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Burmont's Academy For Twins

Burmont's Academy For Twins


Welcome to the Burmont's Twin Academy! It seems that some of you have special abilities, and we're here to help you.

1,386 readers have visited Burmont's Academy For Twins since UniqueYetUnoriginal created it.


Welcome To Burmont's Twin Academy

Hello there! Welcome to Burmont's Twin Academy, and we are so glad to see that you have accepted your invitation. We hope you and your twin have a wonderful stay, as well as learn more about your special skill. Don't hesitate to ask any questions, staff are always here to help!

You and your twin sibling got a letter in the post exactly two weeks ago, informing you that you have been chosen to attend 'Burmont's Twin Academy, where siblings can master their gifts.' It continued on to explain that three percent of twin siblings seem to have special skills, which scientists are baffled by. For the purpose of this, let's call it magical powers.

The letter then informed you that you and your twin sibling were two of the few people on earth that possessed these qualities, and that to help you master them to the best of your ability, they would love for you to pack up your bags and join them in California for the month of July. It promised to not only be an educational experience, but an enjoyable one, too. Out of the sixteen pairs of twins that the letter was sent to, only six accepted. And you're one of the ones who did.

Name || Age || Power || Face Claim || Status




?? || 15 || Ability To Remember Everything He Reads || Christian Beadles || RESERVED


?? || 15 || Ability To Remember Everything She Feels || Acacia Clark || RESERVED



?? || 17 || Can Tell What Other's Are Feeling || Troain Bellisario || RESERVED


?? || 17 || Can Slightly Manipulate Other's Feelings || Eddy Martin || RESERVED



?? || 17 || Can Foresee Other Twin's Future and/or Past || Jack Harries || RESERVED


?? || 17 || Can Foresee Other Twin's Future and/or Past || Finn Harries || RESERVED



?? || 18 || Has Twin Telepathy, Can't/Doesn't Speak || Shay Mitchell || RESERVED


?? || 18 || Has Twin Telepathy || Naya Rivera || RESERVED



?? || 16 || Ability To Restore Other Twin's Health || Ross Lynch || OPEN


?? || 16 || Ability To Restore Other Twin's Health || Niall Horan || OPEN



?? || 18 || Ability To Manipulate Technology || Lucy Hale || RESERVED


?? || 18 || Ability To Manipulate Colours || Selena Gomez || RESERVED

Rules Of The Roleplay
- Every player will take on a pair, meaning that you ask to reserve TWIN PAIR SIX, not just Lucy Hale. -
- All site rules apply [No godmodding, graphic scenes etc.] -
- There may be sexual themes, drug and alcohol use. Please note this before joining. -
- This is a semi-literate roleplay. I'm expecting 250 words at least per post. -
- First part of password is Grass. -
- Swearing is fine. -
- Check the OOC, it is important. -
- Make your character sheet well put together. Put effort into it, and no Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus. -
- Reservations last 24 hours. -
- Respect others, meaning no fighting, no complaining and no accusing. This also means respect me as a GM, so I do have power to do some things you can't within the roleplay. -
- The other part of the password is Hopper. -
- Post frequently, at least three times a week, and notify me if you are leaving. -
- If you wish to play staff, tell me in the OOC, I am completely open for suggestions! -
- No reserving via PM, only OOC. -
- This is not first come, first serve. -

Rules Of The Academy
- You must attend your morning class [9:00 - 10:00], day class [13:00 - 14:00] and night class [17:00 - 18:00] -
- No student/staff relationships. -
- Alcohol, drug and cigarette use on the school grounds is prohibited. -
- No leaving the bedroom after curfew [10:00] -
- You must respect staff and other students. -
- In the interest of safety, pupils must get permission before leaving school grounds. -
- City Time [Time You Can Leave The Grounds and Go The City Nearby] is from 11:00 - 12:00 and 15:00 - 16:00. -
- It is not required to go to the city at City Time. -

Character Sheet

This sheet is designed to be simple. I want you to make it much more eye catching. Add information, add pictures, get it all in there. It had better be an amazing character if I see the same character sheet as I am giving you to fill out. [Add color, pictures, resize things etc.] These are just required things.

You can make two separate character sheets for your twins, or put them on the same.

Code: Select all
This is only the required stuff. Jazz it up!

[b]Face Claim:[/b]
[b]Power:[/b] Include weaknesses, advantages. They have only just realized what their power is, shouldn't be very good at it!

And at least one picture.

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

Sooooo... It's been a week. Is this normal?

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

Applications sent! I edited David after he was sent in, if there's only one picture then it's the wrong one. The correct is saved to my CPU. *dodges noob cannon*

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

your welcome :)

and Mo and Evie are finished :)

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

Code: Select all

colors: [color=put color here] whatever you want written here in color [/color]

img: [img] put picture url here[/img

size: [size= number of size here, bigger is like 100+] put writing here[/size]

bold: [b] [/b]

strikethrough [s] [/s]

underline: [u][/u]

Italics: [i] [/i]

hope that helps :)

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

Alright, I have the writing done, but how does one change colors, change sizes, and insert pictures? I'm fairly new to the site

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

Sent my character! Hope they are good

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

i only have the personality and history left for my girls, will be finishing them up throughout the day. :)

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

@band it's up to you, I'm leaving the powers pretty broad so you can expand on it. ^.^

@Doctor I understand. ^^

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

My character sheets will probably be up late tonight, just started second semester and I was not expecting a load of homework period one. Fantastic... Sorry bout that.

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

Just a question for when you log back on. For Twin Pair 1, the girl who remembers everything she feels, does that mean like..physically feels? Or emotionally? Just need that to finish my character sheet. :3 I'll definitely have both done tomorrow, but I have school in the morning so if he's not done tonight he'll be up later tomorrow. :3

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

Well, I'm off to bed. :3 I shall be back on tomorrow, but just thought I would let you all know. *salutes*

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

@Doctor haha, it's fine xD yes they are reserved, but yes you can have pairing three! [by me actually.. I started the sheet and then realized I hadn't updated the introduction when you PMed me >.<]

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

After my epic derp moment (I blame the grass hoppers, sneaky little devils), I would like to reserve Pairing 2 if unreserved (bit confused as I haven't seen the OOC and I did a PM, apologies again) but if they are then Pairing 3 would be wonderful. I promise I'm not this bad other days.

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

May I reserve Twin Pairing One please?

...not sure if I have to put this here too but, Grassy Hoppers. :3 They look like sticks! o:

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

@Echo reserved! (:
@Dreamer Also reserved, and yes they are! :3

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

May I reserve twin pairing 6!

Re: Burmont's Academy For Twins: Reservations

Grass hopper :)

May I reserve twin pairing four please