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Burmont: All-Boys Twin Academy

The Academy


a part of Burmont: All-Boys Twin Academy, by Gentlemiss.


Gentlemiss holds sovereignty over The Academy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Academy is a part of Burmont: All-Boys Twin Academy.

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Rhys Arturo Santangelo [1] WIP. Will be done by Saturday afternoon. "Wait...You talking to me?...Yes? Shut up?"
Samuel Thornton [1] short profile
Hendrix Anders [1] 'Fear is so stupid, and so are regrets." MAJOR WIP
Dante Santangelo [1] "Count your life with smiles, not tears." MAJOR WIP
Jacob Liedl [1] (mwip)
Luke Malone [1] Brother of Jaime; Good Feeling Augmentation MAJOR WIP
Andrew Dennis Hartnet [1] I thought I loved you, it was just how you looked in the light.
Jaime Malone [1] Brother of Luke MAJOR WIP

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#, as written by ArielKJ
Time: Friday, August 22nd @ 12 p.m.
Place: Burmont's Front Gates
Setting: The twins have just arrived in the cars sent to the airports to pick them up. They are greeted by the principal before being sent to their rooms. Students are given the weekend to settle in, on Monday classes begin.

Rhys Arturo Santangelo and Samuel Thornton
Vincent Thornton and Jacob Liedl
FC: Mitch Hewer and Andrew Hartnet
Jaime Malone and Dante Santangelo
Luke Malone and Aries Hartnet

It is finally the day, finally September first and the sun is out in the full glory of summer still. Lazy clouds float past in a slow manner across the cerulean blue sky. Aurora Boreas takes a deep breath, escorted by two guards who are dressed in black. The large gate, a good eight feet high and no less than twenty feet in length without a touch to it, began to move and open.

She walks from the shadows of the towering trees that mark the entrance and into the light past the gate. Cars have been driving by their cul-de-sac and dropping no more than a good twelve students off and most looked quite nervous, frightened. Some, she couldn't tell but she didn't really care about their emotions. If they listened, obeyed the rules of the school; they would be safe from harm.

Those who didn't, well, let's just say that Aurora's smile was on her creamy face for a reason.

Her hair was in a loose bun behind her head, her eyes were a hazel-green, scanning the area and taking mental notes. All of the boys looked well, normal for the most part. Some, here and there- Aurora had worries but did not really feel concerned or conflicted about them in particular. This was her purpose, and the purpose of Burmont. To save, to protect and teach.

"Good morning." Aurora chirps in a firm tone, her hands resting in her lap. Today, her attire consists of a tan colored pencil skirt and a robin-egg blue short sleeved blouse. There is something, however about how she stands.

"Welcome to Burmont, students. I am the Headmaster, my name is Aurora Boreas. You may call me Headmaster or in rare cases, Ms. Boreas. Here, we will go over a few rules about this school and the consequences should you fail to listen." Despite that smile, she has a dark look on her face.

"The rules are, as follows; One; No student with a Class B or Class A power will use their powers without teacher supervision. You may request tutoring with the specific people, I am also one who you can ask. Class B powers are powers that can severely harm or injure a person and Class A..." She draws in a breath for a dramatic effect. "...Can instantly kill others."

"Second; No Student or group of students are allowed to compete amongst themselves unless they have permission from me. This is to prevent negative influences and chances of someone killing or hurting others in spite. Three; All sports are allowed to have powers to enhance their performances. We hold regular sports and more just like any other school does. Our original sports are far more..." She chuckles. "Challenging, in the least. Now, Four; No one is allowed once entering these gates and enrolled to ever leave these grounds....To leave is tandemount to death and betrayal. Such is not accepted but it is possible. A fate worse than death is possible outside of these walls, in the hands of normal humans. Do not give them excuse to hunt you, but also the rest of us."

Aurora sighs. "Furthermore, the most important rule is number Five. No one and I repeat, no one single normal human being is allowed to know where this school is, or anything about us. The consequences of this is permanent banishment and being alone for the rest of your life. No one from this school is allowed to help those who have been exiled. It will be your own responsibility to save yourself if you should be caught and we will not get you out. This is the punishment of those who have betrayed the school."

She is silent again, hands clapping together and the metal gate sprung to life, from the form of a gate to a lovely terris high above her head in elegant swirls of sorts. It is the same color of metal as the gate was, but far more exotic. This is her power, the ability to bend metal to her will.

"If there are no questions, then go to your dorms which have your names on the door and names of your room-mate and settle down. Lunch is in exactly two hours from now. Do not miss it or you will not eat. We are civilized people, not classless ingrates." With that being said, the Headmaster turns away and walks off, the guards quick on her heels as she does so.


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#, as written by ArielKJ