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Our Clan will bow to no one

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a character in “Breaking Faith”, as played by tinker3043


Name: Dragonmiir Dragonstone
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 202 lbs
Hair/Color: Short/Black
Eyes: Grey
Skin/Body: Tan/ Athletic

Personality: Being a twin, Dragonmiir resembles one side of a coin. While his sister Khali is quick tempered and harsh tongued, Dragonmiir is reserved and gentle. Where she is prejudicial, he is understanding. Dragonmiir carries himself with a bearing of a king, and the determination and will power of a god. He is a stalwart adversary, and a loyal and trusting friend. He is respected by many within the town of Riverdale and even beyond her mountained borders. He is known to be quick of tongued, and never afraid to voice or show his opinion or standing on any situation. A man with strong and grounded codes of honor and justice that no other can shake.

-Storm Magic

-Skilled negotiator

-Chainmail/Leather hauberk
-Two longswords
-Six throwing knives

Dragonmiir is the son of Mauric Dragonstone, clan leader of Riverdale. A northern valley region of hunters and smiths, an uncommon combination of trades. A hardy folk, that have broken away from society. Forsaking many of the gods, in order to build stronger the bonds of family and hone their fighting spirit.

So begins...

Dragonmiir's Story