The Spoony Bard

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a character in “Broman the Jock”, as played by JayZeroSnake


I'm Tandem, but most know me as Spoony, the 'Wiz-nerd,' Although I'm more of a bard, crossing the swashbuckler, mage, and monk for something fun. I have messy dark brown hair and just run around in t-shirts, sneakers, and pants. Rarely ever to wear shorts…I have an athletic build that stands at 5,9, dark brown eyes.



I try to be the serious, intelligent one of the group. But even that's equal to intense labor considering the bloody setting I'm in…God, I'll switch to a Sci Fi plot next roleplay…Alas, It is my duty to be kind, and help those in need, chronicle Broman's adventures, and cast spells. FOR FUCKING FREE. That hurts y'know: no bloody gold pouches makes for no shit for me to buy. Us justice loving magic wielders need shit too!


I carry a pair of wands linked together by a chain, so they double as nunchuks. My mom taught me spells and magic, and my grampa taught me karate. And my dad taught me the ways of JACK SPARROW! >:O

So yeah, I'm the perfect Swashbuckler/Monk/Mage. Bard power, bitches.


Tandem is a geek often bullied by various Jocks and others who go into fits of rage because he can use magic and they can't. He's also able to properly use a computer and actually get his work done as opposed to a bunch of other people. He eventually just wanders the classes, when he stumbles upon Broman having difficulty with some magical enemies, and his computer project. Thankfully he helps with both, and the two have teamed up ever since then, Tandem doing most of the homework and sneaking Broman answers.

Little is known of Tandem's past, all except he hates BBQ flavored chips, and remembered dating a Japanese exchange student….

So begins...

Tandem's Story