Jack McCoy

We're Stuck here? I'm Sure we'll survive! Waitaminute. This means no Internet or PS3. RAAAAAGE!!!

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My Name Is Jack McCoy. I'm 15 Years of age, officer. athletic caucasian build, standing at 5,11. I usually dress in a sleeveless jacket with a t-shirt under, some pants, and sneakers, with wristbands.




I like to keep to myself. Especially when people I don't like are near. I get all quiet. But I'm decent: you just have to get to know me, seeing as you probably only notice my lone wolf demeanor. I always strive to treat my friends right.

My one friend won't stop acting like a kid. So I help her out. She's really hot…but she's rushing things…

I have a small crush sort of on that smart girl. But I don't think she'd like me. I'm no good at Math. Everything, BUT Math.

Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4uF716JrpI


Cell Phone (Works more like a Walkie-Talkie with the others, so no off island calls, folks.) Keyring, Candy Cigarettes

I've been trained in Kyokushin Karate By My Grampa. Since I was little….I'm pretty strong.

Special Moves: (TBA)


A Boy who grew up with Video Games, And Karate. Jack was known always to sit down and mess around, unless he was in Gym Class at school, or training his Karate Skills, then he would be up and about. In First Grade, a little girl was being bullied. He was too late, and started feeling bad, pleading forigiveness from the girl, who understood his chivalry and began to have feelings for him. He later beat up said bullies, gaining her full respect, and regaining some honor. At the same time, he would always notice a cute girl with glasses getting top marks in class. She was so nice, even to him of all people.

To this day, He and the girl were best friends. She would act like his wife, and was anticipating their big 'wedding.' He'd still be unsure...

So begins...

Jack McCoy's Story