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Peter Finlay

Calm down before you give yourself an aneurysm, I'm only here to kill you. Jeez.

0 · 192 views · located in London

a character in “Bounty Hunters: London Underground”, as played by Jacopo


Name: Peter Finlay

Nickname: Peter Pan

Guild: Leader of the Underworld Guild

Age: 19

Height: 6'3

Weight: 130 lb

Eyes: Dark green

Hair: Brown

Clothing: As a "university student", Peter's got to keep up the appearance- which means grey sweater-vest, blue-and-gold striped tie, and black trousers.

Other lovely aspects of your appearance that you believe we must know about: Peter has a pair of spectacles that he wears when reading, which gives him an (uncharacteristically) studious appearance. Oh, they also come in handy for sharpshooting, too.


Fears: Girls, getting old, and losing his shooting arm

Likes: Chocolate milk spiked with vodka and long walks by the beach

Dislikes: Rainy days

Personality: Peter is really a nice guy, but he likes to pretend otherwise because he's a 19-year-old guy and that's what they do. It's hard to put an absolute description on Peter's personality; it's all a matter of perspective. There are those who love Peter, and those who would just love to beat the shit out of him. In a word, he's an egomaniacal, self-important, arrogant figure who thinks himself immortal and (hugely) overestimates the extent of his own ability. Cheeky, flippant, ad sarcastic, Peter is like the puppy that's cute at first but then takes a piss on your favorite piece of furniture. But despite all the affectations, Peter has a strong sense of loyalty to those he considers friends. Unnaturally perceptive, Peter is also curiously capable of surprisingly profound insights about other people.


Specialty: Peter is the best sharpshooter that Europe has seen since Thomas Plunkett- well, maybe not the best, but an undoubtedly skilled one. He can shoot five rounds through the same hole in a playing card from across the tavern- while drunk.
Other Strengths: While not exactly the strongest bounty hunter ever (alright let's face it, he's only got enough muscle strength to lift his gun), Peter is fast, agile, and witty. He can talk his way out of almost any situation unless his opponent has a decent IQ, at which point Peter tries everything he can to outsmart them. He's wriggled out of several tight spots thus far, relying on his considerable mental acumen to save his skin.
Weaknesses: As mentioned above, Peter is kind of shitty when it comes to hand-to-hand combat (unless it's a matter of escaping, which he's quite good at). His considerable ego has also been his downfall on more than one occasion. Peter is excellent at biting off more than he can chew, pissing people off, and committing hugely unfortunate social blunders.
Weapons: Two double-barreled shotguns, stowed in...various places on his body, depending on how tight security is.


Peter grew up with a not-very-rich family on a not-very-successful farm. He started shooting when he was a kid, bringing home rabbits and the like for his parents and younger sister, Alice. When he turned 10, his father sent him to boarding school in London, hoping that Peter could make a living for himself as a clerk or teacher or something. On balance, it went fairly well, although Peter had to be disciplined on more than one occasion for filching things from other students. One day, when Peter was fifteen years old, his tuition stopped. Peter returned home for the holidays, only to find that the farm had been foreclosed, his parents sent to debtor's prison, and his sister to a workhouse.

All in all, not the best Christmas.

He located Alice within a week and pulled her out of the workhouse. Unable to find a family that would take her in and unwilling to let her go to work in London, Peter had Alice enrolled in the boarding school and scraped together all of his savings to pay the tuition. From then on he worked, taking odd jobs wherever he could (permanent work was difficult to find for a 15-year-old boy). When Peter was 17, fate found him employed as the janitor of a shooting galley. After a long day's work, Peter gave the guns a try himself, and found that his childhood talent hadn't disappeared.

That was when he was approached by the Underworld.

Peter found life in the Guild quite pleasant. He quickly became renowned for his ability, and was soon making more than enough money to pay for Alice's living expenses. He told his sister that he'd gotten a scholarship at a university so that she wouldn't become suspicious.

So begins...

Peter Finlay's Story