Shadow Waldorf

"I can play my cards, as I want!"(work in progress)

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a character in “Broken Bonds: Darkness Falls”, as played by Ally-loves-you


Shadow Waldorf


Age:Β 18;
Where you are from:Sacramento, California, USA;


Likes: girls;darkness;hats;blame;victims;blood;music;singing;dancing;flirting;
Dislikes: sadness;breakup;fears;dreams;to be alone;to be different.romance movies;nerds;


Description:He is verry tall and slim. 6β€² 1¼” and 160 lbs...He has blonde to brown hair that always seems to be messed up.He is more scrappy looking than muscular but his height is helping him.He has a tattoo on his back wich shows a bloody art.

Element or weapon?: "Darkness counts?"

Personality:"Wow, take it easy!My personality??Umm, that will be a little hard to say, but yeah, I am gonna try.Well, I will make a list.

1.moody.I am moody.I can switch my mood easily.Let's say that now I am happy and after two minutes I am sad...Music helps, you know??My friends say that I am creepy, but I don't mind.I don't mind what everyone else say.I am totaly independent.Cheers to that!;

2.funny.I can be funny at times, at least when my friends are sad and I have to help them.I can't support my friends to be sad...I know many good jokes so I can make everyone laugh.But I am not jumping the limit between sadness and despair.;

3.I am crazy.And I am not affraid to tell you or to show you..Many people would correct me, saying insane instead crazy, but no.I AM CRAZY.I don't have to be put in an asylum, but my mind it's affected.I don't know, maybe by dark....;

4.outgoing.I am friendly, I am not joking...What, you can't see deeper then my dark eyes??I am a human too, even if I am...different.I can be very friendly whenever I am near friends or family.Just that...my mom is scared of me...Why?I am not a monster, right??Right??

5.bad.Yeah, hear, all my problems gather together and they colaps into a bad boy.I choosed the darkness and the darkness choosed me.I don't regret.Maybe, I should've been more serious about bringing the darkness in my weak body, but now it's too late.I can't do anything about that.Don't you dare to be sorry!It was my alternative, not yours.I play the victim this time...;

6.scared....I...am..scared sometimes with...the girls.I don't know why I can't say to the girl I love, that I like her.It is just to complicated.And because of this, all the girls say I am gay.I never had a girlfriend before, even if I am 18, but believe me I am not gay!God, I am so sick of lies...And should I tell you that I never kissed someone??;But, beside that, I know how to flirt well, hehe.So weird, right?;

7.different?I was raised with this word, I was associated with it, but have you evre asked yourself, if I really like to be like that??!No, you haven't!Look, I like to be bad and dark, but..sometimes all I want is to become normal again.I long for the times when I was just a NORMAL kid.Those imes ended so quick,without letting me to think..Had I made a big mistake?

Heh, I bet you don't understand me, but it doesn't metter to much.At least not now, when I am fighting with my own personality..."


History:Before darkness came in the town and took him, he was living with his mother, Catherine, and his sister, Sarah, in a big house somewhere around the small city..His father died in the war, and Shadow never saw him.He was told that in this world yhings changed and now it was very different from it was before the wars.Shad was raised with the word different....And, it was different.Cities were smaller, modernity was taking a break from them.This boy had a normal life.He went to school,nobody noticing nothing.He went to highschool, and in there teachers began to think,then he went to gollege.There, it became obvious that he was not normal.His eyes changed with the time in dark, he became powerfull.Everyone had this question:Was he one of the six?..
"I am gonna say it just once.Yeah, I am one of the six but it is not your job to look in my past.Let the past go...I live in present, and my action in future.So let the damn past burried in cold memories, and leave me alone!"

Theme Song: BreathCarolina-blackout;


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