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Bricks of Wonderland

Bricks of Wonderland


Have you ever wondered what happened to Alice after she wet to Wonderland? Well just come find out...[literater rp'ers only!!!]

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alice in wonderland




Theme Song: Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore

The Past:

You all know the story of Alice and how she found Wonderland but no one ever told you what happened after did they? Well Alice did end up going back to Wonderland when she was older and soon fell in love with the Mad Hatter. Alice stayed in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter and after a few years Alice became pregnant with twins. The first year was good, but soon the Mad Hatter and Alice became distant because of the twins. They where always arguing about the twins wellbeing. Alice decided to take the twins and go back to the real world leaving the Mad Hatter and Wonderland for good. The Mad Hatter did not take this too well and soon drove himself to insanity, his life was ended shortly after Alice left.

Alice soon got her life settled in Manhattan, New York. She was able to find a job as a secretary and got help with the twins by hiring a nanny. As the twins got older personalities came out and much to say the boy was very much like Alice and the girl was very much like the Mad Hatter. They both where very different in looks and how they acted, some couldn’t even believe they where twins. Alice kept Wonderland a secret from them and when the twins asked their mother about their father her answer was always he was a good man but died before they where born. It was all they got for an answer nothing less, nothing more.


17 years later…

Alice had a real hard time raising the twins especially the girl. She was very much like her father and has some psychological problems and very much did not socialize that well. The boy was very much quiet and reserved but also very dreamy, he had a big imagination just like Alice. The twins where very close in many ways and if one went one way the other would soon follow. Alice started getting sick and was put in the hospital leaving the twins to fend for themselves at .

The twins hardly went to school after their mom went into the hospital and the twin girl seemed to always be lost in her mind. Mumbling words…

“Well you built up a world of magic because your real life is tragic yeah you built up a world of magic if it's not real you can't hold it in your hand you can't feel it with your heart”


While her brother was always trying to keep her down to Earth, he seemed to be loosing her with every moment they lost their mother. Then, one night, while they were sitting with her, she looked at her children and beckoned them over to the bed. Alice could tell she was dying, and she needed her children to know about their real life. "Children," She said, her voice raspy and shallow breath making it hard to hear her she told her story of Wonderland, the twins sat there listening in sort of a shocked way, they thought their mother was seriously losing it. Once their mother finished her story she took her final breath, she kissed her children, and said, "I love you both," and then, she flat lined.

Now the twins didn’t know what to do, the girl was lost in her own mind and her brother had all he could do to keep her from going insane. One day they took a walk in the woods, the boy thought his sister could use some fresh air since she hasn’t been out since their mother’s death. As they where walking without even realizing it they walked right into Wonderland. This is where their story begins…

What has been going on in Wonderland…

Things where going well for quite awhile but then a few years ago a curse was set upon some of the people in wonderland. Some became insane others that have wandered into Wonderland became creatures of Wonderland and where only allowed to be in there human form for four hours a day. The writer wrote all this down and a few years back in his research of trying to find a way to break the curse he found out that on the year 2025 two teenagers will find their way into Wonderland and will be able to help lift the curse off of everyone in Wonderland. Though how they will do that is still a mystery…


The Twins are son and daughter of Alice and the Mad Hatter. The son has a personality like his mother and the daughter has a personality like her father the Mad Hatter. They do not know of Wonderland or who their father is because their mother wanted to keep that from them and try to live a normal life with them. The twins rely on each other and are very close, they might be polar opposites but that’s why they get along so well.

Twin Boy:
Name: ? Liddell| Age: 17| FC: Luke Pasqualino|Love: He has feelings for both the Insane Nurse and the Insolitus|Side: Good|RESERVED for The*Lucky*Teacup|

Twin Girl:Pippa Liddell
Pippa Liddell| Age: 17| FC: Kerli Koiv |Love: The Crazy Baker|Side: Neutral|TAKEN by airedeiagrace|

The crazy baker has had a rough past, when she was a child her mother worked for the queen of hearts and she had to deal with the abuse from the queen and her mother could not do anything about it. As she got older she learned to cook but she didn’t cook the normal things, she liked to add fun things, such has drugs..LSD, to her food just to see people go nuts. She is very close with the Insane Nurse, they have been friends since they where children.

The Crazy Baker:
Name: ? | Age: (16-21)| FC: Ksenia Solo |Love: Twin girl and flirts with the insane nurse|Side:Good|OPEN|

The insane nurse was actually raised in the real world until she was around the age of ten and somehow found herself in Wonderland. She grew sort of insane while being here and soon came up with the idea she is a nurse (even though she really isn’t) and if anyone gets hurt she tries to help them to the best of her ability. She has sort of a motherly personality and the crazy baker has been her friend since she came to Wonderland.

The Insane Nurse:
Name: ? | Age: (16-21)| FC: lizzy caplain |Love: Twin boy has had a fling with the intelligent writer|Side:Good|OPEN|

The intelligent writer is one of the more sane people in Wonderland. He is known around Wonderland for his known facts and stories that he comes up with. He is also the one that developed the map of Wonderland, and is the one to write up the past of what has happened in Wonderland. He is one to keep the Baker and Nurse inline when they start getting into things they shouldn’t be.

The Intelligent Writer:
Name: ? | Age: (24-30)| FC: hugh laurie |Love: the sly fox, has had a fling with the insane nurse |Side:Good|RESERVED for Whscorbin|

The sly fox is very sneaky, no one really knows where she has came from, she just sorta came upon the intelligent writer one day and just has stayed around. She becomes friends with the twins right off, she is the ones that found when they first come to Wonderland. She once was a normal human in the human world and somehow found her in Wonderland. After the curse she was transformed into a fox.

The Sly Fox:
Name: ? | Age: (23-27)| FC: Emilia Clarke |Love: the intelligent writer |Side:Good|RESERVED for desire99600|

The Sly Fox’s animal form

Knave, once the Red Queen's closest companion, had one of the last of a breed of talking horses. After the Red Queen and Knave were banished, the breed all but died off. That is, except for a young stallion, the son of the very horse Knave rode. He bred with a now extinct species of horses who were said to breath fire, and from it the Equus was born. The Equus are a rare group of horses with wings of fire who can also stamp their hooves and make fires. Most of the time they do this to keep themselves safe, and the ones they are close to. Equus have even tempers, even though they are beings of fire. She once was a normal human in the human world and somehow found her in Wonderland. After the curse she was transformed into a Equus.

The Equus
Name: ? | Age: | FC: Karin Gillan |Side: Neutral|RESERVED for The_Fallen_Ones|

The Equus’ animal form:

Insolitus is the evolved form of the Cheshire cat. She is sleek and skinny, and goes from a pale green color to a bright blue/purple. Having pink stripes all over her body, she is a little bit of a flirtatious devil. Her eyes are bright purple, and her smile is twisted at the ends. She is a bit of an interesting character, and can disappear and travel very quickly when invisible.She once was a normal human in the human world and somehow found her in Wonderland. After the curse she was transformed into an Insolitus.

Name: ? | Age: | FC: Brenda Song |Side: Neutral|TAKEN by loonylunaloo|

Insolitus’ animal form:

Vires is an evolved Bandersnatch, the product of the Bandersnatch and another, unknown being breeding. Vires have ten legs, 4 eyes, and two tails. They are dangerous, and usually live in groups of two or four. They breed once a year, having anywhere from 2 to 6 pups, each of which are born with 6 legs. The final four legs develop after they have been alive for 6 years. They are violent, and only respond to the being that raised them, usually their parents. He once was a normal human in the human world and somehow found her in Wonderland. After the curse he was transformed into a Vires.

Name: ? | Age: | FC: Seth Green|Side: bad|OPEN|

Vires’ animal form:

Ignis Bestiarum literally means fire beast. And that’s exactly what he is. He is the only one of his being, but he has the power to reproduce asexually, meaning he can lay and fertilize eggs. Lucky for Wonderland, this only happens once every 100 years. If you can slay the beast before he lays his 4 deadly eggs, you are lucky. However, the beast is still carrying those eggs, so you must cut him open and destroy the eggs also. Otherwise, the eggs will hatch inside him, the four babies blend into one, and create the Beastiarum, the most feared being in all of Wonderland. Unfortunately, that’s what happened last time. He once was a normal human in the human world and somehow found her in Wonderland. After the curse he was transformed into a Ignis Bestiarum.

Ignis Bestiarum
Name: ? | Age: | FC: David Borenza|Side: bad|OPEN|

Ignis Bestiarum

This is the Beastiarum. His is a 7 headed being that can breathe a different element from each head. The head you must destroy is the one that keeps eye contact with you when you fight it. It will only obey whatever raised it, usually a human being because of the fact that people rarely allow the father beast to live. The Beastiarum can live up to 3000 years, and will reproduce asexually after 100. It will bear one egg, that egg with be another Ignis Bestiarum, making its existence a never ending cycle. He once was a normal human in the human world and somehow found her in Wonderland. After the curse he was transformed into a Beastiarum.

Name: ? | Age: | FC: Landon Liboiron|Side: bad|OPEN|

Beastiarum animal form:

The Prince of Shadows, son of the Light Queen and King of Black, he is the current ruler of Wonderland, after kicking his brother off the throne. He killed both his parents for revenge of not getting the throne, as he believed was his right. His brother, the Prince of Light, lives in recluse now, waiting for the time when “Alice” may return and save them from the darkness.

The Prince of Shadows
Name: ? | Age: in 20’s | FC: Channing Tatum| Loves: Lady Light|Side: bad|OPEN|

The Prince of Light, once the joy of Wonderland, now lives in recluse, afraid for his life while his brother is alive. He is building up an army to fight the Army of Shadows. The Prince of Light calls his army the Shadow Thieves, a name his father had once used for his own army. The Prince of Light is a kind hearted, sweet young man with a smile that could melt your heart.

The Prince of Light
Name: ? | Age: in 20’s | FC: Chris Evans| Loves: Lady Black|Side: good|OPEN|

Lady Black is slow to anger, but holds a grudge. She is easy to get along with, but once you are on her bad side, expect to stay there for eternity. While she is good friends with Lady Light, she is also clearly in love with the Light Prince, though she hides it well from her Boss, the Shadow Prince. She is his most trusted advisor, and they are close.

Lady Black:
Name: ? | Age: in 20’s | FC: Nikki Reed| Loves: The Prince of Light|Side: bad|OPEN|

Lady Light is the second in command to the Light Prince. She is gentle, sweet, and a ball of energy. She often serves as the go between in issues with the brothers, along with Lady Black, the Shadow Princes second in command. She has a little crush on the Shadow Prince, and even though she shouldn’t, she flirts with him every chance she gets.

Lady Light
Name: ? | Age: in 20’s | FC: Rachel Hurd-Wood| Loves: The Prince of Shadows|Side: good|RESERVED for LoveTheLight|

Character Skeleton:

Code: Select all
[center][size=160][b](put name here)[/b][/size][/center]


[b]Where you are from:[/b] City/State/Country
[b]Role:[/b] Please your face claim here
[b]How did you end up in Wonderland:[/b] [/center]


[b]Likes:[/b] at least 4
[b]Dislikes:[/b] at least 4
[b]Fears:[/b] at least 4


[b]Description:[/b] [ Include most likely more then one picture if you really want to be added. And make sure your useing the correct actor/actress. Be descriptive, I want a small one but not 'sandy has blonde hair,blue eyes and plae skin.' Tell me what your picture doesn't show and what it dose. Eye color, clothing style, hair, body type, everything you can think of and make it into at least two or one long detailed paragraph.. ]

[b]Personality:[/b] [ Here I want to see a deep understanding of your character. I want to feel like I know your character, that I met them on the street, you need to be able to act out their role, I need to understand your fears and weaknesses just like you understand them, give me at least two small paragraph's that are nicely detailed.. ]


[b]History:[/b] Please have at least 2 or 3 good paragraphs. Be descriptive, I will not take two, three sentences for history.
[b]Theme Song:[/b] optional




The Rules:

Loony: “Can we get started yet!?”
Airey: “I haven’t even typed out all the rules yet!”
Fallen: "Yeah Rules are important!"
Loony: “Rules schmules! Let’s get to the fun! Right Corby?”
Corby: *looks up from book* “What?”
Loony: “Just agree with me…”
Corby: “Whatever you say gorgeous,” *winks*
Airey: “guys….your distracting me”
Loony: “Was the wink necessary!?”
Corby: “Yes of course,”
Airey: *facepalm* “Onto the rules….”
Fallen: “You two need to stop flirting…”
Loony: “I hate rules…”
Corby: “Hey did you know that Nestle chocolate milk mix is made by forced labor and child slaves in Africa,”
Fallen: “I like chocolate milk tho….”
Loony: “That’s so sad!”
Airey: “Can I continue?”

Sorry about that…now the rules:

• If you have any questions you can either come to me or my CO-GM Loonylunaloo With that said please also listen to us.
• Please No Godmodding (If we see this we will find you and if you do it too much we will kill off your character[s] in a fun way :D)
• Swearing, Violence and such will be seen in the RP.
• This will be a very grown-up roleplay, at some point through it, things may get heated. We are following the sites rules. You either take it to PM or fade in black or even time skip. Do not blind us, Luna or I, will find you.
• Be committed. We do not want this RP to die. So be able to at least post every other day. If you’re not able to post just let us know.
• If you have read this please write the password in your character sheet, when asked for it We want this to be a literate RP so we would like to see at least 375 words per post. Be descriptive! (We will be watching this o.o)
• You can have at least two characters
• The password is ‘I am as insane as the mad hatter!’
• Please have a picture in your character avatar. If you need help with it just ask.(this is a pet peeve of mine)
• Reserves last for two days. Please ask in OOC for reserves do not just submit a character. If you need more time just ask.
• Say “Hi Airey and Luna!” when reserving a character so i know you read the rules.
• Last but not least Luna and I want you all to do us a big favor! …..HAVE FUN!!! :DD


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Character Portrait: Pippa Liddell
Character Portrait: Artrix Winters


Character Portrait: Artrix Winters
Artrix Winters

"Ever heard the phrase, sly as a fox?"

Character Portrait: Pippa Liddell
Pippa Liddell

"I knew it was real"


Character Portrait: Pippa Liddell
Pippa Liddell

"I knew it was real"

Character Portrait: Artrix Winters
Artrix Winters

"Ever heard the phrase, sly as a fox?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Pippa Liddell
Pippa Liddell

"I knew it was real"

Character Portrait: Artrix Winters
Artrix Winters

"Ever heard the phrase, sly as a fox?"

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HI airey and Luna!
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edit: Don't know if i'm reserved yet but i'll just make my character anyway.

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Hi everyone! all will be reserved :D

@theluckyteacup I have the twin girl almost done so if you have any questions about their history just IM me :D her name is Pippa just so you know :)

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“Hi Airey and Luna!”

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Hey, Airey and Luna! Can I reserve Lady Light?

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