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Aive Casmontte

"Perhaps you've heard of me. No? Alright then..."

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a character in “Broken Souls”, as played by pyou


Aive Casmontte





Aive or Cas


Face Claim
Jaune Arc




187 lbs

Toned, not extremely muscular.

Hair Color

Eye Color


Aive has the typical appearance of a fair haired, blue eyed person. He is rather tall for someone his age, but not abnormally.
His skin is light and smooth, giving him a slightly boyish appearance. He tends to have messy hair on a regular basis. However,
he doesn't exactly care how it looks. He wears a simple chest plate with protection on his shoulders and arms. The lack of lower
place armor gives him an advantage in combat. It allows him to be more agile in combat.

His body is slightly flimsier than it appears, causing light weakness to heavy blows. His sword and shield are traditional


Rush -- This allows Aive to use mass amounts of energy, giving him
inhuman strength. However, it only lasts for a short period of time and
it fatigues him to great heights. This can not be done all the time.

Sword Adept -- He has a fair amount of skill and knowledge when it comes
to sword to sword combat. He also knows when to strike, and when to
deflect; Although not having mastered the art of the sword, he does
make mistakes that cause injury, not only to himself, but to others.
He aims to master it in order to show his willpower.

Unleash -- Like Rush, this gives Aive a surge of power. But this is
controlled by the sword he wields. It allows him to make limited devastating
(which only weaken, not kill) to his enemy. It does tire him out, but
not as much as Rush.

Large areas
Combat/Sword play

Extensive fights -- he tries to end them quickly.
Pretty girls


Pacing -- When Aive is nervous, he will begin pacing. Walking back
and forth seems to help him out when he's feeling flustered.

Muttering -- When he paces, he mutters nonsense to himself to
occupy his mind. He also does this when he makes insults toward

Cute things(such as bunnies, kittens, etc) -- He tries to deny it,
he believes it is too feminine.

Arguments -- because he loses most of the time.

Sewing -- He takes this trait from his mother. He doesn't exactly like to
show it, but he will stitch up holes in clothes(and possibly people) from
time to time. Though he might enjoy to do it for fun at times.

Learning -- Yes, learning. Aive does this for fun. Although he learns
without meaning to, Aive just loves to listen and gain new knowledge.

Story telling -- Aive loves to tell stories to anyone who will listen. Most
of the ones that he tells are made up, or a stretch of the truth.

Monophobia -- Aive can't stand being alone. It makes him feel
defenseless. He can't live without other people in his life. It
was mainly due to the fact that he was alone most of his
early life.

Pyrophobia -- He is afraid of fire. It is something that
he can't fight, and it bothers him. It leaves him vulnerable
and weak.


Aive is as loyal as they come. He has the heart of a warrior and he refuses to show fear, even though he may be very afraid. Aive is passionate and caring, and he will do his best never to let anyone down. When he feels that he has dishonored someone, he becomes very self aware and tries to fix his mistakes. He wants people to trust him; but he knows that not everyone is willing to do so. He trusts easily, but that doesn't mean he doesn't think twice about it. Aive has a big heart. He seems to be a womanizer at times, causing people to make the wrong assumptions about him. Though this may be the case, he does not see himself winning the hearts of any pretty girls. Hopeless romantic all in all.

Aive dreads being alone. He can't stand being unable to share feelings with another person. He also doesn't like seeing others who have no one in their lives. This causes Aive to be a pretty open and independent person. He believes that no one should feel lonely. This does often come around and bite him in the butt. Being rejected is also something that he doesn't like. But he's used to it because it happens often. Along side this, he is also Pyrophobic. He absolutely dreads fire and this can cause some issues. Even a simple candle is enough to make him jittery and uncomfortable. Though he often tries to ignore his fears and pretend they don't exist, it doesn't usually work out. On clear nights, he likes to look at the sky and identify different constellations. It has always fascinated him how beautiful and mysterious the night sky is.

He is easily approachable and isn't one to turn people away. He likes to hold conversations, but isn't that great at it. Aive is also very protective of friends and loved ones. He will go out of his way to make sure they are happy. Aside from this, Aive has many stories to tell. Whether he's made them up or not, they are always pleasing to listen to. If he is telling a story, one might notice that the protaganist has many similar traits to Aive, and it can be quite amusing when he gets into a story. He will start walking around and put on a little show without really realizing it; it's a little childish.



Barns Casmontte -- Father -- Alive
Mardele Casmontte -- Mother -- Unknown
Arendale -- Sister -- Alive

Personal History
Aive was born into a civilized household. His father, Barns, worked tirelessly every day in the fields with other men and women. Hie mother, Mardele, was a blunt and stubborn woman who was very hot headed and short tempered. Barns was the head of the family, and Mardele was the neck that turned it. She worked in the fields as well along side Barns. She was the type of woman to put a man in his place just with her gaze alone. But when anything harmed her son, she would become a provoked mama-bear. Barns, was an outspoken and respectable man. He was much more gentle than Mardele and people were not as intimidated by him. He did all he could to keep his family happy. During the first five years of Aive's life, he was very lonely. This lead to his monophobia. His parents worked every day, and he was forced to occupy himself. He was different from the other children, and they didn't understand him very well. On his sixth birthday, his father carved him a sword out of wood. This is what opened up his love for melee combat. He would teach himself most of the time, thinking it was the best thing in the world. His father even managed to get him a teacher who taught him in the sword fighting subject. Mardele was proud, and she knew her son would be a great man.

When Aive was seven, he was becoming a lot more open minded and he began to see the world in a different perspective. This was also the time when his mother bore a second child. Aive's sister, Arendale. This was a pivot point in the family's life. Arendale was the light of Aive's world. He loved her so much. As Aive grew, so did she. And he protected her as best he could. One day, Mardele took Aive and Arendale to a garden in the forest they lived near. Aive was now thirteen, and Arendale was six. She talked to them and let them explore. For a few hours, she observed how close her children were, and decided that it was time. She pulled Aive aside, and looked him in the eye. "You and your sister will always be my precious gems. I trust that you will do what every you can to achieve your goals, and make sure your sister achieves hers."

That being said, the next day, his mother was nowhere to be found. He was worried, and so was his father and sister. But years passed, and they never found her. Soon, they had given up. There was no use looking for someone they would never see again. But, this opened a new door in Aive's life. As he studdied melee and swordsmanship, he also started a habit of storytelling. His sister was his audience. She loved his stories; one in particular he called The Huntress. It was a story about a huntress who had the soul of a phoenix. She was brave, strong, and most importantly, a symbol (in Arendale's point of view) of courage. Aive had named the huntress Arendale after his sister. She was quite happy about that. Arendale looked up to her brother, and Aive retold the story to Arendale so many times that he had memorized it and it soon became one of his favorites as well.

By the time he was eighteen, Aive, Arendale, and Barns packed up their possessions and left to find a new home. On their voyage, Arendale and Aive would watch the stars during the night. They created their own constellations and exchanged theories on how the universe was created. By this time, Aive was an Adept swordsman. They began their new life elsewhere, feeling happy and comfortable. There, Aive was able to feel relaxed and he shared stories with a few other people besides his sister. His father had moved on from Mardele's disappearance. Though Aive and Arendale still longed for her to come back to them. One more year went by before Arendale was attacked by wild dogs. Aive was able to free her from the frenzy, and she was injured so badly that she was unable to walk. This worried Aive tremendously that she would no longer be able to do the things she loved. But fortunately, her condition wasn't life threatening. SHe reminded him every day that his stories eased her mind from the physical pain she felt.

So begins...

Aive Casmontte's Story


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Leon LuciferImage

Looking up at the ceiling inside the room of the inn he had taken for the night Leon lied on the bed limbs splayed across the mattress. "It's been so long since I've slept in an actual bed that I almost forgot what it's like." He said through a big yawn. "Any way it's been a long day so I really should go to sleep early since it'll be another long day tomorrow." With another big yawn sleep slowly over took his mind. Although the night had a very different plan then a peaceful sleep for the tired young man.

Barely even an hour into his rest Leon began to toss and turn his face contorting and filling with both fear and pain. As sweat began to roll down his brow Leon quickly opened his eyes before throwing the blanket off of himself basking in the moonlight. "Guess It's going to be a sleepless night for me this time." He sighed putting his feet on the floor smoothed down by the constant traffic of patrons coming in and out of the room through out the year. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes as they adjusted to the dim lighting Leon began making his way to his equipment.

"Fresh air might do me some good, maybe cool my blood down enough so I can calm down." He said through another sigh adjusting his sword so it sat comfortably on his hip before exiting the room and making his way down to the entrance hall. "Soon, very soon it'll have been nine years, I can't believe it's been that long since this all started." He said stepping into the entrance hall and telling the inn keep he'd be back before stepping out onto the moon and torch lit streets. "I should look around probably take my mind off of what tomorrow is." He sighed for the third time with in the hour.

Looking up and down the street he was on Leon to notice that there were still stalls open and selling their wares, as well as some civilians who were out wandering through the night. "Guess there's night owls even this far south from the mountains." He said scratching his chin while walking pass afew of the villagers. Though despite so many people still selling their goods Leon took no notice of them instead he seemed adamant on finding a single storein particular. "Hey I thought that there wasn't going to be a shop like this, and it has so many books." He said to himself walking to the door where he was greeted by an elderly man wearing a thick pair of reading glasses. "Now what would a young man like yourself doing out so late?" The man asked. "Oh I couldn't sleep." Leon replied looking at the shelves covered with books "uh would you happen to be the owner of this store?" Leon asked with excitement in his voice over finding what he was looking for. Giving him an inquisitive look the old man opened the door and allowed Leon to browse and pick out any book he wanted.

The Next Day

Flipping through one of the books he got the night before Leon marked his place before looking outside. "Guess I better check out before they want me to pay for another night." He said putting a hand made book mark in the middle of the pages and setting the book into his bag before grabbing the rest of his equipment and leaving the room. Taking tabs as to his possessions Leon made his way to the front desk and handing the room key back to the owner. "We hope you had a pleasant stay and we hope for your future patronage." She said with a smile.

Nodding Leon shouldered his way past a rather muscular man and went out side covering his eyes as the glare from the sun had temporarily blinded him. Yet for some reason Leon couldn't help but notice the town seemed much more lively then when he had gotten there just the day before people were making their way through the streets in a bustle pushing past each other to get even further. "I guess someone of importance is going to be coming." he said with a shrug placing his hand on the pommel of his sword while rubbing his scar through his shirt.

"Well no one ever got hurt just by asking." He said grabbing a child by the collar as they were rushing pass. "Hey kid do you know what's going on over there? I'm new in town so I don't quite understand what's going one." He stated pointing towards the gathering crowd. Looking in the direction Leon pointed the kid simply gave him a 'are you stupid' look before shaking free of Leon's grip and joining back up with their friends. "That didn't help one bit..." Leon grumbled waving a dirt cloud away.


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#, as written by pyou

It was a cool night and it was rather calm. But something was keeping Aive awake. He couldn't sleep. His father was sound asleep, and Arendale, his sister, was also asleep- or so he thought. He was sitting outside in front of their small house looking up at the stars. It was something he usually did with Arendale, but she could barely get around on her own anymore. He closed his eyes and lied back on the soft grass. His eyes stayed closed for a short while, that is, until he heard the sound of weak footsteps approach him. He opened one eye and looked to his side to see a pair of brown boots and a wooden peg. He shot up when he realized Arendale had come outside. She was leaning heavily on her crutch and her legs were trembling. She was struggling to use the weak energy to keep herself up.

"Hello, brother," she said in a calm, airy voice. She looked distressed and her short locks of gold were tossed around as if she had just gotten out of bed. His expression faltered, seeing her barely hold herself up. After a moment, she staggered and fell to her knes beside him and her crutch hit the ground with a thud.

"Arendale, how did you even manage to get down the steps?" he asked, moving to sit in front of her.

"I'm telling you, I'll be walking normally in no time," she smiled at him and then her smile slowly faded as she soon remembered such a thing would never happen.

Aive sighed. "You should be in bed."

"So should you," Arendale stated firmly. "You weren't on your bedroll when I woke up so I decided to come and find you. And since you're out here, it would be nice if you could tell me a story." She managed to cross her legs and rest her elbows on her knees while holding her chin with her hands.

Aive leaned back on his elbows and a small chuckle made its way free from his lips. "Any requests?"

"The Huntress," Arendale replied almost immediately. Her eyes sparkled in the starlight. She was ready to listen.

It was beginning to brighten, and the siblings were sprawled on the dewy grass both sound asleep. There was a few loud thuds coming from the side of the house they were near. "Wake up you two!" called their father in a deep, booming voice. "It's late, and not a single one of us has even begun our chores."

Arendale shot straight up, sitting next to her brother. Her hair was even more tousled than before. She rubbed her eyes and blinked a few times. As for Aive, a small trail of drool was hanging out of one corner of his mouth and he had one of the stupidest expressions on his face. Arendale snickered as she drummed on his chest a few times.

"Aive! Aive, wake up!"

He jolted awake and his hands flew right to his eyes to shield them from the newly risen sun. "Alright, okay, I'm awake!" he wiped his mouth on his sleeve and pulled himself to his feet before helping Arendale stand with her crutch. She wobbled again, struggling to walk to the house. Aive swore that the only thing holding that girl up was the crutch and her sheer willpower. After a brief talk with his father, Aive gathered the needed supplies into a small pack and bid farewell to his father and sister.

He then set off to town to do some errands and buy a few things. It took him a while to get there as he went over the needed items in his head so he wouldn't forget. When he entered, it was quite hectic. People were all running to the same area, and when Aive let his guard down, a few people collided with him, and they sent him tumbling to the ground in attempts to get somewhere. He stood up and brushed himself off. What could be so important today? He decided to find out. Aive strolled over to a hoard of people, avoiding any more unwanted collisions. "This is strange," he said to himself. "What's going on?"