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James J. Walker

"What is your wish Mistress Eve?"

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a character in “Boundaries”, as played by Setsugie




Drop feet first into hell.


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Imageβ™” Full Name β™”:James Jaeger Walker

β™” Call Sign β™”: Hell Jumper (Joker)

β™” Age β™”: 34

β™” Gender β™”: Male

β™” Faction β™”: The Holy Aegis

β™” Magician Classification β™”: Recon

β™” Sexuality β™”: Heterosexual

β™” Nationality and Place of Origin β™”: American, United States of North American Continent

Imageβ™” Physical Description/Clothing Preference β™”: James stands at 5'11 and weighs about 149 pounds, he has a muscled physique but is usually not seen because of his armor of neat cloths. He was normal looks, he has glowing violet eyes, and short white slightly curly hair that reaches his eyes. When working he is usually seen wearing his battle armor except the helmet, which consists of a full black body armor suit made of anti-piercing light metal plates(Refer to pictures for how it looks). When not working he is seen in more formal neat and tidy clothes(Refer to the picture to the left, once again no helmet.)

β™” Personality β™”: James is a calm and well mannered man to a certain point, but is also laid back and carefree unless Eve says anything else. He is usually quiet and reserved in terms of his past, and when asked he will make some over the top lie. He is a lover of Anime and manga and is usually seen reading or watching them and is usually scolded by Eve for this but he simple refers to this as Collecting Data. He can be somewhat clueless and stoic in situations partly due to his robotic thinking in some occasions. Due to the time he spent with Eve in isolation James is prone to act like a teenager despite his age due to him spending about 7 years in isolation with Eve during his modifications and the other years being traveling with Eve with little interaction with other people.

β™” Special Talent β™”: Stealth

β™” Arcane/ Physical Powers β™”:

Gravity Bomb Mana Drive: This is a Direct body implementation that was given by Eve to James, upon activation a strong electromagnetic field encompasses James altering the gravity around his body allowing him to perforce feats such as jumping of a 50 story building and falling to a gentle tap, jumping large distances with ease and increased speed and agility for a period of time. This employs a Mana Drive devise that after a few uses will completely shut down to recharge this technology was enhance by Eve and the current limit to the times it can be used before it recharges is 5 times, after the five times it will shut down for about 8 minutes.

Enhanced Body Functions: As his body has been modified to be 78% machine, James had had nearly all his body functions enhanced. He has an acute vision being able to clearly see in pitch black darkness and from 150 meters if he wills it(Usually not using his Snipers scope because of this) and is able to perceive things going at high speeds(like bullets) with more ease, his hearing has been enhanced to be able to hear from a distance clearly and not be affected by loud noises such as concussion grenades, he can use his tongue to see just like certain snakes and feel chances in the wind via the hairs on his skin, he can also distinguish the smells far greater than any animal and can classify them to see if their harmful or not to other humans. He can exert far more physical strength than any other human and is quite agile, he is immune to most sicknesses and poisons due to his mechanical functions and if it somehow bypasses this an alert is sent to Eve which will diagnose the problem and eradicate it during the next check up. Most notable are his brain functions have been enhanced to work similar to a super computer being able to crack complex codes, store far more memory with more exact content which Eve can Access due to implants in the both their brains.

Electrokinetic Synchrotron- As named by James before his modifications, is the emission of a electromagnetic waves, or Kinetic bursts. It has two settings Off mode which is constantly active and Active mode which is used on will. While in Active mode: James can "shoot" out Kinetic bursts to hit a target and cause physical external damage. It uses Kinetic bursts to damage targets usually causing strong external damage proportional to the amount of energy used, these bursts can range to normal grenade explosions to 5 tons of TNT in pure Kinetic force his limit being this using it in one go drains him completely not being able to produce any kinetic activity for a few days. While in Off Mode: James can use electromagnetism to attract and repel metallic materials and use it to his advantage like walking on walls and ceilings, as well as attracting iron particles in the ground around him. Using his electromagnetic powers he can hack any electronic device and bypass normal electronic security measures with ease, he can decode the electronic flow of information, like steal the information from a credit card's magnetic strip, as well as directly process a computer's information in binary. This skill also enables him to perform acts such as erasing himself from security footage in real time or controlling security systems. Since Off Mode is constantly active James unconsciously emits a electromagnetic barrier that makes him immune to the effects of telepathic manipulation, he is also shown able to control of his muscles and nerves when they have been rendered ineffective through the use of drugs or other outside factors, though this has a side effect he is constantly being electrocuted by himself making him basically a walking stun gun; He can also release electromagnetic waves around himself to enable him to see the image of the room three-dimensionally without the use of his sight though this is an advance application of his ability and requires concentration. His maximum output is 1 billion volts and after exhausting this he must then "charge" up via resting or electrical absorption, vile completely drained he is greatly weakened and is usually seen gasping for air and is prone to loose consciousness if he overexerts his ability(This can lead to permanent damage of his anatomy which Eve has to Fix).

β™” Primary Weapons β™”:
High Frequency Bladed Tonfas: These are a set of two Tonfas, its made of Tungsten Carbide a extremely heavy and hard metal and has a Titanium Frame and coating(Ignore the Chains in the picture mine do not have them). The inside mechanics of these make it so it resonates at extremely high frequencies, this oscillation weakens the molecular bonds of anything it cuts, thereby increasing its cutting ability immensely. The bladed edge of these can easily cut through nearly any substance including diamond. Each of these weigh in at about 24 pounds each, and are about an arm in length. These tonfa are placed and secured via strong magnetism on the back of the forearms, its handles are inside the blade unless activated the same with its high frequency capabilities.

"Maximum Burst" SRS-99C-S2 AM: Abbreviated from Sniper Rifle System 99C- Series 2 Anti-Materiel. This is a masterpiece sniper rifle that shoots out a 14.5x114mm Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot bullet a type of ammunition which, like a bullet, does not contain explosives and uses kinetic energy to penetrate the target. This type of bullet does not fragment nor does it tumble, which would cause maximum damage to a target but instead punches through with extreme velocity. This Sniper uses an asynchronous linear-induction turbine motor to produce a bipolar magnetic field capable of launching a 14.5x114mm projectile at an incredible speed of just under Mach 25, or approximately 8,507.25 m/s. Subsequently silent due to its magnetic shooting form, a bullet shot from this sniper can easily go through a armored tank leaving a 2.5 feet diameter hole in its frame through and through due to the kinetic force that the bullets contains in its linear voyage. Maximum ammunition capacity is 4 shots per cartridge and had a 30 second interval before every shot due to overheating of the Turbine motor. Carries a high powered scope going for x10, x25, x35, x50 normal vision with night vision capabilities. It is made of highly resistant carbon steel, it has an average weight, due to its immense fire power it is required to be used in a stabilized form if not one might be injured upon shooting this weapon. This Sniper is usually placed and secured via strong magnetism diagonally on the back.

Twin Pistols Devil Arm and Angel Wing: Custom ordered guns. The mechanisms of these two guns consist of two separate small high powered Hadron Colliders which spins at near subsonic speeds constantly. The insides of these Colliders spins the atoms of Nitrogen in one and Oxygen in another going around in circles at light speed. The the gun is fired both Colliders bump into each other and the contents are smashed together creating a separate Atom labeled "El" this material is then shot through the barrel of the gun via electromagnetic process at normal bullet speeds. This Atom called "El" when impacts a solid object bursts into a Kinetic implosion only 1/2 feet in diameter. This implosion is powerful enough to leave a holes into steel stronger materials are dented. It has normal weight and is kept in holsters on the sides of his thighs just about his knees, after 8 shots the gun enters cooling and intake phase which the gun shuts down for cooling and intakes new Nitrogen and Oxygen from the atmosphere for further shooting.

Imageβ™” Likes β™”: Serving Eve, Lazying in his spare time, The Holy Aegis, Collecting Data(Watching Anime)

β™” Dislikes β™”: Someone Hurting Eve, Being told what to do by someone that is not Eve, Not pleasing Eve,

β™” Talents β™”: Infiltration and Hacking, Reconnaissance, Martial Arts, Sniping

β™” Flaws β™”: Somewhat stoic to most people, Follows Eves orders without a second thought even if they go over the Leaders, Is a bit clueless in some situations

β™” Fears β™”: Eve being severely hurt other than that nothing.

β™” Secrets β™”: He is actually 78% Robot thanks to Eves ingenuity no one knows this as his body was made to resemble a normal humans.

β™”Bio β™”: After world war III broke out James was only 5 years old when it started many in his country submitted and participated in this war which lasted his entire childhood. At the Age of 15 James enlisted to join Phantom Squad Unit 4th Brigade, he was one of the youngest member who assisted and survived this war during the war he was held in high regard quickly rising the ranks and becoming the captain of the 4th Brigade at on the age of 17, he was usually diploid in the battle ground to take back conquered bases or to storm enemy strongholds the way he chose to do this was eccentric and crazy. He jumped out of friendly planes no parachute into enemy front lines he was dubbed the Hell Jumper by his comrades and his enemies the way he survived these jumps was to a Gravity alteration device he had within him that was used in each of his jumps this was a one time only device but it worked effectively to storm the enemy.
The war neared its end and James finally met his fate while he stormed an enemy base, which was trap set for the Hell Jumper upon entry of this said base it was made to detonate when it did James and his team was caught by the explosion nearly none survived. James was nearly dead, he had given up he was dead this was what he thought, reports say the the Hell Jumper James Jaeger Walker died in the explosion along with his team. Years passed and the war reached its end James finally woke up in a tube with many mechanical contraption connected to him, he couldn't move his body and was very weak. Soon he saw a figure approach it was a beautiful female she named herself Eve Alteria Vonz, she had saved him after the explosion had occurred. She modified his body giving him mechanical implants to replace that which he lost which was about 78% of his body, after a whole 2 years in the care of Eve James had a functional body once again similar to what he had before his accident. Then he was briefed on the current situation the war ended, he was label as Killed in action the world was healing so to speak. Eve gave him a choice he could go about and life his life and never see her again or he could join her, James feeling indebted to Eve without a second thought decided to join her. Since James was basically Eves creation he was given the name Code: Oberon by her, James is now somewhat a butler to Eve. Then Eve joined The Holy Aegis and rose up the ranks James quickly did the same following Eve indefinitely.

β™” Other β™”:

So begins...

James J. Walker's Story