Broman the Jock

Broman the Jock


A Parody of Both Conan the Barbarian, and Fantasy/High School/Fantasy High School RP's.

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inspired by conan the barbarian:


"Between the times when pie was once served in the lunch rooms, and boys stopped wearing their pants low enough to show their boxer wearing asses, there was an age undreamed of, and unto this age, 'Broman' was destined to wear an embroidered team jacket of the Hyboria high barbarians with troubled grades. It is I alone who can thee of the gossip about him, and high school drama!"



Broman's story begins from a young age, in which he was raised in a middle class neighborhood with a father who played for a football team, and a mother who modeled. He grew up learning the ways of the athlete, to crush your enemies, respect your fans, and play your best, and that other crap, like 'winners don't use drugs.' His life had turned around however, when the combined forces of his father's enemy football team and a local high school team wrecked the neighborhood and took all the children to work as water boys and train girls to become cheerleaders in body and cheer routines. Broman eventually found freedom when he was forced to play Football, and survived several wrestling/boxing matches, earning his freedom after becoming a teenager, and being named a true 'Jock.' The truth behind his release was that he was too good at sports, and he was too powerful, realizing they created a strong, giant douchebag asshole of a Jock, a superjock so to speak. So, they let him attend Hyboria High School, and to follow his own hallways, choose his own classes, etc. So, he decides to go after the men who had destroyed his life, and took him from his family, rage filling his veins as he roamed the school building and campus, which happens to be the size of a continent, to find them, and make them pay for their crimes against his family, and various others, while keeping his grades up, and training for the big game every friday night.

Along the Way, Broman the Jock shall meet several others, including his beloved, the Cheerleader Princess bitch, the Wiz-nerd who would go on to chronicle Broman's story, and The most helpful delinquent thief, his trusted, cared for companions

And so the journey begins…



Main Roles:


1) Broman the Jock

2) The Wiz-Nerd (JayZeroSnake)


3) The Cheerleader Princess bitchasaurus

4) The Delinquent Thief girl


Character sheet requirements:



Level (like, the kind you get from XP's. This is just for lulz.)
Fun Facts
Theme Song


Toggle Rules

1. No Godmodding

2. Try post 200 words. Post more if you want. :D

3. I want the four main roles before any other.

That's all for now.

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Character Portrait: Tandem
Character Portrait: The Delinquent Thief girl


Character Portrait: The Delinquent Thief girl
The Delinquent Thief girl

"Oh, that trophy? I-I didn't steal that! No siree! ... That thing that fell out? Juuust a replica."

Character Portrait: Tandem

The Spoony Bard


Character Portrait: The Delinquent Thief girl
The Delinquent Thief girl

"Oh, that trophy? I-I didn't steal that! No siree! ... That thing that fell out? Juuust a replica."

Character Portrait: Tandem

The Spoony Bard

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Tandem

The Spoony Bard

Character Portrait: The Delinquent Thief girl
The Delinquent Thief girl

"Oh, that trophy? I-I didn't steal that! No siree! ... That thing that fell out? Juuust a replica."

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That could be a problem, trying to do an RP about Broman without, you know, Broman. Perhaps you could post a topic in the "Roleplayers Wanted" section?

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I guess we should.

But we seriously need someone to be Broman.

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Since no one else is joining, do you think we should try to start it with just us and hope others will join?

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as long as you have a gist of them.

If you want, I could pass you this review of the first two from the 80's, by the nostalgia critic. :D

It's everything I know on the films, fairly well compressed.

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I want to join, but I haven't seen any of the Conan movies. Is it alright if I haven't?

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