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Carl Baxter

"You know I've been called a devil before. But I'm not. Just your every day devilishly charming vampire."

0 · 479 views · located in New York City

a character in “Brisbane”, as played by GreenPegg




“We are immortal until our work on earth is done.” - George Whitefield


Carlton Michael Baxter
"Not my first name, but I've come to love it. It's very subtle."

Carl (what he's called by most), Carth (his original name).
"Man, I haven't been called Carth in a LONG time. Probably for the best too. Don't see too many Carths these days."
1,971 (Appears around 25-30)
"Age becomes a bit of a pain in the ass when you're an immortal. Especially for dating. But birthdays at least are always fantastic."

"Yep. I drink blood. Is that such a crime? Well, it is, but that's not the point."

|Sexual Orientation|
"Men are cool and everything but...God, I love women."

The Immortal



Lean but fit

|Skin Tone|
Pale White

|Hair Color|

|Eye Color|
Light Green

Carl has scars littering his body from various stab and bullet wounds that he wasn't prepared for. He also carries this symbol as a tattoo on the right side of his collarbone, marking him as a registered vampire.


  • Carl has a particularly old coin he likes to twiddle and turn over in his hands when he's bored.
  • Carl has a notable British accent.
  • When he's angry or excited, Carl loves to use unneeded hand gestures to emphasize his point.

Witchcraft: Carl is one of the most powerful Witches alive (or so he claims). While he may not be the best, he is however undoubtedly stronger then your average Witch due to his vampiric nature and his centuries of practice with the Art of Will.
Hand to Hand:Over the years, Carl has fought a lot. From swords and maces to guns and grenades, Carl has played with most weapons that have existed. But still, his favorite weapons are his fists, having trained in many forms of hand to hand combat over the centuries, combining it all into his own fighting style which utilizes his supernatural strength and speed.
Around the World. Throughout his life, Carl has had many names and has learned many languages. He doesn't remember how many he has learned, but only completely remembers three; English, Gaelic, and Italian. This experience has also taught him much of other cultures, especially in the subject of supernatural lore.
Photography: When cameras became more common in the 18 and 1900's, Carl took an instant liking to them, following the technology over time and becoming a skilled photographer.

Blood (the taste), Wine, Photography, Flying, Birds, The Color Red, Women, Flirting, Conversation, The Music of Queen, Excitement.

Being too serious, cigarettes, Bloodlust, Impatience, Genuine Disrespect, People Who Don't Use Common Courtesy, Remembering the People Who've Betrayed Him.

The Last Man: Carl has been alive for a very long time. He thought about two hundred years in, he'd pick a fight with the wrong person and would catch a knife to the heart. It's been over 1,000 years now and all Carl has done has gotten stronger and watch anyone he's every cared about age and die around him. He's terrified of a nightmare he has often coming true in the future. He walks a barren and abandoned Earth as the last being on the planet forever.


Carl is best described as a sarcastic bastard. Well, that's what the Agent likes to call him. He doesn't take things as seriously as he should, meeting most dangerous things with a smirk or a sny remark. This is because of his age and experience. He also would much rather talk his way out of a situation then bare fangs and fight, seeing fighting as something anyone and everyone can do as it requires instinct instead of thought. Carl's heart however is usually in the right part these days as he's mellowed out in his "old age". He genuinely cares what people have to say even if he acts like he doesn't, coming off as callus at times.

Carl is a man of passion. There is no way around that fact. While he values logic over everything else normally, when it comes to matters of the heart, he is a bit of a slave to his stronger desires. When he wants something, he'll go after it until he gets it and not much will get in his way. He is also loyal to those who earn his trust, but is extremely untrustworthy and cautious of strangers. This attitude comes from his many betrayals and back stabs in the past, both given and taken. He is also loves to flirt with most women he sees as his philosopy is that everyone woman is beautiful. If he isn't flirting with you, it's either because he really likes you or really hates you.


Carl was born in the year 41 AD in a Gaelic village in Britain. It was a peaceful place, surprisingly so since the Roman army was raiding the southern part of the island. Carth's magical potential showed itself around the time he turned 19. This was seen as a blessing and the whole village created a stone complex underground filled with anything they could get their hands on about magic. He was forced to study most days, but was fine with this as he enjoyed making his friends and family so happy. It was like this for ten years until a group of travelers stopped in town. One of them took a liking to Carth and took him back to her tent where the two had sex. In the middle of the intimacy, the woman bit Carth causing him to blackout. When he woke up the next morning, he had been trapped inside the complex, unable to get out. He realized shortly after what had happened and what he had became. Carth lasted one hundred years in the complex, reading every book he had and surviving off rats. Sadly though, he eventually began to shrivel and became paralyzed.

Decades later, Carth was found by a group of grave robber's and proceeded to drain them of blood to regain his strength. He then passes out as he turned onto a street corner. Hours later, he woke up in a hospital bed and over the course of a day, he is told what year it is; 1655. Before suspicion is drawn, he leaves the hospital, steals material on the English language from a school, and unknowingly sneaks onto a boat heading for the Colonies. When he arrived there, he was able to get work as a carpenter for a short time. During this time he converted to feeding off of animals to draw less suspicion, but people were still turning up drained of blood. So, Carth began searching for the other vampire. Unfortunately for him, the vampire turned out to be the owner of the shop Carth worked at. He ambushed the man as he was about to drain and kill a child. Carth was enraged at this, snapping the man's neck which gave him enough time to stab him with a stake. The little girl was terrified and so Carth dropped her off at the village and disappeared. He continued to wander for two hundred years, learning and making up for the time he had lost, living life to it's fullest.

By the time the 1800's were reaching their end, Carth had seen most of the world and had done so many things that he decided to finally make a new home for himself. So he moved to New York City, changed his name to Carl Baxter, and moved into Brisbane Manor. He lived there in peace until 1962 when he received a letter from a group called the Shadow Council, requesting his registration as a vampire. He did so and was put into the system, enjoying some of the perks. His age however did raise many questions which he tried his best to dodge and did so until 1985 when he told the group his story. He was asked to join the group as a Warden, which he turned down initially, but was swayed when the council bought Brisbane Manor from under him and was made the offer again for the deed to the house. He accepted and has done so ever since

So begins...

Carl Baxter's Story