever seen. Sure enough, she was lighter than most people here, however there was something decidedly tanned about him. What shocked her the most was the fact that it was obviously faded, and the thought of the tan going even darker was something new. She gazed speechless over him.
He was evidently the same age as herself, and there was a small piercing in one of his eyebrows. Arya's people were not used to the custom, even the females never pierced their ears. Something in his look terrified her. There was something distinctly sad about him.
"Zoë and Ayden stay here already, but recently I've lost a few servants so you'll be taking their places. This will be your room."
Arya moved her gaze from Ayden, and glanced at the two cots set aside for herself and Fredrick. Two lace dresses were placed on her own. At least one thing would be better.
"You can wash up in the servants bathrooms behind the huts, after that Ayden here will give you a tour of the house. Zoë, you have a few moments to yourself. Answer any questions these two have and then go into the market and pick up some groceries with the change from Fredrick. All of you be ready for tonight."
Something about her last sentenced sent a thrill of fear through Arya. Something was up and she had no idea what to expect.
"Fredrick, and I think she called you Ayra?"
Arya nodded mutely at the gesture.
"I'm Zoë Brooks. I suggest you start preparing yourselves for the worst."
She wasn't joking. Arya glanced over at Ayden. He at least would know a little more of what Zoë was saying. What she saw in his eyes wasn't encouraging. She remembered Miss Jones order of their questions being answered.
"What's going on?" she asked quietly. She moved her hands behind her, reaching for the wall in an effort to steady herself. She was starving, but it didn't appear that she was going to be fed anytime soon.
She gazed at Zoë expectantly, but with a mixture of dread.
"Why aren't we out there?" she gestured weakly to the outside huts. Something was wrong, and now she was in the midst of it. She turned her eyes to Ayden.
"What did I do wrong?"

(Waiting for FaithsAngel and Jesszisko to post before submitting Miss Edwards and Jason's thoughts)


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Evangeline answered him as he spoke, trying to keep herself contained, and proper.
"The branding? Oh.. we have to do it? I thought Mistress would do it herself. I suppose not though. And as for Tyler, it is best we not worry about it. Mistress decides our fate, and we must let it be. Now we must be quiet, we both know what happens if someone catches us speaking out of place."
She wiped a bead of sweat that was sitting on the edge of her brow, and began to walk as Jason motioned to. "She's home so soon?" she asked softly. She looked at the enclosure that reminded Evangeline of a zoo of some sorts. Cages, cells, brands. Yes, it was like a zoo, with the humans as captives. She walked up beside Jason where the box was, standing still, hesitant to touch it. "I don't think I can do this Jason. I'd rather be Tyler. He gets to die off and he doesn't have to suffer anymore. It's almost unfair..", she trailed off, biting her lip and watching Jason pile the wood.
She kneeled on the floor and began to pass him a few pieces of wood at a time, thinking to herself, and swearing at herself for telling Jason how she felt about this whole ceremony. "I don't know how we put up with this for so long.", she said, her eyes going to his arms, watching the way his muscles rippled and moved underneath his shirt, and the way his arms flexed as he carried the wood. She was sitting there staring at him, oblivious to anything.
She moved her gaze towards his face, watching as his jaw tensed, and how his hair matted to his forehead. He was handsome, and she knew it. She realized she had been staring for some time, and she looked at the ground quickly, hoping he hadn’t caught her gazing at him. Blood rushed to her cheeks as she blushed, and she covered her face with her hand shyly.


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Tyler Skies

"Yes mam, Ms. Edwards." He said turning back around and frowning a little bit but not enough for her to notice. But she knew he had frowned at her before. He didn't like her, he just accepted living here, but he was never going to like her. Knowing he wasn't her favorite either, they were both even. If he was going to leave here he was going to leave whether dead or alive.

Rolling his eyes he did what he was told and walked to the servants head quarters. It took him sometime to get there he had to put all the cleaning supplies up where they were suppose to be and walked to the servants quarters. "Another day, without the dollar. I do not want to walk in this house ever again." He thought to himself as he waited for the new female servant to show up. She was just sold he knew that, because he saw every single one of the slaves that are present in the house. To see a new face meant something was coming up, and he would fall victim to it.

Once she did he would give her some cleaning supplies and they would finished the house together.

Fredrick Walters

He nodded as she answered her questions then she stopped answering them and he looked around to see why she stopped talking. It was a lady with the coldest bluest eyes that would make an equal match to the sky and ocean if they could. Her hair was in a bun it was a shiny blonde very beautiful. Heart jumping as she stopped in front of them, he was scared for a little bit but, he wasn't going to show it or let it grow more in his chest. He didn't look like he was even fit to be serving or cleaning anything for or to anyone. But, don't let his looks fool you he has some strength inside and he wasn't afraid to let it show.

He just stood there as she talked and followed her as she walked off, listening to her talk he looked her in the eyes as she glared into his. Not even nodding when she said the rules, he never actually been in a situation where he was kidnapped and sold to be a slave to some stranger. Not even capable of what power she had over him he blinked his eyes and kept walking as she continued to talk about her self and the house.

They stopped and he looked at an other boy and a girl, while still listening to 'his master' talking, when she was done she walked away. Then he looked at the boy as he introduced himself to him and the girl named Arya,"The worst? Hell?" This place much be really horrible for them to say that. He just stood there staring off into space. "Get ready for, tonight?" He thought to himself again, though he was thinking he never blinked or anything, just trying to recalculate what just happened.