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Victris Yorke


0 · 144 views · located in Warhammer 40k

a character in “Breaking the WAAAAAGH!”, originally authored by Grahf, as played by RolePlayGateway


•Name: Victris Yorke Image

•Rank: Enginseer

•Age: 259, give or take. One tends to lose count.

•Appearance: Outwardly, the standard garb of the Adeptus Mechanicus; Flowing red robe, mass of breathing tubes, set of four Mechadendrites. Under it all however lies the fruits of fortune, Mars' finest tech.

-Bionic Limbs: Both arms have been replaced over the years; due to rank and age modifications have been made to allow both tactile function and strength upgrades.

-Bionic Respiratory System: Total replacement of lungs, in the event of physical harm to the Enginseer the synth-lungs can act as a life-support system, oxygenating blood until help arrives.

-Bionic Heart: Armored with a light chitinous coating, the heart is protected from indirect harm.

-Memorance Implant: The left eye and a portion of the brain have been replaced with a specialized datavault. Allows a HUD of sorts, while also recording important information.

-Mind Impulse Unit: The MIU is a direct neural link between a human brain and a larger piece of external machinery allowing control by thought alone as if the machinery was a part of the humans body.

- Electoo: Metal circuits embedded in the epidermic skin of Tech-priests to allow them to consciously channel the bioelectricity generated by their own bodies. These can be used in combat, or to revive a recalcitrant Machine Spirit.

Mechadendrite: Bionic tentacles that attach to the spine to afford the Tech-priest greater mobility, greater lifting and manipulation capabilities, an easy neural interface with most other forms of technology and, in many cases, a handy weapon in a fight.

-Mechadendrite 1: Manipulator Class, Pincer Model- Large pinching claws, razor sharp.

-Mechadendrite 2: Manipulator Class, Arc Welder Model- A large welding tool, projects a blue-promethium flame.

-Mechadendrite 3: Ballistic Class, Laspistol Model- A specialized Laspistol is mounted at the end of this two meter long bionic tentacle.

-Mechadendrite 4: Utility Class, Heavy Model- A Heavy variant of the standard Utility Model; meant for working on large vehicles. Houses various tools, unguents and needed replacements for smaller bits.

•Weapons: Omnissian Axe- Long staff-like body, tipped with half of the circular Adeptus Mechanicus skull and cog icon. The symbol forms a blade and is sheathed in a power field.

Bolt Pistol (Ceres-Pattern)- Normally wielded by high ranking Naval officers, this weapon fires self-propelled mass-reactive shells. This pistol was a gift from a Rogue Trader, a thank you for help.

•Other: Victris brings with him a sizable group of Servitors (45), most of which are standard Pattern. A small group of Gun-Servitors(15) follows the Enginseer about as protection. A squad of Servo-Skulls is also available for use as scouts or to aid the damaged command chain in any way they can.

•Bio: Born on a Forge World, Victris spent most of his life surrounded by machines; gaining training and entry into the Cult of Mars. Over time, and as an Enginseer he had plenty due to implants, Victris rose in rank and responsibility, becoming skilled at maintaining the Machine Spirit in large vehicles; tanks and the like. Through a massive Clerical Error however Victris and his retune of Servitors and Servo-Skulls is assigned to this battle; and attached to the filthy tanks of the 129th.

So begins...

Victris Yorke's Story


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Character Portrait: Victris Yorke
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#, as written by Grahf
A mistake.

It had been a mistake that had landed him here. 'But service to the Emperor, that is all that matters in life.' The thought did little to ease the mind of the Enginseer as he gazed at the planet below. Writhing mechadendrites twitch in his foul mood, 'The reports said it is a tank division. I shudder to think of what blasphemies they have committed. What 'modifications' they have deluded themselves into thinking they needed. Pattern is perfection.' With a motion he signals the Servitor piloting his ship; a small transport, featuring minimal weapons and supplies, he had been dropped off by a passing cruiser. The Servitor responds to the non-verbal command and opens a vox connection- or rather tries to, the planet had so far refused to allow communications. "Wretched Greenskins. This is their doing. Not sure how, but I bet they have a green-paw in the mess."

Victris had a special dislike for the hulking green beasts; he found them disgusting, and loathed the 'Looted-Tanks,' the heathen creatures rode about in; the additions, the paint...the filth. They RAPED the Machine Spirit. It was beyond simply stealing a vehicle. To Victris it was SIN. In all his years he had seen the many faces of heresy; from the traitor legions of Chaos, to the sleek deadly precision of those cowardly Eldar. Even the soul quaking fury of the Tyranid. But nothing caused the Tech-priest such ire as the Orks. "An error in the system. Bah! It was divine will that I come here.." he glares at the planet below..."...but a tank division. Emperor save me, they will be as dirty as the Orks.."

After spending a few years aboard the Octimus Ligus, a Warlord-class Titan, these tanks would be simple to maintain. He figured after a few days the Servitors would be doing most of the menial tasks, allowing him time to examine the archeotech his servo-skulls would locate; It was well known that well-off people tended to hoard the ancient tech, it was also known that these same people were often the first put to the blade in times of crisis. There would be treasures to bring to the vaults on Mars, that was certain.

A motion, signaling the Servitor pilot again, the ship dips it's nose, beginning it's descent.