Mae-Ling Khang

"No pain no gain."

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Basic Understanding (>‿◠)✌


Full Name:
Mae-Ling Sun Khang

~Mae, it's what most people call her as she goes by that name as she doesn't really like the -Ling added on.
~MaeMae, is the name that her mother calls her, and her mother simply adores calling her that, as for Mae is her mother's baby girl and her mother likes to hold on to that part of her youth a lot.
~Captain, is usually the nickname she gets from her teammates sometimes but it's rarely used and it's more formal than anything.
~Captain Khang, is a silly joke pet name that they gave her.
~Khanga-Roo, is just a nickname people gave her based off of her last name. She adores it though and has no same in it.

Seventeen years old. She was born on November 16th 1996 ♏.

Bisexual || Fairly known to the public but she doesn't care.

Female ♀

75% Korean and 25% American

L.A. California. Her great grandparents migrated over a long while back before her father was born.

The West Side Sharks

Captain and she's also a flyer.

Beneath The Skin (‐^▽^‐)

Favorite Ability:
Water Aura, with the water surrounding her it makes a neat affect. She's also able to fly with the water surrounding her or it makes it easier to propel herself into the air. It's why she's also a flyer on the squad.

Bows Tea
Nature Dancing
Out Doors Cheer leading
Intellect & Cunning Maths & Sciences
Harp Music Playing piano
Baseball Sushi
Beauty Fashion
Modeling Photography

Football Smokers
Losing Her glasses
Hamburgers Dark chocolate
Junk food Cook books
Screamo music 3D movies
Sour candy Most Sugar
Plain Milk
Horror movies Cheesy Romance

Dancing εїз Photography
Gymnastics εїз Makeup
Fashion Design εїз Solving puzzles

Her Home Disappointing
Being Alone Needles
Spiders Failing


( Clever || Determined || Compassionate || Elegant || Creative )

Mae-Ling is more of a charming girl. She is elegant and poise and she knows how to act like a proper lady. Growing up in the family she did she learned respect, dignity, hard work, and kindness. She was taught to have open arms to everyone and she accepts people for who they are. She knows that the first step into getting anywhere is to have belief in yourself and to be proud of what you do. That goes to say she's still a hard worker and she believes that everything needs practice and you practice until you're on your death bed. In that sense, Mae is very determined and she's not a quitter. No matter how many times you shoot her down she will get back up, again and again. She doesn't lose sigh of hope, because if you lose sight of that then the fear gets in, and the only thing stronger than fear is hope. Hope is always the key.

Mae is elegant and poise yes, but she isn't a prude. She just acts with grace and purity. She doesn't believe that acting in spite will get you anywhere and bashing down your team any chance you get is never a go for her. You need to compliment them and tell them what they're doing well and then after tell them what they need to fix. She isn't a push over she has a voice and she speaks it clearly. Mistakes happen though and they all learn from it. Mae is a creative person and she likes to put her own spin on things. She has a huge passion in design and it often gets her a lot of places. Mae is the calm and collected type in a warfare situation, she will be there to watch and she plays in word play but she doesn't let her emotions get the best of her. In that sense in a way she could almost be like a statue, where she lets nothing in and she gives nothing out, it can be difficult to get her angry or upset, but it's very well possible. You just have to find the weakness in her, which she also tends to keep hidden at all costs. Her weakness is probably her loyalty and her compassion. She has sympathy towards others a lot and she'll try to help.

It is said that her team is cunning, but in truth she's not quite so cunning herself, she looks at cheerleading more like a battle field than making friends. When you're in a competition it's not time to kiss and make friends with everyone for the hell of it, it's time to get serious and if you want to win you'll play to your strengths. Most people don't realize what their talents are and what their strengths are but, Mae is very good at playing strategic games, she's fairly intelligent and she has a high IQ. She loves to solve puzzles and she loves to play games. Strategic games are even more fun, so she considers the other teams to be her chess boards and then the other players to be her pawns, and she'll do what it takes.

The Stars To Destiny ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)


Before Mae-Ling's time there was the time of her parents. Her father was pure Korean and his own grandparents came over from Korean over to America. The Khang family grew up there and made a new name for themselves versus the one they left behind at home. That was when Mae-Ling's father, Mr.Khang met the love of his life, which would be Mae-Ling's mother. She was half American and half Korean, her own mother being pure American and her father being all Korean. That's where Mae-Ling get 75% of her being Korean meanwhile the other 25% of her is American. Mae-Ling's parents met in medical school, as Mae-Ling's father was practicing to be a doctor and same with Mae-Ling's mother. They had other dreams her parents did but they wanted to get a good financial structure so they could have the family that they decided. After they got the funds, they started to try for kids. Their first child ended up being a pair of triplets. There was Hyun Shin Khang, Yuhan Jin Khang, and Hana Ja Khang. Two boys and a girl. They were the oldest and Mrs.Khang and Mr. Khang decided to hold off on kids for awhile. After two years, they had Mae-Ling. In 1997 a year later they had Miya Soo Khang. Finally two years after that they had Sol Bi Khang. Making six kids in total, three boys and three girls.

All the kids were taught to be elegant, poise, and charming. It was the way of the Khang family and they were supposed to hold belief in each other and themselves, it was the way of their family. The six siblings were always fairly close to each other and did a lot of things together. All the children were fairly talented in something, so often times they'd be outside playing games together, or just goofing off. Eventually, Hana, Mae-Ling, and Miya decided that they'd start learning how to dance at the age of four years old, and they would host things for their parents to watch or if they had company. The three girls had eventually when they got older being, 15, 13, and 12 decided to have a youtube channel and they were very popular for the longest time for their dancing adn they took pride in what they could do. Meanwhile the boys practiced playing baseball with each other. Hence where Mae-Ling's fondness grows for the sport, it was mostly just sitting there and watching her brothers play, that was probably the best thing for her to do considering she was horrid at throwing the ball or even hitting it. She still had fun with her siblings.

Through out school Hana had done cheerleading and she was the captain of the team. She was really good at it and she helped take her team to nationals every year she was captain. She had pride in herself and she carried on after high school to a college that was meant for cheerleading. Although for a small bit while Hana and Mae-Ling were in the same school and she tried out for the squad and she got on. She worked hard under her sisters orders and they got good. Eventually their youngest sister Miya came into school and she joined the squad for a year or so. When Hana graduated she passed down the captain status to her sister, Mae-Ling. Now Mae-Ling gets to lead the team to victory and she knows just how to do it.

Although growing up in the Khang family isn't all it is cracked up to be. They tell you if you are going to do something you have to do it well. Mae-Ling has failed her parents before and she saw their disappointment and it made her crush and fall into pieces. Mae couldn't bare to see her parents so upset with her, over something so small so from that day on she vowed to never do it again. If she does't win this world competition then she wont be able to face her parents since so much time and money was poured into this, and she can't see their faces looking at her in disapproval. They love her but they told that if her dreams such as cheerleading and dancing didn't work out then they would be helping her find a "real" career and she'd be off in a medical or law school. She's horribly scared of failing now but she has to keep her calm.

Besides that, nothing special has really happened in her past, as far as she can think back it.

The Little Stuff ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


Titanium| David GuettaRoar | Katy Perry
Eye color:
Dark brown, chocolate eyes.

Hair color | Hair Lenght:
Naturally her hair is black but she's dyed it and now it's usually a strawberry blonde. It's fairly long reaching the small in her back.

Height | Weight:
5'4" and 102 lbs. She's slim and petite, easy for being on the top of the pyramid.

Face Claim:
~Jessica Jung~

Nothing else~

So begins...

Mae-Ling Khang's Story