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Rise of the Shinku Fang

The end is inevitable. An eye for an eye can only prevail.

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a character in “Box of Wonders”, as played by °ẞ0llisīic°



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Rise of the Shinku Fang



GM - °ẞ0llisīic°


-繰り広げ戦争; Waging War Image

It's been years since Aogiri Tree has been taken out by the CCG. Any ghouls deemed as not a threat has been left alone to live a normal life. All threats were immediately taken care of. But did they really get rid of them all? Somewhere stirring in the fourteenth ward is a small group of ghouls who have their own reasons for revenge. With the trend being cannibalism there lately, any ghoul who refused to work under them was devoured without hesitation. And because of their recent attacks on civilians, they've caught the attention of the twentieth ward's CCG. With the help of a group of willing ghouls, they'll work together to take down a new murderous ghoul association who call themselves Shinku; Shinku Fang. A war may be coming.

-真紅の牙; Shinku Fang Image

The now famous Shinku Fang is consisted of five main ghouls who are behind every attack who . The leader and their closest accomplice (much like Eto was) are SS rated, while the other three are S rated by the CCG. They all have one thing in common, they've lost almost everything because of the CCG, and they want vengeance. First course of action is to take over the 14th ward. Then, overtake the CCG in the twentieth. But now with a group of investigators and ghouls after them, it'll be a little harder than they thought. Crimson (Shinku) Fang came from the fact that they eat the red flesh of humans and ghouls with barren fangs.

-グール; Ghouls

Image Image Image Image Image

-人間; Humans

Image Image Image Image Image

-真紅のファイブ; Shinku's Five

Image Image Image Image Image


  • No godmodding or mary sues! You should know not to do this by now.
  • Have fun with this! I'm sure you all saw this coming.
  • Make a believable character for this universe. Make it as well-constructed as you can. I don't want boring humans or ghouls!
  • It's not first come first served. The better character for the role gets it.
  • You can use your own or somebody else's (with permission) character sheet. There is no specific CS for this roleplay.
  • You MUST have this included in your CS: Kagune Type (Ukaku, Koukaku, Rinkaku, Bikaku), Ghoul Type (either full or half/one-eyed. I'll allow one half ghoul if their character is really well developed.), Kagune look/appearance, Mask look/appearance, and family, including if they are dead or alive. You can link appearances if you like. < All this is only for Ghoul CS except the family part. That still applies to Humans.
  • Humans' CS must have quinque appearance, rank in the CCG, and as I said before, family.
  • Be respectful! Take arguments elsewhere.
  • Posts must be at least one paragraph. Please have good grammar. I'll try not to be too strict about it (although I usually never am picky about it).

So begins...

Rise of the Shinku Fang's Story