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Julia Snow

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a character in “Breaking Angel Hearts”, as played by SlightlyInsane


Face Claim:
Jodelle Ferland

Hex Colour:

If you’re a good friend, she will allow you to call her Jul.

The Violinist




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Julia can be as simple as she is complicated. Most of her personality is a result of her upbringing (or lack thereof). Due to her feeling abandoned from a young age, she feels a need for acceptance from others. It doesn't matter if she sees them everyday or once in her lifetime-- she wants them to like her. If she feels like an interaction didn't go well, it will stick in her memory longer than it would in others'. That being said, she is typically very kind to others. While she does want them to like her, she is a genuinely kind person. She cares for her friends deeply and would do almost anything to help them.

When interacting with friends or fans, Julia is a very bubbly person. She'll speak openly and make jokes. With fans especially, she will always be smiling as they give her confidence and make her feel accepted. However, when meeting a new person or group of people she is very shy. She doesn't want to say anything to offend them and will let others talk before she adds anything. She is also cautious of those she's just met, as she doesn't want to open up to them only to have them abandon or judge her.

Julia will usually go along with her friends, but if she feels something is wrong she will speak up. Personally, she doesn't drink or use drugs.

+Her bandmates and friends
+Interacting with fans
+Playing either the violin or the viola

-Feeling left out
-Being criticized

+Violinist | She has been playing the violin from a young age and has earned her spot in the band as its violinist.
+Violist | In middle school she learned to play the viola though the band usually has her play the violin.
+Flexible | She danced from age 3 to age 16, so she's pretty flexible. She's also agile.

-Height | She’s rather short, standing at 5’ 2”. So don’t ask her to get something off of the top shelf.
-Strength | She is not very strong, so if she was ever in a fight she would have to rely on agility rather than strength.

Julia stands at 5' 2" and is 107 lbs. She has a thin build and porcelain skin. Her eyes are blue. Currently, her hair is cut to her shoulders and dyed teal. Her natural hair color is dark brown. Her hair is naturally wavy and at times she will straighten it.

Julia Cinq Snow was born to Alister Snow and his wife Maria on December 21st in the small town of Lansing, New York. She was her parents only child due to her mother's fertility issues. Julia was considered something of a miracle to her parents, who were unable to have a child for several years. They were overjoyed to learn that Maria was pregnant and even more so when Julia was born.

Her early childhood was spent chasing butterflies, blowing bubbles, and playing pretend. She was happy and care free, always giggling at something. As a child, Julia was oblivious to the harsh reality of the world she lived in. She was more attentive to the fantastical worlds she had created and the adventures she could have. Julia's mother was her primary caretaker during her early childhood.

Though she remembers the first 5 years of her life fondly, Julia realizes that it was sour as well. Looking back, she can see all the warning signs of her parents' divorce and her mother's suicide. After the initial joy of having a child, Alister and Maria's relationship went south. They disagreed on parenting styles and began to fight quite a bit, though they always tried to hide their altercations from Julia. She picked up on it here and there, but as a child it just went over her head. She was angry sometimes too and she was in no position to tell her parents what to do.

Her parents divorced when she was almost 6. Maria was given primary physical custody of Julia, but Alister was allowed to have her stay with him on the weekends. This arrangement didn't last long however. After Maria was given custody, Julia noticed a shift in her mother's behavior. Her mother became highly protective of her, paranoid that her father was going to take her away. Julia wasn't allowed to to go to kindergarten and her mother became more and more agitated as the weekend would approach. The kind and caring woman had transformed into something more threatening. To Julia, there was something obviously very wrong, but she was unaware of what. Still being young, she had no idea of her mother's mental illness.

During a weekend with her father, Julia mentioned that "Mommy doesn't like when I leave the house. She thinks you're coming to get me." Concerned (and rightfully so), Alister applied for full legal custody of Julia with monitored visitation rights for Maria. The court deemed Maria unfit to care for Julia and she moved to live with her father. During one of Maria's visits, she told Julia that she wouldn't be able to see her next week and that she loved her. Depressed that her baby girl had been taken away and suffering from mental illness, Maria killed herself.

Alister, who was busy with work, decided to take a position in Las Vegas. He was hoping to earn a promotion, which he eventually did, and to escape the aftermath that Maria's death had caused. Julia of course came with him, but soon learned that it was as if he'd left her back in New York. He was always working and if she did get the chance to talk to him, it was only for a few minutes. That being said, she was raised by others instead of her own father. Though she still yearned for his attention, she began to accept that she would never get it unless she was dead. She felt abandoned and quickly turned to anyone and everyone as a friend, hoping to make a connection with somebody. She learned that not everyone could be trusted though and soon kept her guard up when meeting new people.

Julia actually went to some of Breaking Angel Hearts's earlier shows before most of the original band members left. By chance or by fate, she later became their violinist and is currently performing with them. She has no intentions of leaving the band, as she trusts them and feels like they are her family.

She normally performs with her electric violin and is hoping to get a five string electric violin soon.

So begins...

Julia Snow's Story

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Character Portrait: Julia Snow Character Portrait: Shannon Guilbert Character Portrait: Roman Kingsley Character Portrait: Hadley Gunner Character Portrait: Shane Mars Character Portrait: Kalista Mars
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Kalista Mars
(And Shane Mars)
Dialogue Color: #00ff00
Role: Lead Singer
Location: Recording Studio
NPCs Involved: Michael Rosewood (Band Manager)
Kalista couldn't believe everything that was beginning to happen for this band. All her dreams were slowly beginning to come true, though for some reason the more known they all become, the more her best friends have began to change. She wasn't sure if it was something she needed to worry about or not, but she kept an eye on everyone just in case.

"Alright everyone, that's a wrap. Be sure to get rested for your show tomorrow night," Michael stated through the microphone on the opposite side of the recording booth. Kalista let out a soft smile and stepped out of the booth before turning to look at everyone. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to head out to Melted Whiskey, do some partying before turning in. It's only eight o'clock, too early to crash," she stated before turning on her heels and began on her way out the door.

She already knew that her brother was going to tag along whether she wanted him to or not, which of course there was no reason why she ever would not want her brother with her. The two of them did everything together, they're practically glued to the hip. She sighed as she slid her hands into her pockets and looked over at Shane who was now caught up to her, keeping up with her pace. "Do you think everyone will be able to handle this rise to stardom we're undergoing? I can already see some slight changes in everyone, even you," she questioned to her younger brother.

"I wouldn't worry too much about me or everyone else. We'll be alright. As long as we stick together there is nothing to worry about, Kallie," Shane responded as he wrapped his left arm over her shoulders. Shane glanced back at the others who seemed to be taking their precious time on making up their decision to join them at Melted Whiskey, drink their brains out. "Hey, are you bastards coming or not!" he shouted to the rest of Breaking Angel Hearts.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Julia Snow Character Portrait: Shannon Guilbert Character Portrait: Roman Kingsley Character Portrait: Hadley Gunner Character Portrait: Shane Mars Character Portrait: Kalista Mars
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Location: Recording Studio
Interacting With: Shannon Guilbert, Hadley Gunner, Shane
, Kalista Mars, Roman Kingsley, and Micheal


"Alright everyone, that's a wrap. Be sure to get rested for your show tomorrow night," Micheal told the group after their session. The young woman smiled at him as a silent "thank you." After all, they wouldn't be where they were today without him. She would always be grateful to him for helping the band out and for letting her become a part of it.

Julia gently set her violin back into its case before wiping the rosin off of her strings. She loosened her bow and set it back in its place. Securing her violin in the case, her delicate hands closed the lid. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to head out to Melted Whiskey, do some partying before turning in. It's only eight o'clock, too early to crash," Kalista told the band before turning to leave. No one would expect her to say anything different, as they were all aware of her and Roman's like of drinking and partying.

Standing, violin case in hand, Julia glanced at the others. The rest of her bandmates-- Roman, Shane, and Hadley-- would like go with Kalista. Actually, Shane was out the door already. So if Shane was going, the ever present Shannon would be as well. She made her way to the door, which Roman opened for her. "Thanks," she told him as she walked to join the other two. She could hear Roman's footsteps just behind her as Shane called out to them, asking if they were coming or not.

"I'm coming!" she called to them. "I just need to put my violin in Roman's car." The small girl hurried over to the car. Her blue eyes looked to Roman, who unlocked the car as he walked towards her. She opened the trunk and waited for him to place his bass in before putting her violin in. She closed the trunk and turned to go to her friends.

She was soon lifted off the ground however by Roman, who there her over his shoulders. "Roman!" She was surprised by his actions, but unafraid. Laughing, she repeatedly asked him to put her down. He only complied once the two had gotten to where Kalista and Shane were. Once she was back on her feet, she looked up at her friends. "Let's do this!" Julia didn't drink, but she didn't mind going out and meeting new people. Of course, it usually took one of the other band members to convince her to talk to any strangers around her.

Location: Recording Studio
Interacting With: Shannon Guilbert, Hadley Gunner, Shane
, Kalista Mars, Julia Snow, and Micheal Rosewood


"Alright everyone, that's a wrap. Be sure to get rested for your show tomorrow night," Michael, the band's manager told them. Roman snickered. Chances were, he, Kalista, and Shane would go out and party for awhile before going to sleep. The others would probe;y tag along too, but he could always count on Kalista and her brother to show the band a good time. He didn't mind, as he was happy to go drinking. He wasn't a fan of dancing, but he was usually busy chatting up girls anyway.

His instincts were correct, as Kalista stated she was going to the Melted Whiskey before leaving the building. Roman grabbed his electric bass and opened the door for Julia, the young violinist in the group. "After you my lady," he grinned as she passed through. She thanked him. The 6'1" Roman followed behind the much smaller young woman, reaching into his right pocket for his car keys.

Shane yelled to them. "Who are you calling a bastard, bastard?" Roman yelled back to him, laughing. The man almost never took anything that Shane said as offensive, it was just who he was. Only on a few occasions had Shane said something to really piss him off, but most of the time the two got along. It was nice to have another guy in the band.

Roman followed Julia to his car, unlocking it for her once she reached it. He set his bass in the trunk before she put her violin in. She closed the trunk and turned around, giving him the perfect chance to strike. Before she knew what was happening, he had lifted her up off the ground and put her over his shoulder. He started to run with her over to Shane and Kalista with Julia laughing the entire time. He set her back on the ground. "Let's do this!" she said excitedly. He chuckled, knowing that he or one of the other members of Breaking Angel Hearts was going to have to coax her into talking to any strangers they encountered. Julia had an odd way of being extremely social and outgoing one second and introverted and quiet the next. He guessed she was just more comfortable with her friends, which he could understand.

He looked back at Shannon and Hadley, hoping they were coming along. It was always more fun to have the whole group out to drink and party. Granted, Roman usually found other companions over the span of the night.