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"Da Humiez will never know wut hit em."

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a character in “Breaking the WAAAAAGH!”, as played by WAAAGH!


•Name: ThroatSlitta

•Rank: Nob (Roughly that of a Sergeant)

•Age: “Wut?” Although Throatslitta is an intelligent ork (all Kommandos are) even able to read, he does not count his age.

•Race: Ork!

•Appearance: Throatslitta as a Nob is large standing at 9 feet tall. While he is not the biggest orc due to being a Kommando and not fighting as often, (he usually kills them before they ever have a chance to go toe-to-toe with him), he is still far stronger and tougher than any mere human could ever hope to be. He is a large green brute of Ork superiority. His large bulging arms are as wide as a human’s chest and far more powerful. His small red eyes hold malicious and worst of all, intelligence.

•Unit Type: Kommandos are an extreme oddity among Orkish kind. The find no enjoyment in driving a supped up turbo-charged trukk or charging into the lines of the enemy as they prefer the thrill from slitting throats and spreading panic behind enemy lines before launching a perfectly timed ambush. Only few amounts of Orks have the Kommando calling, and they tend to be the outcast a ‘tribe’ of usually 5 to 8 Orks each having a specific position and job. Kommandos all tend to be far more intelligent than fellow Orks… although not quite the level of humans.


- Two foot long crudely made daggers with the marks of the Ork god Mork.
- A Kustom-Silenced Slugga(Heavy Pistol)
- Tankbusta bombs (Stick grenade specializing against tanks, far more deadly than a Krak grenade. It has more Dakka)
- Frag Stikkbombs (Grenades for anti-infantry)

•Squad: The Kommando squad consist of 7 men including ThroatSlitta.

- “Fireboy” A Kommando who loves the use of a burna (Flamethrower), he still uses bombs and dagger as well. (standard Kommando equipment)
- “Shredda” A Kommando with a big shoota (Heavy machinegun), still has standard Kommando gear.
- “Rokkit Gits” Two orks that have always been close. They both have Rokkit Launchers and standard Kommando gear. They are inseparable
- “Shadow” A small ork armed with two daggers and smoke bombs, he loves to go on solo scouting missions, has standard Kommando gear as well.
- “Rippa” A Kommando with a big shoota and a chainaxe. Carries Frak and Tankbusta grenades.

•Extra: ThroatSlitta has the rare ability to read Gothic (Human writing), write it, speak Gothic, and plan far ahead.

So begins...

ThroatSlitta's Story


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#, as written by WAAAGH!
Tira Briggs

"I have been considering the same." Tira replied to the comment on defenses, she indicated to the map stretched out before her, "We have some problems though." She admitted moving to point at the town, "We have no heavy weapons, so the only ones who can help us there is the Tanks. If we build a wall, which I have no doubt we could get up by tomorrow night, we would cut off the tanks line of sight. They cannot climb a wall like we can and this town is too level for them to be able to fire over." She explained gazing at the different positions and giving a soft hmm every now and then.

"Sadly, I will have to speak to Captain Clayton about his tank placements." Tira continued, "We, on the other hand, have only came with what we carried, and to my knowledge mines are not a standard equipment." She sighed showing her disappointment. Pausing once more, she tapped her chin thoughtful, "We will build two rings of trenches in order to have a point to fall back in. We cannot afford to get tangled in melee with the Orks." She said.

She pointed towards the map drawing a circle with her finger, "The outer ring will encompass this large bluff that will allow the tanks to fire down and cover us. We will need them sadly. If we had some heavy weapons, we could hold it our selves..." Tira admitted. It was a shame... but they would need the cog lovers for now. She paused considering the map and waved the sergeant forward, "I will command 2nd company in the outer ring when the times comes. It should not take long for the Orks to realize we are here, but we can not move until we get more supplies."

She walked around the table and drew another ring this one closer to the town, "You will command 1st company in the inner ring." Tira Informed her. "I know there are lieutenants here who can take over this job, but they need to concentrate on their own platoons, so you will hand over your command to another in your squad. This is a field promotion to First Lieutenant, I doubt this promotion will hold after this war, but for now, it is the rank from which you command. Unofficially, you are going to help me by leading First Company, I can not be in two places at once."