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Claudius Gartner


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a character in “Box of Wonders”, as played by °ẞ0llisΔ«icΒ°


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You don't need eyes to see beauty. You can feel it with your heart. And once you understand this, you experience things in a new light. You notice the smaller details, and the simple things in life. He's been like this his whole life. And he loves every second of it.




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x(Almost white) Blonde


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Claudius can control two proxy souls. His proxy souls act at his weapons. Luckily, he can see an outline of the area through his proxies. He's more of a close-range fighter. His proxies attack at close proximity most of the time, and are a little hard to dodge, because his main quality is speed. Claude uses sound to detect where others may be, so sneaking past him can be difficult as well, but it's not too hard if you're a very quiet person. When it comes to it, having two proxies can be handy.

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So begins...

Claudius Gartner's Story