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A very "strange" robot.

0 · 122 views · located in The Alliance of Planets

a character in “Bounty Hunters”, as played by blackrider


Name: B2-SR1

Nicknames: Rusty, Bucket of bolts, bucket head.

Age: 270

Appearence: Image

Personality: Most robots do not have "personalities", due to a sick joke from a programmer a select series of droids were givein extremely "negative" human traits.

So begins...

B2-SR1's Story

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Character Portrait: Alicia Plush Character Portrait: John Fawkes (prefers to be called Fawkes Character Portrait: Yolanda Curruthers Character Portrait: Blake Wesson Character Portrait: B2-SR1
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Blake slapped Yol on the shoulder slightly roughly as he merrily locked eyes with her "Trust me Yol, this baby will get us where we need to go. Just look at her!" Blake was clearly enthralled by the huge hunk of junk, like some kind of child looking at a new toy. "Cant you feel it just by lookin at her?! Besides, we got an ace pilot...well...sorta." It was at this time Blake noticed out of the corner of his eye Fawkes entering the clearing with Alicia hanging over his shoulder-it reminded him of how he had lugged around old scar face.

"Still haulin her ass around, eh Fawkes?" Blake called at his helmeted companion, not bothering to turn around-He was clearly to enthralled at staring at the ship. Slowly he began to walk around the large brick shaped ship, marveling at it from every angle-he was also looking for that damned Rusty-his intended pilot. As he completed walking around the ship, winding up standing next to Yol again. Blake was getting ready to yell for Rusty to show his ass when, seemingly out of nowhere a man fell from out of one of the larger holes in the ships outer plating. Only when the fallen figure stood up it was clear he wasn't a man at all, he was in fact a robot.

Robots had become extremely common on the wealthier planets, the rich loved to have legal slaves after all, but in a backwater planet like this a robot was almost unheard of and just how Blake had gotten a hold of one was anyone's guess, but the thing clearly considered itself Blakes property.

"True excitement: Master. Your back. And you weren't killed. What a wonderful day." The slightly rusty looking droid spoke up, his voice sounding eerily close to a speak n spell. The robots figure was rather humanoid: two legs, two arms, a slightly human shaped face, and yet he still had so many exposed wires and strange looking metal objects attached to him that it was clear he was of the robotic family. "Slight Sarcasm: Are these the people who saved your life on that pointless bounty hunt? I did compute that you had less than a 23 percent chance of completing it on your own, did I not?" The way he spoke to Blake clearly annoyed the man, it was bad enough that 'Rusty' as Blake called him was blatantly honest but he spoke everything in that same dumb robotic voice, thankfully the men and women that had programmed him had added the programming that made Rusty always begin each sentence with how he intended his words to 'sound'.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Alicia Plush Character Portrait: John Fawkes (prefers to be called Fawkes Character Portrait: Yolanda Curruthers Character Portrait: Blake Wesson Character Portrait: B2-SR1
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As John picked up Alicia she let out a small yep, but to his great surprise she didn't violently attack him. Instead she simply asked him if he could walk slower.

"Haha....sure thing Blondie especially if you keep up this whole not beating the hell out of me thing", John said with a smile.

After a short walk with Alicia literally in hand John arrived at a large clearing and in the middle of it was a sight that both made John fall in love and want to vomit at the same time. Blake must have noticed him approaching with Alicia as he quickly called out to him.

"Haha yeah who knew leave me here was code for someone order the Fawkes Taxi Service", John shouted back with a smile.

As John got closer the ship it looked......well it looked like a piece of shit. John had worked on that model of ship before it was very old and rarely seen anymore, but John knew it was a fast ship and although it lacked the amenities that most modern ships had, he knew this model was built to sustain improvements. If the group could make decent money upgrading this scrap heap wouldn't be a problem.

"Well Blake.....I have to say I kind of figured the ship you are talking about was going to be a real piece of crap. ......but this is not so bad. ...... We can work with this. ......I would like to see the engine room before we take off though....... and uh what's with the human tin can", John said.

"What do you think Blondie", John said not realizing he had yet to put her down.