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Keikatz Buchet

A lowly goblin warrioress hoping to make her name known in this world.

0 · 572 views · located in Paizo's Golarion - The Inner Sea

a character in “Buccaneering on the Inner Sea”, as played by Vio-Lance


Name: Keikatzeliandra Kelfalige Buchet
Gender: Female
Race: Goblin
Class: Ranger
Keikatz is actually a rather tall goblin girl. Not saying much about the miniscule race, but.... She stands roughly at 3'7, and looks to weigh close to 79 pounds. Her flesh is a pallid green, but it's not so deep in pallor that it's sickly looking. In fact, she probably has some of the healthiest skin amongst the goblins. Her body, however, is something men lack to desire. While goblin women are usually curvy, this attribute has been passed over Keikatz. She has very small breasts, and narrow hips, and shoulders.

Her facial features are soft, and usually non-agressive. A kind, or curious look is often spread across her face. Her hair is clean, and very nicely kept most of the time, the golden blonde locks of hair kept back in a ponytail. This truly sets her apart from the others of her race, as blonde hair is a very rare trait in goblins, whom almost always have brown or black hair. And it seems to bring out the color in her green eyes, the deep emerald color jumping forth from the green of her skin, almost forcing you to make contact with them.

Her attire is generally casual; a sleeveless shirt, and a pair of thick cloth trousers. Oddly enough, she has chainmail boots, that cover up to her knees. A pair of glass goggles sit on her head, made of lenses, and a strechy leather band. She hardly wears them, but she likes to accessorise like that.

Background: Keikatz has a very dark and terrible past. Being a goblin, she was not civilized by nature, and in fact, quite the oppisite. However, at a young age, Keikatz was captured for a personal slave for a noble's... leisure. He not only enjoyed her, but began to turn her into his maid. The young goblin was forced in to submission. Of course, you couldn't have a servant that only hissed, growled, and spat broken english at you. She went through quite a few speach, chivalry, and manner courses, as forced by her Master, whom punished her if she disobeyed, or even was incorrect with her common..... Which was very common.

Keikatz, however, could never be fully suppressed, and her undying will to fight made her a poor cleaning slave. With this, her Master put her to good use.... Unlawful, underground fighting arenas, where he would gamble on her life against another person's. Being fierce hearted and barbaric by nature, she was a natural competitor...and she viewed it as a way to drain her pent up anger and frustration from her purely molested home life. She wasn't even an adult by goblin standards...and she was already being used illegally.

Finally, the noble was caught of his actions, and arrested. Keikatz herself was to be executed, like some sort of rabid dog.... Luckily, using the little manners and chivalry she had learned, she was able to convince the magistrates that she was able to get along with society, due to his teaching her.... Of course, this was a blatant lie. She hated humans for what they did to her. However, as she moved about the city, using her fake charms, was able to steal men's money to get by. As a young goblin amonst humans, she was usually discriminated against...So, she returned to the only place that she wouldn't be. The world of fighting. She became a mercenary quickly, and gained quite a bit of renoun. After all, it's not everyday that a barbaric little goblin comes to fight FOR you instead of agaisnt you.

Keikatz is very crude and rough minded. While she was taught manners and politness, she rarely uses them. She's much more for the crude lifestyle of a thick-skinned mercenary. She's very vulgar and blunt, never afraid, and always snarky. She is very 'in your face'. Agression is always in the air around her, and she's the first to challenge someone to a fight. She hates being insulted, and even petty insults seem to grind her blocks. She retorts with harsh sarcasm and foul language. Also, those that hold her below themselvse (without due cause) generally cause her to fume. She likes to rant, and doesn't really know when to shut up, honestly. Keikatz is well known to be bisexual; and won't hesitate to flirt with other women when drunk... She enjoys to drink and gamble, and she a habitual smoker. Goblins are unable to become addicted to many things.

Steel Goblin Saber - A light, one handed weapon made for the shorter peoples of the world. It's slightly longer than a shortsword, about 30'inches in total. Forged out of high quality iron and enriched with carbon-filled coal, this weapon is sturdy, and razor sharp. The hilt, handguard, and pommel are all black steel. The grip itself is wraped in soft leather, to make the blade more comfortable to the user. Unlike most sabers, however, this one is double-sided. This weapon is seldom used without it's companion. ... tsword.jpg

Elegant Goblin Dagger - A fine piece of craftmanship, this dagger is almost a work of art. The smooth steel is sharpened to a razor's edge, and has a point that can skewer even the toughest of leathers. The blade is wide, and strong, making an excellent weapon, and a fantastic tool. It's generally held in Keikatz's off hand, as she dual-wields her blades with lethal skill and precision. It is just under 18 inches. ... 281_2_.jpg

Pistol Crossbow - An oaken hand crossbow with a very finished grip, and iron string. The weapon is very accurate up to 40 feet, and leathally accurate. Keikatz carries ten bolts for the weapon, which is usually kept on a hip somewhere.

Flint and steel
A little bit of tender
A few cloth bandages
Pair of waterskins
Pair of lockpicks
Hooded lantern
Pint of oil
Signal whistle


So begins...

Keikatz Buchet's Story