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Madelyn Rorrey

Dear Mum and Dad, I hate you for sending me to this school

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a character in “Bridgent Private Academy”, as played by KitKattt



ImageName: Madelyn Emilea Rorrey
Age: 16.5
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Strait)
Nickname(s): Maddie, Lea, Rory, Mer

Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, reading, playing video games
Passion: Writing (stories, poems, plays, ect.)

Strengths: Creative writing/English, clever, quick thinker, fast, smart, creative, imaginative
Weaknesses: Vandalizes, rule-breaker, stubborn, mischievous, rude, lazy
Likes: Reading, writing, punk/techno music, food, the internet, sleep, thunder
Dislikes: Most of her classmates, girly things, uniforms, rules, sports
Personality: Madelyn is a rebellious girl. She doesn't like to follow the rules, and she likes to stand out. She can be very rude and stubborn in public, but by herself she is very thoughtful and a bit sensitive. She absolutely hates this school, and everyone in it. Maddie is a troublemaker and hates going by the school rules. She is smart, clever and a quick thinker which helps her get out of trouble. She is pretty much your stereotypical rebel, but with some traits of her own.

Appearance: Maddie is rather tall being 5'10" and she weighs 125lbs. She is naturally blonde, but she has dyed her hair so many times and so many colors no one really knows anymore. She has blue-green/hazel eyes, hazel in the center then blue-green surrounding it. Maddie has a fair, pale complexion of soft ivory skin.

Other: Goes to school

Fashion Style: Punk, Techno and a bit of her own style

Background: Maddie actually comes from a decent, rich family. They love expensive, fine and elegant things. Maddie's parents were greatly disappointed in how she turned out. Her older brother and sister always followed the rules and were perfect children in their parents eyes. Maddie was different, she rebelled against everything they wanted her to be. Her parents decided that if they sent her to this school she would come back disciplined and perfect like her siblings. They requested to enroll her there and paid a little extra money to keep her there in case she would possibly be kicked out.

Image Writing sample: Coming soon!

So begins...

Madelyn Rorrey's Story

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Madelyn was at a concert with her friends. Surprisingly there was only a maximum of 20 people there. "Wow! We got a good deal! We are in the front row and there's not even that many people here!" She shouted over the loud music. "Yea! My brother knows a guy and he gave me these tickets as an early birthday present!" One of her friends said to her. "Shh! This is my favorite song!" Maddie's other friend said. The three girls listened, but Maddie realized something wasn't right. She listened to what the band was saying very carefully. "LOW FAT YOGURT!!!" They screamed. 'What?!' Maddie thought. "RICE MILK WITH HAND PICKED BOYSEN-BERRIES!!!!" "What the?!" She said out loud. The song finally ended with one band member saying, "Mrs. Boston OUT!!"

Maddie woke up to the sound of yelling. "SHUT THE HELL UP!" She growled at whatever it was that was making that noise. She rolled over and put a pillow over her ears. 'Don't worry, Maddie! You'll have fun at this new school!' Her parents assured her before she went on the plane. Boy, were they wrong. She didn't appreciate waking up at 7:30, but she knew that she had to. That didn't matter to Maddie, and she went back to sleep. "Damn school, interrupting my sleep!" She said just before she went back to her dreaming.

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Maddie decided to wake up an hour later due to her stomach making whale noises. "Urrgggg." She pulled the covers off and slid out of bed. She went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth then she walked slowly to her mirror and brushed her pink hair and spun it into a bun. "It's too early for school!" She groaned. She put on her school uniform, but added somethings to her own liking. Underneath her skirt she put on ripped, neon blue leggings and laced up her black converse. She put black eye liner on the top of her eye lid, then put pink eye shadow that was barely noticeable. Maddie looked in the mirror one last time before leaving her room.

Maddie closed the door behind her then stretched, then heard crying which turned into laughter down the hallway. She just stood there looking at her school mates conversing. "I can tell you at the party thingy. I mean, if the party is actually gonna' happen?" A party? I like parties. Maddie thought. Grglerglderg "Damn, why am I so hungry?!" She whispered to herself as she hugged her stomach.