Yoriko Kiseki

A bully in need of some major consuling. Although, she might hit the therapist. "So what, I'll be in school untill I'm like twenty something. It only means i can see more of you guys, get ready because this is gonna be one hell of a ride."

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a character in “Bullworth Academy”, as played by Evil But Cute


Name: Yoriko Kiseki (Yori)
Grade: 9th
Appearance: The standard uniform for girls is a dark teal skirt and a white blouse Without necktie
Personality: Yoriko is a very troubled young lady. Her entire life was a nightmare untill she went to Bullworth. In which she started troubeling the lives of others instead, she says it makes her feel better inside. Even if it's only for a little while. She is in need of couseling and her bulliying won't stop untill she gets better, arrested or put in a mental institute.
Clique: Bully
History: Yoriko grew up in a horriable surrounding, for the first five years with her mom and dad who argued and sometimes brought Yoriko and her younger sister into it where it got physical. Beating the two small children put emotional stress on Yoriko's young mind. After she turned six, her sister was killed because one of the fights in which Department of children services seized Yoriko out of the home and was put in foster care. Jumping from house to house Yoriko saw nothing that could ever help her mentally recover. Seeing mental specialists every day just about untill she was fourteen in which she was adopted and sent to Bullworth when she was sixteen, she never does her work and does't see the point of it. No she terriorizes other like what happened to her, but she's going easy on them.
Other: School newspaper
Theme song:Emilie autumn "Miss lucy had some leeches"



Messenger bag
Ipod Shuffle (Stolen)
Notebook (Tech stolen)
Alchohal (Again stolen)
Pills (It would be a shock if these in fact were not stolen.)
And various other things, All stolen

So begins...

Yoriko Kiseki's Story