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"Tell me, what's similar between heads and firewalls? No idea? Well, I can punch holes through both of them."

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a character in “Building The Wall”, as played by Progenitus


Codename: Majestic
Age: 26
Role: Tech Specialist


At first glance, you'd know how Majestic got his codename. He stands upright, and radiates a aura of "You're wasting my time." He almost always has a brooding look on his face, making him look slightly hostile.

Majestic stands at an average height of 6'. He has a lean, but not wiry build to him. As most of his Augments are internal, you wouldn't be able tell unless you looked at his eyes. A slight glow of green is a dead giveaway. Other than that, he looks relatively normal. Tan skin, slightly unkempt hair. Even in combat, you're likely to see him in minimal combat armor. Doesn't make him the most intimidating member of the squad, but it suits his role fairly well. The lower half of his face is nearly always covered.

While he may have all the tools of a stereotypical hacker, he personality is anything but. Quiet and polite, his personality is not one you would match with his looks. His relationship with other people is also slightly strange, he seems to be be more courteous toward strangers and casually cruel to the people he has worked with and known for awhile (albeit in a somewhat helpful manner).

His personality also reflects the way he works. He treats conversation as he would a combat situation. Get in, retrieve what's needed, and get out. He also leans away from engaging the enemy directly, preferring to hack/collect intel on the object if interest as fast as possible, although he is more than competent if the need arises.



Neural Hub: A Euro-Corp produced microcomputer that assists Augmentation usage, and produces the Retinal HUD. Implanted just under the skull.
Infolink: Cochlear and sub-vocal implants allow for hands free and silent communication.
Radar System: Shows current location of teammates and information about the environment over a 25m radius. Displayed over the Retinal HUD.


CHD-98 (Cranial Hacking Device): Hacking Module
Integrated into the Neural Hub, the CHD-98 is a dedicated module featuring a series of processors and databases, programmed with multiple code-breaking and counter-cryptography subroutines. The hacking device provides assistance any user attempting to bypass, shut down or otherwise override electronic systems via a standard terminal interface. The unit is capable of identifying and providing I-War intrusion solutions for over fifteen million discrete software barriers. Displays over Augmented Reality Interface.

LiqiMercury Nerve Augment: Reflex Booster
The Nerve Augment is a decentralized augmentation connected to nerve bundles in the legs, to a distributed set of disc implants in the spinal column, and to other elements of the body's vestibular system (which controls balance and agility). Working in unison, they send and receive digital pressure signals to a series of implanted integrated circuits, granting increased agility, reflexes and corporeal control.

Weapon Systems:

ECX-90 Personal Defense Weapon: Rifle-SMG Hybrid
60-round casket magazine. 2.9 kilograms. 13.5 inch barrel, compact and deadly. Rounds are 6.8mm and a Tungsten FMJ with a depleted Uranium core. Exit velocity 2400 m/s, (6,700 Joules). Fully automatic, with burst fire available. Collapsible stock and auto-adjusting sights for ease of use at multiple ranges.

With open and long-range combat situations dropping in frequency, and the rise of the so-called "CQC spike" Battle Rifles and other long-range weapons fell out of popularity. While SMGs filled the role just fine, they lacked the range of their rifle cousins. Hybrids were not a new idea, but his was the first time a hybried had been produced without ill recoil effects.

Steiner-Bisley Zenith MV (Military Variant): Handgun
17-round magazine. .9 kilograms. 6.75 inch barrel, rugged and reliable. Rounds are 10mm Steelcore with a Tungsten FMJ. Exit velocity 1500 m/s, (3,400 Joules). Semi-automatic. Barrel and other essential systems produced from a (company trademarked) Titanium alloy.

The first of the Steiner-Bisley handguns appeared on the market in 2122, and since then were revered for their lightweight design and ability to pierce most armor with the right ammunition. The military variant features a recoil reduction system, tactical flashlight, and User-Only Laser Targeting System.

S&W Combat Knife: Knife
Non-reflective Titanium blade, with a serrated edge near the bottom. 5 inch blade. Heat-molded and resistant polymer handle. Balanced for throwing.

Smith and Wesson are still in business and still making knives. This one is a classic, early models first produced in the early 2000's.

Theme Song: Fabrication by Emalkay

So begins...

Majestic's Story


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Darkness. Out of all the scarce resources Weiss had to offer, this was the only one that would probably never end. Even with all the Intellicams and other city-bound security systems that kept a wide-open eye, sweeping over it's domain, Weiss was The City that Never Woke up. Wind blew litter in vortexes past frantic legs.

Majestic widened his eyes to slits, the light level increasing by a minimal amount to his eyes, but by 3.78 Lux by the data displayed on his Retinal HUD. He surveyed his environment with his eyes, not moving his head, even though he didn't need to. He'd already identified the Intellicams perched cleverly on the third and fifth floors of adjacent buildings. He'd stepped away from the man in the crowd trying to pickpocket him a moment ago, although all he would've found was a strike to a nerve cluster. He felt that woman drop her purse, an ancient-looking thing, before it even hit the ground.

In fact, he had caught it.

The woman blinked at it, obviously perplexed that Majestic was holding out her purse to her, before she was even aware it had left her side. Adding onto that, he was wearing minimal combat armor under his civilian clothes. While the rest wasn’t visible, a black mask covered the lower half of his face.

"You dropped this." Majestic stated, staring intently at her. He held it out, waiting. People flowed around them like they were particularly annoying rocks in a river, however many of those were left in the world.

"Oh-h. Thank you. I wasn-" She stopped halfway from retrieving it when she met his eyes. She didn’t notice he was augmented until now. There was a pause. Majestic finally pushed the handles into her hand and started walking away. He could almost see her start to say something, but it was lost in the crowd, leaving the woman to wonder why someone perfectly capable of taking it gave her her purse without touching any of it's contents.

He fully opened his eyes, his green eyes greedily eating up information. Each photon a story. Each air particle a whisper. He reveled in the feeling for awhile longer, then let out a breath. He reduced power to the augment. His senses returned to slightly above normal. His radius of absolute certainty shrank, leaving only his instincts, educated guesses and implications.

A small line of text appeared in the box on the upper right-hand corner of his HUD. LiqiMercury Augment dropped to 5% usage.

I should really stop that. Majestic thought, berating himself. Indulging wasn’t really his thing. He stepped off the busy sidewalk into an alleyway, taking a less crowded route than the one he was previously on. He wasn’t necessarily trying to get to his apartment in a efficient manner, he just needed to get away from the crowd. Sure, he was augmented, but if any of the gunfights that occurred around Weiss happened to be where he was, he didn’t want to risk opening fire in a crowd. Not that he wasn’t confident in his ability, but he was less confident that the civilians would be able to identify who was the person trying to kill them.

Or maybe he was being paranoid. That incident had only happened once before.

He felt a slight vibration in his pocket. N. Instead of hearing a voice as usual most officers would, text appeared once more on his Retinal HUD. 1348 Normandy… Still walking, he pulled up information on the area.

Seems like a reputable enough place. Majestic thought, switching tabs and scrolling through. Even without the recent shooting. An ASIT report was already posted on the incident, scarce, but it had only happened a few minutes ago and was being updated. Arriving at an intersection, he turned left, deviating from his current course to his apartment to the address. With little people on the street he was on, he set off in a slight jog.

11 minutes and 34 seconds later, he arrived at the scene. He took the guards standing at one set of doors as a cue. Sliding his way past the police line, he made his way in. As he neared, one of the guards nodded at him.

“Chief’s already in.”

Returning the gesture, he stepped inside. Two of the members had arrived already, Specter and Angel, both of which he had limited contact with. He had exchanged a few words with Specter and had saw Angel before, but never actually talked to her. Majestic had seen Bravo a few days prior. Anyone else in the newly formed 8-man squad he knew nearly nothing about, save the files ASIT had on them.

“Commander.” Majestic said, giving him a quick salute. Specter and Angel seemed to have already been there a few minutes, and have spoken in that time. He stood a few feet away from the two, observing at the body. Recent death. No more than 40 minutes ago. He analyzed. Data from his HUD confirmed his suspiscions. Clinical death standing at about 28 minutes ago. Some augments removed, bullet entries, but no exits. People still install Daytons? He thought further, frowning internally at the low-end augments.

“Do we have a situational report available? Blood splatter analysis?” Majestic questioned politely.


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The sounds of the city were barely noticeable up here on the fourth floor, just the faint howl of the wind seemed to reach her. And up here unlike the streets below the air could almost be called fresh; though in all honesty it was probably far from it but at the same time it wasn’t exactly cloying and suffocating either. It was one of the few reasons she enjoyed it beyond many of the darker places in the district, but the relative solitude was another since few people spent their time at the ASIT precinct house if they could help it. Even fewer came here to sleep and it came the building an impression of emptiness that attracted her.

She leaned back in her chair, stretching her muscles slightly, working out a couple of kinks that were flaring up a little before returning to what was on the workbench in front of her. Several dozen components were littered across the smooth surface, ranging from fluid injectors to electric generators and fuse triggers. A great many of her grenades and incendiary weapons were usually custom made or altered. Her quarters contained about a half dozen machines that allowed her to retool existing devices to serve her needs, and for the most part it was simply glossed over. After all, as far as she was concerned every problem was usually solvable by the application of a high explosive and so long as that didn’t result in the building she was currently in being reduced to rubble she was relatively clear. Or at least that was the unspoken arrangement.

Just as she picked up her tools again one of the devices on the table began to emit a faint beeping in an attempt to get her attention. Grumbling to herself at being interrupted she reached over and picked up the N transmitter and smiled slightly as the automated voice came through and was slightly distorted into a more pleasant feminine tone as it requested access to transmit a message. She smiled for a moment before responding, as she was somewhat pleased to see that her modifications of the N appeared to be holding for the moment.

”ASIT. Operative Gamma. District 83.”

As the device confirmed her identity the distortion suddenly buzzed a little louder before reverting the device back to its original sound files as it relayed the message stored inside.

“You are requested to report to 1348 Normandy, District 83.”

”Typical, it always defaults after the first sign of interaction.”

She shook her head and picked up her coat, pulling it on over her armour. As she did so she quickly double checked that her sidearm and other tools were sheathed and ready should they be needed. She then reached over and picked up her sword from the table having sharpened its blade earlier and sheathed it into the scabbard that rested roughly down the curve of her spine. She didn’t need to check her equipment too thoroughly as she tended to keep it all locked and loaded in case she was called on duty. After all beyond the toil of ASIT duties it wasn’t like she had much of a life. None of them did, not really.

Jogging down the stairs she made her way into the lower ground level of the precinct and climbed onto her bike, booting up its systems and kicking some life into it. As the engine flared to life she pulled it sideways and turned towards the exit ramp, punching in her codes to open the doorway out into the night-time air. A few minutes later she pulled up outside of the building, kicking out the support leg of her bike before hopping off and making her way towards the main entrance, nodding towards the officers stationed outside to monitor the perimeter. A few moments later she entered the room where three members of the team were already waiting.

”Evening Sir.”

She nodded towards Specter and Angel who appeared to be otherwise preoccupied with a discussion whereas the other member of the team looked to have moved over to investigate the scene directly. Clicking her tongue slightly she chewed on bit of gum as per usual before having a look over the body of the victim and turning to speak with Majestic.

”Well this looks messy don’t it? Any leads or are we firing blind as per usual?”

She smiled a little and knelt down by the body, her eyes tracing over the severed ends of the limbs while her hand toyed with her combat knife.


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#, as written by Citadel
Specter gave a nod to each member of the team as they came in. After going over the likely cause of death with Angel, he turned to the others and said, "Alright, it looks like Bravo, Goblin, Prowl, and Sigma are still uncounted fo-" Before he could finish he felt a vibration in his ear. "Scratch that, Goblin is here." Specter turned on the comm function in his earpiece, allowing Goblin to hear everything being said in the room. Shortly thereafter, a beat cop walked up to Specter and handed him a digital pad. The officer gave a polite nod to those there before returning to his post by the door. "Well, looks like we'll be carrying on without them. Sending the info to your N devices now in case you want to follow along." Specter began pacing back and forth in front of the body as he scrolled through the information on the police pad. It was a habit of his when he was trying to focus. If one were to pay attention, he only took three steps before turning back in the other direction, a sign of someone who was used to small spaces. Not a particularly noteworthy detail, but one that would give an insight into his personal life, something he wasn't very keen on sharing. "Victim's name is... how the hell do I say this? Acacia? Akacia? Fuck it, its spelled Acacia so that's how I'll say it. Acacia Harp Groves, aged 26." Specter's eyes widened as he looked down the at the pad. "She is the estranged daughter of Julius Harp, Chairman of Harp Enterprises. Shit."

Harp Enterprises, hard to go anywhere in Weiss without seeing something with their name on it. As well as being a major producer of electronics, they are one of the cities biggest producers of augments, high-end and low. Their warehouses have been hit like clockwork over the last three months, mostly by the YT's. Due to this, Harp has been putting heavy pressure on the police. Now, with his daughter dead, who knows what move he would pull next? "She was reported missing by the Harp family four years ago. When she was discovered to have ran away with her boyfriend, one Alex Groves, her family disowned her. Actually, I remember this. It was all over the news for a while, 'District 1 Princess goes missing.' In the end, she turned up and made her father look like a fool. That's all we really have on her. after the fiasco a few years ago, she became just another nameless face out here." Specter, raised an eyebrow as he continued down the pad. "Well, here's something interesting. both her arms were Grade D augments, but her leg was a Grade S. It was likely from before she ran away. Ah, here we go. A car accident six years ago, her family's driver died but she managed to survive." Grade S augments were the best money could buy, in a sense. They were the most "human" looking augment on the market. In fact, they were so good it was impossible to tell them apart from an actual limb. "Why take the arms, then? The leg could let someone live comfortably for over a year. The arms would get you a nice hotel room for a week, maybe. Why risk getting caught trying to take her low-end augments? Doesn't make sense. Unless of course, it was supposed to look like she was targeted for her augments." Specter took a heavy sigh and dropped the pad to the floor. "Ah, why can't it ever be easy."

Specter looked at the others. "If she was targeted for her augments, the list of people who would even know about her leg is short. You don't go around babbling about an augment like that, especially not out here. We have three leads, the family, the YT's, and the husband. Goblin and Gamma? You to go talk to the YT's. If you can, try to get in touch with Bravo on your way over and have her...him... just have Bravo meet you there. Harp security has killed more than a few members of the group, wouldn't surprise me if this was retaliation." Specter didn't have to tell them where to go. All ASIT members knew where the YT's congregated within their District. While ASIT did not know the meaning behind the name of the group, nor that of their leader, they knew almost everything else.

Within District 83, the YT's met on Orson, a side street off the main paths that allowed them to get in and out mostly unnoticed. Despite this, they put graffiti all over the three story building, making the secrecy a little pointless. The YT's were a augment-only gang, being a heavy trafficker and modifier of illegal augments. Specter just hoped he wouldn't have more paperwork to do should talks between the team and the gang break down. "Angel, get in touch with Prowl and have him meet you at the husband's place. Their last known address is 56 Hines Street. He's probably the only one save for the family who knew about her S augment. Be careful, we don't have anything on him so we don't know what he is capable of. He managed to smuggle the heiress of one of the most powerful families in the city out of District 1. Proceed with caution. Majestic? You and I will pay a visit to the family." Specter looked down at his right wrist, a small opening appearing. "It is a little past nine. We'll reconvene at the station in twelve hours. However, if anyone finds evidence that this case is linked to someone experiencing CR, contact me immediately. Any questions before we move out?" Specter felt weird giving out orders. He felt even weirder about splitting up the team, but they needed to cover all leads as quickly as possible. In a few hours, the death of Acacia Groves is going to hit the news wire. Despite being disowned, it didn't change the fact that she was the daughter of a man who has made a fortune off augments. Now, with the only lead being that she was killed for her augments, the bitter taste of irony will likely send the media into a frenzy. Specter and the others might not care about Harp or his power, but their superiors did. Specter removed N from his pocket and sent a quick message to Sigma, letting him know that the crime scene wasn't very informing and to meet him outside once he arrived.


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Majestic inclined his head when Specter said he'd give the rundown when most of the squad had arrived. He studied the body further. I’ve seen her somewhere before, possibly on WNN broadcasts. He realized with slight surprise that he didn’t recall anything else about this woman. He noted to himself he had to do better.

He heard someone, another member of the squad, about ten feet away from the door. He could tell by the muffled (not to him) voices of the guards greeting her. Gamma. She reciprocated the the greeting to Specter. Not turning back, Majestic felt Gamma coming up behind him. He tensed slightly, a knee-jerk reaction by now, but allowed himself to relax. He turned his head slightly toward her. Clicking her tongue, she spoke to him.

”Well this looks messy don’t it? Any leads or are we firing blind as per usual?”

“Specter will inform us of the situation once more members of the team arrive.” Majestic replied, as she knelt down to observe the body. Turning his head halfway toward her, he blinked as her file appeared on his Retinal HUD. He didn’t need it, as he had already read through it, but that was the default for the program.

What surprised him most about her was her height. He knew the file said she was 4’ 9” but to encounter her in person was slightly shocking. Majestic knew that he was slightly above average height (as the average male in Weiss was 5’ 10”) but he towered over her, nearly and foot and a half taller than her.

He didn’t doubt her because of that, though. Makes her harder to hit when exchanging fire with enemies. He observed the combat knife she was toying with, not unlike his own. And most problems with strength and the ability to take hits were more than compensated with augments. Something caught his eye. A sword. It was on the equipment list, but he didn’t really think she would carry something like that around.

“Is it really necessary to have to have that on your person?” He asked, gesturing toward her sword. “It would be impractical to use in close quarters combat, since your combat knife would be less cumbersome and easier to perform a killing strike if anyone had gotten that close to you in the first place.” No practical use unless she was trying to be more intimidating. He digressed mentally. Then again, that would be Goblin’s job.

He waited, and listened to her response, then met Specter eyes as he gave information on the situation. When he mentioned who the girl was, he nodded. Ah yes, her. I remember now. Mr. Harp is most likely going to have a major emotional response to this. And with that comes less than optimal judgement. Majestic had also had the unfortunate opportunity to be the subject of a news report, albeit more his actions and less of showing his face and name. He was thankful, as that would’ve made him still infamous to this day. And outside the wall, rotting in one of the prisons.

As he listened, his face grew dark as Specter mentioned the S augment. That would also probably be the reason why there is a 30 minute gap in intellicam feeds. He thought, pulling up the footage. He furrowed his brow, making him look slightly more brooding than that of usual. He broke out of his thoughts and listened to Specter further. Their three leads were the husband, the family and the YT’s. YT. The name confounded him. If there were any latin phrases or acronyms that coincided with the name, he didn’t know any. It frustrated him slightly.

He raised one of his eyebrows as he listened to Specter assign the squad members to their respective leads. Interesting. I would’ve sent Prowl with Goblin, as they are likely to face the highest probability of a gunfight. Then again, Angel probably needs Prowl for his expertise, as the husband is probably very slippery. But why not send one of General Purpose members with Prowl, and Angel with Goblin? If something turns hostile, he would need… He stopped himself. Doubting already, are you? He berated himself mentally. He’d already annoyed the hell out of his last commander with his inquiries. He needn’t start it again.

Specter finished the Sitrep, asking if there were any questions.

“Just one, Commander. Did you bring any means of transport? I came here by foot. My bike is back at HQ. I have been modifying it, something is amiss with the Plasma intake.”


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As she’d knelt to look over the body of the victim her squadmate had replied to her about the situation they’d found themselves summoned to with his usual bluntness coming to the fore.

“Specter will inform us of the situation once more members of the team arrive.”

She could see him watching her as she inspected the scene, and could almost taste his disapproval as if she might disturb something important while his appraisal of her continued. It almost brought a smile to her lips as she waited to find out what their next course of action was. Her momentary reverie was broken when Majestic spoke again.

“Is it really necessary to have to have that on your person?” He questioned her, his hand gesturing toward the sword strapped to her back “It would be impractical to use in close quarters combat, since your combat knife would be less cumbersome and easier to perform a killing strike if anyone had gotten that close to you in the first place.”

She looked up at him, tilting her head slightly as her face widened into a crooked grin.

”Perhaps but a knife can’t cut through heavy armour as easily or as effectively, regardless of the space involved in the combat. Also it gives you the additional range that you lack with the knife, not to mention it feels somehow more… I can’t explain it, honourable perhaps? Not to mention the metal is of a higher quality and specification than the standard issue or the knife.”

Sheathing her knife she stood up, turning towards their commander as he began to speak, the little information they had already about the victim did not bode well and she could well understand Specter’s sigh and grumble at the media shitstorm they’d soon be caught up in if they didn’t find something soon.

“We have three leads, the family, the YT's, and the husband. Goblin and Gamma? You to go talk to the YT's. If you can, try to get in touch with Bravo on your way over and have her...him... just have Bravo meet you there. Harp security has killed more than a few members of the group, wouldn't surprise me if this was retaliation."

”Yes sir, I assume Goblin is airborne and awaiting the moment to make his entrance as per usual? And yes, I know you can hear me Goblin, so let’s make a move.”

She nodded towards Specter and turned to leave, half flashing her crooked smile at Majestic again before walking past the rest of the team and out into the cool night air. Picking N out of her suit she flicked it on and opened a channel to Bravo

”Bravo, I don’t know what the hell you’re upto right now but I want you to meet me and Goblin over on Orson. We got the fun job of having a nice friendly chat with our local group of YT. Lucky us. Over and out.”

With that she pocketed the device and climbed back onto her bike, gunning the engine and rolling off into the night towards the aforementioned street.


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#, as written by Citadel
Specter gave an affirmative nod to the members of the team as they left. "Alright, Majestic. Let's go break the news. And hopefully... find out a little more about what the hell is going on." Specter removed a cigarette from his coat pocket, putting it between his lips, but not lighting it just yet. "We'll just take one of the cruiser's parked out front. We got to go to District 1, so it'll be easier to just take a marked vehicle." Specter starting making his way toward the door, putting the tablet previously given to him in the hands of an officer as he left the building. "I require one of the vehicles out front. Also, we're done. You can clean up the body. Thank you for your help." The officer gave an affirmative nod. It wasn't like he could stop Specter from taking one of the police cruisers out front. Next to direct superiors, ASIT members might as well of been in charge of them. As Specter left the building, he lit his cigarette and took a long draw, blowing the smoke upward into the night sky. "Sigma is still not here." Specter sighed and removed N once more, the screen flipping on and greeting him. "Send to ASIT Agent Sigma, District 83. Meet Angel and Prowl at 56 Hines Street." After the confirmation, Specter put N back in his pocket and turned to Majestic. "If she was suffering from CR, her husband would know. Well, he would at least be able to tell us if she was acting strange. Sigma should be able to connect the dots... hopefully, never see him in action really."

Specter sat in the closest cruiser he could find, trying to get comfortable in the seat while the vehicles usual driver had to watch from the door as his vehicle was about to be taken away. "ASIT override. Codename, Specter. Badge number, 83456. There was a slight hum emitting from the car, then the engine clicked on. Like a typical cop car, it lacked any style though, sounding more like a computer booting up rather than the motor engines of old. Specter had heard what those cars sounded due to an elective class he took a long time ago. They had character, something these current machines lacked in his mind. However, he was always quick to note that he never actually rode in the vehicles of old, and as such having an opinion about them was a little arrogant and he knew it. "456 East Paris Drive. District 1." The dashboard computer acknowledged the command, putting the car into auto-drive, while Specter leaned back in his seat and puffed on his smoke. "Wanted to talk to Sigma before we left but it can't be helped. I'll just have to wait til tomorrow." He turned to Majestic, yawning heavily and slumping down further into his seat. "Might as well get comfortable. Its going to be at least an hour before we make it to the center."

An hour later...

Specter hummed a tune to himself as the cruiser was scanned by the guards, his impatience revealing itself. "Good to go," said the guard, giving Specter a thumbs up as the gate to District 1 opened up and the car began driving forward. "I hate that checkpoint." Specter looked out the front window, his eyes growing wide with amazement every time he entered the area. As they neared District 1, the streets, people, and buildings increased in appeal, but the center itself was on a completely different level. While one could see the massive skyscrapers from anywhere in the city, it was the ground level aesthetics that got to Specter. The streets were clean, and the people seemed to be as well. He turned to Majestic and said, "You know, something about this area rubs me the wrong way. Its not the gap between this and 83 either. Its something else I can't quite describe." Before he could continue, the car stopped and the dashboard let them know they had arrived at their destination.

Opening his door and exiting the car, Specter looked up at the tall complex of pricey homes that stood before him. "Except for ASIT HQ, this might be the only other District 1 building I will enter. Huh..." Looking at Majestic, he shrugged and closed his car door. He stopped just short of the complex entrance, opening N to find he had no missed messages. "Well, everyone should be working on their leads about now. Just wanted to check with you first before we head in. Anything you want to go over?"


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Mari walks to Specter. /me Hello. My name is Mari.


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Character Portrait: Mari Ayanami Mari Ayanami says,
 “ Hello. ”