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Once the world of Salria was a beautiful if conflict filled place to live. Great cities and nations stood triumphant upon millennia of success and power. The lands were rich and vibrant and resources abounded it was a good world and yet as with nearly all worlds there was a darker side to it. Ceaseless warfare, inter-nation conflicts that had raged since the beginning of the world and seemed destined to rage for eternity to come. Armies numbering hundreds of thousands marched and counter marched in an endless dance of war as the elements raged before the wills of their masters. For the men of Salria once marched to war by the will of tyrants, the Marikan, powerful mages and the rulers of the great nations. Tyrants they were but yet they were better than that which was to come. Better the devils you know than the devil you don't after all. In hindsight it would all seem so clear, the endless wars that slowly pushed certain Marikan to destruction and ruin, the powers they possessed, the sheer unwillingness of any born with the innate power of a Marikan to submit to any authority save his or her own. It seems inevitable that eventually one of them would grow desperate enough to unleash a forbidden magic.

It began with a war. A war that unlike so many before it and like many as well should have ended with the destruction of a nation. A war that spelled final defeat for one of the great Marikan, a war that would give birth to a new empire upon the face of Salria. But not the Empire that anyone was expecting. Aldranes the Marikan whose name is both praised and cursed in the new Salria was faced with the unimaginable situation. His armies were gone, his cities had fallen, his realm had shrunken to a last fortress and that was on the verge of falling despite his power. A Marikan could not surrender they could only die but Aldranes did not simply slay himself or launch a final attack. He evoked a forbidden magic and with his power created a rift. What he intended is not known only that it was he who released it to the world.

The armies which surrounded Aldranes keep attacked and were thrown back by something unknown. Something whose soldiers suddenly appeared to fight pouring forth from the rift. It was nothing, simply a minor setback and almost ignored by all the Marikan save the one who had been about achieve victory. For that one alone knew something was amiss, in arrogance he gathered new armies, stripping his realm bare, certain nothing could stand against his might and the armies he brought to bear against the strangers from the rift. And he was destroyed utterly save a few soldiers who fled. By the time the rest of the Marikan realized that there was a new enemy, several more of them had fallen and those who remained banded together in a grand alliance to crush the being who now ruled nearly a third of the world, the being whose soldiers and magics surpassed their own, the being simply called His Darkness.

The wars raged for hundreds of years. Salria was devastated. But like all things that war had to come to an end. And when it ended the sky was burnt and ashen, the earth itself had begun to wither but still lived and His Darkness ruled over Salria. The last of the Marikan had been hunted down and only their subjects remained. And so His Darkness established his rule. A rule that has gone on for the last hundred years across the world of Salria. A rule that has made the being out to be a god. Peace though one of the Dominion brought about by His Darkness existed at last in most places. But even His Darkness was wrong and the Marikan had not been hunted to total extinction, the last had hidden in desperation and their thoughts turned to the forbidden magic as Aldrane's had a millennia before. The last of the Marikan opened a new rift and reached their power through, desperate to find others who would aid them in their increasingly futile struggle against His Darkness. Their power found individuals and pulled them through the rift....

This where your characters will come into the thread. You have been summoned to aid in the now very much futile seeming struggle against His Darkness, the being who has enslaved an entire world. The setting for this is a quasimideaval world, so I would very much prefer not to have people bringing in guns and such, firstly because they kill the atmosphere and secondly because unless you have a magic gun that never runs out of ammo you would be in deep sh-t as soon as you run out of ammo. Also in regards to characters I would like them to be fairly powerful, I am not looking for demigods or the like but they should have a moderate degree of power.

Ex. If you are a mage and can destroy cities you are too powerful. Below that though most things are acceptable.

Warning- I do not want all mages, that gets really annoying and I have seen it happen before.

Without further ado here is the character sheet for you to fill out. I hope to see some good characters appear here because the thread needs some good ones. :), I do have one request, and that is for the original mage who summoned these warriors/came up with the idea. We need him....I don't really want to play him damngit OK! If you do play him you get the benefit of having as much say in matters as I do.

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[b]Name: [/b] Does this really need explanation?)

[b]Age: [/b] While His Darkness is seemingly immortal you are not. You do need a reasonable age depending on your race.)

[b]Gender: [/b] This should be pretty simple)

[b]Race: [/b] Be reasonable, I don't want to see any robots here. Other than that most other things are good, you can be creative)

[b]Alignment: [/b] Are you good, bad, or otherwise?)

[b]Appearance: [/b] What you look like)

[b]Personality: [/b] What you are like)

[b]History: [/b] How you became who and what you are.)

[b]Powers: [/b] What you can do

[b]Equipment: [/b] What you carry with you, especially magical artifacts or special armor/swords. ect.

[b]Weakness: [/b] Because everyone has something that screws them up.

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#, as written by Sench
A lone figure stood in the middle of a dimly lit cavern. The torches on the walls gave just enough light for one to be able to see their way and the person's features, but not the intricate engraving on the floor. Slowly, the man walked around the shape, carefully checking all the symbols. He needed it all to be perfect. The darkness didn't seem to get in his way, even though an ordinary person would probably have trouble looking over the symbols even in broad daylight. But what an ordinary person couldn't see was the magical energy that filled the engraving, the flow of which was the thing the man was actually most interested about.

He sighed in content after walking a few circles. Everything seemed in order. It would be most unpleasant if it was not, after all, he spent several days creating the proper shape of these symbols alone, not to mention the time it took him to put the enchantments in place. But finally, his work was finished. He copied the forbidden ritual flawlessly, made the desired adjustments and took the necessary precautions. He was finally ready to perform the summoning ritual, a ritual which would hopefully grant him the power necessary to accomplish his goals.

Standing in the middle of the seal he created, the man started chanting as he channeled his own power into the symbols and took over the flow of magic inside them. This was a complex procedure that he needed to stay in complete control of, or it could produce some undesirable results. As the ritual neared its completion, the seal on the floor began to glow brighter, and soon enough the whole cave was filled with a cold white light. A powerful gust of wind blew out the torches, signifying the end of the spell, and a silent darkness consumed the cave.

The man was slightly irritated, but simply re-lit the torches with a snap of his fingers. He could already sense he was no longer alone, and now he wanted to see what exactly he managed to summon.


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There was darkness. There wasn't always darkness. No, at one point there was the dim light of a setting sun and trees and dirt and other visible things. But now that seemed so far away. It was just dark here--no sound, no light, no life whatsoever other than himself. Ikrea considered being afraid, but his conscious wouldn't allow it. He was just simply there, just as there was just simply nothing else. It was odd indeed, but him mind had shut down along with his feelings. He couldn't describe what was going on nor could he try to figure it out. He wouldn't know where to start and there was something stopping him from doing so anyway.

Then--a light. It was dim, but quickly grew and the next thing he knew, Ikrea was being thrust out of whatever hole he'd been in and onto solid land, landing with an 'oof'. Sitting up, he frowned and took an immediate glance around. Pillars of fire. At least he was around his element. This gave him a calmer feeling, even though the atmosphere felt all too wrong. This place was off--not just this area specifically, but it felt like the entire world was off, the entire universe. Just where was he exactly?

Squinting into the darkness, Ikrea found the strength he'd been missing before and stood at the sight of a figure nearby. He brushed himself off as he addressed the person. "Hello? What am I doing here?" He glanced around and noticed the symbols. This was a ritual--one of which he'd read about in many history books. A dangerous one and one he had never had the magical strength nor the eminent desire to create. "Who are you?" There were many more questions bursting to mind, but Ikrea swallowed them down for the moment.

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Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

Alright, I made a post. Sorry for taking a while.

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

alright, I think I've made everyone wait for long enough. Sench would you mind throwing up a first post to summon the warriors? I know it sounds unproffessional for the gm to be asking another to post first, but I did let someone make the original mage >.< so at the risk of sounding unprofessional, would you mind terribly?

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

@character:Get one what up?

It seems like this is all I'm going to get in terms of people interested, so I'll leave this guy as the one that we can all pc, I'll be making posts for him for the most part though~
Name: Ferougrimhod (Fer as a nickname)
Age: 112 turns of Guafodolwa, translates to roughly 716 years in this world.
Gender: Male
Race: Dargon (humanoid giants)
Alignment: Good

Appearance: Most Dargons are between 12' and 14' in height. Ferougrimhod stands at 14'10" and is of exceptionally muscular build. His gray and green skin has the texture of cedar bark treated to be supple and flexible. His sinews are corded cellulose which expands and contracts in response to energy from his green crystal heart. Ferougrimhod's crystal is exceptionally large, granting him great strength and long life. In addition, he has had his crystal refilled regularly by Guafodolwa in return for his duties as Summer Guardian. His body is used to a nearly infinite supply of energy and can operate at uncommonly high levels. Deprived of a recharge source, Ferougrimhod must be cautious and reserved, however distasteful it might be. In addition, unusually prolonged photosynthesis had kept his skin extra flexible and strong. Away from the Summer Temple's strong and constant source of sunlight, this task is added to his own body maintenance functions and taxes his crystal yet further. In this world, he is much lighter than he looks, because the crystal possesses a levitation property intended to counteract the strong gravity of Guafodolwa.

Ferougrimhod's shoulders are broad, and his forearms and calves are thicker than his upper arms and thighs. His feet are wide and tough. His hair is long, thick and dark green, with a texture like long, soft pine needles. His face is round, with a wide jaw, but his chin extends down several inches, like a goatee. He has no nose--he takes in carbon dioxide through his skin and gives off oxygen through his hair. His eyes are oval with rich green irises; his pupils can contract almost to points or dilate to fill almost his entire lens.

Ferougrimhod wears a battle skirt made of the hide of a lava wyrm. It provides his torso and thighs with some fire resistance. A hardened version of this material is strapped to his left arm, as a defense for large fire-breathing fliers seen on Guafodolwa.

Personality: Ferougrimhod is patient and cares a great deal for the natural world. However, he has not lost sight of his purpose, or nature's: to serve sentient life. It is why he must guard the Temple. He is well used to responding quickly if the situation warrants action. His much akin to a friendly giant with suprising wisedom.

History: Ferougrimhod was the guardian of the Summer Temple on Guafodolwa. Set atop a floating mountain which eternally followed the path of the summer solstice, the Summer Temple was a place of fertile vegetation and perpetual warmth. Priests and clerics lived there, as well as those who tended the trees and gardens. The role of the guardian was to stand at the pinnacle of the temple, so that no attackers or forces of nature would cause it harm. Ferougrimhod was well equipped for the duty.

One day, a great rift in the sky opened above the temple, and the Summer Guardian was defeated at last, pulled into the whirling vortex in the heavens. The other Dargons, especially the priests of the Summer Temple, took this as a sign of impending doom. Ferougrimhod had been Guardian for more than 70 turns of Guafodolwa. Despair descended on the Summer Temple, for it was soon apparent that the vortex was holding the Summer Temple in place. The priests prayed to Guafodolwa, but the earth answered that it was already doing its utmost, increasing the strength of great crystal inside the Summer Mountain, so that the mountain itself would not follow the Guardian toward whatever fate he had met. Thus the Dargons waited and hoped; hoped that Ferougrimhod was not gone forever; hoped that the Summer Temple would not be destroyed, that the gardens of Summer Mountain would not perish; hoped that the world could continue under the shadow of the ominous whirlpool in the sky.

Powers: Ferougrimhod has great physical strength and stamina. Will not die from loss of blood (he doesn't have blood).

Equipment: As the Summer Guardian, Ferougrimhod always carries an enormous metal sword with a green crystal edge. The crystal glows softly with its energy. The sword's properties include the following: it is lighter than its huge size would indicate, because of the levitating crystal; it retains sharpness due to the crystal edge; the metal it is made from, combined with the crystal, is difficult to damage. The hilt is 2' long; the blade, 10' long. Besides his wrym-hide battle skirt and bracer, he carried nothing else with him through the rift.

Weakness: Because his body is mostly composed of cellulose, he is vulnerable to fire. Deserted places with no living creatures and little carbon dioxide can be hazardous over extended periods of time, because such environments make breathing difficult for a Dargon. Beyond this, prolonged deprivation of sunlight will negatively affect his morale. Darkness itself, in contrast with the constant direct sunlight he has known for most of his long life, will probably be terrifying. If he is severely wounded, he will not die or become incapacitated, but it may take him a long time to heal. Dismemberment would be difficult but crippling; decapitation, fatal, accompanied by a violent upward expulsion of his crystal's energy.

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

Sorry, iv been busy a lot atm. Il try to get one up soon....

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

I think I want one or two more summoned warriors before we do start. worse comes to worse I might make another.

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

Thank you :P
Please let me know if you want me to start, when you want to start and/or how you want me to start.

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

my dear man I am ready to kiss you. god damn that profile is perfect. I like how you made him lawful evil XD he is more than accepted.

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

Well, I posted up a profile. Hope he fits the bill :D

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

Yah, he'll more or less be a leader sort of person, and he must be invested in breaking His Darkness's control over Salria. He must be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this. Other than that go crazy, do whatever you like!

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

So, are there any guidelines for this "original mage who summoned the others" character?

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

*reel's in fish hook* got another! Sai is approved, cool concept you used!

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

You have captured my attention...

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

Awesomesauce, xD. I'm looking forward to starting~

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

thank you, I have never gotten to use a unircorn until now, very few have I think? C: But the thought always apealed to me, it's the fairytale lover part of me, now I get to incorporate gore and violence too XD

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

Thanks! I've been wanting to use his image for a while, xD. But his history I came up with on the spot. I like how he came out. I like your character

Re: [OOC] Breaking His Darkness

I liked the character you came up with!