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Andrew O'Conner

We hunt the evil to protect the innocent

0 · 712 views · located in San Diego, CA, United States

a character in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A New Generation”, as played by deathrisesagain



Name: Andrew O'Conner

Age: 25


*Role: Teacher/Watcher

Birthday: November 10th


✔ History
✔ Reading
✔ Hamburgers
✔ swimming
✔ Spiders

✖ Vampires
✖ Tomatoes
✖ Spinach
✖ Cats
✖ Computers

☠ Failing at his family's oath to protect the slayers
☠ Being turned to a vampire
☠ his loved ones will be caught up in the mess

- Overly protective of his family, friends and the slayers, so overly protective that a good chance may slip by.
- Refuses to ask for help from other watchers
- the smell of a good hamburger joint


Height, Weight & Build: Andrew is 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighing around 150 pounds. He's slim, but fit, with a runners/swimming body.

Appearance Description: Andrew has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. His hair is usually kept brushed, but every now and then may be a mess. He doesn't look like he's 25, but he is. Andrew usually dresses nice, with a nice shirt, a sweater, and nice trousers.

Personality: Andrew is nice guy, friendly and trustworthy. Everyone had always found it easy to speak with him. Though he's nice, doesn't mean he'll let you get away with things. Andrew tends to be the hardest in class when students try to make an excuse for not turning in homework or projects.

Crush: N/A

History: Andrew came from a decent size family. Two siblings, one brother and a sister. His family has a long line of watchers. They vowed to protect the slayers at all costs, and to bring vampires to extinction. When Andrew and his brother and sister were growing up, it was actually Andrew who showed the most potential as a watcher. When Andrew was 16, his brother was killed by a vampire, a few years later his sister was killed. He believed it was the same vampire that killed them both. His parents ended up dying from a broken heart after having two kids killed.
Andrew went to college to become a history teacher, He was told that there would be a slayer that would show themselves and he was to be the watcher. IT didn't take long for Andrew to narrow down which school that the slayers may be in. Andrew was quickly hired at one of the high schools in San Diego, after needing teachers. He keeps a careful hawk eye on all the kids and other faculty to make sure the were safe.


So begins...

Andrew O'Conner's Story

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Breanna Bergeron

Ugh. Was I really having one of those damn slayer dreams again? That was no good. I had to somehow get out of that habit. But I seriously doubt it would be that easy, I mean, I am the "chosen one", am I not? Oh well, thankfully Katie's here to wake me up...

... Should be any second now...


When Breanna woke up, she sprung her head forward and gasped. Then she frowned and looked at her clock, then her door.
Katie, you better hope you forgot about me and went to work, otherwise I'll kill you!
Breanna waited for a response, but no such thing. She sighed, and got up. She rushed around her room, looking for what to wear. In minutes, Breanna had slid some comfortable, yet fashionable clothes. It is my first day after all, I should make a good impression. Breanna went to the bathroom and pulled her hair back. She washed her face off and began rapidly brushing through her thick brown hair. Breanna looked at the modern clock they kept in the bathroom, and realized she had 50 minutes left to get ready.
I guess I do have quite a ways to go before school starts.
Breanna went into her room and got out her hair straightener. She plugged it in near the mirror and took out her makeup, while it started to heat up.

By the time Breanna was running down the street in the morning sunlight, she already only had 5 minutes to get there. But, that was okay. Thankfully, Breanna was skilled enough to jump fences and occasionally jump from two close buildings. Ugh, if I don't get there in time, it's going to be so embarrassing... being the first kid... running inside of class panting like a freaking dog... These thoughts were suddenly encouraging Breanna to run faster... a lot faster.

When Breanna got inside, there were many students running around and being loud. She was panting loudly and nervously looking around. She pulled out her schedule from her school bag, and looked at it. She looked at the notes at the bottom, and realized something. She slapped her forehead and looked at it again.

Hello there, fellow students!

I, Mrs. Palmer, your school principal, would like to inform you that October 28th to October 31st will be put towards preparations for our Halloween Bash and there will be no classes. You must wear a costume to get in, and if you volunteer, you get in for free! The Halloween Bash will be held on October 31st, starting from 12 'o' clock in the afternoon and will last until 7pm, where you will also be asked to escort young children trick or treating. It would be a great help if you volunteer and you will get extra credit in participation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Mrs. Kerrie Ann Palmer.

Breanna shrugged and smiled. At least I can take it easy for a few days, maybe volunteer and get extra credit. Breanna walked down the hallway, pulling out her agenda and trying to flip through the pages while juggling other papers at the same time, but she crashed into a boy wearing a fishing hat. She couldn't see his face when she looked up through the flying papers and his hat. Breanna instantly dropped down to the ground, picking her things up and apologizing.
I am so so, sorry, oh my gosh, I can't believe I just did that!
Breanna struggled to pick up her things as she expected a response.

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