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Wren Easton


0 · 694 views · located in New York City

a character in “Brisbane”, as played by LostRiver


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ― Oscar Wilde

Wren Ivy Easton

Renny, Birdy, Easton



|Sexual Orientation|

The Neophyte



Lithe & athletic

|Skin Tone|

|Hair Color|
Dark brown with a red tint

|Eye Color|
Dark amber

Wren has three piercings in each ear. Aside from that, she has two tattoos: a series of solid stripes just above her elbow, and an "E" at the base of her neck that is a family tradition. She also has a scar that runs across her collar bone that she often puts makeup on to try to cover it up; however, it is still a rather prominent part of her appearance. She got this from the car accident that killed her mother.


- She fiddles with her mother's ring that she keeps on a chain around her neck.
- Wren has a penchant for playing with her hair when she is bored or nervous or is deep in thought.
- She is known for her excessive use of dramatic hand gestures.
- Wren may be tiny and she may work out more than is probably healthy, but what she looses during her excessive exercising, she makes up for in her eating.

Magic: Wren is relatively new to the whole using her soul to create magic, but she certainly seems to be a natural at it. She likes to put on her mother's ring when she preforms magic. Wren knows that this doesn't really do anything to help, but it does help her focus a bit. Being relatively untrained, magic is still a bit taxing for Wren and she only uses it when absolutely necessary and she only practices when she knows that she will have time to relax afterwards.
Manipulation: Although manipulation is something that Wren has become quite good at in the magical sense, she is still well versed in getting people to do what she wants without the aid of magic. In high school, Wren was known for her persuasive powers over everyone from hot guys to teachers.
Gymnastics: Wren has always been flexible and lithe and she loves jumping around and preforming stunts that could very well put her in the hospital. She was on her regional gymnastics team for twelve years (from five years old to seventeen), co-captain of her high school cheerleading team for one year, and head captain of the cheerleading team for two years. However, senior year of high school, her father told her that she could not possibly make money off of these things, so she dropped off of the team so that she could focus on her schoolwork.
Music: Much like gymnastics and cheerleading, Wren has loved music from an early age and she always had a knack for learning the basics of any instrument that she came in contact with. However, also like gymnastics and cheerleading, Wren's father eventually broke the news to her that it was nearly impossible to support herself with a career in music. So, she stopped playing the instruments that she had learned and she went back to focusing on schoolwork.
Science & math: Not many things make sense to Wren. She understands partying, shopping, getting guys... and learning complex algorithms. For some reason, science and math classes have always been Wren's strong suit. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why Wren decided to become a nurse. She has always just found those things easy to comprehend.

|| Exercising || Jewelry || Clothing || Helping people || Music || Science || Math || Chocolate || Fruit juices || Spicy foods || Cooking || Eating || Peanut butter ||

|| Being ignored || Silence || Cold weather || Citrus smells || Sour foods || Working || Rules || Cheaters || Power abuse || Not exercising for more than one day || Chocolate & peanut butter combined ||

|| Dying alone || Deep water || Fire || Fast cars || Spiders ||


There have been many people in Wren's life that have called her stupid or naive or both; however, anyone who has gotten to know the girl in the slightest can see that she is neither of these things. Wren is slightly ditzy and often finds that she cannot understand the finer points in life such as "inspirational" works of art, profound pieces of literature, or anything that is - what she likes to call - "fancy, snobby things". She may not see the beauty in a sculpted masterpiece or be able to understand the complexity of Charles Dickens's works, but it would be wrong to call Wren dumb. She is extremely talented in any practical study such as science and math, but she lacks the ability to understand the creative mind. She is well versed in playing music, but when it comes to interpreting the subtle nuances of classical pieces, Wren is completely dumbfounded. She often comes off as stupid or naive simply because she is not afraid to voice the fact that she does not understand these finer things. However, her amazing grades and her ability to learn just about anything at the drop of a hat show that she is anything but dumb.

Wren often tries to be as likable of a person as she can be. She enjoys making others laugh and she is always looking to get other people to have a good time. She likes to have fun herself, but for Wren, making sure that someone she likes is having fun is far more important than having fun herself. She loves a good party and she is known for her amazing alcohol tolerance relative to her body weight. That being said, she has recently been trying to cut down on drinking simply because she knows how poisonous the substance is. In any case, Wren is not always in the spotlight, but she's always at least close to the spotlight. She finds that she likes it better when she is the best friend of the queen bee rather than being the queen herself.

One thing that Wren can always be commended on is her fierce sense of loyalty. Although she tends to have trust issues and commitment issues and several other issues, Wren is not one to betray someone she trusts in any way, shape, or form. She would willingly give up everything to stand by someone that she loves. More often than not, this is actually a character flaw for Wren and it causes her more heartbreak than it does joy. She tries not to be too trusting of others, but once Wren's trust has been gained, it is extraordinarily hard to break that trust. Loyalty is something that Wren values above anything and her sense of loyalty is the strongest that you may ever see.

Despite her slightly ditzy, incredibly fun nature, there is a darker side to Wren that is hidden behind her quick-witted jokes and charming smiles. Wren is the type of person that loves to have groups of friends around her, but never lets anyone get to close. She has this constant need for companionship and the constant need for people to like her, but it is extremely rare for someone to know more than her favorite color is green. She is self-conscious even though she does not let it show to anyone. Wren may be all smiles and fun times, but on the inside, she is constantly judging herself and thinking that she is not good enough for anyone. It is for this reason and many other reasons that she constantly keeps people at arms length. Needless to say, Wren has problems of her own to deal with, but to most onlookers, she is simply a ditzy, fun-loving, party girl.




So begins...

Wren Easton's Story