Kelly Michaels (Dynasty)

"Shut up and listen to me. I don't like insubordination."

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Kelly Mae Michaels (Dynasty)


Role: Professional Bullet Hell Participant. Mentor.

Team: Era's End

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kelly is very cold-looking. She has wrinkles, already, from frowning all the time. Her blue eyes are very unforgiving and uncaring. She can silence a person with just a look. She taller than an average female, in at about 5'9" and has a very packed build. Not outwardly showing it, but she is quite strong an muscular. If she wasn't so unapproachable, than maybe she'd be beautiful. But only beautiful in a way a Bullet Hell participant can be.

Personality: Kelly was never an upbeat person. Even when she was young, she had a very hard and strict personality. She likes to have complete order. She actually allowed people in before Bullet Hell. But now, well, she's cold. Stone-cold. She doesn't care anymore. It's not really the stress that got to her, it's more of the killing part of it all. She had never enjoyed it. But now she's completely immune to everything. She's also really smart. Which makes her calculating. Which also goes hand-in-hand with her being cold.

Combat Style/Weapon Preference: Kelly is a mid-to-short-range specialist, even though she can use all other weapon-types quite well too, like most pro's actually. She doesn't have a set weapon she uses, anything that works well in the current situation. She uses her mind's genius to take her shots clear, even in stressful situations.

Bio: What is there to say about Kelly Mae Michaels? Other than that she was the daughter of two well-known politicians. Well, they were well-known before they got offed. Her parents had never seen her much, due to work. She raised herself in a way, with help from the butler and maid. And when she started school, she got bored quickly due to picking up everything faster than the other students. So, what happened to her? She was put in Advanced Studies. That was when she was eight, and also when her parents were killed. She didn't care much though. She didn't know her parents well enough to, actually, cry. Not having anywhere to go, she was given to a Bullet Hell trainer. Her name was Jennifer Duggins. Jennifer trained Kelly hard. And still put Kelly through school, to boost everything about her. When she turned seventeen, now already a very, very cold young-woman, Kelly dominated the playing fields. And five years later, having finished her five-year contract, Kelly had enough. She decided to mentor an unlucky team of junior individuals.

So begins...

Kelly Michaels (Dynasty)'s Story


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"T-That sounds like it might start getting a little personal," Hazel sputtered without thinking, her face reddening immediately afterwards. "I mean, not that I assume you have that kind of hobby..."

Isaac's gaze shifted over to other girl again, who had now walked up to Casper to ask a few questions. What does she want? Either way, it didn't hold his attention for long and he found himself looking about his surroundings again. He heard whispers of a familiar name floating around his ears pricked up to it immediately.

Silver Knight, he pondered, drumming his fingers against his thigh. He's definitely dead. Yeah, that's right. I remember watching that match, it was impossible for him to have survived. He let his gaze linger for a while longer and spotted a young silver-haired player. He sighed and rolled his eyes. How could people mistake some brat for an adult man? But there was something a little off about him. Hm...it's not him, that's for sure, but his eyes...they're a lot like his. I'd recognize them anywhere. Probably just a coincidence though, it's really not such a rare occurrence these days.

He turned toward one of the adjacent teams and saw something...somewhat unusual.

An older boy across from them pricked himself with a knife and put his blood in his mouth. As he was doing this, he was threatening the woman named Kelly Michaels, which Casper had informed them of.

Bad news all around, I guess, Isaac thought. That kid's gotta be on drugs, security should stop dawdling around and kick him out of here before he does something stupid. His attention shifted back to the girl next to him. This girl, Hazel...she's gonna be a dead weight for sure. Not that I have anything against bad players, but I honestly can't see anything good coming out of this team with someone like her taking a spot. Heck, I'd even take that knife nut or the pink-haired girl over her. They've at least got an air confidence or show some sign that they have experience.

"Is there something on my face?" Hazel asked innocently, staring back at him. Isaac quickly turned away when he realized that he'd been staring at her while he was in thought. He rested his chin in his hand and looked out through the window.

"Don't worry about it," he murmured.


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Casper Casanova

"Eh, don't worry about it Hazel. It's just for me to get a feel of you guys, "Casper said, then, realizing, "Goddamn it! That sounded bad. I mean, so I can get an understanding of how you work."

And then he heard it. Whispers of 'Silver Knight.' Casper shook his head without even turning around. He remembered the match against Silver Knight's team. God, it was easy though, right up until the end when Silver Knight was the last alive. He took out two of Casper's teammates before Dax finished him off. Thinking of that fight still gave him shivers. Dax finished 'Silver Knight' of though. Quite well, too. Clean. Bullet through the head. Wow, Silver Knight was a good shot. The best. But, Dax was better overall. Maybe not in shooting, but most everything else. And, also, Dax was a crazy bastard. Sometimes in Bullet Hell you need a little bit, or a lotta bit, of crazy.

And then the young-woman who had bumped into him earlier started to ask questions. "Bwaha! Dirk? I remember him. He's dead though. Good for him. Went out like he should've; in his sleep. Wait, right? I'm not entirely sure. Eh, whatever," Casper raised his eyebrow when she presented to him Dirk's old pistols, "Ahh, so you were his student. Good, proof. Well, what were those questions you wanted to ask?"

Jackson Jasper and Kelly Michaels
Jackson opened his eyes at the sound of a very disturbing voice talking about killing Kelly. He barked out a deep laugh. How could he not? He looked past Kelly and saw Miodog Bludfola, only recognizing him by the accurate team description, and said, "Miodog, nice to meet you. The name's Jackson. And...killing's for inside the game. If you die, then I'll let you kill Miss Michaels here. And if any of the other's die...including me, and she's not gone fast, then she's free game. Of course, that's if you can kill a Pro. Which you probably can't."

Jackson laughed again, before he realized that Stephen made it. Jackson smiled, something that looked natural on the young-man, "Oh, hey. I didn't see you there Stephen. How's it going?"

Kelly was keeping quiet, already regretting her decision for mentoring this team. The psychopath came out of nowhere for one, the big one had a very deep, annoying voice. The male one that was standing up just pissed her off, maybe his voice? And the female was to colourful. Well...mostly her hair. But that would make Kelly a hypocrite, because she had that blonde hair. Wait, it doesn't make her a hypocrite because she wears head-gear that covers her hair. Kelly could only wish that she could leave now, but she made her choice when she picked this team. Nothing could help her with that. At least the big one, Jackson?, had said some truths. She might get over his voice faster than all the other things she didn't like about this team.


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#, as written by Miyer
Shannon eyes widened briefly at her rude team mate already feeling the urge to stick him a new one though that didn't seem like the best idea considering he was her new... Teammate...

"Well this is going to be fun.", she said to herself as she gave the sleeping boy the once over before shrugging her shoulders and turning her attention to the next point of interest, her hands clenching and uncleanching ever so slightly. It was a weird feeling, having to restrain herself when she felt the need to beat someone, though she wasn't stupid and already had a feeling the silver head wasn't as weak as he might appear.

Shannon glanced up as a new boy joined their little group and introduced himself as Stephan and at least seemed to hold a polite demeanor which caused her to smile at him, maybe it wasn't completely hopeless. "Hi Stephen, nice friend you go there.", she said jokingly, glancing at the silver head again. She had a feeling her and that boy wouldn't be the best of friends any time soon.

Shannon glanced up when she noticed a small commotion going on, and when she said that she meant that she could suddenly smell blood. Nothing like usual but that coppery smell that seemed to flavor the air was defiantly there. She paused momentarily at the guy with dripping lips and blinked before her lips quirked up into some what of a bumused smirk. Quite full of himself this one was.

"So now theres only one left huh? Let's hope their more talkative then you lot... then again, taking my luck into account I doubt it.", she said happily, humming as she gave each person around her a once over.

So far she had a battle hardened pro who didn't look to happy; A sleepy silver head with a distant personality and a disinterest to enter conversation with her; The boy who was best friends with the silver head who seemed okay; and a arrogant psychopath that she wouldn't trust as far as she could throw him. Well at least they all looked to be decent killers, though she wasn't sure if she could take much comfort in that...