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Giselle Auclair

Of Glory

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a character in “Box of Wonders”, as played by °ẞ0llisÄ«ic°


"Even the smallest things are worth enjoying."



Full Name:
Giselle Rosetta Auclair

Princess Giselle || Used by subjects of the kingdom.
Ella || Used by her father.
My Little Rose || Used by her mother.


Seven Years of Age

Princess of Seabel

Sexual Orientation:
Not yet knowledgeable of what this concept is.



Hair Color:
Dark Brunette

Eye Color:
Hazel Green

Three Foot Eight

Seventy-Four Lbs.


She has piercings on her earlobes.


Giselle is a young girl with short, curly brown hair and green eyes. Her face is round and petite while her lips are a soft, tinted pink. Her skin is fair, and pale without blemishes. She is 3"8 and is very light. People occasionally say that she is adorable; a bright bundle of joy. Her dresses are usually white, or a light shade of any other color. It consists of long sleeves plus pearls or jewels sewed onto it. For special occasions, she'll wear a scarlet cape with golden designs and a golden medal of types holding it together. While roaming the castle or playing outside, she's barefoot. Her crown is silver, made to look like a circle of small leaves. For her archery lessons, her attire is a simple dress with a belt to hold supplies. Giselle isn't ecstatic about the dresses, but she does like it.




{Adventurous, Kind, Innocent, Perceptive}

Giselle is of the adventurous kind. She loves exploring new places and traveling as well. She roams the castle most of the time and tries finding secret passageways or rooms. When she gets older, she wants to explore as much as she can. She knows that there is a lot in the world, and she wants to see everything. Her dream is to go on a grand and wild adventure some day.

She is also very kind. Seeing as she has never seen true hate and rudeness, she was raised as a nice young lady. No matter who they are, she'll treat them as one of her own family. Her generosity and care for everyone is appreciated and looked up to by most of Seabel. It also seems to be her downfall. You could easily trick her into doing something for you, as long as it isn't too extreme.

Of course, she is innocent. She's only a child, and doesn't know the full dangers of this world. She's more vulnerable to many things and is hopefully well protected by the people of the castle. Because she's so young at this certain time where things could possibly go haywire, her parents tend to get worried whenever she goes outside, or is alone whenever they may take her with them when traveling. But, she knows she can take care of herself enough not to get into trouble. That's what she has archery for.

Lastly, Giselle is perceptive. She analyzes objects and people to learn more about them. She can see how one is feeling by facial expression, tone of voice, and body language. She was happy she learned to do such a task on her own because she knows it'll come handy in the future. But, she can easily look over someone if they are a great actor. She can also notice small things like cracks in the wall or a soft squeak in the floor. Perception really is a gift she has.
Roaming The Castle

She hums when it's especially quiet wherever she is in the castle.
She balances along the tops of fences and edges whenever she sees one.
When she reads a book, she'll sit upside down.

She has an odd sickness where she'll get a small fever at least once a month. It's the worst during winter.

  • Archery
  • Flowers
  • Exploring
  • Books
  • Music/Singing
  • Soup
  • Bugs
  • Arguments
  • Arrogance
  • Inconsiderate People


Place Of Origin:


Giselle was born as the first and only daughter of the rulers of Seabel. Her birth was a joyous announcement for the kingdom, and it was celebrated happily. Her mother was overcome with happiness when she came into the world. Her first few years of life was spent mostly with her parents. Great memories of playing and bonding with her parents were some of the best. She didn't have any friends her age since she wasn't allowed to go out of the castle a lot, but she did make friends with the staff who was in charge of the upkeep of the place. She didn't mind at all.

As she got older, her parents left her to do things on her own. After all, they usually had very important business to tend to. She knew it was important, but Giselle did feel a little lonely. Her sadness only grew when she overheard an argument between her parents once. But, she eventually got better. She spends her time roaming around the castle exploring every crack and corner with interest. The staff has gotten used to trying to find her every single day. The rest of the kingdom loves the princess as well. But of course, there are the few that don't. Giselle only focuses on the positive side of things though.

Because she's only seven, she hasn't experienced much in life yet. She hopes to learn and explore many new things when she comes of age. It's her dream to travel the world seeing what it has to offer. She has yet to tell her parents and see what they think of it. Giselle hopes they don't decide to keep her cooped up in the castle like a damsel in distress her whole life.

Happiest Memory(ies):
Spending time with her parents whenever she has the chance to.

Saddest Memory:
Accidentally over hearing her mother and father arguing once.

Face Claim: Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie

So begins...

Giselle Auclair's Story