Tiberius Westlake

"I'm missing something, aren't I? Was that an inside joke?" (wip yo)

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a character in “Brigadiers Forever”, as played by HandsomeBenders


"Foxtrot" || Tiberius Westlake || Twenty-One || Heterosexual || Second Violin || FC: Dan Gruchy

[Full Name]
    Tiberius David Westlake
    "I'm really sorry for the mouthful. I guess my mother was of the ...'Eccentric' kind."

    Dave - Westlake - Tibbs - Foxtrot
    "Please, just call me Dave or Westlake."
    Only the other two violinists are really allowed to call him Tibbs.

[High School Year Founding Bunny Brigade]
    Senior - Age 18

(FC: Daniel Gruchy)
With constantly ruffled short dark brown hair, Dave used to be constantly keeping it well groomed, mostly out of reflex of his older brother and friends messing it up from it's usual combed style. Nowadays, or at least the nowadays before the accident, Dave just gave up and let his hair stay the way it was after someone had touched it, leaving the impression of a slacker who didn't bother with a brush in the morning. His eyes are a dark brown, of which past romances have claimed resemble melted chocolate hidden under heavy lids, much to Dave's disgust.
Before the accident, Dave was a well muscled athlete who could keep up with the dance routines with ease, but his muscles have mostly vanished from unuse and constant rest in a hospital bed. He's still fairly strong and can do a few dance moves, but tends to tire more easily.
Dave has a habit of keeping his sleeves rolled up, no matter how cold it seems to be outside, and tends to stick to only clothing that CAN have sleeves rolled up, much to others' chagrin. He also sticks to Adidas and Nikes and the occasional Supras he attained over the years to complement his oversized collection of jeans, colored dark blue to hot red. He occasionally has to wear fairly thick glasses, otherwise he keeps his contacts. Dave doesn't care too much about his facial hair but keeps it at a short stubble, "It's easier to take care of if I just keep it short".
He has two tattoos, on each forearm are bands from various video games, on his right are assassin's creed insignia forming a band and on his left is triforces amidst various LoZ references. During concerts he would be forced to wear arm sleeves to cover up the tattoos. He has another tattoo on his right shoulder of a black bullseye, the outermost ring reaching his armpit.


Tiberius is the "mediator" and "go-between" of the group. He's the one that just walks in the middle of the argument to attempt to stop it, despite the danger of getting punched. Honestly, he hates it when everyone is fighting, and is subject to either hating himself for not helping sooner, or hating everyone else for not being able to solve their own problems quietly.
With that said, he has two sides to him, one that he openly shows and feels, the other more of an inner hatred for the world, the latter mostly being resolved when Tiberius woke up from his coma, grateful to be alive. Tiberius is, to say, oblivious to hatred from others, he's persistent, and stubborn when it comes to getting people to speak to him, since it's the way he learned to get people's attention while growing up. With that said, he's fairly narcissistic, but never actually mentions anything about his physical appearance to his friends, coming off as a down-to-earth guy that just naturally does everything easily, which of course, is a facade.
On days when he is alone, Tiberius likes to just sit at a window and contemplate minute things, like why things are called what they are and what his music theory lessons taught him, mentally mapping pieces for the brigadiers and covers of popular songs. He's dead serious on any of those days, and tends to become a source of dry wit at the expense of anyone who interrupts his train of thought.
He's like a teddy bear when he tries to comfort criers, enveloping the victim in a massive bear hug as he makes himself cry alongside the person, saying "It's only right if I feel the same way they do".

Playing the Violin - Memories - Video Games - Reading - Dancing - Crowds - Thinking - Solitude - Quiet
Deafening Loudness - Logic - Days spent in pajamas - Rain - Composing music - Music Theory - His Friends
His brother - Movies - Hot chocolate - Cold days - Autumn - Fans - Social Media (he tweets a fair amount) - Brisk winds
Music boxes - Music in general - Practicing the dance routines - Being on stage - The calm after a storm - His (sport) motorbike

Remembering things he should already know - Confrontation - Over the top romance - Lack of Common Sense
Being compared to things and other - His father - Hot days - Summer - Parties - Sweating - Pain - Talking about the Accident
Roaches - Being sick - Not being able to keep up - Flashbacks - The Press - Humanity as a whole

un - deux - trois - tbe
uno - dos - tres - tbe

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[Inner Monster]
{Insecurities} - {Envy} - {Guilt}
Dave technically never left the group, since he was in the hospital and everything. But there is something that is always tearing away at him mentally. Truthfully, Dave is full of thoughts that would normally drive a person mad, but hides them away from his friends, letting them believe in the idea of him being the carefree thinker that he's built up so lovingly as a mask. He has the habit of building up all of his dark feelings and brushing them away, his mood constantly getting worse as the years go by. By the time of the accident his "mask" had begun to show some wear and tear. He's fairly judgmental, or was beforehand. Dave also resents the fact that he's never been in the spotlight, always receiving less press attention than the other two violins and others. He could have blamed his personality on that but he didn't exactly factor in himself.
But the thing that's been bothering him was found the day he woke up again and was told of who he was by his older brother, who walked him through the basics of Dave's life. He's felt like a stranger looking in on a window to a beautiful life. The thing is, that same stranger felt like he ruined everything by intruding. Feelings of remorse and guilt build up every time he meets one of the Brigadiers, tears threatening to spill. He has a constant feeling that everyone would blame him, and he's gotten a lot of shit that just helped those feelings grow, with press knowing his identity and who he was.
Even though he's regaining his memories, albeit slowly, Dave can't shake the feeling that there's a rift in the band now, and it would to time to fix. Time that he wasn't sure many would spare.

Older Brother - Jericho Westlake - 25
Estranged Father - Evan Westlake - 49
Deceased Mother - Lafayette Fritz - 46 (25 at death)



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