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Building The Wall



a part of Building The Wall, by Citadel.


Citadel holds sovereignty over Weiss, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Weiss is a part of Building The Wall.

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Specter [11] Squad Leader. New to being in charge of other members of ASIT
Majestic [8] "Tell me, what's similar between heads and firewalls? No idea? Well, I can punch holes through both of them."
Angel [8] "Can you walk? Good. Now stop whining and get your ass back in gear. If you're lucky I can check on you back at HQ."
Gamma [6] If you can't do something smart, do something right.
Goblin [6] "What you look like doesn't define one's humanity. It's how they act towards others."
Bravo [4] "Bravo. Reporting in."
Prowl [4] "Fresh meat? Psh... I'm a prime rib!"
Sigma [3] "When you say you want to become better, why do you want to become better?"

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Character Portrait: Specter
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#, as written by Citadel
"Yo, pretty boy? Can I get a cigarette?" Specter turned to the voice, rolling the one he had between his own lips. He looked the girl from head to toe, smirking once he returned to her face. "Working girl, eh? Don't you know these things can kill?" The woman clicked her tongue, looking away from him. "Forget it, I'll ask someone else." As she began to walk away, Specter grabbed her arm and quickly apologized. "Sorry, its been a stressful day. Here..." Specter reached into his jacket pocket and removed a mostly full pack of cigs. Moving his hand just enough to force a cig out through the canisters opening. "Damn, you don't have an actual paper package?" The girl lifted the cigarette and gently put it between her lips. "These metal things don't hold in the taste as well." Specter chuckled slightly and said, "Complaining about a free cig? What is this world coming to? Next you'll be wanting real tobacco." The girl stood there, staring at Specter with eyes that said she was still expecting something. "I'm not paying for your services." She laughed and pointed at the cigarette between her lips. "If I ain't got my own, what makes you think I got anything to light it?" Specter smiled, removing his own cigarette from between his lips. "Fair enough." He raised his hand, the tip of his thumb detaching and a small flame appearing from the hole. The girl jumped back for a second, surprised to see the stunt. "Sorry, didn't expect someone with scars to be one of them." The girl moved closer slowly, breathing in the smoke and then quickly moving away. "One of them, eh? Have a good night." Specter threw his own cigarette on the ground, giving a wave back to the girl as he did so. The working girl exhaled the smoke out through her nose, removing the cigarette from her lips and staring at it. "Damn machines."

Specter rounded the corner, humming a tune to himself as he walked down the street. His eyes naturally moved toward one of the massive screens that litter the city, dispensing the latest bit of propaganda that those in charge wanted everyone to hear. Well, that's how Specter saw it anyway. Despite his own role, he was never one to trust those with power. Stopping and looking up toward the screen, he decided that with nothing better to do he might as well give it a listen for once.

The screen turned white, a sharp blue logo with the acronym, WNN, appeared. Weiss News Network, the trusted voice of Weiss, or the only voice that could be heard depending on how you looked at it. The screen faded and a strikingly beautiful young woman appeared, dressed to the nines with light blue eyes and short brown hair. "Good evening, Weiss. My name is Elizabeth Schwarz and this is your nightly news. Today the anti-augmentation group known as, The Sons, attacked a Harp Enterprises Facility in District 34. However, due to the brave actions of local Weiss Police and security at the facility, the terrorists were thwarted with no casualties. In political news, Chancellor McCormick has rejected the recent proposal by Council members to increase the size of Heaven's Gate stating, 'The wall acts as a barrier between us and the harsh cruelties of the world. However, it must not become the symbol of a cage to those it is supposed to protect.' Finally, it has been reported that the efforts of ASIT, a special organization within the Weiss Police Department will face heavy scrutiny for their recent role in the deaths of several civilians in a District 55 apartment complex. The complex was believed to be the base of operations for the YT, a local gang responsible for several high profile crimes in the area. After a raid orchestrated by the assigned members of ASIT, it was discovered that many of those who perished inside were innocent bystanders and the location was not what they believed it to be. More on that and all stories, after this..."

Specter took a heavy sigh. "Of course, they tell the real story only when it has a chance to make my life more difficult." He continued walking down the street. Specter was the ASIT Squad Leader for District 83, the thirtieth District to get a team. The way Weiss worked was this, the more wealth and power you had, the closer to the center of the city you lived. The districts start there with District 1 and circle outwards. Beyond the districts lies the farmlands, and then the wall. They started referring to it as Heaven's Gate a few years ago, though why is not common knowledge. Specter thought it was just another bit of Council propaganda, something to get people to start viewing things in a different light. Whatever the reason, there was only one way in and and one way out. The only thing beyond the wall was the prison, something Specter had never seen himself. He didn't know how far it was away, nor how they even picked people to be stationed there. All he knew was that if this government was willing to send people outside the wall they so hold dearly, then it wasn't someplace he would ever want to see. Anyway, District 83 sat to the west of District 1 and covered a little over twenty square miles, or 4 x 5 miles square depending on how you viewed it. Specter wasn't very familiar with the area before being assigned here. It wasn't that much different from most District this far from the center, but at the same time there was something about it he couldn't put his finger on. It was like something was feeding off the area, like a parasite draining its host. Specter and the team had only worked one case since being formed here, and it was only the recovery of some stolen augments from Harp Enterprises that were not really worth much to begin with.

Walking without a desire to really end up anywhere, Specter was contemplating how he would spend the rest of the night, only to have his daze interrupted by the feeling of a small vibration coming from his right ear. Gently reaching his right index finger up to his ear, he gave it a small tap. "This is Specter, I'm currently not at home but if you would give your name and number I will make sure to permanently delete it from my mind." Specter heard the sound of a sigh, followed by a long pause, though the sound of others in the background could be heard. "You're not half as funny as you think you are kid. Why don't you get an implant anyway? It would make getting in touch with you easier. Plus, you wouldn't have to worry about losing the transmitter." Specter reached up to his ear, pulling on his lobe to cause the small black device in his ear to shift. "Already told you, Lieutenant. They are not getting near my head with those knives, or the machines that follow. So, what's with the call? Do you have something for me?" Specter continued walking, taking a left down a nearby alley so he could have some privacy. "About twenty minutes ago we received a call from security at a hotel that there were gunshots coming from a warehouse across the street. I sent out a squad car and they arrived not long after. Whoever was shooting was gone, but the body of a women was found. She's augmented." Specter yawned as he continued walking. "Fair enough, Kalenko. Give me the address." There was a silence on the other end, likely meaning the Lieutenant had forgotten the address or never knew it in the first place. "1348 Normandy. The hotel across the street has a bright red sign out front so you can't miss it. Oh, and Specter? Never call me Kalenko again. Its Sir, or Lieutenant." Specter tapped his ear once again, the call dropping and Specter finding himself alone once again.

It only took him a few minutes to walk to the address, the alleyways often being shortcuts to those who know how to navigate. He stood across from the warehouse, police cars blocking off most of the road. Specter looked up to the hotel sigh above him, making a noticeable face of displeasure as he did so. "What a truly gaudy sign. The Fitzroy Hotel? Looks more like the sign of a strip club to me." Specter reached into his pocket and removed a small grey object roughly the size of a pen. Pressing the tip of it, a small blue hologram screen emerged from the object, no wider than the length of the object and about a foot long. The letters ASIT appeared on the screen. "ASIT codename, Specter." The letters disappeared and a green orb appeared on the screen. "Audio input recognized. What can I do for you, Officer Specter?" N. That was what it was called. A virtual intelligence responsible for the entire ASIT network. Created to help ensure members can keep in touch at all times, N's duties have far expanded over the years. While not an AI, the information and intelligence N has been responsible for has saved more Officers in the field than any other entity. With the exception of ones own squad, of course. There were only two ways to access N. One, through the devices carried by ASIT field officers, which for simplicities sake were referred to as N as well. And two, directly from the ASIT headquarters in the center. "N, please alert ASIT Officers assigned to District 83 to report to 1348 Normandy. Across the street from the Fitzroy Hotel." With a quick affirmation of its command, the green orb disappeared. Not a second later, N was beeping and a blue light was flashing on the side. Pressing the tip again, Specter looked down at it. "You are requested to report to 1348 Normandy, District 83." Specter nodded his head and turned off N, putting it back in his pocket. "I see they haven't worked out all the kinks. Still, its easier then listing the officer's I want it sent to, I guess."

Making his way past the police line, Specter gave an affirmative nod to those guarding the door. Opening the door and entering the warehouse, Specter was immediately greeted by a women who looked to be in her mid-forties. Her face looked to be still young, but grey streaks in her hair gave it away that she was likely augmented. "Mr. Specter, it is good to finally meet you. My name is Cassandra Frost, but everyone just calls me Cass. I'm the Medical Examiner for the District." Specter followed her to the actual scene. There weren't many police inside, neither uniformed nor detectives. Specter and Cass arrived at the body, Specter tilting his head and raising an eyebrow. "I see why I was called, at least. Normally when someone is murdered, regardless of augments, it is the job of the local police to investigate. However, if the person was murdered specifically for their augments... that's a different story." Specter bent down, trying to observe the body closer. One of her eyes had been removed, as well as both her arms and one of her legs. A white liquid was around the body, having a similar consistency to blood but left an odd smell in the air. Cass bent down beside Specter and said, "You only see this with Grade D and lower augments. Usually, higher grade augments will recognize the loss of the limb and stop sending support in order to preserve life. But, with cheaper augments, it sometimes doesn't register which causes the flow to keep going." Specter stood back up and looked at Cass while saying, "You can take off. We got it from here. I sent my team a notification just a few minutes ago. They should be here soon." Cass simply nodded and began to walk away, knowing things like this were outside her expertise. "Wait. Mr. Specter, why did you wait to send it until just a few minutes ago. The Lieutenant told me he messaged you over fifteen minutes ago." Specter removed a cigarette from his jacket and lit it, taking a heavy puff and looking at Cass. "What? And have them arrive before me? What kind of precedent will that set?" Specter smirked and turned back to the body. "Have a good night, Ms. Frost."


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Character Portrait: Specter Character Portrait: Angel
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#, as written by Byte
“Come again?” An old man, about in his fifties, sporting a scruffy beard and short, unkempt white hair, furrowed his brow at the retort of his company for the evening.

“I said, I don't drink.” Angel repeated, tossing her second round of darts into the dusty board that hung on the wall a mere couple of feet away from the bar.

“Eh? Den waddya doing 'ere in dis pub?” The old man retorted with a heavy slur in his words, it was rather clear that he had a few drinks too many. He shifted, slightly, his lumpy stature barely being held by the stool he sat on as he eyed the woman more closely. “Chasin' da boys are ya? Dey ain't worth a dime, lass. All rubbish, I sez.” He let out a small chuckle as his back leaned onto the bar counter rather recklessly.

“Rubbish?” The woman turned her head so the corners of her eye caught a glimpse of the man. “Not that different from you, then?” She responded with a cynical tone in her voice. A grunt hinted at her agitation for this man, not that a common drunk would catch onto the fact that they weren't wanted.

“Ba-hahaha!” The man burst out in laughter, enjoying another wealthy sip of his alcoholic beverage. “Aye. Like me.” He muttered with his head facing into the glass he held in his wrinkled hands, smiling coyly at his blurry reflection. “Oi,” The man perked up once more. “Ye still didn't answer me question. Why ya 'ere if not fer drinkin'?”

“Self-mutilation.” Angel replied as blunt as a hammer.

“Say what?!” The man jumped from his seat, nearly choking on his drink in the process.

“Killing time.”

Angel rarely was one for conversations, though she had to give this man credit for not feeling her up when he had the chance, and instead took the time to try and pull off somewhat of a talk. Even if that talk was one-sided.

“Before you ask; Work.”

“Work?” The man expressed curiosity.


“Care to tell me 'bout it?”

Throwing the final dart into the board, Angel slowly waltzed towards the man. “It's stressful work. Let's keep it at that.”

“Ah.” The man uttered, quietly, preparing to prod some more until a soft buzzing had put an end to their conversation.

“Speaking of...” The woman trailed off, her eyes darting towards one of her pockets. “Enjoy your drink old man, I'm off.”

“To work.” He replied, to which Angel only nodded silently as she made brisk movements towards the exit of the pub.

Flipping a single cigarette from the pack inside her coat on her lips and lighting it, Angel took a quick glance at the little grey device ASIT had proudly called; N. The machine began to speak, in a monotone voice, “You are requested to report to 1348 Normandy, District 83.” Angel nodded and slipped the miniature comm-device into her pocket before moving to said location.

It didn't take her long to arrive at the given address, though she couldn't say that she had stalled her arrival by taking a longer route. Seems the authority had already made it to the scene, whatever that may be. Police had blocked off any possible routes, and what building she was supposed to enter had been conveniently highlighted by the men standing guard at the door to a warehouse. Still, if the team was called upon, it couldn't be a trivial case. Pausing, Angel dropped her cigarette and crushed it with the sole of her shoe before crossing the police line and going through the necessary identification routine before opening the door and entering the crime scene.

“Chief.” She approached her boss, giving the man a two-fingered salute. “Angel, reporting for duty.”

Specter. District eighty-three's leader. Angel didn't think much of him, besides that he's the boss and she automatically respects him. Though the fact that this was only their second case didn't give much to be opinionated on further. Guess that counted for every member of this team, so far. They all still had some relative freedom to prove their usefulness as an asset to the team, not that they were forced to do so in front of her.

Turning towards their, supposed, new case, Angel briefly examined the body before asking; “Care to fill me in?”


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“Hey you!” A young woman shouted her greeting as she walked up on Prowl who was seated at the bar and facing the dance floor of the nightclub he was attempting to enjoy. His silver eyes looked up at the female as he gave her soft smile as a way to show that he heard her over the blaring music.

“What’s up?!” Prowl replied loudly before taking a sip of his Long Island Iced Tea. It was drink that hadn’t died like most of the human race, and ASIT officer was thankful of that blessing.

“Why aren’t you dancing?! Come on let’s dance!” The female urged as she took his hand and attempted to pull him from the stool he sat on. Prowl had tried to shake his head, but once she got him on his feet, he followed behind her like her slave as she dragged him away from the bar. His reluctance wasn’t because he didn’t enjoy dancing, but more because he wasn’t feeling too great after hearing recent news of the ASIT team that had went in on a false lead. Not only did something like that mess up the reputation for ASIT, but it also gives a blow to the recon and tactics specialists. It’s their job to prevent things like that from happening… to guide the team to success. Right now, Prowl just wanted to drink until he wasn’t worried about the whole thing anymore. With a sigh, he tilted his head back before chugging his drink. It wasn’t until he was in the center of the dance floor being bumped by several bodies that he decided to drop his emptied disposable cup. At first Prowl scowled at the people around him before the song changed to one he was all too familiar with. It was Ned Blitz, his favorite artist, and this was possibly Prowl’s favorite song of all time. With a new found smile, Prowl moved to the rhythm of the music while matching his partner who had brought him into the crowd. This is exactly what he needed. No pressure, no worries… Just himself, a hot complete stranger, and the music. “You’re good!” The female commented. It made Prowl chuckle before leaning in and speaking. He didn’t enjoy yelling.

“Thanks, I know.” He said with a smirk that matched his overconfident comment. Prowl was cocky whenever you gave him a chance to be. The comment made the female roll her eyes silently as she continued to dance. She let a smile slip from her lips as Prowl chuckled at her reaction. “You’re pretty good yourself!” He said just to stay on her good side, but why? His eyes looked her over before he met her eyes again. It was rare to see someone without an exposing augment in this section of District 83. It could easily be seen as the female danced surrounded by her peers that looked like they threw their humanity out the window with how showy their low grade augments. Her standing out wasn’t a bad thing in this situation, but it made him wonder why she hadn’t ran with the crowd, or perhaps her augments were high grade and harder to find… Maybe she couldn’t afford them… Or she couldn’t for medical reasons… She found the process to be scary? Maybe disgusting? Could she be one of those radicals that hated people that possessed augments? The questions flooded the young man’s mind rapidly before he heard the dreadful sound of the flat toned beep that called him to duty. It was sounding off in his head, which made him regret accepting that implant. Then again, if he hadn’t had it, he would have definitely missed the notification. Fuck… Prowl thought as he frowned and suddenly walked off of the dance floor and immediately to the men’s restroom. Prowl entered an empty stall and accessed N with the pen shaped device issued to the field officers. “ASIT…” He sighed before saying the rest. “Codename, Prowl.”

“Audio input recognized. You have received an audio message from…” Prowl didn’t give N the chance to finish.

“You are requested to report to 1348 Normandy, District 83.” N relayed, before the device was quickly back in Prowl’s pocket. He patted the breast pocket of his black and gray plaid button down shirt and felt that his sidearm was comfortably in place. With another sigh, Prowl left the stall. He was hoping he didn’t have to do much work, but it was never that simple. He was the start to every operation. The optimistic would describe him as the spearhead. Prowl would just call himself the guy who went in blind and unknowingly before getting back to the others to tell them what crazy shit he discovered while risking his life. Upon exiting the restroom, he headed for the exit. He didn’t even get to get that girl’s number let alone her name.

As he headed for his vehicle, he stopped and shook his head. He shouldn’t have chugged that last one. With his third sigh, he hailed a taxi and stepped inside. “1348 Normandy… District 83.”

“Gotcha… You know people usually go there in pairs or in groups… never alone.” The cab driver commented as Prowl just raised an eyebrow. He didn’t know what the man meant until he shut his eyes and accessed a virtual layout of the district. 1348 Normandy… Ohhhhh! Prowl just chuckled. He wondered if his new leader had gotten himself between a crazy prostitute and a hard place. In due time he guessed.


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Darkness. Out of all the scarce resources Weiss had to offer, this was the only one that would probably never end. Even with all the Intellicams and other city-bound security systems that kept a wide-open eye, sweeping over it's domain, Weiss was The City that Never Woke up. Wind blew litter in vortexes past frantic legs.

Majestic widened his eyes to slits, the light level increasing by a minimal amount to his eyes, but by 3.78 Lux by the data displayed on his Retinal HUD. He surveyed his environment with his eyes, not moving his head, even though he didn't need to. He'd already identified the Intellicams perched cleverly on the third and fifth floors of adjacent buildings. He'd stepped away from the man in the crowd trying to pickpocket him a moment ago, although all he would've found was a strike to a nerve cluster. He felt that woman drop her purse, an ancient-looking thing, before it even hit the ground.

In fact, he had caught it.

The woman blinked at it, obviously perplexed that Majestic was holding out her purse to her, before she was even aware it had left her side. Adding onto that, he was wearing minimal combat armor under his civilian clothes. While the rest wasn’t visible, a black mask covered the lower half of his face.

"You dropped this." Majestic stated, staring intently at her. He held it out, waiting. People flowed around them like they were particularly annoying rocks in a river, however many of those were left in the world.

"Oh-h. Thank you. I wasn-" She stopped halfway from retrieving it when she met his eyes. She didn’t notice he was augmented until now. There was a pause. Majestic finally pushed the handles into her hand and started walking away. He could almost see her start to say something, but it was lost in the crowd, leaving the woman to wonder why someone perfectly capable of taking it gave her her purse without touching any of it's contents.

He fully opened his eyes, his green eyes greedily eating up information. Each photon a story. Each air particle a whisper. He reveled in the feeling for awhile longer, then let out a breath. He reduced power to the augment. His senses returned to slightly above normal. His radius of absolute certainty shrank, leaving only his instincts, educated guesses and implications.

A small line of text appeared in the box on the upper right-hand corner of his HUD. LiqiMercury Augment dropped to 5% usage.

I should really stop that. Majestic thought, berating himself. Indulging wasn’t really his thing. He stepped off the busy sidewalk into an alleyway, taking a less crowded route than the one he was previously on. He wasn’t necessarily trying to get to his apartment in a efficient manner, he just needed to get away from the crowd. Sure, he was augmented, but if any of the gunfights that occurred around Weiss happened to be where he was, he didn’t want to risk opening fire in a crowd. Not that he wasn’t confident in his ability, but he was less confident that the civilians would be able to identify who was the person trying to kill them.

Or maybe he was being paranoid. That incident had only happened once before.

He felt a slight vibration in his pocket. N. Instead of hearing a voice as usual most officers would, text appeared once more on his Retinal HUD. 1348 Normandy… Still walking, he pulled up information on the area.

Seems like a reputable enough place. Majestic thought, switching tabs and scrolling through. Even without the recent shooting. An ASIT report was already posted on the incident, scarce, but it had only happened a few minutes ago and was being updated. Arriving at an intersection, he turned left, deviating from his current course to his apartment to the address. With little people on the street he was on, he set off in a slight jog.

11 minutes and 34 seconds later, he arrived at the scene. He took the guards standing at one set of doors as a cue. Sliding his way past the police line, he made his way in. As he neared, one of the guards nodded at him.

“Chief’s already in.”

Returning the gesture, he stepped inside. Two of the members had arrived already, Specter and Angel, both of which he had limited contact with. He had exchanged a few words with Specter and had saw Angel before, but never actually talked to her. Majestic had seen Bravo a few days prior. Anyone else in the newly formed 8-man squad he knew nearly nothing about, save the files ASIT had on them.

“Commander.” Majestic said, giving him a quick salute. Specter and Angel seemed to have already been there a few minutes, and have spoken in that time. He stood a few feet away from the two, observing at the body. Recent death. No more than 40 minutes ago. He analyzed. Data from his HUD confirmed his suspiscions. Clinical death standing at about 28 minutes ago. Some augments removed, bullet entries, but no exits. People still install Daytons? He thought further, frowning internally at the low-end augments.

“Do we have a situational report available? Blood splatter analysis?” Majestic questioned politely.


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Character Portrait: Gamma Character Portrait: Majestic Character Portrait: Specter Character Portrait: Angel
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The sounds of the city were barely noticeable up here on the fourth floor, just the faint howl of the wind seemed to reach her. And up here unlike the streets below the air could almost be called fresh; though in all honesty it was probably far from it but at the same time it wasn’t exactly cloying and suffocating either. It was one of the few reasons she enjoyed it beyond many of the darker places in the district, but the relative solitude was another since few people spent their time at the ASIT precinct house if they could help it. Even fewer came here to sleep and it came the building an impression of emptiness that attracted her.

She leaned back in her chair, stretching her muscles slightly, working out a couple of kinks that were flaring up a little before returning to what was on the workbench in front of her. Several dozen components were littered across the smooth surface, ranging from fluid injectors to electric generators and fuse triggers. A great many of her grenades and incendiary weapons were usually custom made or altered. Her quarters contained about a half dozen machines that allowed her to retool existing devices to serve her needs, and for the most part it was simply glossed over. After all, as far as she was concerned every problem was usually solvable by the application of a high explosive and so long as that didn’t result in the building she was currently in being reduced to rubble she was relatively clear. Or at least that was the unspoken arrangement.

Just as she picked up her tools again one of the devices on the table began to emit a faint beeping in an attempt to get her attention. Grumbling to herself at being interrupted she reached over and picked up the N transmitter and smiled slightly as the automated voice came through and was slightly distorted into a more pleasant feminine tone as it requested access to transmit a message. She smiled for a moment before responding, as she was somewhat pleased to see that her modifications of the N appeared to be holding for the moment.

”ASIT. Operative Gamma. District 83.”

As the device confirmed her identity the distortion suddenly buzzed a little louder before reverting the device back to its original sound files as it relayed the message stored inside.

“You are requested to report to 1348 Normandy, District 83.”

”Typical, it always defaults after the first sign of interaction.”

She shook her head and picked up her coat, pulling it on over her armour. As she did so she quickly double checked that her sidearm and other tools were sheathed and ready should they be needed. She then reached over and picked up her sword from the table having sharpened its blade earlier and sheathed it into the scabbard that rested roughly down the curve of her spine. She didn’t need to check her equipment too thoroughly as she tended to keep it all locked and loaded in case she was called on duty. After all beyond the toil of ASIT duties it wasn’t like she had much of a life. None of them did, not really.

Jogging down the stairs she made her way into the lower ground level of the precinct and climbed onto her bike, booting up its systems and kicking some life into it. As the engine flared to life she pulled it sideways and turned towards the exit ramp, punching in her codes to open the doorway out into the night-time air. A few minutes later she pulled up outside of the building, kicking out the support leg of her bike before hopping off and making her way towards the main entrance, nodding towards the officers stationed outside to monitor the perimeter. A few moments later she entered the room where three members of the team were already waiting.

”Evening Sir.”

She nodded towards Specter and Angel who appeared to be otherwise preoccupied with a discussion whereas the other member of the team looked to have moved over to investigate the scene directly. Clicking her tongue slightly she chewed on bit of gum as per usual before having a look over the body of the victim and turning to speak with Majestic.

”Well this looks messy don’t it? Any leads or are we firing blind as per usual?”

She smiled a little and knelt down by the body, her eyes tracing over the severed ends of the limbs while her hand toyed with her combat knife.


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"So, who wants to be next?"

Goblin, or Jack as others had nicknamed him, had surrounded himself with a group of roughly ten or so local gangbangers, each dangerous in their own right. It was a good number, but not quite enough to cause worry for the operative. Two of them were already lying motionless on the ground next to him.

Despite being a good two feet shorter than these punks, he bounced around in place, readying himself to take each one down, nice ass-whooping to boot. Three of the gangbangers had closed in, two holding heavy lead pipes, the other wielding a chain. The chainfighter made the first strike at him, swinging the heavy chain at their surrounded target, the chain wrapping around one of the operative's arms.

However, that wasn't enough to disable Goblin from using his arm, and as suddenly as the chain had wrapped itself, he pulled his arm in towards himself, the sudden tug on the chain throwing the gangbanger off balance and into the operative. Within mere seconds, Goblin secured a grip on the jacket, directing the unfortunate soul towards the ground as he lifted his knee with (near) lightning speed, his mechanical knee connecting with the gangbanger's face, smashing it inwards almost instantly.

Despite their friend's face being crushed in, the others didn't care much about their own safety as the two bumrushed Goblin, flanking him from both sides. The operative, still having a solid grip on the injured gangbanger, spinned himself around, his improvised weapon making contact with one pipe wielding thug, but the other thug had made contact, smashing the lead pipe into Goblin's left shoulder, the pipe bending around the impact from the amount of force.

"I really didn't want to use them bu-"

Simulation paused.

An automated voice interrupted in, the gangbangers suddenly pausing their movements, revealing their identities as training drones. Training drones built specifically to handle almost any punishment from Goblin. "You know, I really hate it when my training simulations get paused like this, N. Direct the message to my transmitter."

Wiping whatever bloodlike substitute the drones spilled over him away, Goblin had started checking on his damage rating when his internal transmitter chimed to life. "1348 Normandy, District 83."


While he was leaving the training room, the holographic details and structural supports faded into the room's default appearance, returning to its bland hue of silvers and light blues. It had taken him a good minute or two to reach the building's rooftop, where his personal vehicle was generally stored. He often traveled to each location that the ASIT team was called in by air, preferring to keep a low profile until he was called upon. The vehicle itself was a modified ASIT Interceptor, hummingbird model, redesigned with stealth as top priority, as well as allowing N. to autopilot the sleek aircraft back to the team's "Den" (as he would call it) when Goblin was ever needed to airdrop himself.

The dual engines silently hummed to life, and it had been a mere five minutes for the aircraft to reach the designated location.

"Send message to Specter: GBLN in position, will airdrop when requested. You should know that I love making a big entrance."


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He woke up with a start, covered in cold sweat as an alarm was waking him up. He turned his head to face the console beside his bed, consisting of a multitude of buttons and a simply L.E.D. clock telling the time, flashing. A little Red light labeled N was lit. He couldn't see much else but the red glare in the darkness, especially without his glasses, but the distinct red light was recognizable. It wasn't the first time N woke him up. He was experiencing irregular sleeping patterns, which he knew just as well as any neurologist that it was severely unhealthy for him. He groaned and fumbled his finger around the console until he could find a button next to the clock display, shutting the alarm off, only for it to start beeping again, indicating a notification.

"Nnn..." He mumbled, feeling around the console for the master illumination toggle.

“You are requested to report to 1348 Normandy, District 83.” it said. Switching on the lights, he found another button that opened a drawer, where he found his glasses. Scrambling out of the bed, he tossed the covers back over it and pushed it into the wall. His quarters was built to be small and versatile, being almost claustrophobic and only a couple square feet large, but it served many purposes, with many facilities that could be pulled out like drawers, such as his bed or a sink. Many of the quarters were similar, to preserve space, but some were larger to support other needs or wants.

As he was looking at himself in the mirror he pulled out of the wall, he was trying to remember the dream he had, as not only did he find it intriguing, he felt he was going to need it for future analysis, especially considering how much pressure ASIT had on it's psychiatric members to find symptoms of CR in it's members as early as possible. Pushing the mirror back into the wall, he pulled out a thin desk that had papers, handbooks and writing utensils perfectly placed by a machine, which would have done the same thing to his bed. Originally the machine would get him the daily newsprint, but that company was shut down when they found it was much easier and more efficient to do it digitally. That could be said about this entire city, he'd think, Everything that can't be replaced digitally is reused and beat down until nothing of it remains. He preferred to keep everything as physical as possible, however, and preferred to write things down. He figured the reason why people were so wrapped up in the virtual 'reality' was so that they forgot about the world (walls) around them. However, there were those who still well aware of it, and these people were those who often went through bouts of depression, but depression was a good sign of humanity, and he preferred that over machine any day. Why else would he have such irregular sleep patterns. It did pose a scary thought, though; What if we, as humans, lost our physical form and simply were consumed into digital space? He did his best not to repress this thought.

Taking the old-fashioned designed pen and a grey blank page, he began to write, as the dream quickly escaped his memory.

I had a dream just now. The computer will put down the date and time at the top of this page. However, I can only write a quick note as I am being summoned for duty, and I remember very few details. In the dream, I was running from a fire to a fire. I don't know why, but it was urgent. I don't even remember seeing the fire, but I just know it was a fire. I remember my vision being a little too low, so I must have been in my youth. I was running through the city, through places and streets I knew quite well, but they were pieced together oddly. I can't quite remember the places now though. I am running quite fast, in fact, and not faltering once. I think I had my Vest on. As a side note, I never had my Power Vest when I was younger. I do remember arriving at my destination. I think it was at a school a hospital the institute. Although, It didn't lead inside, but it led to but I couldn't tell where it led to. I know it wa outside, and the sun was bright. The sun actually was getting so bright that it burned everything. That's the greater part of the dream I remember. The only other part I remember was talking to Mykeisha. She didn't have her augments, but I can't quite remember the situation I was in or what she said. Requires further reflection.

Ending his hastily written note, he pushed the desk back into the wall and scrambled to get ready to leave. He got his Power Vest out of a digitally locked drawer and put it on. It wasn't active, but it was fully juiced and ready for use whenever he felt the need. Putting on a jacket, he scrambled out of his quarters and headed straight for the vehicle lot, jingling his keys in his pocket. The nice thing about old-fashioned locks is that they couldn't be hacked, and hacking could be done more quickly than more conventional methods, and few used those sort of locks anymore anyhow. Keeping an eye on the time on his heads-up display on his glasses, he realized he was going to be a bit late. Can't possibly be too different from the last case, he thought So maybe they can do without me for a couple minutes.


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#, as written by Citadel
Specter gave a nod to each member of the team as they came in. After going over the likely cause of death with Angel, he turned to the others and said, "Alright, it looks like Bravo, Goblin, Prowl, and Sigma are still uncounted fo-" Before he could finish he felt a vibration in his ear. "Scratch that, Goblin is here." Specter turned on the comm function in his earpiece, allowing Goblin to hear everything being said in the room. Shortly thereafter, a beat cop walked up to Specter and handed him a digital pad. The officer gave a polite nod to those there before returning to his post by the door. "Well, looks like we'll be carrying on without them. Sending the info to your N devices now in case you want to follow along." Specter began pacing back and forth in front of the body as he scrolled through the information on the police pad. It was a habit of his when he was trying to focus. If one were to pay attention, he only took three steps before turning back in the other direction, a sign of someone who was used to small spaces. Not a particularly noteworthy detail, but one that would give an insight into his personal life, something he wasn't very keen on sharing. "Victim's name is... how the hell do I say this? Acacia? Akacia? Fuck it, its spelled Acacia so that's how I'll say it. Acacia Harp Groves, aged 26." Specter's eyes widened as he looked down the at the pad. "She is the estranged daughter of Julius Harp, Chairman of Harp Enterprises. Shit."

Harp Enterprises, hard to go anywhere in Weiss without seeing something with their name on it. As well as being a major producer of electronics, they are one of the cities biggest producers of augments, high-end and low. Their warehouses have been hit like clockwork over the last three months, mostly by the YT's. Due to this, Harp has been putting heavy pressure on the police. Now, with his daughter dead, who knows what move he would pull next? "She was reported missing by the Harp family four years ago. When she was discovered to have ran away with her boyfriend, one Alex Groves, her family disowned her. Actually, I remember this. It was all over the news for a while, 'District 1 Princess goes missing.' In the end, she turned up and made her father look like a fool. That's all we really have on her. after the fiasco a few years ago, she became just another nameless face out here." Specter, raised an eyebrow as he continued down the pad. "Well, here's something interesting. both her arms were Grade D augments, but her leg was a Grade S. It was likely from before she ran away. Ah, here we go. A car accident six years ago, her family's driver died but she managed to survive." Grade S augments were the best money could buy, in a sense. They were the most "human" looking augment on the market. In fact, they were so good it was impossible to tell them apart from an actual limb. "Why take the arms, then? The leg could let someone live comfortably for over a year. The arms would get you a nice hotel room for a week, maybe. Why risk getting caught trying to take her low-end augments? Doesn't make sense. Unless of course, it was supposed to look like she was targeted for her augments." Specter took a heavy sigh and dropped the pad to the floor. "Ah, why can't it ever be easy."

Specter looked at the others. "If she was targeted for her augments, the list of people who would even know about her leg is short. You don't go around babbling about an augment like that, especially not out here. We have three leads, the family, the YT's, and the husband. Goblin and Gamma? You to go talk to the YT's. If you can, try to get in touch with Bravo on your way over and have her...him... just have Bravo meet you there. Harp security has killed more than a few members of the group, wouldn't surprise me if this was retaliation." Specter didn't have to tell them where to go. All ASIT members knew where the YT's congregated within their District. While ASIT did not know the meaning behind the name of the group, nor that of their leader, they knew almost everything else.

Within District 83, the YT's met on Orson, a side street off the main paths that allowed them to get in and out mostly unnoticed. Despite this, they put graffiti all over the three story building, making the secrecy a little pointless. The YT's were a augment-only gang, being a heavy trafficker and modifier of illegal augments. Specter just hoped he wouldn't have more paperwork to do should talks between the team and the gang break down. "Angel, get in touch with Prowl and have him meet you at the husband's place. Their last known address is 56 Hines Street. He's probably the only one save for the family who knew about her S augment. Be careful, we don't have anything on him so we don't know what he is capable of. He managed to smuggle the heiress of one of the most powerful families in the city out of District 1. Proceed with caution. Majestic? You and I will pay a visit to the family." Specter looked down at his right wrist, a small opening appearing. "It is a little past nine. We'll reconvene at the station in twelve hours. However, if anyone finds evidence that this case is linked to someone experiencing CR, contact me immediately. Any questions before we move out?" Specter felt weird giving out orders. He felt even weirder about splitting up the team, but they needed to cover all leads as quickly as possible. In a few hours, the death of Acacia Groves is going to hit the news wire. Despite being disowned, it didn't change the fact that she was the daughter of a man who has made a fortune off augments. Now, with the only lead being that she was killed for her augments, the bitter taste of irony will likely send the media into a frenzy. Specter and the others might not care about Harp or his power, but their superiors did. Specter removed N from his pocket and sent a quick message to Sigma, letting him know that the crime scene wasn't very informing and to meet him outside once he arrived.


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Majestic inclined his head when Specter said he'd give the rundown when most of the squad had arrived. He studied the body further. I’ve seen her somewhere before, possibly on WNN broadcasts. He realized with slight surprise that he didn’t recall anything else about this woman. He noted to himself he had to do better.

He heard someone, another member of the squad, about ten feet away from the door. He could tell by the muffled (not to him) voices of the guards greeting her. Gamma. She reciprocated the the greeting to Specter. Not turning back, Majestic felt Gamma coming up behind him. He tensed slightly, a knee-jerk reaction by now, but allowed himself to relax. He turned his head slightly toward her. Clicking her tongue, she spoke to him.

”Well this looks messy don’t it? Any leads or are we firing blind as per usual?”

“Specter will inform us of the situation once more members of the team arrive.” Majestic replied, as she knelt down to observe the body. Turning his head halfway toward her, he blinked as her file appeared on his Retinal HUD. He didn’t need it, as he had already read through it, but that was the default for the program.

What surprised him most about her was her height. He knew the file said she was 4’ 9” but to encounter her in person was slightly shocking. Majestic knew that he was slightly above average height (as the average male in Weiss was 5’ 10”) but he towered over her, nearly and foot and a half taller than her.

He didn’t doubt her because of that, though. Makes her harder to hit when exchanging fire with enemies. He observed the combat knife she was toying with, not unlike his own. And most problems with strength and the ability to take hits were more than compensated with augments. Something caught his eye. A sword. It was on the equipment list, but he didn’t really think she would carry something like that around.

“Is it really necessary to have to have that on your person?” He asked, gesturing toward her sword. “It would be impractical to use in close quarters combat, since your combat knife would be less cumbersome and easier to perform a killing strike if anyone had gotten that close to you in the first place.” No practical use unless she was trying to be more intimidating. He digressed mentally. Then again, that would be Goblin’s job.

He waited, and listened to her response, then met Specter eyes as he gave information on the situation. When he mentioned who the girl was, he nodded. Ah yes, her. I remember now. Mr. Harp is most likely going to have a major emotional response to this. And with that comes less than optimal judgement. Majestic had also had the unfortunate opportunity to be the subject of a news report, albeit more his actions and less of showing his face and name. He was thankful, as that would’ve made him still infamous to this day. And outside the wall, rotting in one of the prisons.

As he listened, his face grew dark as Specter mentioned the S augment. That would also probably be the reason why there is a 30 minute gap in intellicam feeds. He thought, pulling up the footage. He furrowed his brow, making him look slightly more brooding than that of usual. He broke out of his thoughts and listened to Specter further. Their three leads were the husband, the family and the YT’s. YT. The name confounded him. If there were any latin phrases or acronyms that coincided with the name, he didn’t know any. It frustrated him slightly.

He raised one of his eyebrows as he listened to Specter assign the squad members to their respective leads. Interesting. I would’ve sent Prowl with Goblin, as they are likely to face the highest probability of a gunfight. Then again, Angel probably needs Prowl for his expertise, as the husband is probably very slippery. But why not send one of General Purpose members with Prowl, and Angel with Goblin? If something turns hostile, he would need… He stopped himself. Doubting already, are you? He berated himself mentally. He’d already annoyed the hell out of his last commander with his inquiries. He needn’t start it again.

Specter finished the Sitrep, asking if there were any questions.

“Just one, Commander. Did you bring any means of transport? I came here by foot. My bike is back at HQ. I have been modifying it, something is amiss with the Plasma intake.”


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The silence was calming to both of the individuals present, and neither said a word for several minutes…scared that saying anything might break the illusion of stillness, of time stopping, like it often did. Selfishness. Time stopped for no one.

Reaching over the back of the pristine couch, her finger tips, hand, wrist, arm, shoulder, neck, face and dirty blonde hair…all caught the icy blue glow of the fish tank, her pouting lips curled to an interested smile as she momentarily hesitated before—
“Don’t.” *Tap tap*

When the amphibian swam away to hide in the faux-reeds, the ice gaze and interested face continued to gaze up at her own reflection, like it had expected something to change, for only but a moment. “Such a monster, such a…monster. Heh.” A hand reaching up, she stared intently into the eye of her reflected self, feeling for a moment that she might smack the glass and break the surface…but, she wouldn’t do it. Instead, she comforted herself by running her hand through her hair and over the tight ponytail.

Pulling away from her position on the couch, fixing her wrinkled dress shirt, she stepped up to the table and pulled the heavy helmet off the surface. Easily bringing it to her face, she examined it carefully before turning it over and examining it carefully…again. “I don’t like the look of the repairs, really I don’t.” Muttering this, she restlessly tapped her foot on the floor, before setting the helmet back down…for only a moment, before picking it back up, going over to the fish tank, and tossing into the open at the top. Watching, with rapt interest, the important piece of technology sink quickly to the bottom.

“Not much use for that, really, there isn’t much of a brain to protect…not even much of a face.”
From across the room, a figure sat in the darkness of their end of the room. From where they sat, on the other side was a dark figure blotting of the light blue glow of the fish tank…this dark figure, feminine figure was a friend, a friend who’d throw an expensively modified helmet into the fish tank for no apparent reason…

“You saw the water-proofing.” A statement, not a question.

And in return…“Do you think I would have tossed it in if it wasn’t?” A question, not an answer. Rhetorical, however.

Standing from their seat, Bravo groaned as a dull pain shot up their back uncomfortably, a pain that reminds a person that they were still human. No armour could protect you from the natural ache that came from sleeping in an uncomfortable position, even with the specific material padding the insides. Their ‘friend’ laughed in her seat, sinking comfortably on the couch, and watching at Bravo walked around to the fish tank to pull the helmet out.

The amphibian made its appearance, briefly, as if recognizing its owner…but quickly hid when pebbled scattered as the helm was pulled from the bottom. Water poured out of the helmet and back into the tank, but still, a good number of droplets scattered across the floor as they held onto it firmly. Seeing the water accumulating on the floor, Bravo groaned again.

Their blonde ‘friend’ watched with interest as the individual tried getting rid of more water, having given up on the trying to keep the floor as dry as possible. Then, holding the helmet up, Bravo seemed to have decided to forgo this entirely. Placing the helmet on with an audible *click*, the blue light accents lit up, giving the room a slightly different blue glow.

“How are the upgrades, really? Either you actually believe you got what you paid for, or you enjoy getting shafted for such a shoddy job.”

No words, literally no words for this sort of comment.

“I could do better upgrades for the fraction of the cost…?”

“Out of the question.”

A turn and an offended huff, before a long momentary silence, “If you come crawling back to me, regretting your decision…I’ll have you lick my entire high heel collection clean before I’ll consider upgrading any of your shit.” Somehow, this got both of them grinning at the absurd imagery, though Bravo didn’t see much of a reason why they should have seen this as funny.

As soon as this friend went over to use the bathroom, Bravo tapped into the helmet’s—“You are requested to report to 1348 Normandy, District 83.” The mechanical voice of N rang out loudly in the helmet, prompting it’s wearer to calmly lower the volume. Get to the indicated location, on the double. Doing a quick check-up the armour they currently wore, little to no damage…

“Getting ready to go somewhere?” Buddy blonde asked curiously from where she stood in the doorway.


“Yes, and…?”

“I will meet with the rest of my team.”

“Alright, I’ll walk you half of the way there. Feel free to shoo me when I really got to fuck off…”



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As she’d knelt to look over the body of the victim her squadmate had replied to her about the situation they’d found themselves summoned to with his usual bluntness coming to the fore.

“Specter will inform us of the situation once more members of the team arrive.”

She could see him watching her as she inspected the scene, and could almost taste his disapproval as if she might disturb something important while his appraisal of her continued. It almost brought a smile to her lips as she waited to find out what their next course of action was. Her momentary reverie was broken when Majestic spoke again.

“Is it really necessary to have to have that on your person?” He questioned her, his hand gesturing toward the sword strapped to her back “It would be impractical to use in close quarters combat, since your combat knife would be less cumbersome and easier to perform a killing strike if anyone had gotten that close to you in the first place.”

She looked up at him, tilting her head slightly as her face widened into a crooked grin.

”Perhaps but a knife can’t cut through heavy armour as easily or as effectively, regardless of the space involved in the combat. Also it gives you the additional range that you lack with the knife, not to mention it feels somehow more… I can’t explain it, honourable perhaps? Not to mention the metal is of a higher quality and specification than the standard issue or the knife.”

Sheathing her knife she stood up, turning towards their commander as he began to speak, the little information they had already about the victim did not bode well and she could well understand Specter’s sigh and grumble at the media shitstorm they’d soon be caught up in if they didn’t find something soon.

“We have three leads, the family, the YT's, and the husband. Goblin and Gamma? You to go talk to the YT's. If you can, try to get in touch with Bravo on your way over and have her...him... just have Bravo meet you there. Harp security has killed more than a few members of the group, wouldn't surprise me if this was retaliation."

”Yes sir, I assume Goblin is airborne and awaiting the moment to make his entrance as per usual? And yes, I know you can hear me Goblin, so let’s make a move.”

She nodded towards Specter and turned to leave, half flashing her crooked smile at Majestic again before walking past the rest of the team and out into the cool night air. Picking N out of her suit she flicked it on and opened a channel to Bravo

”Bravo, I don’t know what the hell you’re upto right now but I want you to meet me and Goblin over on Orson. We got the fun job of having a nice friendly chat with our local group of YT. Lucky us. Over and out.”

With that she pocketed the device and climbed back onto her bike, gunning the engine and rolling off into the night towards the aforementioned street.


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#, as written by Citadel
Specter gave an affirmative nod to the members of the team as they left. "Alright, Majestic. Let's go break the news. And hopefully... find out a little more about what the hell is going on." Specter removed a cigarette from his coat pocket, putting it between his lips, but not lighting it just yet. "We'll just take one of the cruiser's parked out front. We got to go to District 1, so it'll be easier to just take a marked vehicle." Specter starting making his way toward the door, putting the tablet previously given to him in the hands of an officer as he left the building. "I require one of the vehicles out front. Also, we're done. You can clean up the body. Thank you for your help." The officer gave an affirmative nod. It wasn't like he could stop Specter from taking one of the police cruisers out front. Next to direct superiors, ASIT members might as well of been in charge of them. As Specter left the building, he lit his cigarette and took a long draw, blowing the smoke upward into the night sky. "Sigma is still not here." Specter sighed and removed N once more, the screen flipping on and greeting him. "Send to ASIT Agent Sigma, District 83. Meet Angel and Prowl at 56 Hines Street." After the confirmation, Specter put N back in his pocket and turned to Majestic. "If she was suffering from CR, her husband would know. Well, he would at least be able to tell us if she was acting strange. Sigma should be able to connect the dots... hopefully, never see him in action really."

Specter sat in the closest cruiser he could find, trying to get comfortable in the seat while the vehicles usual driver had to watch from the door as his vehicle was about to be taken away. "ASIT override. Codename, Specter. Badge number, 83456. There was a slight hum emitting from the car, then the engine clicked on. Like a typical cop car, it lacked any style though, sounding more like a computer booting up rather than the motor engines of old. Specter had heard what those cars sounded due to an elective class he took a long time ago. They had character, something these current machines lacked in his mind. However, he was always quick to note that he never actually rode in the vehicles of old, and as such having an opinion about them was a little arrogant and he knew it. "456 East Paris Drive. District 1." The dashboard computer acknowledged the command, putting the car into auto-drive, while Specter leaned back in his seat and puffed on his smoke. "Wanted to talk to Sigma before we left but it can't be helped. I'll just have to wait til tomorrow." He turned to Majestic, yawning heavily and slumping down further into his seat. "Might as well get comfortable. Its going to be at least an hour before we make it to the center."

An hour later...

Specter hummed a tune to himself as the cruiser was scanned by the guards, his impatience revealing itself. "Good to go," said the guard, giving Specter a thumbs up as the gate to District 1 opened up and the car began driving forward. "I hate that checkpoint." Specter looked out the front window, his eyes growing wide with amazement every time he entered the area. As they neared District 1, the streets, people, and buildings increased in appeal, but the center itself was on a completely different level. While one could see the massive skyscrapers from anywhere in the city, it was the ground level aesthetics that got to Specter. The streets were clean, and the people seemed to be as well. He turned to Majestic and said, "You know, something about this area rubs me the wrong way. Its not the gap between this and 83 either. Its something else I can't quite describe." Before he could continue, the car stopped and the dashboard let them know they had arrived at their destination.

Opening his door and exiting the car, Specter looked up at the tall complex of pricey homes that stood before him. "Except for ASIT HQ, this might be the only other District 1 building I will enter. Huh..." Looking at Majestic, he shrugged and closed his car door. He stopped just short of the complex entrance, opening N to find he had no missed messages. "Well, everyone should be working on their leads about now. Just wanted to check with you first before we head in. Anything you want to go over?"


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Mari walks to Specter. /me Hello. My name is Mari.


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Character Portrait: Mari Ayanami Mari Ayanami says,
 “ Hello. ”