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Charte (no last name)

A neko who just wanted a home

0 · 204 views · located in Brittles ownership.

a character in “Brittle Orphans”, as played by sunny515241



Name- Charte
Age- 14
Sex- Female
Ethnic- Neko
Why are you an Orphan: (Read her History)
What do you think of being an Orphan: She hates it
Ever done a hard days work in your life?: Yes
How will your character feel about being owned by Brittle: She's going to hate it


Charte is very shy and likes to keep to herself. She likes to be alone. She is anti-social most of the time and is trying her best to change that, but with no avail. She is fun loving and likes to be outside in nature. She loves to play and is very affectionate towards those she loves.




Charte grew up on the streets, always hiding in a ally during the day and trying to find a way to keep warm at night. By doing this she learned to fend for herself. Her parents always left during the day and would return at night with whatever food they could find. One day her parents left and never came back. She stayed in the ally for almost a week before she was found. By that time she had passed out from starvation and dehydration. They took her to the local hospital to get treatment and care.

When she finally woke up she didn't remember anything but her first name. She looked around the strange room and felt the hospital bed under her. "Where am I?" She asked the nurse who was now taking the IV cords out of her wrist. "You are currently in the hospital. From what we understand you are a orphan, so we have found you a home, you will leave for there tomorrow." The nurse replied and left the room. Charte curled up and cried for hours, wanting to know what had happened to it all she had once known.

So begins...

Charte (no last name)'s Story