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Martin Leyman

"Hm? Oh, hi! Can I help you?"

0 · 340 views · located in Burmont's Twin Academy

a character in “Burmont's Academy For Twins”, as played by The(Doctor)Horrible


Name: Martin Leyman


Age: 19

Twin: David Leyman


Face Claim: Finn Harries


Power: Martin has the ability to see David's future, however it's more than just seeing it. He experiences it as his twin will if the scenario is played out, and every sense is taken over. He loses control of himself in the real world and can't control when or where the visions happen. Through these visions he can learn about potential dangers to David and defend against them, though occasionally he does this unconsciously.


Appearance: Martin is exactly six feet tall and tends to tease David about the quarter of an inch he's shy. He's well built, lean, and has a balanced frame. Very medium build all around. He has a heart shaped face with a soft chin and cheekbones, but a nice jawline, harder than Davids by just a touch. Dark brown, expressive brows lay over hazel-green eyes that are gentle and hide a world of memories that no one should ever have to bear. Wisdom and solidity lay behind them, and left him an easy person to talk to.[size] Light mouth often turned up to a soft, barely visible smile. Whenever he raises his brows his forehead wrinkles a bit, much to the hilarity of his brother and vice versa. He has a tendency to close his eyes and look up, mouth slightly agape whenever thinking or turn up one side of his nose, much like David. His dark brown hair is cut medium-short all around and is left to do as it pleases, generally little bits falling over others in a tousled, carefree styling. His general dress is usually refined, a black jacket with a white "fluffy stuff" lining, a black zipper and pockets on the inside where he keeps his phone and wallet. He rarely wears his jacket except when he knows he'll be going out. He's usually wearing a button down, crisp and clean, either flannel or a plain color and never really one with designs (except for a grey one with blue embroidery on the pocket). The colors, like David, tend to be cool[/blue], although he wears much more neutral colors, browns, blacks, and whites, than actual colors. He wears well fit denim jeans or trousers if he has on a suit over Converse high-tops, black with clean white laces, obviously well taken care of. His only ornamentation is the occasional watch and a [color=grey]silver chain around his neck that David had given him one Christmas.


Martin is very quiet and doesn't seem to talk much except for to David. Granted, even then it's when his brother stops for breath. His nose is commonly in a book or in a work, either art or writing. He's fairly secretive about what he does, but David always has access to his works in progress. He rarely has a problem sharing when asked unless it's something related to his past. Always the type to sit on the sidelines, he has one "friend" other than David from their home in Texas. Jeremy. Past that he kept to himself and only smiled at David with his entourage. He doesn't mind people being around, but won't really speak unless spoken to. More of a listener. It's hard to make him upset, but he doesn't do well with bullies due to his past and lack of secure social skills. Though he may be ill-equipped to deal with reality, Martin is happy whenever David is around and wants nothing more than for his brother to be happy and safe.

History: Born three and a half minutes before David, Martin was put in the position of caretaker by his brother. He didn't mind at all. Their family lived modestly in a small town outside London, but he stayed indoors from the age of seven on. Before then he would adventure with David from dawn 'til dusk and enjoyed every minute of it. School was Martin's favorite thing, he loved to learn and almost always had multiple books on hand. Without even trying he made good marks straight through and often tutored David in whatever subjects he was stressing over. Whenever David socialized he would be right there, doing one of his "artsy fartsy" things. David would never settle for letting his brother out of his sight, but Martin was okay with this. He loved David too much to waste any moments with him.

At one point when he was seven, Martin's life changed. Mum was out that day and Dad was in the sitting room drinking what Mum had called "angry water" once. Happily drawing a tree that he had seen at school with David, himself, and another of his brother's friends on a sheet of paper, he was oblivious to his father watching him. At least until he snatched the paper away and hit the boy across the face. Martin was shocked. He didn't know what had happened or what to do. His mind shut completely down, and he held no memory until he was at the table covered in bruises, cuts, and David was next to him asking what was wrong. Martin didn't know. To this day David doesn't know that his brother didn't remember that day.

He remembered every session with his father afterwards, though. Mum had left him to protect David since she had already failed to protect him. That was fine. When he was twelve he thanked her for that after he had hit her a couple of times. She had cried. His dad focused his days on Martin, however. Every week or so there was another drunk day, another day of beatings and abuse. It was routine. Martin never left his room after that for fear of getting hurt more, only rejected reality as any child would do to absorb himself in a world that didn't hurt: writing, drawing, painting, learning, reading, art. Art never hurt him. Art helped.

One night was awful. Dad was especially brutal and had tried to go for David. Martin had intervened. One of his arms was nearly broken that session and he was so battered he didn't know how to move without hurting. It had worked, though. David was safe. That was all that ever mattered was the fact that David was safe. He had been confined to his room for a week. That was fine. It was all he did anyways. David snuck in on the second to last day and saw how hurt his brother was. He demanded answers, but Martin knew if he told that Dad would hurt his brother. He lied, said he had fallen out of the tree, but this time his twin didn't accept the answer. He told the truth then: He couldn't tell. He had fallen asleep in David's arms after hours of trying to get him to understand.

That night, Mum woke the both of them up with a backpack for the both of them, emptied of books. She told them to pack what they needed, clothes, things they couldn't live without, and that she had toiletries covered. Martin couldn't see her condition, but she limped severely. It was three AM when they left the house for the last time.

Soon enough they were in America. Mum had bought tickets the next week and they had flown over the Atlantic to make a new life without Dad. Martin was secretly pleased, but terrified nonetheless. Was it that easy? If it was, why had it taken so long? Mum paid lots of attention to him for weeks and slowly his wounds healed as did hers. Years passed and they were happier, a better family. Martin slowly became more social, he went outside often with David and sat under the tree in the yard, telling stories and planning future adventures quietly. He could see how happy David was at the fact that he was recovering, which made him try even harder to be better for his twin.

On their ninteenth birthday, David was in the center of a ring of friends while Martin was next to him with his first real friend by his side. Jeremy. The night had progressed well and everything had been wonderful. David had gone outside to play a bit of late night football with a couple of friends while Martin stayed inside with Jeremy. They sat on the couch watching some show that was droning on with flashing lights and such, but neither of them were really paying attention on the telly. [size=100]They were paying attention to each other. Mum was in the kitchen cleaning up a bit and preparing some more snacks for the horde of teenagers that had attended for David, paying no attention to the two on the sofa. With a bit of flustered hesitation, Martin turned to Jeremy and kissed him on the forehead. The boy smiled and repositioned himself so it was on his lips. Martin's heart soared. The feeling was mutual. Something happened then. Images. He was no longer on the couch with Jeremy enjoying his boyfriend's company, he was outside in the center of a football game. The ball rolled into the street and he ran out to get it when something hit him in the arm... but it was nothing. He froze, unable to move. Someone behind him called "David?!" and the chorus continued. That's when the car struck him at full speed and killed him instantly. Martin yelled in pain and fell from the couch, eyes wide and frantic. DAVID! Martin (looking panicked and screaming his brother's name) sprinted full speed from the house, left the door open with a slam, ran into the street, grabbed David and yanked him into the yard just in time for the car to blare by with a blast of its horn.

The letter arrived a week later. Both boys had receded from social contact as rumours raged in school from what had happened. Martin was terrified and, for the first time in his life, humiliated. He hadn't had the courage to answer any of Jeremy's attempts at communication. He told David what he had seen... The truth came out. He had seen his twin's future. David had felt the pain because he had seen Martin's memory outside with his friends, seen Dad's blow, smelled the alcohol, and felt the fis connect with his face, as if he were in Martin's place. He had blacked out and collapsed in the street, unaware to anything around him. At the arrival of the invitation, Mum had jumped at the chance. They were on a plane to the University within days.


Password: Grasshoppers. (Sneaky little devils)

So begins...

Martin Leyman's Story