Building an Empire: The Rising of America

Building an Empire: The Rising of America


A group of wealthy Englishmen have gathered in the New World to build a powerful cash-crop empire! Will you join the million-dollar industry?

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Our story begins here... in late 1800s England...

Fredrick Drintor stands up from his expensive, and wonderfully comfortable sofa in his wonderfully large mansion. Most people would die to live in his house. However, Fredrick was an adventurous person. He disliked sitting calmly on his wonderfully comfortable sofa in his wonderfully large mansion while the day dragged on.

"Ellice!" He calls on a sunny afternoon in July, "Where are you? I would like to discuss something." And so, Fredrick's wife, Ellice Drintor, called back in the happiest of tones, "just a second, honey, I am almost done feeding little Ricky."

And so, a couple minutes later, the beautiful Ellice came and sat by her wonderful husband on their wonderfully comfortable sofa. "Ellice," Fredrick said sharply, "I am tired of my comforted life as an aristocrat here in England."

Ellice, looking rather puzzled, said back to her husband, "oh, what ever do you mean?"

He replied, "I wish to move to the Americas. Me, and that other man, Thomas, have all ready made land reservations there. All that's left is to board the ship to the New World.

And so the journey began. The following day, Fredrick, Ellice, and their wonderful infant child Ricky, along with the daring Thomas set out on the ship to northern America. They landed, six months later, In the bustling colony of Pennsylvania. They traveled through several towns, but this was not the life they came here for. No, they traveled here from their comfortable mansion in England to start over from scratch. Here, all they had from their previous life was two caravans full of the essentials. They skipped town after town, until they located the perfect spot of forest...

"This is perfect! The land is so flat here, it will make excellent farming. Once we clear the trees, we will have perfect land, and plenty of wood for building quite the house!" The ambitious Thomas exclaimed. "Yes, I suppose so." Fredrick agreed.

This is where our journey begins. Gather your saws and hammers, it's time to get to work, boys!

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