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"Bravo. Reporting in."

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a character in “Building The Wall”, as played by NurseUrsus


(On duty armour)

Codename: Bravo, nothing more nothing less
Age: Twenties
Role: Bravo, the Non-Specialist Member

Appearance: Bravo is never seen without their custom modified ASIT armour on, or a form of modified armour equipped. This member of the team is six feet tall in their usual armours, and not much is known about the person inside of it. They seem to have a penchant for silver body armours, with blue detailing.

Personality: A quiet person who always goes by the book, or at least, listens to the team leader. Bravo has trained in all aspects, not favoring one in particular, and is excellent at working with any one of the team members as a support. Essentially, best as a follower, with the right directions. If anything can be said about their actual personality, it’s that they’re admittedly shy and mistrustful, even of their own team members. The armour may be useful for its protective properties, but that wasn’t the primary reason Bravo wears it at all. As shy as they may be, they are far from cowardly in their field of work. When they speak, they always have a voice distorter on. Their own augmentations are a bit of a sensitive subject with them, and they usually ignore/avoid the questions about it.

Equipment: Equipped with the standard ASIT Assault Rifle, a stun baton and a supplies and tools pack. Despite being seen in two different kinds of armours, they have a grand total of five fully upgraded and fully functional body armours, just in case...that's what they're spending all their money in, anyways.

(Off duty armour)

So begins...

Bravo's Story


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The silence was calming to both of the individuals present, and neither said a word for several minutes…scared that saying anything might break the illusion of stillness, of time stopping, like it often did. Selfishness. Time stopped for no one.

Reaching over the back of the pristine couch, her finger tips, hand, wrist, arm, shoulder, neck, face and dirty blonde hair…all caught the icy blue glow of the fish tank, her pouting lips curled to an interested smile as she momentarily hesitated before—
“Don’t.” *Tap tap*

When the amphibian swam away to hide in the faux-reeds, the ice gaze and interested face continued to gaze up at her own reflection, like it had expected something to change, for only but a moment. “Such a monster, such a…monster. Heh.” A hand reaching up, she stared intently into the eye of her reflected self, feeling for a moment that she might smack the glass and break the surface…but, she wouldn’t do it. Instead, she comforted herself by running her hand through her hair and over the tight ponytail.

Pulling away from her position on the couch, fixing her wrinkled dress shirt, she stepped up to the table and pulled the heavy helmet off the surface. Easily bringing it to her face, she examined it carefully before turning it over and examining it carefully…again. “I don’t like the look of the repairs, really I don’t.” Muttering this, she restlessly tapped her foot on the floor, before setting the helmet back down…for only a moment, before picking it back up, going over to the fish tank, and tossing into the open at the top. Watching, with rapt interest, the important piece of technology sink quickly to the bottom.

“Not much use for that, really, there isn’t much of a brain to protect…not even much of a face.”
From across the room, a figure sat in the darkness of their end of the room. From where they sat, on the other side was a dark figure blotting of the light blue glow of the fish tank…this dark figure, feminine figure was a friend, a friend who’d throw an expensively modified helmet into the fish tank for no apparent reason…

“You saw the water-proofing.” A statement, not a question.

And in return…“Do you think I would have tossed it in if it wasn’t?” A question, not an answer. Rhetorical, however.

Standing from their seat, Bravo groaned as a dull pain shot up their back uncomfortably, a pain that reminds a person that they were still human. No armour could protect you from the natural ache that came from sleeping in an uncomfortable position, even with the specific material padding the insides. Their ‘friend’ laughed in her seat, sinking comfortably on the couch, and watching at Bravo walked around to the fish tank to pull the helmet out.

The amphibian made its appearance, briefly, as if recognizing its owner…but quickly hid when pebbled scattered as the helm was pulled from the bottom. Water poured out of the helmet and back into the tank, but still, a good number of droplets scattered across the floor as they held onto it firmly. Seeing the water accumulating on the floor, Bravo groaned again.

Their blonde ‘friend’ watched with interest as the individual tried getting rid of more water, having given up on the trying to keep the floor as dry as possible. Then, holding the helmet up, Bravo seemed to have decided to forgo this entirely. Placing the helmet on with an audible *click*, the blue light accents lit up, giving the room a slightly different blue glow.

“How are the upgrades, really? Either you actually believe you got what you paid for, or you enjoy getting shafted for such a shoddy job.”

No words, literally no words for this sort of comment.

“I could do better upgrades for the fraction of the cost…?”

“Out of the question.”

A turn and an offended huff, before a long momentary silence, “If you come crawling back to me, regretting your decision…I’ll have you lick my entire high heel collection clean before I’ll consider upgrading any of your shit.” Somehow, this got both of them grinning at the absurd imagery, though Bravo didn’t see much of a reason why they should have seen this as funny.

As soon as this friend went over to use the bathroom, Bravo tapped into the helmet’s—“You are requested to report to 1348 Normandy, District 83.” The mechanical voice of N rang out loudly in the helmet, prompting it’s wearer to calmly lower the volume. Get to the indicated location, on the double. Doing a quick check-up the armour they currently wore, little to no damage…

“Getting ready to go somewhere?” Buddy blonde asked curiously from where she stood in the doorway.


“Yes, and…?”

“I will meet with the rest of my team.”

“Alright, I’ll walk you half of the way there. Feel free to shoo me when I really got to fuck off…”



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As she’d knelt to look over the body of the victim her squadmate had replied to her about the situation they’d found themselves summoned to with his usual bluntness coming to the fore.

“Specter will inform us of the situation once more members of the team arrive.”

She could see him watching her as she inspected the scene, and could almost taste his disapproval as if she might disturb something important while his appraisal of her continued. It almost brought a smile to her lips as she waited to find out what their next course of action was. Her momentary reverie was broken when Majestic spoke again.

“Is it really necessary to have to have that on your person?” He questioned her, his hand gesturing toward the sword strapped to her back “It would be impractical to use in close quarters combat, since your combat knife would be less cumbersome and easier to perform a killing strike if anyone had gotten that close to you in the first place.”

She looked up at him, tilting her head slightly as her face widened into a crooked grin.

”Perhaps but a knife can’t cut through heavy armour as easily or as effectively, regardless of the space involved in the combat. Also it gives you the additional range that you lack with the knife, not to mention it feels somehow more… I can’t explain it, honourable perhaps? Not to mention the metal is of a higher quality and specification than the standard issue or the knife.”

Sheathing her knife she stood up, turning towards their commander as he began to speak, the little information they had already about the victim did not bode well and she could well understand Specter’s sigh and grumble at the media shitstorm they’d soon be caught up in if they didn’t find something soon.

“We have three leads, the family, the YT's, and the husband. Goblin and Gamma? You to go talk to the YT's. If you can, try to get in touch with Bravo on your way over and have her...him... just have Bravo meet you there. Harp security has killed more than a few members of the group, wouldn't surprise me if this was retaliation."

”Yes sir, I assume Goblin is airborne and awaiting the moment to make his entrance as per usual? And yes, I know you can hear me Goblin, so let’s make a move.”

She nodded towards Specter and turned to leave, half flashing her crooked smile at Majestic again before walking past the rest of the team and out into the cool night air. Picking N out of her suit she flicked it on and opened a channel to Bravo

”Bravo, I don’t know what the hell you’re upto right now but I want you to meet me and Goblin over on Orson. We got the fun job of having a nice friendly chat with our local group of YT. Lucky us. Over and out.”

With that she pocketed the device and climbed back onto her bike, gunning the engine and rolling off into the night towards the aforementioned street.


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Mari walks to Specter. /me Hello. My name is Mari.


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Character Portrait: Mari Ayanami Mari Ayanami says,
 “ Hello. ”