Adeline Fay

This won't be scary, will it?

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a character in “Bravery Test”, as played by EverAfter


Name: Adeline Fay; she prefers to be called 'Addie.'
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Addie has shoulder-length dark brown hair, a pale complexion, and wide coffee-colored eyes. For more details, please see the picture above.
Personality: Though shy and a little soft-spoken, Addie is your typical teenage girl: fun-loving, compassionate, and highly intelligent. She tries to see the best in any situation and person, and is the perfect definition of an optimist, with her generally cheerful outlook at life. Still, Addie can be quite strong-willed at times, bordering on headstrong, and is not one to be underestimated or overlooked. She fits well in almost all social groups, particularly those who enjoy sketching and painting like she does.
+ Being alone, especially in darkness.
+ Spiders and other 'creepy crawlies.'
+ Minor claustrophobia.
+ Extremely large crowds.
+ Heights.
Weakness: Addie can be a little too trusting of others, making her vulnerable to manipulation.
Occupation: After school, Addie helps out at a local bakery, where she delivers orders to customers and makes the occasional batch of cookies. At night, however, she is usually up late doodling in her sketchpad, as she has always wanted to become an artist.
+ Painting, sketching, and other art forms.
+ Making new friends and spending time with old ones.
+ Reading books, fiction in particular.
+ Organization and neat lists.
+ Baking.
+ See "Fears."
+ Being called 'Adeline.'
+ Bossy and/or rude people.
+ Large animals.
+ Anything 'horror'-related.
+ A flashlight (and extra batteries as a precaution).
+ A sketchpad and two pencils.
+ Her favorite sweatshirt. Can double as a blanket or pillow.
Do you have living family members? If so who are they?: Aside from her parents, Addie has one younger sister and one younger brother, who are twins. Though she claims that they're annoying beyond imagination, she's actually very close with both.
Where are you from?: Though Addie and her immediate family were all born in the United States, her ancestors are French and German.
Brief Background: Addie and her family moved to their current location due to her father's job transferal. Eight years old at the time, she quickly befriended the other seven members of the group after discovering numerous shared interests between them. While not particularly a fan of haunted houses and the like, she agreed to the 'Bravery Test' in hopes of providing what she thought was a nice, fun challenge.
Orientation: Straight.
Favorite Foods: Addie admittedly has a 'sweet tooth,' though her slim figure doesn't show it. Otherwise, she's fine with eating just about anything.
Crush: Open.
Relationship status: Single

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